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A cute story about Robert and his dad making a cake! The illustrations in this book are adorable. This would be a great addition to elementary classrooms!
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Cute story about Robert and his dad making a cake, and inviting people over to have a cake party.
The pictures were so cute and the story was fun.
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Cute little story about a father and son duo attempting to host a cake party! It would be fun to actually tie it in with a cake party of some sort. Illustration style is adorable.
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The set-up here is pretty picture book standard, but it follows and interesting collection of turns.  And the cast of characters is fairy unique. Cute.
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Such a cute book! This story follows a little boy who wants to bake a cake. He makes invitations to invite his friends and they fly out the window, but people around the city pick them up and come for cake! 
Would I recommend to a friend? 
Yes, absolutely.
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Robert and the World's Best Cake is a charming picture book about acceptance and making the best of unexpected situations. Many of the still-too-common stereotypes for both gender and family are broken (as they need to be) through how Robert's family and home are portrayed. Between what we do see throughout the pages and what we don't, there are plenty of great talking points provided to open up conversations with children about how family and living situations can vary greatly from what we're taught to expect, but are no less valid for their differences. Through interactions with Robert, his dad, and their eventual guests, we see creativity being encouraged via baking and drawing, as well as collaborating with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints to create something just one of them alone couldn't create. The pages strewn with Robert's toys show us further acceptance of individuality and creative expression, as his toys aren't limited to what we may expect boys to be limited to. He has all kinds of toys and costumes any child would be delighted with, from dinosaurs and robots to pink unicorns and dolls, from knight helmets to princess dresses and mermaid tails. The best parts of this book are the ones that aren't openly made a point of and are quietly presented as normal everyday life here, all the more powerful for their subtlety. Robert and the World's Best Cake gracefully and tactfully acknowledges variation in so many aspects of life, even in the wild myriad of party guests, without having to heavy-handedly make them the main point of the book - something we need to see more of.

The illustrations are fantastic as well - lovely color palettes and textures showing a vibrant and cozy home full of life.
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This book was really cute, but I wonder what type of cake it is.  Robert and his dad make invitations to a big cake party, but a stiff wind blows them away.  They get a surprise when everyone who found an invitation shows up for the party.  I guess they are going to need more cake.  This was a really fun book about a dad playing/helping their child.   The illustrations are colorful and exciting and would make this a fabulous read for story time.
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These pictures are great! The Cake Party sounds like a creat idea after reading this book so be prepared to invite everyone over to try out your own cake creation.

Robert and his dad are off today and decide to make invitations and cake. Tjen, they get to making a very large cake. Since the invitations are gone they think no one will show but soon find out that everyone came. Will they even have enough cake?!

This is such a cute simple story and I love that the dad is helping him and not the mom. It is always great to see fathers highlighted in their child’s life in books and in real life.

This would be a great book to read in school at a fathers day event, with cake of course. Alternatively, give this to a father and son with a cake-making basket and watch them enjoy!

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Idea: Create your own cake-making gift basket. Get a basket, this book, a recipe for a cake to print out, and all the ingredients. Arrange everything in the basket nicely. You may gift life this or stick in a cellophane gift bag and tie a ribbon around it.
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Who wouldn't want to attend a cake party?! This cute and simple book is reminiscent of The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. A boy and his father intend to invite people over for a cake party, but they lose the invitations in the wind. That doesn't stop them from deciding to have their own private party with a very grand cake. They're all set to dig in when... the doorbell rings! Hmm, maybe the invitations weren't so lost after all. The story was a little bland for me, but I really liked the bright and playful and scrumptious illustrations... and the idea of a cake party, of course. It could probably work for storytime, too.
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Am I a little jealous that I did not receive an invitation to the great cake party? Yes. Will I get over it because the illustrations in this book are wonderful? Yes (Plus the cake decorations were not exactly edible: pencils, toys, and a comb). 

My favorite things:
1. Imagination is encouraged by the dad which results in some great family time at home.
2. The details: I found myself looking closely at every page like an I-Spy book. I tried guessing at what plants were in the background and what books were on the shelves.
3. The illustrations! More specifically, the pinks, light blues, and yellows used because they really made the pages pop. It gave me a retro vibe and I loved it.*
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After reading this I immediately went out and got a copy for my daughter.  I loved the whimsical drawings, the themes of creativity and generosity, and the fact that the dad was shown as a supportive parent.  Loved this book!
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Colorful pictures with a delicious story about Robert and his Dad. Doesnt everyone love cake!
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This is an adorable picture book that follows Robert and his dad’s quest to make the world’s best cake. Even though his invitations blew away, Robert stayed positive and kept working on the cake. His positive energy paid off, as many guests who found their invitations began to arrive and ask for a piece of the cake. Great lesson for how to not get caught up with negativity or frustration. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and match the one of the story perfectly. Love the diversity of characters as well. Overall, great story for a read-aloud!

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Cake! If you ask me, everyday should be cake day :D

The story is if a young boy and his dad. They decide to make cake on their day off. 

Robert wants to invite his friends. Hence he creates invitations for his friends.

But due to breeze the invitations fly away!
He does not despair but proceeds to bake the cake with his dad.
They bake a huge cake and guess what happens?
All his invitations that flew away reach many people who come to eat cake!

Love the bond between the father and child in this story.
Also love the sharing aspect portrayed in this story.
The illustrations tie the story together very beautifully.
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That´s definitely a children book with a story. No lessons to be learned or specific messages, just a story about a boy who wants to bake a humongous cake and threw a party - well, that was written before words like ´pandemic´ and ´lockdown´ and ´1.5 meter distance´. But the story still stays, as it displays the timeless fun of having friends and inviting people at home to share a piece of cake. 
The illustrations are cartoonish, but it balances the overall quality of the writing.
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This silly story is about baking a huge cake and having invitations to the party. The invitations blow out the window. Instead of everything being ruined, people find the invitations and come to the party. This was a fun light hearted story that would be good to get away from reality.
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Robert made a very big cake with help from his dad.  He wanted to have a cake party but all of his invitations blew away.  He thought his dad and dog were going to be the only guests.  Boy was he surprised.  The illustrations were beautifully done.  I felt that I was in Robert’s house.  My son loved pointing out all of the objects on Robert’s cake.  I really like the story.
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This book was so fun! I loved the colors and illustrations, and I love to bake so the cake theme was right up my alley. The story had some humor to it, and funny illustrations to match. I also loved the relationship between Robert and his father. I think this would be a great story to read aloud with your children or for young children to practice reading on their own.
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Cute idea, hits the popular baking niche, colorful illustrations, like a well decorated cake. Suitable for read aloud.
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A sweet and fun story about a boy named Robert and his dad. They have the day off and decide to bake a cake! Before they know it invitations are out and theres cake to go around. The artwork for this book was absolutely charming and I found the book to be so cute. I definitely would recommend this book (and hey maybe it’ll make you want to bake a cake too, it sure made me want to!)
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