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Rated: PG 
Sub-genre: Romantic Comedy
Trope: Fake Relationship
Pro: Characters have opposite personalities yet great chemistry; fun twists and turns; multidimensional character development
Con: Sex scenes too mild
Verdict: Makes me hungry
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Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Rating: 8/10

Accidentally Engaged is such an entertaining romantic comedy packed with many authentic and relatable characters. Reena is the main character who is fed up with her parents meddling with her love life and pushing marriage. When she meets Nadim, the new tenant across the hallways from her apartment, she notices he’s an attractive man. She quickly learns he is working with his father and is the man her parents are hoping she will marry. That’s just the beginning of this delicious novel! With all the food descriptions and dynamic family personalities, and cooking show elements, this book was fantastic!
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This romance was wonderful, and most definitely made me crave some freshly baked bread - and I’ve never wanted to do this before, but I also debated trying to learn how to make sourdough bread. 

We have romance. We have Toronto. We have food. We have steam, both food and otherwise (tehe). We have a competition. What else could a book need? I was invested in Reena’s story as she balanced her dreams with her family and culture’s traditions. I also enjoyed following Reena and Nadim’s professional, romantic, and personal journeys in this #OwnVoices story. 

(potential spoilers ahead)

I know this isn’t a huge turning point but during chapter eighteen, Reena mentions peeing after sex to prevent a UTI and I got weirdly excited about this. Normalizing books and making things completely normal and realistic make me happy. The sourdough topic also made me giggle with the rise (ba dum tsssh) of home bakers during this pandemic.
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Great fun romance. This book combines family dynamics, Indian culture, great food and romance all in one book! Recipes are included.
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Warning: The day after I finished this charming book, I made a loaf of challah and two dozen sourdough rolls. This book will make you want to bake! Had I known it was about a sourdough baker and a cooking reality competition, I would have read it much sooner. 

Reena is an amateur baker who's feeling stuck in her career and her life. Her parents love her, but would really like to see her get a husband and a promotion (in either order). When she meets her handsome new neighbor, Nadim, she wonders if there might be sparks--but then she finds out he's working for her father, and their parents are trying to arrange a match between them. No, thanks.

The perfect opportunity comes up for Reena--a cooking competition show, with a prestigious baking school scholarship. Then she finds out it's for couples, so somehow she and Nadim end up entering as an "engaged" couple. But their onscreen chemistry starts to feel all too real.

This was a fun fake relationship story by an #ownvoices South Asian author. I look forward to reading her next book. 

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the ARC to review. All opinions are my own.
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Thank you Forever Publishing and Netgalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.

I'm always a little nervous starting a book that is getting a lot of hype on bookstagram, but Accidentally Engaged is worth all of the praise. This book will draw you in and definitely make you hungry! 

I loved this book! Reena and Nadim were such wonderful characters. I was easily drawn to both of them. I enjoyed the friends to lovers. I don't always like romances that develop quickly, but these two seemed perfect for each other from the start. I loved their natural chemistry that was obvious from their earliest interactions. I especially loved when they cooked together. 

I really enjoyed learning more about Reena and Nadim and their shared cultures, especially through the recipes they shared through the show.

I just adored the ending. It made me so happy. I highly recommend grabbing a copy when Accidentally Engaged is released in March!
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4.5/5 stars rounded up. I loved this book! It was laugh-out-loud funny and I loved Reena, the recipes, the cooking show, it was all so good. I agree with other reviews that said it gets a little chaotic toward the end with so many storylines running at once, but I liked the juxtaposition of a family wanting to look so perfect on the outside but having all kinds of chaos on the inside. I found all of the unraveling family drama to be oddly relatable and it was a feel-good escape from a crazy time in the world nearing the end of the pandemic. I also love bread, so naturally I loved reading about bread and eating bread whilst reading about bread. I would absolutely recommend this for a fun, funny rom com that's different than a lot of others already out there.
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Reena loves bread and treats her sourdough starter like her children. Her real family? Reena is over their constant meddling. So her father hires Nadim, Reena wants nothing to do with the very attractive man who lives across the hall. When Reena is presented an opportunity to apply for a baking show where the winner receives a television statement, Nadim steps in to be her fake fiancé.

This was so fun! I loved Reena and Nadim and their banter. I enjoyed listening to this - the narrator (Soneela Nankani) is fast becoming one of my favorites! (Also, I accidentally bought the Chai Factor from my new favorite website Book Outlet prior to reading this, so I have Amira and Duncan’s book to read when I get myself out of #NetGalley debt. I have SO many books left to review. SO many.) 

Thanks to @NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for my ARC!
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This book was such a delight! Cooking, craft beer, romance, secrets and a dash of family drama are all the ingredients necessary for a fantastic read. Pun intended. 

Honestly, this was just what I needed, when I read it. I'm a sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope and I like to cook just as much as I love to eat so this was right up my alley. Bonus points because this is another book, by a Canadian author set, not too far from where I live, in Markham, Ontario. I loved that some of the recipes mentioned in the book are also included.

Fair warning, all the food talk in this book will probable make you hungry. Definitely read this one with snacks. If you enjoyed her other novel The Chai Factor you will certainly love this one.
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This is a delicious romcom that follows Reena as she navigates being set up on dates by her overbearing parents, figuring out what her future holds career-wise, and defying the cultural expectations set upon her shoulders. Nadim is an expat that moves in across the hall from her. She instantly feels intrigued by this new tall, dark, and handsome man and winds up in a fake engagement with him to participate in a cooking show. Feelings will soon begin to simmer and secrets will be dished out.
My favourite thing about Reena’s story was its display of culture and how one’s life is heavily influenced by it. Reena continually struggled with the expectations of her parents and what they deemed success for a woman her age. Sometimes parents need to accept that what they think is best isn’t actually what’s best for their child. I was rooting for Reena to step out into all that she is and it was heartwarming to see her slowly embrace that. I can’t talk about this book and not mention cuisine; Reena loves to bake sourdough especially, but she spends her time cooking other foods too. The concept of the cooking show is actually the cornerstone of the romance so food is very vital in the story. I loved the agreement of a fake engagement to participate on said show; it was perfect that Reena and Nadim’s relationship really began to bubble as they were partaking in it’s process. There were a lot of complications in this one, from strained relationships, family secrets, carrying barrage, and a lack of communication. However, everything pretty much came full circle with moments of healing and clarity. Reena found what made her heart happy and in turn, that made mine happy too.
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Such an enjoyable read! I am a sucker for any book that mentions food and this was no exception. I loved how the main characters slowly built their relationship. First they became friends and as they got to know each other, the romance blossomed. Despite this being a second book in a series, I did not feel like I had to read the first book to fall in love with the secondary characters. A great romance that I will be highly recommending!
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As a Muslim woman myself, this was a lovely romance to read. Although culturally it is based on a very specific group/background, some of the characters reminded me of my family which was a lot of fun to encounter—that doesn't happen a lot in the romance world. The description of the food was very well done as well and really brought me into Reena's world. All that said, Reena's world is very realistic & can be a lot! I was a little bit confused following relationships and different plotlines but eventually they all came together at the end.
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I enjoyed this book. In my opinion the book was at it's best when it was focusing on Reena trying to figure out what she wanted in her life. Her relationship with Nadim was fun but I did find myself wanting a little more when I got to the last page. I wish it had focused a little more on the two of them and their baking competition than taking the story in a hundred different directions. 

Speaking of different directions, I liked the direction they took with her relationship with her sister. It was nice to acknowledge their differences but allow them to come together throughout the book. The weakest part for me was her plot points with her parents. It felt forced and a little over the top in a way that her relationships with her sister, Nadim, and her friends did not. More Nadim, less obsessing about her mother's poker hobby.
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2.5 stars

I actually really enjoyed how this story started but my enjoyment declined somewhat as the story progressed.

There were so many things going on within the plot that I think it would have been a stronger storyline if there was just one main focus. With everything going on within the story, it felt like I was being pulled in different directions between the family businesses, the cooking show, and a fake engagement (yet real relationship). This is not even including the different family dynamics and complexities that also surfaced in the story. There was too much going on that it didn't feel as if the story was as 'fleshed' out as it should've been, especially nearing the end of the book. 

Speaking of 'flesh', there were some very weird things in this novel and one of these things was....a foot fetish. I don't know whether that was supposed to come off as attractive, charming, or comedic but it came off as none of the above. It was creepy and it was weird. 

What really stuck out to me the most in this novel was the amount of issues resulting from a lack of communication. I understand that miscommunication can be a key issue in many novels but I feel like if done well, it's more subtle. In this story, it was frustrating and bothered me. There was miscommunication between Reena and Nadim, between Reena's parents, between Reena's father and Nadim's father, and between Reena and her sister. The list could go on. Communication issues for all.

I'm disappointed because this novel started out so promising but somewhere along the line it took a turn. I liked the author's style of writing though so I will give future works another chance.

***Thank you to the publisher for supplying me with an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***
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I really enjoyed this book. Reena's character was so relatable. The whole time I was reading it, I felt penned in by her parents choices. I completely understand why she was limiting the information she shared with them. I also really like how she dealt (or didn't deal with) being laid off. I have had many friends and family members, either be laid off or furloughed this year, and how she responded is how many of them responded. Ice cream, sweatpants, etc. Her relationship with Nadim was fun to watch develop. And frankly, after reading about all the baking, I also baked bread. Not sour dough, but still. Fair warning, this book will make you want artisanal bread, and you will either have to bake it or buy it.
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I love a modern arranged marriage. It's also wonderful to see good Muslim rep on the page. Also, the food. Oh, the food.
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Thank you to Read Forever Pub for our gifted review copy.

"You take a leap of faith. It’s not hard, you know. You just need to find someone who makes you a chai when you were tired, and who rubbed your feet when they are sore instead of insisting you are wearing the wrong shoes."

Just finished ACCIDENTALLY ENGAGED & I LOVED it so much!
- fake dating, actually fake engagement
- lots of food 🤤
- family secrets and drama
- one of my fave HEA (maybe ever!!🥰)
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Accidentally Engaged was such a great read! There’s amazing representation that I think a lot of folks will relate to, and the family dynamics are relatable for pretty much anyone. I was totally invested in the romance from the start. This is a pretty slow build, but I honestly enjoyed the details and peripheral events as much as the bigger moments in the plot, so it didn’t bother me one bit. The story still kept its pace and kept me interested, plus I felt like I got to know not only the MCs but also the people who were important to them and some of the backstory. 

I’m so glad to have read this! Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publisher for this advance e-copy.
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This was super cute and full of amazing food and bread descriptions. I appreciated that this "rom-com" was funny and mostly light-hearted, fitting what I would expect from a rom-com romance novel.

There was a lot of plot packed into this story, and since we only get Reena's POV I was hoping for more time with her and Nadim together, on-page. Reena's family is big, messy with secret keeping, and also very much involved in gossip and nemesis-having, which was fun but also at times overwhelmed Reena and Nadim's fake relationship reality Tv show plot.

Despite all this, the family felt loving if overbearing, and this was fun to read. For a close-door romance, it was nice to still feel the heat and chemistry between Nadim and Reena, and I was not expecting the foot fetish!
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I’ve been savoring this one, and it was just the light read I needed after a slew of hard hitting literary fiction reads.

My favorite thing was all the food descriptions and strong female friendships that Reena has. I also loved the sister bonds which also led to sibling rivalry and conflict, but I really enjoyed it all.

*many thanks to Forever publishing and Netgalley for the gifted copy.
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