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The Bookshop of Second Chances

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The Bookshop of Second Chances will have you feeling all the emotions a book should have.  This is Jackie Fraser’s debut novel and I am proud I found a new author. The Scottish setting is an added bonus!
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I loved this quirky book that followed 40 year olds and took place in Scotland. This was a breathe of fresh air and was so different than a lot of the books that I have been reading recently. This book was raw, badass, and was not fluffy in any sense of the word. I loved the strong female lead! I do wish this had some more likable characters tho, very few of them had any redeeming qualities… but honestly that’s real life!
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This book was a predictable book-themed romance that fans of the genre will enjoy. A divorcee visits the house she just inherited, intent on quickly selling and getting on with picking up the pieces of her broken heart. Then she meets a cantankerous bookseller and a lord, and she finds she can't think of a reason to leave. As she is welcomed into the small Scottish town, eventually helping to revitalize the bookshop, she finds herself able to love again. While it doesn't break new ground, this fairly quick read will satisfy fans of the genre.
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3 happily ever after stars for this second chance romance set in Scotland and starring a woman who escapes her old life and two-timing husband for a run down inheritance and a part-time bookstore job.

I liked Thea a lot, and sympathized with her anger and disorientation after discovering that her husband has been cheating with her best friend.  Edward, the grumpy bookstore owner was less appealing to me, and I found myself frustrated with his long running grudge against his family.  

I think this book will be an appealing summer read for fans of contemporary romance.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Love, love, LOVE this book!  Read it in a day and was sad to see it finished. Thea is a forty-something woman whose life has recently fallen in the toilet.  She was down-sized at her job and recently found out her husband has been having a four-year affair with her best friend.  Out of the blue Thea learns that her great Uncle Andrew has left her his lodge house in the wilds of Scotland.  Once she arrives, with best friend Xanthe in tow, and sees the lodge she decides to stay for a while - at least to go through her Uncle's things and make the lodge suitable for sale.  It is in a beautiful location on the outskirts of Baldochrie so Thea makes sure to spend time exploring the area and visiting Scotland's famous castles.     The town is small, but welcoming and Thea soon makes friends and even finds a job at Fortescue's, the local bookstore.  The store is run by Edward Maltravars, estranged brother to Charles, who is the actual Lord of Hollinshaw House, next door to Thea's.  Edward is known about town as a curmudgeon among other less savory things, despite being close to Thea's age.  As she gets to know him she finds they share a good sense of humor as well as a love for all things literary.  Thea's old life then rears its ugly head and she must make some serious choices.  Fans of Jenny Colgan and Sophie Kinsella will adore this book as will anyone who enjoys a great, light read.  Thea's sharp wit and her ability to call it like she sees it make her a fascinating protagonist..  This is Jackie Frasier's first book.  I look forward to reading her next one!  Thanks so much to NetGalley for the chance to read the ARC.
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I have read this book twice now and I have to say it was even better the second time.  I liked it so much that I changed my 4-star to a 5-star review.  I rarely give books a 5-star and never to an author I have never read before.

Obviously, I loved this book.  It is a romance, but more than that it is a description of a woman’s recovery after having life kick her in the teeth.  As the description says, Thea loses her job and her husband (the rat bastard) in a matter of weeks.

What she doesn’t know is that it will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

She inherits a house from a great-uncle that she has only met four times.  She can’t understand why it was left to her instead of a closer family member.  Her uncle explains why in the will.

And this is why I love this book.  It has the best lines in it.  I could have done an entire review of just great lines.  I won’t, but I will include this one.
Uncle Andrew states he left the house to Thea “whom I have only met on four occasions, but who each time was intent on reading rather than talking, which has always been my own preference.”

Since I feel the same way, this really appealed to me.

Anyway, she meets a man who’s a “right arse.”  Everyone says so, even him.  Fortunately, she just finds him amusing.  Of course, she falls for him.  I’m not giving anything away.  It’s a romance after all, right?

There is no great mystery or secrets to be discovered.  This is a book about relationships and is hysterically funny in places.  I did have to Google a few terms because I am from the United States and this book is very British.  I didn’t always get the slang.

I just have to say, “brown sauce” does not sound at all appealing.

I’ve already recommended this book to friends and my local librarian.  It is truly a fun book to read.

This book was sent to me by NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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I really was looking forward to this one as the premise seemed really great and the setting so quaint.  Unfortunately, this one was a miss for me but I appreciate the opportunity to review.

What I liked about this book: The setting in this book is cute. I liked the residents of the Scottish town and the images of Thea’s new home and village. Overall, the premise of the story was intriguing. (And the cover is adorable!)

What didn’t work for me: I struggled with so much in this book. The pace was too slow and the banter was really awkward and didn't flow well.  I also didn’t care for the relationship between Thea and Edward as it honestly seemed toxic. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Ballantine books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I loved so much about The Bookshop of Second Chances. I love that Thea is in her 40s -- it made her so relatable. I loved how she was never bored. And this book had everything I enjoy in romantic fiction -- starting over, a small town in Scotland, a bookshop and inheriting an old house from a relative. My only quibble was that I felt a bit bogged down in the middle. I loved the dialogue and the building up towards a new relationship but maybe that could have been shortened. If you like Katie Fforde, check this one out!
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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC! Unfortunately, I didn’t love this one. As a librarian, I’m a sucker for bookish novels but the characters in this one just fell flat for me. It has some funny moments, and the romance was okay, but overall not the best I’ve read.
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This was sweet, charming and very readable. It felt like a great gentle romcom read. I liked the main characters and their romance, plus the bookshop setting. Will definitely recommend.
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This book was so cute! I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected going in. The setting was especially lovely! This book gave me definite Evvie Drake vibes.  The only issue I had was that the author didn't dive deeply enough into why Thea wasn't desirable which made that aspect a little hard to understanding. I loved Edward as a character and that the book was messy!
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I absolutely adored this book. It caught my attention and emotions from the beginning. 
I loved watching Thea come out of her hurt and pain and learn who she is again.  She was quirky and made friends easily. The way she just told it how it was is always a goal of mine and as I edge closer to 40, I find myself getting there. 
This is a book that made me laugh out loud, cry, and wish I could be in Thea's group of friends. 

The ending seemed abrupt as I want more. I want to continue on Thea, Edward, and even Charles journey. Definitely wouldn't mind a book about Charles. 
This will be a book I recommend for a great summer read.
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This is a super fun read. I really enjoyed this one!

Many thanks to the author, the publisher, and Netgalley for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I really enjoyed this book! 

There is nothing I would love more than to escape to this setting where I'm left a gorgeous historic home in Europe and find a low-ley life (and love) in a second-hand bookstore.

Sign me up!
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Thea Mottram's life is in a tailspin. She's just lost her job, her husband has left her for her friend,  and she somehow agreed to let them keep the house! And on yet another strange note, a distant uncle she hardly knew has left her his home in Scotland with a rather impressive antique book collection. In need of a change of pace Thea goes to Scotland to figure out what to do about her inheritance and is instantly enamored with the cottage, with the community, and maybe even with the local bookshop owner.
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This was such a wonderful story! I was hooked from the beginning and found myself rooting for Thea immediately. I cannot believe this was a debut novel! I can't wait to read what Jackie puts out next.
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I read "The Bookshop of Second Chances" by Jackie Fraser on NetGalley.  It is about a woman in her forties, Thea, who recently found out that her husband had been cheating on her.  She is at a loss with what to do with her life, when she finds out that she inherited a house from her great-uncle.  I really enjoyed reading this and had a hard time putting it down to get anything done!  A great read.
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Thea is a young woman who has just been left by her husband and fired from her job.  When she discovers she's been left a cottage by her bibliophile great-uncle she jumps at the chance to get out of her life for a bit while she figures out what to do with her future.  She quickly falls in love with her new town and most of its inhabitants.  Sweet and perfect when you just want a feel good book.
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A few years ago, I read Shaun Bythell’s The Diary of a Bookseller, and it's impossible not to think of that while reading this book, because Edward, the cranky bookseller from a posh family, seems to be pretty close to Shaun's self depiction. Add on the protagonist Thea who has been left a home (and a lot of used books) by her great-uncle and her own recently ended marriage of 20 years, and you have a slow burn story about two people who slowly rotate around each other. I felt it was overly long, and had to laugh when in the acknowledgments, the author thanks one of her writing group friends for telling her to "get to the point." Still it will be catnip for many readers - small Scottish towns, booksellers, older narrator (mid 40s) etc.
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Alternate titles for this book could have been “Sex Talk Shop of Second Chances” or “Adultery Shop of Second Chances”. This is an average Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance novel. I liked the relative strength of the female character, Theia, but the brothers, Edward and Charles, and even Chris, just came across as sleazy! I wish there was more to the plot. I was fortunate enough to have both an eBook copy and an audio copy. I am awarding a full star for narration/accents/inflection. I do think this is light, fluffy reading, perfect for summer.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing, and Ballantine Books for this advanced eBook copy.
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