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Margaret Truman's Murder on the Metro

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At Breakneck Speed.....
At breakneck speed the reader is launched into a catalogue of catastrophic events in this well written, top notch thriller and the first of this series to be in the hands of the very talented Jon Land. Tense from the first page to the last with a fully engaging storyline and always tautly plotted. Difficult to put down and compulsively readable.
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I’d read Margaret Truman’s books ages ago and was thrilled to find this one.  Great story on r that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Looking forward to the next one!
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Great Start — Questionable Ending At Least For Me

The novel opens with a retired Mossad grandmother enjoying the waters of Caesarea, Israel, with her granddaughter. The child was discovering her grandmother’s gunshot injuries when two drones buzz the beach and start shooting and killing everyone in sight. Next, the head of the Vice-President security detail has just left the VP in her bedroom for the night. The VP recently had heart surgery and is on a heart monitor. The VP flat lines and is dead before the protection team can enter her bedroom. Lastly, an ex-cop, who previously has performed some security work for the State Department, is riding the Metro to work and notices a woman trying to be inconspicuous but reminding him of the woman five years earlier who was a suicide-bomber had killed his young daughter right before his eyes. She starts toward the end of the car and tries to go between the doors into the next car. She disappears between the train and her vest explodes. From here the novel proceeds at full speed.

The main storyline is fast paced and action packed. In most conspiratorial-thriller novels, there are twists, turns, and dead ends in trying to identify the perpetrator. In this novel, each bit of progress starts to indicate that a terrible ominous threat is unfolding. I felt that the storyline was sending tendrils out that entangled my attention and would not let it go. This quality in a novel is my major requirement for a high star rating.

As I have seen in these action thrillers, the B-storyline is sprinkled along the way as the action timeline. It is there and provides enough to provide some depth of understanding of the main storyline. A more robust B-storyline would only slow down an action thriller like this.

For characteristics that some fine objectionable, there are not any intimate scenes. As you would expect an action thriller, there is quite a bit of violence, such as, fights, killings, and terrorist attacks. Most all of it is described as it happen and in the first person, so it is much more edgy. Use of vulgar language is quite low level.

There was an aspect of this novel that I did like very much. There is a character in the novel that you do not know who he really is. Is he on the hero’s side or is he playing the hero? This unknown status enhanced the thriller side of this novel for me.

As I was approaching the last quarter of the novel, it was running like a bullet train. Then, for me, it derailed. There were glaring, to me, errors in technology, physics, and history. I’m being quite vague because I am a quandary on how handle this in my review. After writing a review on a recent novel, I looked at the 1 star reviews. The heroine of the novel was a diver, and a diver ripped this novel for how unrealistic was the novel’s heroine. I first wanted to give a low star rating, but I thought that I recently justified a high star rating against this type of criticism by stating that I was entertained and enjoyed reading this novel. I read to be entertained. I do not know of any entertainment movie or TV show that does not take short cuts to keep the storyline flowing and come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Overall, my star rating plummeted from a four to five to two star rating when the storyline derailed. After finishing reading, I developed my thoughts expressed in the previous paragraph. For me, I rated the book at three, but removing my objections with the novel, I rate this novel with four stars. Just remember that there are literary land mines that may spoil your enjoyment. It is possible that you will not trip across one of these. Let the reader be forewarned. I will say that I will not be reading any more novels from this series.

I have received a free e-book version of this novel through NetGalley from Macmillan-Tor/Forge Books with an expectation for an honest, unbiased review. I wish to thank Macmillan-Tor/Forge Books for the opportunity to read and review this novel early.
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I have long enjoyed Margaret Truman’s Capital Crimes books which were formerly written by Donald Bain. This is the first with one written by Jon Land who has also taken over the Murder She Wrote series. Jon Land brings a new freshness to the series and in his first outing has written a pulse-pounding engaging suspense novel that moves quickly and keeps the reader (well this reader) rivetted.
The story begins with an attack on innocent fun seekers on a beach in Israel then shifts to the death of the first female vice-president and to an attempted bombing on a Metro train. Are these incidents related or random?
In comes Robert Brixton who has been associated with several government agencies as an adjunct. He was on the train when the bombing happened and was questioned by a Metro police officer who turned out to be fraudulent. He immediately becomes involved in investigating the incident.
Is the Vice President’s death natural or murder? What was odd about the suicide bomber and her vest? Lia Ganz Israeli agent, known as the Lioness of Judah was on the beach with her granddaughter. Is there a connection with the others? Add into that Sister Mary Alice an over eighty-year-old nun in a federal prison. The connections exist, the subterfuge and the undercover dealings are widespread. 
Can Robert Brixton, Lia Ganz, and the others stop the underhanded plot in time? It is a well written and plotted book, it is a nail biter full of suspense.
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international-crime-and-mystery, terrorism, investigation, private-investigators, feds, friendship, PTSD, espionage

Gather the threads of several plots and braid them into a coherent whole complete with several in depth studies of the main protagonists and you have an idea of what this riveting book is like. Unputdownable. A classic Capital Crimes mystery with lots of domestic and international intrigue updated to the plots of terrorism.
It's been too long since I've read any of the Capital Crimes but now I have to go putter around in some of the unread!
I requested and received a free ebook copy from Macmillan-Tor/Forge, Forge Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
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I’ve read and enjoyed all of Jon Land’s books. When I heard he was taking over the Capital Crimes series, I was very interested. I haven’t read anything from that series for a very long time. 
Murder on the Metro did not disappoint in any way.
I went in expecting a typical Jon Land hero. Tough, gun-toting and ready for anything. Robert Brixton was a change from that. He was still capable, but also damaged by things from his past. 
Once I started the book, I didn’t want to put it down. 
If this is the direction that the series is taking under Jon Land’s pen, then bring on more!
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Just finished reading this book. It was the first i had ready by Margaret Truman, though she has written over 30 books. I believe this one was written posthumously by a ghost writer.  Nevertheless I am tempted to go to the library to look up the previous books and begin to read them.  This book was a real-nailbiter, lots of suspense, and kept me reading whenever I could to find out how it would end. In fact, the ending was a bit too anticlimactic for all it intrigue, but it was a captivating read nonetheless.
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I have read several of Margaret Truman's Washington D.C. series over the years, prior to her death and after with Donald Bain. I always enjoyed the inside look to D.C. and the intrigue that comes along with it. Jon Land takes over after Donald Bain's death and continues the story of Robert Brixton with a small role for Mackenzie Smith of the earlier books. 

I will be the first to admit I have struggled with Jon Land's Murder She Wrote novels (I'm a HUGE fan) when he first took over. However, he has really got into his stride in the latest MSW and it also shows in Murder on the Metro. Jon Land's take on Robert Brixton and how he has evolved over the last few books reaches a climax in this novel as he faces a similar situation that took his beloved daughter Janet five years earlier. This story was non-stop and I was riveted to see how it all came together with the various characters and storylines. I'm very much looking forward to his next entry in this series and more non-stop action!
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Always skeptical when a new author takes over for a now deceased author but this time was a very pleasant surprise.  This was just pure joy to read, fantastic story and characters that draw you in and keep you immersed.  Pick up the book and thank me later.
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Three major plots merged into one with domestic and foreign terrorism, as well as espionage,  make this a very exciting book and impossible to put down. I’m enjoying Jon Land’s take on Margaret Truman’s capitol crimes series and how each book is progressing. Fast paced action with characters you care about make this a winner combination. Thank you Macmillan-Tor Forge and #netgalley for this ARC.
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I have always loved the Capital Crime series and was saddened when Margaret Truman passed away. I knew I would miss this series but with the arrival of Jon Land, it is like the series never stopped. This is a classic Capital Crimes story with lots of domestic and foreign intrigue. Plenty of twists and turns and a highly satisfying ending. I am looking forward to many more books in this Jon Land/Margaret Truman collaboration. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.
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Back when Margaret Truman wrote these books I use to read them all the time. After she passed I stopped reading them although she always had a following at our library even after Don Bain took over the duties. Now, there is another writer and this one has gotten me back into the Capital Crime series.

Two older, semi-retired operatives join forces to save the United States from itself in this thrilling, turbulent, action packed narrative. A president with a debilitating disease, a government in crisis, and a manipulating First Lady all conspire to bring on an armageddon this country has never seen. Thank goodness for friends like Israel and their wiliness to aid in our salvation.

Highly recommended!
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I was so glad to receive this book as I’ve been a fan of the capital crimes series for years. Mr. Land has taken up Ms. Truman’s mantle quite ably and created a tale that carries on the tradition. With a storyline that is woven around DC, it extends internationally in scope with well-developed characters fleshing out an excellent plot.
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