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“The Last Hoffman” was a favorite book in my repertoire of novels. The development of the plot was interesting to follow, as well as, the personality of the various characters. Floyd was a complex man who suffered many tragedies from his uncaring parents, a sick wife & in-laws, a dying son to his angry co-workers. I could not help but feel sorry for him. He had a big heart; terribly misunderstood by others. He persisted in revealing secrets, concerning a hometown industry, that caused fatal sicknesses. 
Every relationship was complex for Lloyd but his persistence was admirable. There was redemption in in his life which was characterized in two ladies, Tammy and Marian.
Following his daily life was fascinating to me and I looked forward to and being surprised by the unfolding of his story.
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The Last Hoffman will leave you feeling content and hopeful but throughout the book you will feel every emotion from anger to joy and disbelief to acceptance. This book centres around a small town where the biggest employer of the towns people is spewing poison into their air and water. Floyd Hoffman is spear heading the campaign to save the health of the town. As this plot is put on the back burner you learn all about his life from the past to the present day, seeing what makes him tick and why he is as he is. I found this book really difficult to get into and it seemed to drag in numerous places. Saying that, it was a good book with some complicated side stories woven into the main Author dealt with some serious issues in the book and created some likeable characters a long the way.
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The Last Hoffman By Gwen Tuinman
The Last Hoffman is Gwen’s first novel, with a heartfelt look into a town & the families in it keeping secrets from those they love and gossiping about those they don’t. 

Main character, Floyd Hoffman, is a widower caring for his terminal teenage son with whom he struggles to connect. Floyd is busy keeping secrets he swore to keep as his wife, Bonnie, passed away. If only, if only..... Floyd’s son, Dean, is left in the dark about many stories of his family’s past and has become angry & bitter for the silence he doesn’t understand. Then, of course, there is the evil mother-in-law, Mrs. Brookman, who thinks she’s protecting her family. Mrs. Brookman is an entitled, power hungry, wealthy woman who only cares about what she wants. The town papermill, that employs the majority of the townspeople, is being scrutinized by Floyd as he believes toxins from the mill killed his wife & have left his son terminally ill. The townspeople are upset with Floyd and fear the town will lose everything if the mill shuts down AND guess who runs the mill? Oh yes, the Brookman family. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Ruby Publications for the chance to review this book.
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A sincere thank you to the publisher, author and Netgalley for providing me with an ebook copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

This is not my usual genre,  however I wanted to take the opportunity to read something from outside my norm. And I am glad I did!! Thank you for  opening up my mind to something totally different. Characters were so well developed that I felt as though I knew them. I love when a book draws you into the story and it feels like you are living it with them.
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