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This is a story about a girl who shouldn't exist. 

I'm not certain how to rate this, as I liked elements of it- particularly the world building, but didn't enjoy one of the MCs and elements of the story felt problematic.   I'm uncertain if it was authorial intent, or just my perception of statements- but somewhat derisive commentary around things like accountability culture felt unnecessarily inserted, and didn't contribute to the overall story.  That being said- the science fiction near future elements were SO well done and I loved the other MC.    

Goodreads, give us half stars!  3.5 stars rounded to 4. 

Thank you Netgalley & rRandom House Publishing Group/ Ballantine for this e-Arc!
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The protagonist of Forget Me Not lives in a world where her apartment, her shoes, and even her name don't quite fit her. A survivor of a strange and twisted crime that shaped her childhood, Linda has never quite learned how to fit into the world, or how she might become an active participant in her own life. Instead, she drifts along, wishing for a life more like the idyllic past she treasures - but which may not actually exist. When a new neighbor makes the effort to become a real friend, Linda takes tentative steps out into the world, only to find that the world she's avoided has never quite forgotten her, or the tragic backstory that defined her. Linda is a compelling protagonist, and the novel skillfully unfolds her past to both her and the reader at the same time, and showing that even our most closely held memories might not have happened exactly as we recall. The end wraps up a bit too quickly to make this a true thriller, but Linda's story is definitely worth the read.
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Linda has to live in Seattle, which is a huge change from the woods she had been living in since she was abandoned as a child. She might have a friend in a neighbor that moves into her building and sees the possibility of virtual reality as an escape from her anxiety and the world she doesn't feel comfortable with. A fire at her childhood home brings her back for the first time in years and being there challenges her safety as well as her memory and sense of self.

Forget Me Not is a near-future story, in that Anvi was a teenager during the 2016 elections and coronavirus and social media is even more ubiquitous than it already is. People not only have earpieces but augmented reality glasses and virtual reality. Those exist to some extent now, but in this book, they are fully realized and feel as real as reality. Hashtags and doxxing exist, and it dogs Linda's path at every step. Her story is internet-famous so that people will say terrible things about her without knowing the circumstances and try to come up with explanations for their favorite rumors. The truth of her family is sad and terrible, in that Linda was born to replace an older sister that died, and her twin disappeared when they were six. Even worse, she essentially raised herself soon after that, as her mother refused to have anything to do with her.

Linda is drawn to a VR game world because interactions are largely scripted there, and she doesn't have to interact with people. That's certainly the same draw that people have with games today. She's very shy and awkward in public given the way she raised herself, and her father was still so caught up in his own grief and pain that he never really connected with her. The fire draws Linda out of the isolation she lives in and brings her continued existence back to the top of everyone's timelines. Visiting the house afterward sparks more memories, as well as puts Linda into crosshairs she never knew existed. This is the point where things veer away from what I expected, and the truth about Linda, her memory, and her early life in the house is revealed. I read with wide eyes and was surprised by the ending. While I didn't see it coming, the sequence fit and brought the story to a stunning conclusion.
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This was my first book by this author and I thought it was so interesting. Definitely will be recommending.
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For the first 12 years of her life, Linda Russell was kept in a walled off forest property with no other people around except for her mother and her twin sister. And one day her mother took her sister away. For these 12 years, Linda was unaware that she had born solely due to replace another sister who had died tragically years before.

(BOOK BLURB) Then one day Linda witnesses something she wasn’t meant to see. Terrified and alone, she climbs the wall and abandons her home, but her escape becomes a different kind of trap when she is thrust into the modern world—a world for which she is not only entirely unprepared, but which is unprepared to accept her.

Part psychological fiction / part mystery / futuristic thriller / it is well written with characters that are outstanding. It's a delicate balancing act as Linda in clearly in the here and now, yet a part of her is still that young child in the forest .... feeling as though she belongs nowhere. There are a few surprises along the way ... some twists and turns that keep the reader captivated. With one foot in the present, one foot in past, will she ever learn where she belongs?

Many thanks to the author / Random House Publishing - Ballantine / Netgalley for the digital copy of this most interesting novel. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
3.5 stars
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A modern tragedy. A sad tale of isolation and regret. Linda loses her sister at an early age,who later resurfaces or does she. The premise for this story rests on the need to know what happened to the sister Linda was born to replace. Never quite enough in her mothers eyes Linda escapes over a wall.lives on her own and becomes something of unknown celebrity online. Just as she adjusts to life among humans,Linda is abducted by the young man who feels responsible for her sisters death. Through it all the truth is just below the surface and the race to reveal is stunning.
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Even though the premise of the book does not seem very believable, it was still very enjoyable read and I had hard time putting the book down. It was a fun read, and I wanted to find out what will happen next. I liked the characters, and I liked witnessing how their friendship developed. 

I received a free digital copy of the book from NetGalley
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Thank you for the advanced copy of this book! I will be posting my review on social media, to include Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads, and Storygraph!
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This was a good story that had a lot of potential but just did not deliver completely for me.  It is the story of a girl that was born to replace a sister.  It is a bit of mystery and a bit of sci-fi and a bit of coming of age.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing - Ballentine for this advanced readers copy.  This book released in March 2021.
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Forget Me Not is a difficult book to quantify. Linda is an awkward, difficult, maladjusted woman who is very difficult to connect with - this will slow down your interaction with the novel until she begins to interact with her new neighbor, Anvi. Anvi, while a simple seeming character, does represent the social media-laden side of society, rather than the natural disconnected world Linda comes from. It is a typical clash between two worlds trying to come together. A lot of Linda's escapes (such as into VR gaming) is perfectly natural, as it the incorporation of Anvi's past relationship - they just don't go anywhere - there seems to be no use for them. There are some wonderful aspects about this book, and as a story, it is very interesting, but there are a lot of avenues that just don't seem to be necessary to the novel as a whole, which is a shame. On the whole, it is a very interesting concept which results in a satisfying ending - it just could have been so much more.
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I really loved this book!! It had so many twists and turns. It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next!! This was my first book by this Author, and it won’t be the last!! Quick read!! Highly recommended!! You won’t be disappointed!!
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Forget Me Not is a book with a very unique premise and I am extremely grateful to the publisher for reaching out with an ARC for me to read and review. 

Forget Me Not takes place in the not-too-distant future, where social media rules and nobody can run from their past. When there is a fire at Linda's childhood home, she is forced to return to it, with the help of a neighbor who doesn't just treat her like everyone else. This story is told through an unreliable narrator, so if that's the kind of book you like, get ready! 

Forget Me Not really digs deep into the trauma of Linda's childhood and her present. She is forced to learn so much about herself and the others around her. The writing is well done and while it wasn't necessarily the book for me, I wouldn't warn anybody else off reading it.
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Thank you NetGalley for this book!

I can’t remember what it was about this book that made select it, but I’m really glad I did. This book started out really strange because I never read the blurbs ahead of time. I like to go in cold. So getting a feel for the book took a few chapters. But once the pieces fell into place, the book was smooth sailing for me, and I finished it in just a couple of days.

From Goodreads: What if your past wasn’t what you thought?

As a child, Linda Russell was left to raise herself in a 20-acre walled-off property in rural Washington. The woods were her home, and for twelve years she lived oblivious to a stark and terrible truth: Her mother had birthed her only to replace another daughter who died in a tragic accident years before.

And then one day Linda witnesses something she wasn’t meant to see. Terrified and alone, she climbs the wall and abandons her home, but her escape becomes a different kind of trap when she is thrust into the modern world—a world for which she is not only entirely unprepared, but which is unprepared to accept her.

And you couldn’t see a future for yourself?

Years later, Linda is living in Seattle and immersed in technology intended to connect, but she has never felt more alone. Social media continually brings her past back to haunt her, and she is hounded by the society she is now forced to inhabit. But when Linda meets a fascinating new neighbor who introduces her to the potential and escapism of virtual reality, she begins to allow herself to hope for more.

What would it take to reclaim your life?

Then an unexplained fire at her infamous childhood home prompts Linda to return to the property for the first time since she was a girl, unleashing a chain of events that will not only endanger her life but challenge her understanding of family, memory, and the world itself.

Because this book mentions the pandemic in the past, I knew it was set in the near future. Social media is now controlled by one tech, SocialHub, and people wear their phones are arm sleeves. See why I was confused at first? My own fault! But once I dug into Linda’s story, I couldn’t wait to see how her story, both past and present, would develop. I really enjoyed the fact that this book wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill thrillers, but rather, it has a fair amount of science fiction added to it. I found the story super creative and enjoyed the book quite a bit. Will for sure be recommending this one!
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Thanks for the ARC.  Typically my genre is not sci-fi, that being said, I pushed through and somewhat enjoyed this book.  Linda is a clone of her dead sister.  She grew up in the woods and ends up in Seattle in a world which she is not prepared to exist.
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Absolutely loved this book. It was written well, I felt for all of the characters, and the story moved at the perfect pace. At one point I even questioned reality and what part belonged where. Overall a perfect read.
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I was completely drawn into this story. Alexandra Olivia does a fantastic job of bringing the reader into her stories and making them care about the characters. The mystery of what had happened in Linda’s past made this a suspenseful read, but I would say the storyline was more character driven for me. There were some awkward parts in storyline, but the writing is so good that they didn’t bother me much.
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many many readers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No spoilers. Beyond amazing I enjoyed this book so very much. The characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming  Could not put down nor did I want to. Truly Amazing and appreciated the whole story. This is going to be a must read for many many readers. Maybe even a book club pick.
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When I had just started this book, and was trying to explain what I was reading to a librarian friend, I prefaced the description by saying "I know this sounds like a very different book than I usually read", a statement that is definitely true. My desire to read this particular book stemmed from how much I loved Oliva's previous book The Last One.

Forget Me Not is definitely a book that makes me very glad I tried something new.

From the start of the book, readers are immediately thrust into Linda's difficult and overwhelming world. She was raised completely isolated from the rest of the world, and after even the only family she had ever known left, she climbed the wall and found herself out in a brand new world. Every facet of life outside her previous home is baffling, frightening, and anxiety provoking, especially the realization that her mother had carefully crafted her birth in an attempt to genetically resurrect her dead daughter.

Social media (hashtag #CloneGirl) continues to make Linda feel hunted and afraid, and her tenuous connection with her biological father doesn't bring her much comfort. So when her childhood home suddenly catches on fire, Linda finds herself drawn back into a reckoning of what happens when the past you thought you understood suddenly meets the truth.

This book is fascinating and completely gripping. There is a mysteriousness to it that calls what readers and Linda think they know into question constantly, which is what grabbed me the most about this book. There were also these strange chapters that seemed to be completely disconnected from the rest of the story, but came back to matter in a big way, and I liked the guessing game of trying to figure out where those fit in.

 Oliva does not pull her punches when it comes to the big twists, and this book had them in spades-I was completely shocked by the way things unfolded, but everything made sense looking back. The ending also left me feeling really satisfied.
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This book is a conversation starter for sure. The subject of cloning is a hot button topic in the scientific community. Is it ethical to make a genetic copy of someone? Is the clone autonomous or just part of another person? Linda is a clone of her older sister who died tragically young at fourteen. Linda's mom Lorelai was so devastated that she decided to clone her daughter and give birth to what she thought would be a perfect copy.

Linda has been through a lot and is struggling to adapt to this technological world. She and her twin were raised by a mother with mental health issues and could never live up to her image of Madison, her first daughter. When Linda left behind the isolated woods she grew up in to live with her father, she was thrust into a whole new world. Linda struggles with social anxiety and goes on 'outings' to the grocery store and other places in an attempt to become more comfortable with her new life.

I really felt for Linda after the abuse and neglect she suffered. She also has people saying she shouldn't exist because she's a clone and has to hide her identity so she isn't harmed. That would be a huge thing to deal with and I imagine you would have a hard time trusting anyone. Linda's new neighbor Anvi was nice and I'm glad she made an effort to befriend Linda.

It took a bit of reading to fully understand what happened to Linda as a child. I was confused on a few things and had to keep going to figure out what actually occurred versus imagination/delusions. I wish this had been a bit more straight forward instead of jumping around timeline wise and into different character's heads.

The ending was interesting though not that much of a surprise. I'm glad things wrapped up well and this is a quick moving story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for the copy
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Compelling and something different,.   I read a LOT of books and it is refreshing to read something out of the norm.   I thought the story was fascinating.     The only issue was that I didn't get the "feels" - I couldn't feel sympathy for the characters.   I mean, I did analytically, but I didn't get caught up rooting for her.
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