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What a great resource! I like how he includes what he LIKES and dislikes about other eating plans. I like the recipes in the back. It would be SO awesome to include a list of 'approved' foods when you're out and about!

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I was newly diagnosed with diabetes when I requested this book and was having a hard time ditching the sugar. This book was very helpful in my lower A1c success.

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Overall, this book was,both interesting and informative. The author presents the information and science, while also including a very detailed plan and abundant tips to help the reader.

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I found a lot of helpful advice in this book, which I have implemented with great success. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to eliminate or reduce the amount of sugar they consume.

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Although I know how important healthy eating is, I’ve been doing a lot of stress eating lately and I really wanted good guidance without a lot of lectures. This book obviously explained all the reasons we should get off sugar, but it also offers techniques in phases, with a lot of detail but not in an overwhelming way. This offers a great “cheat sheet” to help guild you through the first 21 days, and then a 90-day plan and a way to make healthy eating a way of life. Personally, I’ve read all kinds of detox type books, but I’m excited about this one because it is so detailed, easy to read, and also easy to incorporate into every day life without being overrun with recipes using every ingredient in the plant aisle and others almost impossible to find. In other words, easy recipes and ways to add to your everyday life. I love the step-by-step techniques as well as the advice and inspiration, and love the recipes at the end. There are no photos of recipes, but I didn’t see that as being necessary. I look forward to adding this book to my repertoire.

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Most people are aware that sugar is toxic but it's so addicting that it's hard to stop consuming it. Dr. Gioffre provides excellent information detailing how to accomplish this task. He includes methods to customize the plan, talks about intermittent fasting, and provides helpful recipes. Lots of information, in an easy to understand format, makes this book a great place to start when you want to kick your sugar habit. Recommended.

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I thought this book was very informative and useful. The first half of the book discusses the different types of sugar, foods that contain sugar (even hidden ones), a quiz to see how addicted to sugar you are, the science of why sugar is so addicting, and the negative effects of sugar on our bodies. The second half of the book then goes into the three phases of ridding yourself of sugar. Phase 1 being detoxification, Phase 2, re-mineralize/add foods without sugars to your diet, and Phase 4 being the next 90 days (how to feed your body and live in this new lifestyle).

This was an easy book to read and understand. I enjoyed reading about the science of why sugar is addictive and harmful for our bodies. I felt like the 2nd half of the book could be a bit overwhelming for someone who would like to go through the 3 phases. Overwhelming, but now impossible. As with all books on nutrition, there are resources, bits of information and other good takeaways, and then there are some things that I will leave behind.

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I have a major sweet tooth, and I've known for years about the dangers of sugar. This book helped reinforce that information.

The author does a nice job about defining the types of sugars and the three phases to help you break your sugar addiction. There are seven steps (a twenty-one day plan), and the book lists some useful tips. Then there's phase three, which is ninety days. Recipes are also included.

The author realizes the challenges with kicking the sugar addiction, and the tips and plan seem reasonable, but yet things did seem a bit overwhelming. Implementing even part of the suggestions could be helpful.

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Eating healthier is on many peoples resolutions this year (and most years, in fact). It’s been something I’ve been striving to do and I feel like I’m making small strides. Getting off sugar has been one of my goals for quite some time now. Get Off Your Sugar by Dr Daryl Gioffre has helpful suggestions to accomplish this, resulting in less inflammation, reduced headaches, loss of weight, and better health overall.

The information provided in this book has been eye opening and surprising for me. Years ago, I was told nutritional yeast is good for you. Dr Daryl says it’s yeast, it has the potential to have mold, avoid it. Guess where my jar of nutritional yeast went? If you said in the trash, you’re absolutely correct!

He shares in this book about foods we need, foods we can replace, and about the vitamins and minerals we need and where to get it. While many can be found in foods we eat, we do need to depend on supplement to provide us with the value we really need in a day.

Recently, I started doing intermittent fasting. I won’t say it’s easy, but your body gets used to it. Dr Daryl explains intermittent fasting and how to gradually reach the point where your body functions as it should. He expands on different ways to fast and suggests women who are menstruating to do a more lenient fast the week before through the first day of her period.

Sleep will come more naturally once your body is functioning better. Dr Daryl also shares about exercise. And then incorporates a plan for each day from waking up through going to bed. There’s so much amazing information in this book!

A digital copy of Get Off Your Sugar by Dr Daryl Gioffre was provided by Hachette Books via NetGalley. While a review is not required, I enjoy leaving reviews for readers and authors alike. I give this book 5 out of 5 tiaras because I gained valuable information and I do plan to purchase multiple copies to share among my family and friends!

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Good advice, a lot of which I already knew but it’s good to be reminded because kicking the sugar habit is extremely difficult.

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I thought this book was informative. It did definitely impact and question my love of sugar and the dangers of it. He also did an excellent job making you think about the ways sugar shows up as an ingredient in everyday products.
I did find the diet plan to be a bit overwhelming. I prefer to take small steps rather than completely overhauling my life completely by banning sugar. I thought this book offered a reminder as to the way in which we are conditioned to think of sugar as an inoccuous ingredient that we take for granted. When in fact it is an enhancement and a trigger that leads to an addiction.
I thought the book was well done and interesting, not dry and dull.
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The first half of this book was pretty successful for me -- convincing me how bad sugar and high carb foods are for my health and how important it is to get off of them. I've been reading a lot of keto books lately and while I was once pretty anti-keto (other than for intractable epilepsy, which is what it was originally designed for), recent books have done a great job of convincing me that healthy keto diets can be very good for us. My husband and I are both doing keto right now, though I'm cooking more along the lines of a Mediterranean keto and focusing on doing it with really healthy foods. We both feel good and are losing weight without counting calories or going hungry.

Here's where it got frustrating for me -- I've already joined the bandwagon of not wanting sugar in my life, avoiding high carb foods, and embracing healthy fats. Now this particular author wants me to throw out foods that are some of the only ones we're eating at the moment and he says I should go for mostly plant-based with things like beans, which other books told me were out for now.

Oi. I kind of want to put all of the nutritional authors in a ring at this point, and then adopt the diet of the one who survives.

Gioffre says you must avoid all dairy and most meats and seafood. He also wants you to do a lot of supplements and things like green juices. I'm all for greens and veggies, but I don't want my meals to be largely based on things in a blender or put through a juicer with "superfoods" added.

I have no doubt that this book will help people get healthy, but it's a harder regimen than many others. It may be better, I don't know, but I'm already on another track and will have to just keep it in mind for now.

I read a digital ARC of this book for review.

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There's a lot of good information in the book about nutrition and how different foods impact the body. I love that the plan is broken down day by day into easy to follow steps. However looking at the plan as a whole is a little intimidating. Although it can be done with meat, ideally it's almost completely vegan. Additionally, adding up the recommended supplements and foods, this could get expensive quickly. It's hard to imagine an eating plan that's so vegetable heavy could be low carb and suggesting a spoonful of coconut oil with a pinch of salt as a snack is a bit much. I do like that the book is realistic in that you may not be able to incorporate all of the practices one hundred percent of the time and pushes an eighty percent goal. I think if you're looking to improve your health, this book will give you a good starting place.

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“The reason that sugar is so hard to quit is it is addicting. In fact, a peer-reviewed study published in the journal PLoS One showed that sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine!” Dr. Daryl Gioffre, Author of Get Off Your Sugar.

"Get Off Your Sugar" is a is a great tool to help you kick your sugar habit. It outlines the addictive nature of sugar as well as the effects on the body. The program is divided into 3 phase: 7 days detox, 21 days of being healthier and 90 days to make the new habits a lifestyle.

Work sheets are added to help you track your journey and recipes are included for easy prep. The author shows you all the things to add to your diet so that you naturally crowd out the many sources of sugar. I like that the language is clear and the author uses examples that are relatable.

I’ve read the book and currently prepping for the detox phase. Thanks to the Publisher and Net Galley for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I got turned off by this book claiming that white rice is better for you than brown rice, even though the book does mention you should have fiber with your sugar. It also mentions gymnema as a possible supplement to crush cravings, but I've tried that supplement (before thinking of recommending it to family members with diabetes) and it did nothing for me. This book doesn't work for me at all but it probably does for someone else out there.

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Solid, step-by-step AND inspirational guide to ditching sugar in your diet.

Let me first give you a little bit of my story: I used to add sugar to every one of my hot drinks, eat everything sweetened - from cereal to sandwiches, and drink sugary "juice" instead of water. Then, I quit altogether, which made me a miserable person..

Now, many years later, I'm still trying my best to be my healthiest self. Books like this are one of my main motivators, so I'm always on the lookout for new publications which will help me achieve my goals.

"Get Off Your Sugar" is a really wonderful tool which explains why sugar is bad and why it's so hard to ditch. The language is accessible, motivating and down to earth, which is really important. Then, the program itself is divided into 3 phases: 7 days of detox, 21 days of becoming healthier and 90 days of 'living after sugar'. While I'm currently on stage two and can't speak for the whole program, I've read the entirety of this book and was excited to share my positive experience.

*Thank you to the Publisher for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Get off your sugar is very informative book about sugar, types of sugar and 3 phases to help you with your sugar addiction. Phase 1 is a 7 days detox program, phase 3 has 7 steps (21 days) with some useful tips and phase 3 is about the next 90 days after the program and then there are some recipes. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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