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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* Enjoyable read, liked how the stories/characters met together too!
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Always championing female roles in war, Soraya Lane really nails it for me with “The Last Correspondent”! The pulse of this novel beats like that of the human heart because you actually believe you are there alongside Ella, Danni & Chloe.
Being drawn in like this, the connection is beyond moving… almost sings! 
How can you be a female reader and not fall in love with these woman? It resonated with me on so many levels.
I couldn’t help but think of the many strong women in history that give us the rights we have today as women. 
So, in closing this book, I was so grateful for authors like Soraya Lane! Authors that dig deep to do the research to share these stories with us. Stories that help us celebrate these women. 
Because even if the stories are fiction, you know these women existed!
Soraya wrote a book of strong women that sings of pride, gratitude and remembrance! I will never forget this story!!
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I really enjoyed this story by Soraya Lane. I have read a lot of her work, and this definitely stands out as one of her better novels.
Following female war correspondents as they fight to be heard in a world dominated by men, this story takes you alongside a writer and photographer who bend and break the rules to access to get access to the front lines, They are adamant about bringing the raw truth of war to the world, but are hindered by sensorship and their gender. 
I think it's important to point out that this is a FICTION ROMANCE novel, as well as a historical piece. If you're looking for a gritty WWII novel, this probably isn't the one. While there are moments of intensity, they are largely smoothed over to instead showcase the growth and thought process of the character(s). The war is not the focus of the story, the women are.
This is definitely a book I would read again and recommend to a friend. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review.
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Hats off to Soraya Lane for tackling the lousy treatment the female war correspondents received during WWII. I think the author, when she was dealing with this issue, did an admirable job of laying bare the stark inequality the women suffered by their bosses, the military and anyone in power at that time. But if we are going to be truthful that was how it was. Women were allowed to drive ambulances, be nurses, roll bandages, be riveters and assembly line workers as long as they were far back from the front lines and not threatening male authority. 

I think the importance of the story was diminished by the romantic wanderings. The book was stronger when it was true to the notion that the correspondents, whether male or female, loved what they did and made it their life, admitting that nothing else was as important as the next story.

Once again wishing for that half star rating I just can’t round this one up. Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a copy
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The Last Correspondent is everything a true historical; fiction fan wants! Add in a strong female protagonist, and this is a must read!
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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. 

This is a non spoiler review, because you as reader need to read this book. Also, I feel sometimes I have in the past gave away to much of the plot line. This has diminished the pleasure for would be readers

The Last Correspondent by Soraya M. Lane is an excellent historical fiction novel that is based during WWII.
Soraya M. Lane Newest novel is riveting historical fiction that is an emotional and well written book. It focuses on three courageous women whose paths cross in war-ravaged France during the time of the World War II. 
Ella Franks is an American journalist who writes under a male pseudonym.
When her secret is discovered she out of a job. Taking her destiny in her own hands, she heads overseas determined to become a war correspondent.

Danni Bradford, a daring British photojournalist that has clawed  her way up an all male dominated world of war reporting. Soon realizes that what she wants is just out of her grasp. Only male correspondents are allowed to cover the violent events in Normandy. Stopping at nothing she wants to be front and center at one the most horrific and electrifying events. She stops at nothing be apart of the delegation that will soon come to witness the bloody allied force landing on Omaha Beach.

but she soon learns she will be left behind when only male correspondents are allowed to cover the unfolding events in Normandy. She will stop at nothing to be part of the delegation that will witness the landing at Omaha Beach.

 Ella and Danni will meet Chloe, who happens to be the sister of Danni’s partner, Andy 
The women’s three lives will be interwoven and their struggles and friendship is set to the backdrop of the turbulent  World War II. Their paths will cross in the war-torn county of Nazi occupied France. Chloe finds her self caught up in the daring French resistance, her life is in constant danger. 
This historical fiction the author meticulously weaves historical facts with her voice of fiction to create a moving and compassion storyline. The author uses multiple narration of the three main POV’s characters to add a well executed novel. Giving the reader an inside perspective of the gut wrenching elements that make up this fast moving survival story.
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I couldn't be more thrilled to share my thoughts about this historical and more importantly women fiction today more than any other day. #Hertory or #Herstory might be a relatively new term but the women in this narrative were clearly a testament to what it meant. Its a story of the unsung fighters who risked their lives as much as the soldiers to report first hand information from the battle ground right to people's doors overseas. It's an engrossing narrative that takes us back in time to a world so war-torn and chaotic and how these fierce women find their footing in a male driven chauvinistic society.

 This is a story of how the lives of three women come together during the D-Day invasion of world war II. We have two very strong female characters Ella and Danni who are female war correspondents denied from going to the front lines just because of their gender. But guess what? they aren't your average women who could be dictated around into how they need to act but women who will leave no stone unturned until the get what they want. Few incidents are actually inspired from the stories of real life war journalists which adds an interesting touch.  Not only was the plot emotional at times for me but it was an action paced adventure as well.. Also  I love stories that glorify strong female friendships because lets get real there's nothing that a women cant achieve but her power only augments when there is another women having her back. I really enjoyed the character growth of all three women even Chloe though she seemed gullible and impulsive at the beginning.

The first half did move slow but the second half was way better and fast paced. I would have enjoyed a it even more than i already did if the romance aspect was a bit toned downline is definitely an evocative storyteller and her female leads are sure to captivate you. This is a beautiful story of determination, bravery and friendship.

We get to learn so much more from the research done by the author about real life war correspondents and how few incidents in her book were actual fact and how the rest altered to fit her narrative. I especially enjoyed the Author's Afterward in which I was able to learn about real-life war journalists (ex Martha Gellhorn) and have been researching more about her since I finished this novel. I love when I am able to learn something new all the while enjoying an amazing historical fiction novel. The author also clarified what was fact, fiction, and what was slightly altered in order to fit the storyline appropriately. This book of for anyone who enjoys strong women characters and war themed fiction .
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The Last Correspondent is the story of Ella, Danni, and Chloe, three women who find themselves in Normandy France during the D-Day invasion despite being told to stay in England. Ella and Danni snuck over as journalists, and Chloe snuck over for love. But France is dangerous and they need to get out of there if they can. Pooling together their strengths and their connections within the American military, these three women learn to trust each other like their lives depend on it, because they do.
This is a story about feminism. While this is a fictional account, these characters were inspired by real women who fought on the frontlines of sexism in journalism during the 1940s.
I felt like this had a slow start, but I kept going. Something about this book kept me drawn in and I'm glad I stayed through the end.
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I have to say, Lane has a way of writing strong female characters that entrances me like no other author I've encountered. Each one of her books radiates the strength and versatility women in war displayed every day and this one is no different. Focusing on female war correspondents', this story doesn't shy away from the action and brutality of war. Each character was well developed and I thoroughly enjoyed reading their backstories and reasonings for wanting to be sent to the front lines. The way Lane is able to carefully weave these women together without it feeling forced or overplanned is something I commend her for. Everything about this novel was fast-paced, exciting and heartwrenching. Lane has quickly become one of my favourite historical fiction authors and this book further solidified that fact.
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This is a do not disturb novel for me. What I mean by that is that once I began this book, I couldn’t put it down and I needed the time to transport myself back to 1943 and experience everything this book had to offer.  I love historical fiction and this book about three women fighting against the norm to report the war from the front lines and their relationships with each and those they love is just wonderful!
This book is told in 3 separate voices of Ella, a journalist; Danni, a photographer; and Chloe a model who falls for a Resistance fighter. 

During the course this book I took notes and made screen shots of details and quotes I felt were impactful and interesting and I wanted to share. I would run out of comment room so I’ll just share a few. 
A detail that I never really thought about: the fact of the soldiers and war correspondents and how they kept their shoes on so long, their feet would become blistered, raw, and infected.
A quote to share: “I wonder sometimes if there is going to be a family left in England or America that isn’t going to be broken by this war”, Cameron
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The Last Correspondent is told from the perspectives of three females who push gender boundaries in their efforts to be on the frontlines of WWII in order to provide eye-witness accounts for the world to see. American journalist, Ella, rejects the notion that women should solely write about domesticity as she leaps towards an opportunity to become a war correspondent in war-torn France. British photojournalist, Danni, will stop at nothing to show raw accounts of events unfolding in Normandy, even if preserving history means it will cost her her own life. And Chloe, a former Vogue model, refuses to stay home where she is safe, and follows a lover into the French resistance. Each female character fights her own internal battles with the war raging all around, while also fighting for the right to be heard in a male-dominated world. 

I usually judge a book by its character development, plot, and storyline. From the moment I started The Last Correspondent I had a hard time putting it down. The author alternates her chapters between each of the three main characters, and I was impressed with how each character’s background is integrated in a way that does not stray from the main plot. In addition, the chapters are suspenseful and transition well, which is an added bonus considering the female characters come from completely different backgrounds. Ella, Danni, and Chloe all embark on their individual journeys alone, and by the end of the book, all three of them end up having a unique story to tell. Will each of the women find the truths that they seek? Will each of them survive? 

Without giving away too much, the ending of the novel felt unrealistic and a bit cliché to me. I still enjoyed the book and the themes of survival, resistance, and compassion that are interwoven throughout the story. Lane uses her writing to shine light on a historical moment in time, specifically strong female war correspondents during WWII. I especially appreciated the author’s Reader Note, where she highlights her research on female war heroines and explains how they have inspired her novel. This is a must-read historical fiction, especially if you love WWII novels with strong female leads! I will definitely read more books by Soraya M. Lane!

 Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for gifting me the e-ARC version of The Last Correspondent, published November 1, 2020. This review is an unbiased perspective and all opinions are my own.
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i really enjoyed reading this book, the characters were great and I really enjoyed going on this journey. I enjoyed the way the author writes as it really worked well for the story.
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THE LAST CORRESPONDENT by Soraya M. Lane focuses mainly on two women who are determined to break barriers in journalism during WWII. Ella, outed after submitting articles as a man, gets a second chance to with another to cover women’s war issues in Europe. Danni is a photojournalist already in the midst of the war, but still has to fight for her spot every step of the way.  When they are left off the correspondent’s list for approval to cover the landings in Normandy, they both devise a way to get there on their own. When tragedy strikes, they band together to cover the war and fulfill Danni’s promise to her friend to find his sister, Chloe.  Chloe, a former model, disregarded the war and smuggled herself into occupied Paris to reunite with the man she loves, only to discover things aren’t the way they were or imagined. Now, caught up in the French Resistance, she has choices to make.
Told from the alternating viewpoints of all three women, Lane shines a light on the trials of women during WWII in their attempts to break into the male-dominated field and show that women are just as competent. It is a work of fiction, based on actual events, and I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. The horrors of war were not sugar-coated, especially when it came to what Danni and Ella faced daily.
This was an enjoyable story with likeable characters. I liked the glimpse of what these women could have gone through. It is a work of fiction and, as such, I did not expect and in-depth look at exactly what happened. For that, I would look for a biography on Martha Gellhorn or a history of the landings. The horrors Lane brought to life were plenty for me, especially at this time. Danni and Ella were strong women, looking for their place and Chloe’s strength revealed itself as her time progresses. There is romance, but this story is more about the women, their struggle, their strength, and their friendship, and how they are shaped by their experiences. Lane did a skillful at portraying the women and their situations and there were many instances in the novel that I had tears in my eyes. 
Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy of this novel. All opinions are my own and freely given.
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The Last Correspondent is an emotionally riveting story of three courageous young women struggling to be seen as equals in a male dominated world. I've read a lot of WWII fiction and Soraya Lane is a breath of fresh air! Loved it!
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We are used to seeing journalists and reporters risk their lives to share with us the often dangerous and horrific events in our world.

In The Last Correspondent Soraya M. Lane gives us a graphic portrayal of what it was like for women correspondents to do what they so strongly felt called to do. Report what was happening at the front of World War 2.

She has thoroughly researched this time period and the gender discrimination that existed. Only men were deemed strong enough to report the war. It was very difficult for women to get a look in.

In Danni and Ella we meet very gutsy women. Danni a photographer and Ella a writer. They see and deal with life threatening circumstances. Chloe who starts off as a rather young and naive women, eventually becomes an amazing young woman. 

The story is gripping, sometimes shocking. But mainly it delighted me with the strong bonds of friendship and the determination of the characters to seek what felt true to them, whatever the obstacle.
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The Last Correspondent is a well written novel about three strong and brave women caught in the time of devastation, and fighting not only against the third reich, but for their roles as women in the political backdrop of the second World War.

The writing was beautiful and action packed, with lots of things going on that made this read so exciting and fast-paced. The novel was well researched and I loved this feminist historical fiction novel that addressed strong female friendships, the courage to go against the grain, and the determination and fight to pave the way for women’s rights and place in society.
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The Last Correspondent details the story of Ella, Danni, Andy, and Chloe over the course of World War 2. Ella, Danni, and Andy are all correspondents that are working to cover war efforts, and are working to find Chloe (who is Andy's sister and goes missing early in the novel). It was overall an interesting story, with phrases and mannerisms relatively true to the time. I enjoyed the world building that was in part one, and was initially excited to see the three correspondents work together in part two. 

However, part two felt like there was a lot of action packed in a short time frame — a major character died, and some of the romantic plot lines did feel forced. I didn't particularly enjoy how Danni held the mannerism that because she struggled when starting out as a female war correspondent, Ella should too. And, while I was happy to see that the remaining major characters did have a HEA, the ending felt as though because the characters did get a HEA, the trauma they witnessed was somehow diminished. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC!
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"I've been fired. 
Just like that, for being a woman, she'd been fired."


✨37 chapters, 330 pages. 
  Genre: Women Fiction. General Adult Fiction. Historical fiction. 
The ESSENCE of the story is rooted firmly in history. 

It is about STRONG WOMEN, during WW II, shining light on their amazing accomplishments. 

📌The female war correspondents, the photographers & journalists, the ones who fight their battles on the page rather than with bullets..who face adversities to bring the actual reality, on the fore...irrespective of the injustice they face of being a woman & not having a voice.. 
The social issues arising as a result of war..

The Last Correspondent, is based on facts with a dose of fiction. 
The story begins in 1943 & ends in 1945.

It is the story of ELLA FRANKS, a journalist, who writes under a male pseudonym & MICHAEL. 
It is also the story of DANNI BRADFORD, who is determined to cover the events unfolding in Normandy, her colleague & friend ANDY, who always had her back & of ROBERT CAMERON. Danni & Cameron find love in each other as their jobs collide during the war. 
It is also the story of Andy's sister, CHLOE, who jumps right into the stressful scenario looking for her love..but eventually loses him.. She now has a son, from him, whom she named Andy, after her late brother. 
The author has given a READER'S NOTE wherein she has given short biographies of the actual, real life, incredible women like Martha Gellhorn, Marjory Collins.. 

Always a sucker for HEA, I loved this story, inspired from real incidents. 

Fact + Fiction. 

📌What did I learn? 

Be a go-getter. Give it your all. 

Do not rest till you achieve your dreams! 
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The Last Correspondent is a fictional account of the additional obstacles female war correspondents encountered in an attempt to fulfill their dreams to bring the truth of the war to the public. They risked their lives to accomplish these goals. Although this story is fiction, it is based on the experiences of true female war correspondents like war photographer Lee Miller and war journalists Martha Gelhorn, Kathleen Harriman, and Mary Welsh (and many others). 

 This is my first Soraya M. Lane book that I've read, and it was definitely enjoyable. I enjoyed discussing the book with Soraya on The Lake Union Facebook page just last week. 

Thank you #netgalley and Lake Union for the e-ARC in return for my honest review. #5stars
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As in all of the quests for women’s equality, it took brave trailblazers to enable others to follow in their footsteps. In The Last Correspondent, we meet women who paved the way in the profession of war correspondence. In the author’s Reader Note at the end, Soraya M. Lane gives an interesting overview of the real-life pioneers who inspired the characters in the book.

The Last Correspondent begins in 1943 as WWII rages on. Ella Franks is an American journalist who has had to write under a male pseudonym to get published. An opportunity with the Associated Press takes her to Europe to cover the war. American photojournalist Danni Bradford has already made a name for herself covering the war, working with her best friend and work partner Andy. Chloe, Andy’s sister and a high fashion model, foolishly travels from London to Nazi-occupied France to be reunited with Gabriel with whom she had a brief affair with. Both Ella and Danni want to find a way to leave London and cover the impending action in Normandy where women journalists are forbidden. Andy wants to find his sister but has no idea where in France she is.

While the action and storyline as well as the romances provide a simplified and somewhat unrealistic view of the war, I was entertained by the book and enjoyed the determination and bravery of the characters.

Rated 3.75 stars.
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