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I have been wanting to read the Second Chance Cat Mystery series by Sofie Ryan and was excited to get my hands on this ARC. It is no secret that I am a lover of cozy mysteries and this one did not disappoint at all. I am excited to dive into the rest of the series to truly capture each of the characters from the beginning!
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The Angels take on a cat expo as a client and want Sarah’s cat, Elvis, to be a contestant so they can work undercover. Sarah soon learns a whole lot about the drama involved in a cat show and Elvis is charming the judges in his category. A new friend is found dead and Sarah has a gut feeling that it is murder. Along with Mr. P and the Angels they investigate the cattiness at the expo to solve both mysteries.
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Undercover Kitty is another strong entry in the “Second Chance Cat Mystery” series. This is a terrific book and series, filled with cats, great characters, and a delightful second-hand shop that I could spend hours roaming the building and uncovering treasure. Elvis, Sarah’s feline companion, and all the other cats make me wish I still had my purring friends to keep me company.

When Elvis, along with Sarah, and the Angel’s go undercover to find out who is sabotaging the cat competitions, they find more than they bargained for. Not far into the story, someone is killed, and the PI’s add murder to their caseload. Suspects are almost everywhere, but the evidence is in short supply yet meaningful. Even though the sabotage seems to have subsided, it doesn’t take long for everything to spiral out of control and puts our heroines in the sights of a killer. Things get fishy and not in the sardine kind of way. 

There is plenty of action in this book, and a world of cats and cat people to explore. There are twists and turns along the way that may throw readers off the scent. But by the time you get to the end of Undercover Kitty, there will be no more secrets to uncover, some new lesser-known characters to smile about, and a couple of close calls that will leave you wanting more. Elvis will steal your heart, Gram, Liz, Rose, and Charlotte, as well as Mr. P and Mac, will keep you reading. The relationship between these characters will have readers happy and looking forward to their continuing adventures.
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Undercover Kitty by Sofie Ryan

Sarah Grayson and  her lovely cat, Elvis, go undercover in the newest “Second Chance Cat Mysteries..”

This was a light, but good, cozy mystery with friendly and interesting characters.  The cats surely stole the show.  I recommend this book.
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Cute and fluffy (haha, see what I did there?) but pretty predictable if you've ever ready a cozy mystery before. 
Small town? Check.
Quirky group of meddling - oh sorry, 'helpful' senior citizens sticking their noses into murders? Double check.
Younger person somehow getting roped into looking after quirky seniors? Yup. 

This is apparently the 8th book in the series, so maybe I'm just missing something by not reading the other 7 first, haha.
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This is the latest book in the Second Chance Cat Mysteries.  In this story, Sarah and the Angels are on a case trying to find out what’s going on behind the scenes at local cat shows.  First there are just some pranks, but eventually there’s a murder.  I love this series.  All the characters feel like friends.  I especially love the little bit of blossoming romance.  Since this is an ongoing series, highly recommend reading in order.  But definitely read it!
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Elvis, the cat, not the singer, is going undercover as a show cat so the Angels, a group of older investigators can find out who’s behind the vandalism happening at cat shows. 
Rose, Mr. P, Charlotte, and Liz make up the team but somehow Sarah and her friends get roped into helping. It’s better than wondering what the Angels are up to. They need plenty of supervision. Sarah’s surprised to find she has a competitive streak and wants Elvis to do well in the show. 
At the show she meets Debra who’s showing Socrates, Debra’s friend Christine, and their friend, Tim, who can give her the inside scoop on cats. Elvis places second in the Household Pets category and is going to the finals. The top three breed owners are each sure they’ll take home the top prize. Cat food and product endorsements could follow and that would be a lucrative addition to a blue ribbon. 
When there’s a fire and a body is found in the ashes, it’s assumed to be an accident. Until Sarah is able to point out a few discrepancies. It was arson and therefore murder. 
There’s still the matter of sabotage—mice, sprinklers, possibly cheating entrants—who knew a cat show could be like a feline version of a soap opera for all its drama? 
This is book eight in the series. Elvis is at home in the show ring just as he is in Sarah’s secondhand shop. Business has been good, her relationship with Mac pretty much all she could ask for, and the Angels haven’t gotten themselves arrested. 
This is a series I always enjoy. Elvis can get into some mischief but nothing like Rose and the others. It’s refreshing to have a mix of ages and temperaments in the characters and see how they manage to get along and work together. Although there are no formal tips about upcycling, there are hints throughout the book, enough to make readers itch to find a project. I look forward to what comes next for Sarah, Mac, and of course, Elvis.
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The owner of a second-hand shop, with a cat named Elvis, is drawn into the mystery surrounding mishaps at a cat show.  Her elderly friends decide that Elvis should enter the next show and it would be a great opportunity to look behind the scenes for the culprit.  One of the people they meet dies in a suspicious fire, and this makes the investigation even more critical.  I enjoyed this cozy mystery, particularly the cat portion.  Elvis is portrayed authentically, unlike some cat mysteries that portray them as simple beings with only "meows" and no other way to communicate.  I found the supporting characters adequate, though somewhat stereotypical.  And, at times, this story seemed to rely upon the reader having read previous episodes, as the relationships were somewhat vaguely described.  For instance, I was never clear about Sarah's living arrangements--roommates or tenants? The family relationships (though her other family members were not present) also were a bit confusing.  Overall, an average cozy mystery, made slightly better by Elvis!
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Sarah Grayson and her charming, smart cat Elvis learn all about the world of cat shows when Charlotte’s Angels, a group of quirky senior citizen detectives, need Elvis to infiltrate some upcoming shows. They are on the trail of a saboteur, so Elvis must be a cat show contestant so that they have a good excuse to hang around.
Luckily Elvis is a pretty chill dude and takes it all in stride, even after one of the cat show volunteers is murdered.
Sarah does her part in the investigation as well, and finds herself hoping that not only will they find the guilty parties, but that Elvis will do everyone proud during the show.
I love the cozy mysteries like this. They are quick reads and good, escapist fare.
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I'm a sucker for pet cozy's and Elvis the black cat who lives with Sarah pulls you right in.  This is book 8 in the Second Chance Cat series and it's a winner.  The Angels, (elderly private sleuths) are hired to watch out for "accidents" at a nearby cat show.  Elvis is the perfect cover for their surveillance. When one of the local cat owners dies it makes the case even more urgent.  A great cozy mystery and the characters are real and believable.  I would love to shop in Sarah's store and meet all the cast.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Fun read that made me miss our cat and long to get another!  Characters were well developed and the mystery was well plotted.
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I love this book and series! This book was just pure fun to me. I really like this series and I'm always excited to read the next one. I remember that I would have liked to see more Elvis in the last book and this one definitely delivered! The premise is super cute and I just love the Angels Detective Agency. I thought it was really well written and it kept me guessing. Highly recommended!
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I love the Second Chance Cat series! Sarah and her distinguished cat side-kick Elvis are wonderful main characters, and the awesome bunch of seniors who run an amateur detective agency out of Sarah's second hand shop are just wonderful! Charlotte's Angels -- every time I read or hear that name when I'm listening to audio, I smile. Too cute! 

This time, Elvis goes undercover at a cat show. Someone has sabotaged the last couple of shows, and the Angels are on the case! Sarah, of course, gets roped in to help as well. Things seem to be going ok (and Elvis is doing quite well for himself) of the volunteers is murdered. 

Undercover Kitty is the 8th book in this series. I look forward to each new book! The series is well written...and I just love Elvis! His kitty antics make my day when I read these books!

This story is a great addition to the series. The plot moves along nicely. I liked the setting. There is plenty of sleuthing and suspects. Some surprises along the way. Just a very entertaining cozy mystery! 

Looking forward to the next book! 

**I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Berkley (and checked the audio book out from my lovely local library as well!). All opinions expressed are entirely my own.)
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Another entertaining outing with Elvis, Sarah and the Angels. When the Angels are hired to look into sabotage at the state's cat show Elvis infiltrates the competitions. When sabotage escalates to murder it becomes personal for Sarah and the gang and they won't stop until the case is solved.
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These books are such a delight to read. I have only read a couple but I was pleased to receive this one as an ARC from Netgalley. I look forward to more in the series. I also love the Magical Cat Mysteries by this author as Sophie Kelly.

Sarah is content to run her secondhand shop and do some occasional sleuthing along with the elderly detective agency run out of her sunporch called "The Angels." When the Angels need to borrow her cat, Elvis, for their next case involving a cat show, Sarah is understandably skeptical. However, she meets many colorful characters and some new friends at the cat show. Unfortunately, when one of the new friends turns up murdered, she feels compelled to solve the case and get justice. 

Elvis is clearly the star of this book (which is fine with me). He sounds like a darling cat. I also appreciate the elderly group of women in the detective agency, along with Mr. P. I love that older characters are being incorporated into mysteries these days as witty, charming and ever-so-innocent grandmothers who eek information out of everyone. I cannot wait for more books in this series!
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A group of seniors running a detective agency, Charlotte’s Angels, out of a second-hand shop, take on a case of sabotage at a series of cat shows.  To get an inside look they borrow Sarah’s cat Elvis and enter him in the cat show. When one of the people associated with the show dies mysteriously in a fire the group intensifies their investigation attempting to find both the saboteur as well as determine if the fire was connected to the cat show problems.

This is a fast-paced mystery with a cast of interesting characters and an extremely charming cat. It is a quick read and a satisfying entry in the series.
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This is a charming cozy mystery series I have followed since the beginning. This is number  8 in the "Second Chance Cat Mystery" series.  Thank you to the  publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinion is my own. This series is pure catnip for cat lovers. 

In this next in series  Sarah and Elvis have their paws and hands full trying to solve who is sabotaging cat shows in the area.  Sarah reluctantly enters Elvis to draw out a suspect but a volunteer is murdered and she does not know why or who may be  the suspect.  With the help of her group of feisty savvy  senior friends they soon are tracking down clues and are on the path of a killer. 

This was such a fun read with a great sleuth. I love the charcters and of course Elvis.  The cat show theme was fun to learn about . I look forward to reading the next in series. This is a 5 star read and one I highly recommend for all who love cats and cozies.
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Elvis at a cat show! Sarah gets talked into entering Elvis in a show. Strange little mishaps have been occurring during some previous shows. Join the Angels on their next adventure. #netgalley #Berkley
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Who is trying to sabotage cat shows being held in the local community?  Don't worry, Charlotte's Angels are on the job.  However, they need Sarah's help and by that, I mean the loan of her cat, Elvis.  He will be a contestant in the domestic cat category.  This allows the angels to have a legitimate reason to roam the aisles.  Such fun until one of the volunteers is murdered.  Sarah helps the angels try to figure out what is going on.  Who would want to kill this volunteer and why all the shenanigans at the shows?  

This is a grand adventure.  Elvis is such a smart kitty and Charlotte's Angels are sharp.  Sarah just has to keep them safe.

I enjoy all of Sofie Ryan's books.  This one is marvelous and completely entertaining.  I loved it!
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Undercover Kitty in the eighth book in the Second Chance Cat series and the first I have read. It features a woman named Sarah who runs a secondhand/antique store North Harbor, Maine. She has a number of older friends who run a private investigator business. These "Angels" are hired to find out who is causing trouble a local cat shows and expos. They borrow Sarah's adorable cat, Elvis as their way to blend into the show and find out who the saboteur is. Things turn even more sinister when someone associated with the show ends up dead and Sarah helps them to find out what happened. 

I found the plot itself easy to jump into and follow. I did see the ending coming, but I still found the story interesting and fun. There are quite a few secondary characters in this series and I did find it difficult to keep everyone straight coming into the 8th book haven't not read the previous ones. It made it harder to connect with all the characters. 

If you love cats you will love this book and if you already enjoy this series I'm sure this will be a favorite of yours.
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