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Rebecca and Jack make for a very good couple. In Rebecca's previous relationships she made it quite clear that she did not want children, so those relationships fizzled away. When she met Jack and he pretty much felt the same way, what they had really worked. Things grew between them and they married, both having good careers and enjoying married life without children.

However, one day there was a knock on the door and it was a woman named Cara with a small child. Of course, Jack recognized her because they once were a couple. Well, Cara has news for Jack. The little girl with her is his daughter. Imagine how this affected Rebecca. Jack always agreed with her that he did not want children. Not only does he have a daughter, but he never told her about it.

What is more is that Cara is in a bad predicament and she needs a place for her and their daughter to stay. While Rebecca and Jack have but no choice to open their home to them, it soon becomes apparent that Cara has a deep secret, a secret that will change Rebecca and Jack's relationship forever. How far will Rebecca go for Jack's daughter, and by extension, Cara?

My Husband's Daughter is a deeply emotional tale of secrets and devastating upset. As I was reading this book I felt that I could not trust Cara, especially after springing Jack's daughter on him years later, but I soon learned that this story much o offer and even think about. We learn so much about Cara and the choices she had made and the choices in front of her and how they bring about serious change to Jack and Rebecca's lives. The emotional edge was quite powerful and extremely touching. 

This heartbreaking story took more than one turn and kept me riveted to what I knew would eventually come. There was a message in this book, one of love and change, but tinged with great sadness. Emma Robinson definitely did a fine job with this moving story

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Emma Robinson sure knows how to throw curve balls in the best yet heartbreaking possible way. A story of the great love a mother has for her child and she would do anything to keep her safe.
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5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. First off there are books that just grab you instantly when you see the cover...this is one of those books! It was such an emotional read. So much sadness but so much love. I have to say parts may have been predictable BUT there were also things that I absolutely did NOT expect to happen. When I first started this book it was hard for me grasp how Jack and Rebecca wouldn’t want to have children. I have always wanted to be a mom. By no means would I ever judge anyone for not wanting to be a parent, I just have a hard time relating to it. Especially for two successful people who have a strong marriage and can offer so much to a child. But as I read the book I never once had bad feelings toward Rebecca or Jack for their choice in not wanting children. The story is so well written. You will feel extremely sad at times and you will cry but it’s one of those books that will make you want to keep reading no matter how heart breaking it is. It is a wonderful novel showing how families can come together in different ways. It doesn’t matter if someone shares your is so much stronger than blood. And I can say 100% that this is true because my husband and I adopted our daughter from China and not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for giving me the family that I have! Our daughter may have come from a different country, but she was meant to be ours and I’m the luckiest person in the world to be her mom. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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This was a terrific story. The blurb explains the setup, so it’s not a spoiler - a woman shows up at a married couple’s house with a four-year-old girl in tow, explaining that the girl. Sophie, is the man’s daughter. An additional twist is that the married couple were in agreement that neither of them wanted to have children and raise a family, so this turn of events threatens to utterly and completely up-end their lives. Rebecca, the wife, is a super-organized professional event planner, the kind who loves to make a to-do list and check things off, so having her life turned upside down is not the easiest thing for her. The story is told in short chapters, alternating between Rebecca’s point of view and Cara’s point of view (the mother). Emma Robinson’s writing pulled me in immediately and I didn’t want to put the book down!

The characters felt very real, not stereotypical “types” and the situation absolutely tugged at my heart. If you’re like me, have some tissues handy while you read. All is not dark and dreary, however. There are some rather comical situations which Rebecca has to handle as part of her event planning business. 

Will Rebecca learn that “sometimes it’s the stuff you don’t plan for that brings you the most happiness”?

I will definitely be looking for more books by Emma Robinson.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me the chance to read an advance readers copy of this wonderful book. All opinions are my own.
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It was the front cover of this book that grabbed my attention, but it was the story that engulfed me.

First, let me say that you are going to need a box of tissues handy! This is a beautiful, heart wrenching, touching story. At the beginning of the book, I thought I had Cara figured out and towards the end, realized I was way off. 

A mother, who is struggling to make ends meet, no family and walks back into an ex-boyfriend's life delivering shocking news. My heart went out to Rebecca, who had her life planned out without children, and is suddenly thrown off course, when Jack's ex-girlfriend, shows up on their doorstep late at night with a four year old girl adamant that Sophie is his daughter.

Rebecca is suspicious of why Cara is showing up now. Jack, although surprised at Cara's sudden appearance, doesn't seem to be too upset. While trying to sort through the situation, Cara and Sophie, are put up in a guest room, where slowly Rebecca ends up stepping in to help by picking up Sophie from school. Jack is stepping up to the role of father and spending more time with Sophie. 

Cara has a plan, but also; Cara has a secret. A secret, that will change everyone's lives.

Ultimately the story is about unconditional love, bonds of friendship and family! I, definitely recommend this book! One of the most moving books I've read this year.

I received an ARC from NetGalley via Bookouture and I voluntarily reviewed this book.
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When the cover is so beautiful, the heart expects that the story will be equally heart warming.

When the author is Emma Robinson, the mind declares that I am in for a treat.

And that was what happened when I started reading the first few lines of the prose, I knew that the world would cease to exist for me, and all that would matter was the story which unfolded in front of me. Having read a few books by this talented author, I was completely bowled by this one as it gave me a plotline which felt believable.

Rebecca and Jack were busy in their lives, childless and footloose, when a knock on the door made them realize that life had changed for them. Stood there in front of them was a cherubic angel and her mother, Cara, with a big declaration that it was Jack’s daughter and that she would be staying with them. What were they to do? This was their story as they entered into a life most unexpected where Rebecca was unsure in her footing into a new relationship and Cara was hiding a big secret.

A beautiful storyteller was Emma when she suffused my heart with a gamut of emotions, each one a joy to behold. Rebecca stepping up to help the child was a sight to behold, it made me respect her a million times more. The author’s power over her words and the detailing that went to shape up the two ladies made the story seamless.

The plotline was realistic as all the characters had to undergo tough times. It was how they rose above the strives that caught me unawares. I did have a sheen of tears accompanying me in certain moments, but there were smiles too to balance it out. The most unexpected things do give us the biggest pleasures (I believe that they gave the biggest shocks too vis-à-vis the pandemic)

This was a captivating story into which I escaped in the later afternoon, surfacing only in the evening when the entire book was read from beginning to end. All emotions were felt in the tiny recesses of my heart, emptying it out.
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My Husband's Daughter Emma Robinson 

I enjoyed this book. Rebecca and Jack have this perfect life, and they don't want children. Late on a Friday night, Cara knocks on their door holding her 4 year old daughter in her arms and tells them Sophie is Jacks daughter.  
Told in alternating chapters by Rebecca and Cara, we get to know each character and their story. I found I liked each character more with each chapter. 
Rebecca's story really resonated with me, as I became a parent suddenly to a 6 year old boy as a newly wed 23 year old, although I knew about my stepson,  I wasn't expecting him to come live with us 8 weeks after I got married.  
As the outsider in this story, she was often the one dealing with the day to day issues with childcare etc. And I felt her situation was very well written.  
I did shed a tear towards the end of this book, so have your tissues at the ready.
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Neither Rebecca nor her husband Jack is prepared for the knock on their door one night. Standing there is Jack's ex-girlfriend Cara and her four-year-old daughter. Before the evening is over Cara announces that Sophie, her daughter is also Jack's daughter. After that life changes dramatically for super organized career woman Rebecca. This book is full of surprises and is a real reality check in what family is all about. It is well written with great characterization and several surprises. Jack and Rebecca journey thru some heart-wrenching decisions and a strained relationship to come to what is important to them as a couple and as individuals. Super organizer and planner Rebecca says at the end of the book that some of the best things in life turn out to be those that you did not plan for. Sophie turns out to be one of those best things.
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What a reading !!!
This book was not at all what I was expecting.
At the beginning of the book I never thought that development of the history.
A very emotional book that can affect some more sensitive people who have gone through something similar in their life, I had to stop reading a few times.
Exceeded my expectations

I will talk about this book in my instagram
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Rebecca and Jack are happily married and satisfied with their lives. That is until one Friday night when the doorbell rings. Standing on the doorstep is Jack's ex-girlfriend, Cara and her four year old daughter Sophie. Rebecca and Jack had decided not to have children. But their lives changed from that moment on.

The story is told from Rebecca and Cara's perspectives. This is a thought provoking read that will mess with your emotions. The characters are relatable and believable. As thenstory unfolds, I really felt for all the characters.  Inwas pulled into this story from the first few pages. I needed to know what Cara wanted from Jack. This is a beautifully written book that's easy to read but will make you cry in places.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #Bookouture and the author #EmmaRobinson for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I’d like to thank Bookouture and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘My Husband’s Daughter’ by Emma Robinson in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Rebecca and Jack have always said that they like their lifestyle and don’t want children of their own.  Late one night Cara, an ex-girlfriend of Jack’s, is standing on their doorstep with her four-year-old daughter Sophie and says that she’s Jack’s daughter too.  Cara says they’re homeless and asks if they stay for a couple of weeks but unknown to Rebecca and Jack Cara needs their help as she has a secret that will change all their lives.

‘My Husband’s Daughter’ is a tear-jerking and very emotional story of a mother’s love for her daughter.  It’s been beautifully written with great sensitivity and it brought a lump to my throat and caused my eyes to fill with tears.  At the start I couldn’t empathise with the character of Cara but as the story began to unfold I understood her actions and wondered how I would handle the situation should I find myself in the same position.  Emma Robinson is to be congratulated for writing a wonderfully moving story that had a sad but heart-warming ending and was impossible to put down.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this novel which will stay in my thoughts for a long time.
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This book is beautifully written. 

Jack and Rebecca are happy, they are both agreed that they don’t want children and are happy with their busy lives and careers.

Then one day Cara knocks on the door and everything changes! Cara has a daughter and a heart breaking secret. 

The story is told from the viewpoints of Rebecca and Cara. I felt for both these women as they try to navigate a situation every mother hopes never to be in!

A beautiful, heartbreaking read that shows that friendship can flourish in the most unlikely places and that sometimes love is all that matters.
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The best part of the book is that it was written from the point of views of Cara and Rebecca which actually gave me the chance to understand both of them and their situations. This book was an emotional read and I absolutely loved that! It was such a journey and I couldn’t help but liking this book. Moreover, I liked how the book approached motherhood and that overall, made this book an amazing read.
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I enjoyed this book but I honestly expected more. It was a quick read and had serious themes throughout, but it was predictable and it isn't one I will probably remember after a few more books unfortunately.
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Grab your Kleenex! This story was heartbreaking, heartwarming and a tear jerker. The characters were well written and poignant. I found the storyline a little “Stepmom” ish for the first bit but the story really took off about 3/4 of the way through when there was a well done plot twist. The rest of the book was a rollercoaster of emotions. This one is a great read!
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Rebecca and Jack have been together for five years, married for a year and, inevitably, talk between their friends has turned to 'when will they start a family'? Rebecca and Jack are determined they love their life as it is and never want children. They both have successful careers, holidays whenever they choose and can do whatever they please without having to consider anyone else, so when their doorbell rings late one Friday night and stood at the door is Cara, Jack's ex girlfriend and her four year old daughter Sophie, claiming that she is Jack's daughter, that perfect world that they have built is turned upside down. They are both in shock and Rebecca is understandably suspicious, why now and what is she after? What they are yet to discover is that Cara has a secret that not even Sophie knows about, and it's set to change their lives forever. How will Rebecca and Jack react when they find out and will Sophie find a way into their hearts and their life?

The story is told by Rebecca and Cara in alternating chapters, initially I thought that Rebecca and Jack were a bit 'up' themselves but, as the story progressed and they stepped up to the challenges facing them, my feelings towards them changed and I was impressed by their selflessness. I adored Sophie from the off, what an adorable little girl, and Cara was doing what every mom would do, ensuring that her child was going to be well cared for and loved. What parent doesn't want the best for their child? None of us know what lies ahead when we become parents and most of the time we are just winging it or, in Cara's words, 'playing it by ear' and that's when we've planned it, imagine being thrown in at the deep end! Emma Robinson has written this story with compassion and integrity, covering a very tough subject, its a raw, emotional roller coaster of a read that reduced me to tears on numerous occasions. This is the first I've read by this author and amid the tears I read it in less than a day, but it will stay with me a lot longer than that. I'll definitely be reading more of her work. 

I'd like to thank Bookouture and Netgalley for the auto approval. I will post my review on Goodreads now and Amazon on publication day.
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“It’ll soon be the time for the pitter-patter of baby feet then.” So begins the conversation at a dinner party but Rebecca replies that she doesn’t want children. She is a busy event planner with her own growing business and she wants to travel and enjoy a child free life. She’s joined by her handsome, ad executive husband Jack who agrees with her. Hours later, the ring of a doorbell changes their neatly constructed world forever.

Cara, the ex-girlfriend Jack hasn’t seen in years, stands on their steps with Sophie, her four year old daughter. Cara needs a place to stay and oh, by the way, here’s your daughter Sophie. What happens next, the lies, the pain, the twists, the surprises, and the joy will have you in tears. No spoilers here but this lovely, emotional story will touch your heart.

Emma Robinson has delivered a rare reading experience with My Husband’s Daughter. Very different, sometimes shocking events change Rebecca, Jack and Cara. The plot moves seamlessly as the voices of Rebecca and Cara describe events from their own perspectives. This is a book about secrets, the strength of friendships and the power of love. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Emma Robinson for this ARC.
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This was a book which grabbed me from the first page.  I found it easy to read and I soon found myself immersed in the story.  The characters were both relatable and realistic to me and as the story unfolded I felt for the characters and the way their lives had been turned upside down.  This part really pulled at my heartstrings as we never what is round the corner and how things can change in an instant. I really enjoyed this book even if I did have to reach for the tissues occasionally. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Bookouture for another enjoyable read in exchange for my honest review.
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I loved this book. 

It is written from the perspective of the two main female characters, Rebecca and Cara and I instantly loved them both. I was not sure where this book was going to go when I first started it but I did not expect it to go the way it did. I have to say I cried my way through a lot of this book as some bits were very close to home for me but I would recommend it to everyone. I am a Mum to a little boy who is the same age as Cara's daughter Sophie and I only put this book down so that I could go and give him a cuddle as the storyline effected me so much.

This is a book that will stay with me for a very long time.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for my ARC.
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How far would a parent go to protect their child? To ensure their safety, their future and happiness.  Cara has lived a carefree and precocious lifestyle.  When she is faced with a life changing decision to make regarding her daughter Sophie, she reaches out to her daughter’s estranged father, Jack.  When lives intersect and have to run parallel to each other for the sake of a child, we will move mountains, learn to love unconditionally, set aside our differences and allow ourselves, acts of selflessness for the people we love. My Husband’s Daughter is an emotionally charged read. Slow start but once it got going, there was no turning back.
The arc for My Husband’s Daughter was courtesy of Bookouture, Emma Robinson and NetGalley
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