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What a sweet and endearing story! Chick Chat is about a chatty little chick, his family, and a new friend. 
The illustrations are fun and the story is engaging for young readers. 
Many thanks to NorthSouth Books and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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I have a three-year-old son. This appealed to me because he’s interested in farm animals. The first part that made me giggle was the biography that the author. Little things like that make a big difference in children’s books. The artwork was beautifully drawn, I loved the titles of the books that other chickens were reading. The attention to detail was magnificent. At the end, I got a good laugh. This is definitely a book I would buy for my friends children.
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Cute and sweet story with a great message! Everyone is different and has different personalities/qualities and that’s okay. We can balance each other out in our friendships! Very vibrant illustrations that will keep children entertained! Short book that children will love!
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What a cute, little book about making a friend. Baby Chick has a lot to say. Unfortunately, his family members are too busy to listen to him chat all day. One day, Baby Chick finds a big, round egg and makes it his friend. He talks to it, keeping it up to date on all the goings on at the farm, he protects it from the rain and weather, but eventually he gets sleepy and when he wakes up, the egg is gone. He’s obviously upset, but he may just make a new kind of friend in the end.

This was a cute, fun, quick little read. Would be a good choice at bedtime, especially the part about Baby Chick getting tired and going to sleep. It also shows kids it’s okay to be chatty. Also, some people aren’t, and that is ok, too.

It’s out in January, so keep it on your radar.
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Chick Chat by Janie Bynum is a very cute children’s book. Baby chick has a lot to say, so tries to talk to everyone in her family. They are all too busy for her so she makes a new friend. Her new friend is an egg.

The book starts out sad because nobody will let baby chick talk to them. Then, baby chick finds a new friend and everything is happy.

The illustrations also by Jamie Bynum are great. 

Thank you NetGalley and  North South Books Inc for Chick Chat.
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Perfect for children who are learning to read. I liked the story as it tackles a real problem; children who are in the process of knowing the world and learning how to express themselves, and grownups who do not have time to react and respond. It also introduces children to the idea of diversity and how it benefits us. The art is so cute. The happy Baby Chick made me smile.
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A really cute story with not a lot of text or plot, about a chick who "talks" a lot and all his family member are busy, so he finds a new friend. I think it's perfect for really young kids because of the cheerful illustrations.

I thank Netgalley and North South Books for the digital ARC.
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Baby chick has so much to say, but his family just doesn't have time to chat. Baby chick goes off on his own and finds an egg. The egg doesn't respond to the chatter, but that is ok with baby chick. She finally has someone who will listen to her. This story is extremely cute. I felt bad for baby chick, but was so happy for her to find a new friend.
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Its an amazing book with pictures where the chick is trying to talk with its parents and siblings, but they are busy. So the chick later finds an eggs and becomes friends with it.

It's a short and cute story!
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This is a book that is packed with lovely illustrations, but there are very few words.

Baby Chick has a lot to say, but nearly everyone is too busy to listen to her - eventually she uncovers an egg and finds a friend who doesn't mind listening to all of her words.

It is 3 stars from me for this one – a fun story with some cute images but it is a very simple story with a lovely ending
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Baby Chick just wants to chat and everyone is too busy but Baby Chick finds a large egg and chats away. Baby Chick amuses herself and finds a new friend in the end.  A story about patience and listening, friendship and kindness . Fun illustrations with simple language . 

Thank you #netgalley and #chickchat for letting me read and review this children’s book.
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A cheery book with cute illustrations, though there's not much of a plot even for a children's picture book.
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Baby Chick has a lot on their mind but none of the adults have the time. Whilst out adventuring they find an egg, finally someone to talk to! Baby Chick is devoted to keeping the egg safe and abreast of all the barnyard gossip until it hatches… and out comes a new friend! 

Anyone who’s been around a child learning to talk or ask “why” will instantly fee comrade roe with baby chicken’s family - you can love someone but it doesn’t mean you wanna hear them pee 24/7.

The sweet dogged determined attitude of Baby Chick reminds me of Horton protecting his dust speck in “Horton Hears a Who”.

Adorable illustrations really captured the sugary sweetness of the story.
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Rather silly, but rather fun, this story concerns a baby chick who finds a mysterious egg, which might just about be the only thing that will shut him up – his family is being driven up the henhouse walls with his incessant peeping.  I guess there's a lesson about when to be noisy and when to be quiet, and how some people prefer silence or are not as talkative as others, but it is rather hidden in the pretty artwork and the cute chicken's portrayal.  It certainly seemed more about the fun situation as opposed to conveying any kind of moral.  Three and a half stars.
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This book is adorable. 
Baby chick has a lot to say and when her family is all busy she stumbles across an egg and makes a new friend who is perfect to hear her talk. 
The colouring and art style is really engaging and gorgeous. The use of black pages and then the vibrant colours of others created a really interesting contrast. 
The use of repetition and rhyme worked well and would be effective in engaging the younger audience. 
The story itself wasn't awkwardly worded and was really sweet.
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This book was fantastic. The pictures were so adorable. And the text of the story was hilarious. It's rare to find a book that the kids like, that I also find amusing, but this one definitely fit the bill.
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Baby chick has a lot to say and no one will listen to her, so she finds a new friend to talk to. This was a really cute book about finding new friends and having someone to listen to you when you talk. The illustrations were pretty detailed and very vibrant.
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Baby Chick has a LOT to say, but she ends up finding someone that doesn't mind hearing ALL her words. A fun little story with darling illustrations.
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**I received an e-ARC from NetGalley for an honest review**

Cute story with cute illustrations.
A nice touch at the end- not everyone is the same and that's okay.
The middle of the story feels as if something is missing, but I can't pinpoint what., but overall, 4/5 stars,
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