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Learn to Make Amazing Resin & Epoxy Clay Jewelry

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I have actually practiced with resin before but this book was a lovely refresher. Full of clear ideas and steps. Great for beginners and those looking to improve skills.
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This is a gorgeous book, all about making jewellery with epoxy resin and clay, which has become a popular pastime and even a little side business for many people. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, even for beginning jewellery makers, so you can be confident in your crafting, and learn techniques which you can easily start adapting to make your own designs.  

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book is an introduction to the elaboration of jewelry and crafts with epoxy clay and  resin. If you have not had any experience with either of these two materials this book can be a good start.The writer teaches you how to use them with very practical advice.
Before each project there is a list of materials; level of complexity and it is followed by the description of the method used. The images will show you how the craft is built and how it looks at the end.
It is a very enjoyable book with lots of good ideas.
I would like this book to be translated into Spanish.
Thanks to Netgalley and FOX Chapel Publishing for the book. All opinions expressed are my own.

Thank you NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the ARC of this book in exchange for my opinion.
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El libro es una introducción a la elaboración de bisutería y manualidades con plastilina epoxica y resina .Si no has tenido experiencia con ninguna de estas dos materias, este libro es una buena guía para empezar. La escritora te enseña cómo usarlas, con consejos muy prácticos. 
Antes de cada proyecto hay una lista de materiales; nivel de complejidad y le sigue la descripción del método empleado. Las imágenes te indicarán cómo se construye la manualidad y como queda al final. 
Es un buen libro muy agradable de leer, con muchas ideas.
Me gustaría que este libro sea traducido al español. 
Gracias a Netgalley y a FOX Chapel Publishing por el libro. Todas las opiniones expresadas son mías.
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What a handy book for a beginner!
It has detailed step by step guides with lots of pictures. Tons of ideas, some standard and some outside of the box. Great tips.
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As someone who has never made anything with resin or epoxy clay, I can say that this would be a good book for a beginner, as it's easy to follow, includes all kinds of helpful tips and ideas in all aspects of these products and what you make with them, and a good emphasis on safety. While Isber's style and aesthetic might not be to everyone's taste (I personally enjoy her bold, quirky jewelry), the techniques and projects in the book can obviously be adapted to one's own style with a few tweaks. The instructions are clear and comprehensive, with lots of photos to guide you. I've been curious about trying resin and/or epoxy clay; should I decide to take the plunge, this is the book I'll pick up.

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Resin and epoxy clay jewelry is very popular and while this book does a good joy at explaining the steps in the process I found the actual projects to be geared towards children a bit too much for what I was hoping for. The basic and instructions are there but I think I will use this as a staring point and look elsewhere for project inspiration.
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So this book was hard for me to rate Because it really depends on the audience. This is an awesome book for kids. with a little help from an adult, there's no reason kids couldn't do this well with clear instruction and it seems to be geared toward children, using plastic pony beads and fake bugs and the like as the other mediums. It's great when it comes to simply teaching how to do the basics.

For an adult however, for me at least, it misses the mark. I have seen resin jewelry made in such a beautiful way that you would never know it's resin. And I've seen it done using the same very simple techniques that are used in this book. And I've seen it done so much more creatively then in this particular book. I was hoping for something more along those lines with a little more creativity when it comes to using resin in a more elegant fashion in several different techniques. So three star for an adult, who's a beginner, four star for kids. Because kids will love this and the crazy jewelry that It shows you how to make. Overall a very good book, with some interesting information and great direction, it's just not my style.

Thank you to #netgalley for the opportunity to review this book an exchange for an unbiased opinion.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Learn to make Amazing Resin and Epoxy Clay Jewelry is an amazingly detailed step by step guide book with detailed photographs  to help beginners start out making their own resin and epoxy clay jewelry. 
Some of the ideas featured in this book are amazing and such great gift ideas too. I'm looking at starting to have a go at both types of jewelry making featured in this book and can't wait to give it a go using the guidance in this book as a starting post.
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The ebook copy was a little difficult to follow but I think this would be a good craft book for libraries as Resin jewelry is very popular right now.
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I had a hard time reading this book on my Kindle because the formatting was messed up, but from what I could see, this is a good beginners book, but not for anyone with intermediate experience with resin, epoxy clay, or jewelry making. I did see a few good tips and I'm sure resin novices will enjoy learning them as well.
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Every time I think I am done with my elf quarantine jars, I keep getting asked by last-minute moms to make another. Today, I must retire that project, as I want to move on. The next project I have started are making resin bookmarks and notebooks. I gave it a try this past weekend. This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. I have been researching this craft for a couple of months now. There is a lot of planning that goes into this craft, as there are a few safety/PPE that you must obtain before you even THINK of starting this project.

One book that I liked, that went over starting this project for a newbie at a high level was Learn to Make Amazing Resin and Epoxy Clay Jewelry by Gay Isber. 

I have no desire to make jewelry, but for any tips and tricks I will be there for it! This did not disappoint in terms of learning about the difference between resin and epoxy clay, and reminders for my previous research on what to have before I pour, mixing the resin, and applying it. The nice thing is that the book also gave you different projects you could try if you would like to make jewelry!

I do wish that the book stressed more of the importance of wearing a respirator and goggles. It does mention it, but it felt a bit too offhanded. I also wish it went into more details about cleaning up spills, tools and molds in a bit more detail. Again - this book is very high level and is a great place to start your research!
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This step by step guide introduces the reader to the world of resin. With so many pictures of projects, anyone will become inspired and rush to the nearest craft store.
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This book features many DIY projects for those who want to learn to create with resin and epoxy clay. It's a very thorough book for beginners and it introduces many safe and solid practices on working with resin.

The author, Gay Isner, who is an award-winning jewelry designer, begins the book with a history of resin jewelry-making basics and the tools needed to begin; as well as all the different things you can do with the medium. She explains how to make a mold, color and embed objects in your resin for some fun jewelry projects. She details safety, cleaning and storage of your resin and also covers the different reasons why your resin may have issues and won't properly cure in the mold.

Through many step-by-step projects, the author walks you through the details, with pictures and tips to help guide you along the way. I particularly enjoyed the tips and tricks on using items on hand to enhance and experiment with your techniques, like using eyeshadow in lieu of pigment powders for accenting your pieces. This book is loaded with ideas and advice and it's a good place for a beginner to start their journey in creating with resin.

I recently took an interest in wanting to create with resin. I had purchased resin and other items needed to create projects but, as with any new hobby, I wasn't quite sure where to begin on my own. This book arrived at a perfect time and after reading all the different approaches one can take and the fun tips and tricks of the trade, I feel like it's time to start creating.

I think this would serve as a good book for beginners, even if you're not interested in creating any of the author's step-by-step projects, as the knowledge she shares is very helpful.

The only difficulty I ran across was that I read this book in eBook format and some of the layout wasn't quite set up as I anticipate the actual print version would look, which might be easier for some folks to follow
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Amazingly detailed book! I've been doing resin jewelry for over a year now, still this book taught me a lot ! It comes with a lot of useful tips for different problems that inevitably occur. (However tried working with resin knows what I'm talking about.)

I've never worked with epoxy clay so far, but I'm tempted to give it a try. I definitely recommend this book , especially if you are just starting your journey with epoxy! It will teach you everything you need to know : from supplies to what type of resin is good for what, curing times and temperatures,  what objects can be put into resin, different ways to prepare them before adding them into the resin,what type of molds and so on!
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Excited to read this book, as I've only recently discovered resin casting, molds and jewelry. As a former chocolatier, these principles are quite similar, yet wearable. So this book, I'd hoped, would offer me an introductory view into what I needed, how to go about creating something, and any troubleshooting or issues that might arise. 

Sadly, all this book convinced me of was that resin jewelry isn't something I will pursue further.

The instructions were clear, well thought out and thorough, but it's the images that had me saying, "No, no, no". Maybe if I wanted to introduce this art form to my 12-year-old... but even then, I can't see my kid feeling inspired by any of the images in the book, as is. 

Maybe the digital review copy I received (thank you publisher and NetGalley) had placeholder images, replaced at publication. I truly hope so, otherwise I can't see how this book would prove useful to anyone -- there aren't any projects I'd want to make from this tome, and the instructions, while helpful, were easily found on DIY sites around the web.

I can tell the author worked hard on this book and has a wealth of knowledge, but the lack of professional images / creations will deter me from purchasing this book, and I suspect the same goes for libraries. This might prove interesting for parents of middle-school aged children, to work on together with supervision.
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This book has easy to read instructions. Great tips and tricks for resin. I am new to resin and this was easy to follow. 
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Amazing ideas in this book. I like the candy and chocolate necklace and the idea of colouring the raisin with eye shadows.
Thank you Netgalley for this beautiful ideas.
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This is a great book to include in a craft collection for adults. The process of using resin and epoxy clay are clear and focus on safety and creativity. There are also suggestions that use objects around the house to decorate and color the clay and resin.
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--Great tips and never-ending ideas on how to use resin & epoxy--

I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher through NetGalley, and here are my thoughts.

I actually rate this book about a 3 on the actual projects (based on my individual taste) and a 10 on the instructions, wealth of information, and pure passion for the subject. So I give it 5 stars, as that seems fairest to me.
I have taken online courses and read a handful of books (two? three?) on making jewelry with resin, and this book seems to have more helpful tips than all of the other books combined. Have a look at the "Look Inside" feature and you will be able to see some of the projects. Whether or not the projects - mostly casual and cheerful designs -- are to your taste, I have to say that simply reading through this amply photographed book will not only inspire you to come up with your own designs, but that you will get a very good education on all the foibles of creating with resin and epoxy.

A wealth of information, literally.
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easy to read and follow
The actual projects were not my style, but I did learn some good tips for using the resin
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