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I received this book "The Lost Children" from NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own. This book was a bit predictable for me. Parts of the book were good and parts were boring and dragging. The end was rushed. Overall an okay book.
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This book starts with a young mother being fired from her job because she is pregnant, with her boss' children. She considers adoption, but takes a job in a bomb factory while her mother watches over twins Jacob and Molly. When something happens to grandma, the mother sends her kids to strangers out in the country, away from the city life and the bombings. This is their story of how they find where they belong.
I hated how everyone treated Molly having a disability, but the reality is people will always be cruel and judgemental about what they do not understand. You could say my review contains spoilers, but the cover is the spoiler as it mentions "orphans". I give this book only 4 stars as where it was quite enjoyable, it was also quite predictable.
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This is the first book I have read by Shirley Dickson, but it won't be my last. This is a heartbreaking story set during WWII. This story is not about the war itself, but how it affects those left behind. In this story we meet eight year old twins, Molly and Jacob. They were born out of wedlock and after war breaks out, their mother leaves them with their granny while she goes to work in a munitions factory. A bombing in their hometown kills their granny and their mother finally decides to evacuate them to the countryside. Jacob and Molly face unimaginable hardships that are only worsened by Molly’s disability caused by cerebral palsy. This is their story.

The Lost Children is very well written and seemed well researched. The characters are well developed. I loved reading about the love and support that Jacob and Molly gave each other. I just wanted to reach into the pages and hug them both and bring them home with me. The secondary characters were also wonderful. Seeing the relationships between the various residents and the twins grow was beautiful. This story was full of ups and downs. It seemed like things were going well, then there was another situation that knocked them for a loop. I can't believe how strong they were. This story had my emotions all over the place. I felt sympathy, love, disdain, anger, excitement and satisfaction. The setting and descriptions were well written and allowed me to visualize what what was happening. This is a story that will engage you from start to finish. One that lovers of Historical Fiction will certainly enjoy. I recommend this one.
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I love historical WWII fiction and this heart wrenching novel is a tear jerking new favorite.  Molly and Jacob are orphans whose Mother is killed during the Blitz.  Molly is disabled and Jacob has to take care of both of them. Their coming of age journey and the people they meet along the way are fascinating. Highly recommend. Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to read an advance copy.
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A sweet story. Dragged a little to start with but soon picked up and kept you engaged.         .             .
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Beautifully sad story.

Thank you to NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
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The Lost Children by Shirley Dickson is a historical fiction novel set in World War 2. As with other books set during this period it is a hearbreaking read,but it is so much more than just that.It is also a story of resilience, love and kindness. Twins Jacob and Molly are sent away by their mother, Molly as a last resort to Leadham in the country.In the day of their departure Molly hands a letter to Jacob which she tells him not to open unless they have no other options.They settle and adjust to their lives with Aunt Brigit to the point where they feel she is just an older version of their mother. One day she breaks her hip and can't come home.They end up in a temporary home with a bit of a grumpy Mr.Joe until they can be permanently placed. Then Molly overhears a conversation that shakes her to the core, their mam is dead, and they are heading to an orphanage! The twins hatch a plan to escape so they can stay together.
Jacob is reminded of the letter their mam gave him and is in a quandary, what do they do? Open it? Give it to an adult to open? Or what? All I can say they are never going to be ready for what informatiom that letter holds.
An absolutely heartbreaking story. I know so many children were evacuated during this time and my heart goes out to everyone of them. I could never imagine being put on a train by my mother and going to a strange place with a bunch of strangers. This story highlights the resilience of these children. Molly is a disabled child so Jacob has to be strong for them both during these times. I admired Jacob for all he does for her. My heart went out to Molly with the struggles she has anyway, never mind the evacuation and what follows for them. An author I have not previously read anything from. I shall certainly be reading more of her work, for sure. 
In conclusion, this is a beautiful, heartbreaking but also uplifting read, Make sure you have a hankie or tissues, you may need them!  Big thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for the copy of The Lost Children to write my review today.
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This book broke my heart and then put it back together again at least twice.

Martha is a single mom to twins Molly and Jacob.  It isn’t safe for the twins to live in their London suburb during World War 2 so the children are sent to live with strangers in the countryside.  In The Lost Children, we learn what it was like for mothers {and fathers} to make this sacrifice to keep their children safe.  The horrible war just kept battering families over and over but we watch them remain resilient and strong.

I loved this story and all the characters we meet have depth and a story all their own.  I definitely recommend this novel for anyone who likes a great setting and excellent character development!
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Jacob and Molly are 8 year old twins of an unmarried mother in England during WW2.  After their grandmother is killed in a bombing raid, they are sent to billet in rural England. They constantly fear being separated. Molly has weakness on one side of her body and has difficulty walking and with fine motor movement. They are first placed with a caring, older woman who suffers a fall breaking her hip. This is unfortunate as she was working with Molly to strengthen her leg and hand. They are moved to a farm owned by an older grieving widower.  These children brighten his life in ways he can’t imagine.  
Their Mam gave Jacob a letter to use in case of emergency when she went off to work in a munitions factory. That letter revealed the identity of their father.  Will they end up with the family they desire?
I love reading about this time in history, when children in English cities were sent to rural England during the war. The love of families, the openness of families housing the children and the trust that has to exist is remarkable. Such a wonderful, heart-warming story. Don’t miss this one!
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Thanks to Bookoture and the author for my kindle copy of this wonderful book in return for my own honest review. 
I was unable to put his book down. this heart-breaking story will pull at your heartstrings. The book is about a sister and brother, Jacob and Molly who are twins born out of wedlock to a young English mother. she will do anything she can to keep her children safe, even if that means sending them to the countryside as refugees during the Blitz, there they meet amazing, wonderful people who all help to make them feel at home, but soon they find they have lost everything, they are motherless and homeless, all they have is each other but what if they are torn apart? 
This book had me gripped from the first to the last page, Shirley Dickson has put a lot of effort into writing this story.
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The Lost Children by Shirley Dickson is a heart wrenching historical novel set in the North East of England mainly during World War II.
The novel shows the bond of twins – a boy and a girl born in 1935. Theirs is a story of searching to belong as they are evacuated in 1943.
Shirley Dickson has created some marvellous and realistic characters. The twins will lodge in your heart as their self-sacrificing love and unbreakable bond shines through.
There is a community spirit in the village where everyone knows everyone’s business, and pulls together when there is a need. There is much warmth and some tough love when needed.
The reader witnesses how attitudes have changed since the 1930’s when unmarried mothers were frowned upon and encouraged to give up their babies for adoption. It was always the women who suffered and never the men who had taken advantage of them.
There are some truly horrifying attitudes towards disability too. Whilst many adults treat eight year old Mollie (who has cerebral palsy and wears a calliper) with kindness, there are some who just want to hide her away in a home. Bullies at school are unkind too. Mollie’s indomitable spirit and bravery really make the reader just want to pick her up and love her.
I absolutely adored The Lost Children. Shirley Dickson is a new author to me but I want to read more, more, more.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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Lovely plot but sad in places too. Loved the ending. Very well written and great characters. Looking forward to more from the author!
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The Lost Children is a wonderful, though very emotional, piece of historical fiction that will stay with me for a long time.

Firstly it was great to have a book from a children’s point of view for a change and I so enjoyed following the twins on their journey. I loved the vivid descriptions of the northern village the twins find themselves in which made me feel like I was actually there, experiencing everything alongside them. The sense of community was beautiful to read about and I liked that everyone helped each other, often making sacrifices for other people. It was heartwarming to see the villagers include the twins into their lives and how they settled in so quickly.

This is a very emotional books which made me sob at times. The twins go through a lot of heartache throughout the story and I often found myself wishing I could put my arm round them. Having said that the book isn’t bogged down in sadness and the over all feeling I got from this book is actually an uplifting one.

Overall I really enjoyed this fast paced, easy read which was the first book I’ve read from this author. I’ll definitely be recommending this book to others and look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Huge thanks to Sarah Hardy for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Bookouture for my copy of this book via Netgalley.
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Eight year old twins Molly and Jacob really didn't have much luck at all. Their mother has them evacuated during the war and this lets her work in an explosives factory. She intends to save money to get them a place to live after the war is over.
Just by luck Molly and Jacob are given a nice place to stay with a lovely lady but circumstances change and Molly and Jacob are determined to stick together no matter what.
This was a roller coaster of a read. Just when you thought everyone was happy something would happen to disrupt things. I enjoyed this story and loved the characters and yes,I did shed some tears especially near the end. But no spoilers just read it.
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When eight-year-old twins Jacob and Molly were to be evacuated to the country for the duration of the war, they farewelled their Mam with sorrow. Martha gave Jacob a letter that he wasn’t to open unless he felt they were in trouble, and he wasn’t to read it. Jacob and Molly had lost their gran to a bomb and Martha, although she didn’t want to be parted from them, knew she had to work for the family’s care. The munitions factory where she worked paid well, but they didn’t allow leave while they were so busy helping the war effort.

The twins missed their mother dreadfully, never a day went by that they didn’t think of her. They loved receiving her letters and wrote back straight away. But when more tragedy struck, Jacob and Molly weren’t sure what would happen. They were scared of the future; they had never been apart, and nothing would separate them – would it? What would be the outcome for these two children? They had had terrible misfortune throughout their young lives – would it ever get any better?

The Lost Children is another excellent historical novel from the pen of Shirley Dickson which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve loved all this author’s work to date; she never disappoints. Set during WWII England, the heartbreak and despair for so many was appalling. Our two main characters, Molly and Jacob, remained strong and resilient in the face of so much – brave, with their mam’s helpful words frequently in their heads. The Lost Children is one I highly recommend to fans of the genre.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh, this book made me want to laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time. I felt heartbreak but I also had laughter. The Lost Children was an emotional and heart tugging read but it was one of the best books I’ve read this year. It reminded me of many things that I needed to be reminded of. Like, sticking with family no matter if you are mad, either at them or the other people. Also, it reminded me to listen to my gut, like when Jacob knew Molly was at the building they saw on a trip with Sandra.

“This book was provided to me by Bookouture and NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. All opinions are my own.”
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Loved this story by Shirley Dickson about two young children, Molly and Jacob who are sent to the English countryside during WW2 after their home is bombed and their grandmother is killed.   Their mom has to work in a munitions factory and was hopeful that the twins would be safer in the countryside.  

There is a lot of historical fiction written about WW2 but this book is mainly about the twins and how they struggled to adapt in a strange place during the war.  Molly suffers from a handicap  and Jacob has always been her protector.   He sticks up for her when she's bullied and they start to adjust to life in their new home.  Many setbacks occur and Molly and Jacob are constantly aware of the uncertainty of their future.
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I have always loved the historical fiction genre but this year I seem to be more taken with it for some reason.
Bookouture have recently introduced me to author Shirley Dickson.
Oh but she is a wonderful author. 
Her story The Lost Children really touched my heart.
The war itself was unimaginable wasn't it but the sheer trauma of having to send your small children to the countryside just to be safe from the bombings. I don't know how families did it back then.
In this tale, we meet Jacob and his twin sister Molly. Both have been sent for their safety to the countryside while their mother Martha works in an explosives factory. She wants to be able to give them a better life after the war.
Jacob assumes responsibility in looking  after his sister Molly as she has a disability but she is a quiet, determined little girl.
Tragedy hits their young lives when first their granny dies and then their mother Martha in the factory.
Both now orphaned, they must support and rely on each other, they are all each other has left in the world.
Jacob wonders when is the right time to open the letter his mother placed in his hand at the train station when they were leaving.
What could have been so important that their mother needed to write it in a letter, only to be opened when they were in real trouble.
I don't mind admitting to you that I needed tissues reading this one.
It is such a soft, gentle and heartbreaking story. I didn't want it to end though.
There were so many tender moments in the story. I loved Aunty Brigit and her funny ways. I loved how the neighbour Bob Nichol, a gruff man, took the children in when their world had fallen apart which in turn helped him after the death of his wife Edie and son Wilf...
I loved how the postmistress Doris seemed to know everything about everyone at just the right time...
Oh you simply must read it....
I don't think you will want to leave it down until you turn the last page.
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The Lost Children by Shirley Dickson is a wonderful historical fiction story that you WILL LOVE. Shirley is a terrific writer and I have really enjoyed her other books, especially The Orphan Sisters.

Historical fiction is a hit-or-miss genre for me but Shirley’s books are consistently well-written and I love the stories she comes up with.

Take a look here:

England, 1943: Home is no longer safe for eight-year-old twins Molly and Jacob. Night after night wailing bombs and screeching planes skim the rooftops overhead. They cradle each other, shivering in terror, not knowing if they will live to see dawn. Their mother, Martha, has no choice but to evacuate them to the safety of the countryside.

At the train station, Martha bites back tears as she says goodbye to her precious children. Knowing she might never see them again, she gives Jacob a letter, pressing the envelope into his hands and telling him to only read it if they are in danger.

In the country, Molly and Jacob must adjust to life with strangers. Every night they dream of returning home to the arms of their beloved mother. But then the unimaginable happens. Martha is killed in an explosion, leaving the twins all alone in the world.

The war has robbed Molly and Jacob of everything – all they have left is one another. Motherless and destitute, they face the grim reality of life in an orphanage. The time has finally come for Jacob to open the letter. What secret does it hold, and could it change the course of their tragic fate? Because if they are together, they can survive anything – but what if they are torn apart?

The Lost Children will make you emotional, your heart will break a little.  Its always tough to read stories with war as a backdrop. You will be fully immersed and sad when the book is over!

This book is out now, be sure to get it! SO GOOD.
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Historical fiction is fast becoming one of my favorite genres, especially when based around World War 2. The Lost Children is a heartbreaking story of loss and tragedy and above all love in the midst of the devastation of the War. 

Young children such as Molly and Jacob are often the worst victims of war. The author has done a magnificent job of portraying the sense of loss and fear that displaced children in war torn England must have experienced. I l wonder how many children to their own devices and became victims of abuse and neglect.

This is an endearing story of the twins taking care of each other and giving each other strength in the most difficult circumstances. Jacob's care of Molly, his attempts to be brave, while still being a child himself are very moving. Molly too beings to find her own strength and puts the needs of others before her own. 

While the story centres on the characters of Molly and Jacob, there are other fine characters in it like Aunty Doris and Aunty Brigit and Mr Bob who reached out to care for them. The author also brought out the strength of a community taking care of the vulnerable, like all responsible communities should.

A very emotional read and yet very heart-warming too. 

My first read from this author. I'd definitely recommend it and will be looking out for more books from her.
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