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The Cohens, Luke, Rowan, and their mother Mel, are Jessi's family--in some ways more than her own family is. Things get complicated when Mel is diagnosed with cancer and friendship turns into something more with Luke, the older of the Cohen boys.

Some Other Now is told in two timelines. It took a long time to get to the reveals in this book. I wanted to know what Jessi had done that made her feels so guilty, and I think this book made me wait a little too long to find out. However, despite the animosity between the two in the later timeline, I desperately wanted Luke and Jessi to be together. Sarah Everett's new book is sad, poignant, and a bit of tearjerker.
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This book promised to be a YA This Is Us in literary form and it definitely delivered. Some Other Now was an absolute emotional rollercoaster and I was happy to be along for the ride. You’ll get all the feels from this captivating read about family, both found and lost.
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Terribly tragic, this book still manages to never feel over-the-top. Realistic ending with a well-developed protagonist.
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Jessi spends most of her time with at the Cohen's house. Rowan is her best friend and she has a crush on his brother Luke. She also finds a mother figure in their mother Mel. Mel gives her the love and support that she needs since Jessi's mother is severely depressed and barely functional . But something happens that changes their relationships and the book alternates between Then and Now. I found the book frustrating. I guessed what had happened, but I think that it would have been better to find that out earlier instead of near the end of the book. The vague references to what happened became repetitive and started to annoy me midway through the book. Jessi's actions actually make more sense once you know why she feels that she needs to punish herself. I downloaded this book since it was described as similar to Far From the Tree, which is one of my favorite books. Maybe that set the bar too high. Teens might not figure out what happened as soon as I did and so may enjoy the book more than I did.
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Where were all of these amazing young adult books when I was a teen?! I loved this one and think it's a great one for parents to pick up for their kids.
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This book was absolutely fantastic. I've already added it to our library collection and recommended it to students.
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My interest was immediately piqued the moment this book was described as This Is Us for teens. 
Jessi has always longed to be apart of the Cohen family. And the Cohen's mother, Mel, watched over and cared for as if she was her mom. Unfortunately, that was all taken away from when she kissed one of the Cohen boys. 
The boys aren't talking to her because they feel like she led to breaking their family apart. But when Luke asks her to be his pretend girlfriend for the last few months of Mel's life, Jessi jumps back in wholeheartedly because of how much she has been longing for that true family. 
This book was beautiful and heart wrenching. Uncomfortable truths and heartwarming moments will endear you to this book.I'm fascinated when people can pull off these kind of stories, with events that we know will make us upset but you still will want to continue to read it. Overall, this was a really great read that will make you cry and weep but you'll feel good about it.
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This was simultaneously heartwarming and heart wrenching to read.

I cared about the characters so much it hurt - I adore a strong side character and this book had plenty of them. The switching timelines and being able to slowly piece together what had happened and how it was affecting the current timeline worked so well and kept me hooked right from the very first time swap.
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This was a really strong young adult novel that I think students will really enjoy. I thought the plot was a little predictable, but it didn't make the ending any less impactful. I really enjoyed the timeline jumps and thought it was very easy to keep straight which was which time period. I think it's perfect for teens!
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**I was excited to receive a complimentary copy of Some Other Now by Sarah Everett from NetGalley. Opinions in this review are completely my own.** 

May contain spoilers..

I really enjoyed this story. It almost seemed like there was something a bit familiar to it, maybe a movie or another story that it reminded me of, maybe my own relationship with family; I'm not sure what it was. I felt sorry for Jessi for her relationship with her parents and the way this resolved itself made me a bit annoyed. I had a "Mel" type person in my life; she was my boyfriend's mom. I was friends also with his twin brother. She helped me through some hard stuff and offered to let me stay at their house when I was having a hard time with my family. I loved their family so much and really felt a loss when we broke up, both for him and his mom.

I like the premise of this story. I love when stories jump timelines and the story unfolds from the present and the past, giving the reader little tidbits. 

I was mad at Jessi, how quickly she forgot about Luke when Rowan kissed her. She seemed really fickle and confused. I like when people and characters have some loyalty to the people they say they love. I wanted her to not give in so completely to wanting him, maybe struggle with it or something.
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This was a great book. Characters were very well written and relatable.
It was great to read a book within YA genre that didn't focus purely on the romantic relationship between two characters. This book managed to focus on other relationships and showed that sometimes friendships can be just as important as that all consuming first love and be just as hard to get over when they end. I will look forward to.kore from this author.
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I received this ARC from NetGalley. 

The book is described as This Is Us for teens. That makes sense because it’s such an emotional roller coaster. Following Jessi and her surrogate family exposed so many layers of pain. Her complicated relationship with her parents was very heavy. There was no sugarcoating the depression and dysfunction that plagued her household. 

I enjoyed this book because it wasn’t a whimsical teeny bopper book. It was raw. It was real. The story touched on so many deep topics. I felt like the characters and storyline came across as very realistic and relatable. The main character’s battle with self doubt would help a lot of readers to connect with the book. 

I rated this a 4 star read. Thank you to Netgalley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Sarah Everett for the chance to review this book.
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I am a huge fan of the show “This is Us”, so when I noticed that Some Other Now’s blurb read that it’s This Is Us for *teens*, I KNEW I HAD TO READ IT.  Sadly, the book didn’t completely live up to my expectations, but it was a touching & thought-provoking book nevertheless. There were some parts that I loved, and some parts which I didn’t – that’s all. 😢

Things I loved :
1) The relationship between Jessi and Mel was my favorite thing about the book. ❤ I loved how they were always so “in-sync” with each other. Found family is one of my favorite tropes to read about, and Mel-Jessi’s bond made me fall in love with the theme even more. I looked forward to their conversations all the time while reading Some Other Now.  :’) 😊
2) Another thing that I really appreciated about Some Other Now is how the author represented Jessi’s relationship with her parents. They were just “physically” present in her life for 18 years, without really being there for Jessi as parents should – so seeing the transition in their relationship with Jessi  after a tragic incident occurred, was definitely one of the highlights for me.  
3) The topic of depression and mental health issues were so thoughtfully written too! Grief is a major part of Some Other Now, and I loved how Jessi’s emotions were portrayed in the book. It made her character very real to me. 💕

Things I didn’t like : 
1) Jessi’s self-loathing episodes were sometimes a bit too much for me. I did understand why she felt that way, but when a character is so hell-bent on making them seem like a bad person, it automatically becomes tough to like them too. So yeah, I struggled warming up to her. :))) 
The “tragic incident” and how it happened took a lot of time to be revealed, which is why the story felt a little flat in the beginning. 
2) Jessi and Rowan’s friendship was just…. hollow? I never got to see how they were best friends, because Rowan was just absent from major incidents. Jessi did feel that something was off in their relationship, but she never went ahead and didn’t even try to fix it/talk it out – which just seemed odd.  The word “best friend” was repeatedly thrown around, but it failed to gain meaning in terms of the plotline. 
3) I WANTED TO LOVE LUKE SO BADLY.😭😭😭  He seemed like an amazing person in the “before” timeline, but the present timeline made me so annoyed with him. There were many unresolved communication issues between Luke and Jessi, which could have given the story the closure it needed, in my opinion.
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I wanted to like this book. However, having to read through 26 out of 27 chapters of self-loathing is not only exhausting for the reader but it also makes you dislike the main character. Many of the central issues that occur in the story is due to lack of communication and I was left feeling more frustrated with the story then satisfied. The ending did not balance out all that was established previously. I would not recommend this to any teenager especially a black or brown teenage girl.
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When I first read the description for this book, it reminded me of The Summer I Turned Pretty series. A love triangle between two brothers? Sign me up! After reading this, though, I realized that it's so much more than just a  summer love story. Some Other Now has romance, mystery, and explores all kinds of concepts like loss and guilt. It follows Jessi and her relationship with the Cohens, who are like her second family. What I loved the most was the different family dynamics in this book. It's great to see Jessi's relationship with her own mother, who struggles with depression, compared to her relationship with Mel. I also love that the parents are just as important in this story as the kids. 
Some Other Now is told across two summers, "Then" and "Now." I will admit that I found these alternating timelines to be really confusing. It took me a really long time to actually get into the story and feel hooked - that's why I gave it only 3 stars - but I think that's due more to the fact that I read this book on my phone - I'm not too used to ebooks yet! I would really like to reread this with a physical copy and see if my feelings change at all.
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This was amazing. It was real, character were all extremely relateable and most importantly for me atleast is that the author made the ending special. I love hap but this ending gave me the same amount of joy. 10/10 recommend and will be buying a physical copy.
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Wow, this book was an emotional rollercoaster that makes you want to hug your loved ones a little tighter. 

It was one of those books where the past is told alongside the present, which scenes of each in every chapter. It was a unique way of doing things, but by the end, I really enjoyed the setup. I loved learning about what happened in the past slowly to better understand the present. (Though, if I'm being honest, I had a feeling what the Big Secret Event was before it was completely revealed, so it didn't come as much of a surprise.)

So, plotwise, like I've already hinted at, I really enjoyed this book. It was definitely tough at times, though. This isn't some easy, quick read (I mean, writing and length-wise, yes, I read this in one weekend). but it does take a minute to process what's happening as it happens. We're dealing with some pretty tough topics: grief, loss, illness and mental illness, and worst of all, young love. Okay, so that is a very bad joke. But young love is a bitch in this book, too.

I was worried about this book going in. I don't read contemporary as much as I read fantasy, and even then I read contemporary rom-coms. Not contemporary sad. But those fears faded as I slowly got invested in these characters. I think every character is fairly well written. I enjoyed Jessi's main character as she navigates life with her parents, "surrogate" mother, new friend Willow, and of course, the Cohen brothers. I loved each Cohen boy, Rowen and Luke, for their own reasons, and I can understand why Jessi was so attached to this family.

I don't want to go into too much detail with my review because I truly feel like this book just has to be experienced for yourself. Just know that you will laugh, cry, and sulk in frustration, all in the course of a few chapters. Sarah Everett wove a really excellent contemporary story here.
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I loved this book so much. The back and forth timeline that sets the mood and tension on HIGH. It felt like I was on a tennis court, bouncing back and forth between past and present, getting absolutely gobsmacked in the feels on both sides! I couldn't flip through this book fast enough! Sarah Everett wrote an incredible cast of real, messy and wonderful characters. The characterization was fascinating on all rounds. But above all, Jessi's voice is an unforgettable one. She wormed her way into my heart with her tender and heartfelt narration. This book tackles so many things! Themes of (found) family, friendship, guilt, loss and love are explored with so much hope and heartbreak! It adds to poignancy but also to the DRAMA! Every page of this book was packed with such love and heartbreak that had me absolutely enthralled with the plot! And to add to the drama is a bit of MYSTERY tragedy and mistake from the past that hooked me in the reading from the very start. And to top off the drama, is a messy, angry and beautiful romance! I loved how Everett incorporated the fake dating trope into the story while also exploring the complex nuances of this relationship.
To say that I cried at the end of this story is an understatement. I SOBBED. Salty tears trailed down my face for a good hour as I read the final 30% of the novel which was so powerful and raw. 

Overall it's a 5 🌟 read! The pain and love that swelled every cell in my body after finished this book was An Experience™ that is just too good to pass up!
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This book broke me in such a beautiful way... I honestly have no words except that this is, for sure, one of my favorites of the year. 

This book is about family, and how you chose who is family, it’s about grief, how it can eat you alive but also how you can rise from it. It’s about broken people who have a lot of guilt on them but try their best. 

I just love it, it’s so wholesome in a way I can’t describe. I fell in love with all of them, with Mel for always being brave, with Ro for just being Ro, with Luke for trying to be strong even when he was clearly broken (even tho at times I hated him) and with Jessi, always Jessi, because she fucked up and learned that life continues even if you want to go back.

Mostly this book is about healing and I loved that. It seriously made me feel identified with some of the things that happened and it’s so well done. The way the authors plays with “Then” and “Now” and how that adds a lot to the story. I just loved it and I really, really, recommend this book.
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Some Other Now owns my entire heart. That's it, that's the review.

Okay fine I guess I can't end it there, but wow this book made me feel everything, just everything. From the first page I was completely hooked, somehow already invested in this story. It alternates timelines between the current time, and about a year prior, before Jessi's whole life kind of took a turn. I am going to try to explain why I love this story so much, yeah?

►Just... every feeling. I won't lie, I cried through at least 75% of this book. In a full blown "this will destroy my soul" way. The thing is, while it did absolutely destroy my soul, it also slowly but surely rebuilt it. And that was the biggest takeaway for me: Yes, your life will change, irrevocably. But while it will be different, and often quite sad, that doesn't mean there will never be happiness or hope again. That is a message that we all need from time to time, and the author provides it beautifully.

►I related to Jessi so much, often more than I even wanted to. I had a family once who I felt as close to as Jessi did. (I still love them, but they have moved far away, and while they'll always be special to me, I don't have the same level of closeness, or frankly, dependence, that I once did.) Jessi always feels a little... "less than" in her life. Her mom is suffering from some pretty debilitating mental illness, and so Jessi often sees her own needs and wants as secondary. She also feels like she is lacking something, which I have never really related to harder. And to be clear, Jessi isn't, she's lovely and wonderful, but I get that feeling. And when some tragic things happen between her and the Cohens, she feels more lost and alone than ever.

►The Cohens, for their part, are lovely. It's clear to see why Jessi has fallen in love with them (in basically all the ways one can fall in love, really). She sees Mel as her surrogate mother, Rowan is her very best friend, and she's had a crush on Luke for oh, about forever. And they, in turn, treat her with the kindness and love she deserves.

►I love that the story focuses on Jessi's other relationships, too. Jessi obviously needs to come to terms with her own family's dynamic, which she will be forced to do during the story. She also must learn to build friendships outside of the family, and I think that is a really great journey as well. And the elderly man that she visits is quite possibly one of my favorite elements of the book- both because they have a fun relationship, and that I think his choices in life helped Jessi to second-guess some of her own.

►Most of all, Jessi needs to build her relationship with Jessi. Because no one can make you whole, no one can fill those voids we feel within ourselves. And most sadly, people will come into our lives and leave, for many reasons, and it's something we have to face. Jessi's journey during this book is so beautiful, I don't have enough words. She is such a good, kind person at heart, and has so much to offer the world, and I wanted nothing but the best for her.

Bottom Line: This story is beautiful and heartbreaking and just so completely full of love. Read it, read it now.
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