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It is a great ballet book for children. The author did an amazing job teaching about ballet positions and there are different kinds of ballerinas. so it is great for representation because it is important for children being a character as them.
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First of all, I LOVE the illustration. The watercolor illustrations are beautiful and the soft pastel colors are perfect for the theme of the book. The book is simple yet very informative about ballet and it also has a glossary filled with ballet-related terms. It'd be a great and fun way to introduce ballet to young children.
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Beautiful watercolour illustrations, which fit the ethereal ballet theme. 
Definately inteded for girls with a strong ballet background, since this book is filled with technical terms (which I whoeheartedly support). So if your little girl is already taking classes, you might have found the perfect Christmas gift this year....
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10 Ballet Dancers is an adorable learning to count picture book.

I honestly found this utterly adorable. I remember back in my ballet dancing days (not much, I was a wee one) and remember how much I adored seeing other dancers. A book like this would mean the WORLD to a young dancer. And especially learning to count with one of their favourite skills/sports... Ah, I totally dig this. I can't get enough! The terminology included can also make those young ones feels like professional dancers. I bet they'll even YouTube a few after to learn them.

This is SUCH a great resource! I can even see schools and educators using it as a unique way to teach counting. I love it!

Four out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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This is a good night introduction to ballet terms that kids will learn when they begin ballet. It's also a good book for counting backwards. The illustrations are engaging and appropriate for 4-8 year olds. 
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion and review.
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A count down of ballet dance moves that include all walks of life. The illustrations are warm and inviting so they will capture the attention of their reader. The dance steps are in French so it makes for a lovely count down.

A special thank you to Small Tooth Dog Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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As a momma to a little about to have her first ballet class, I knew this one was a MUST read for me. I did ballet for over 15 years and this book is everything I would have wanted as a child, and I cannot wait to read it over and over with my girl as she learns all these steps! Gorgeous illustration, and the perfect book for a ballerina!
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Both son and daughter enjoyed this book and the pictures! A countdown from 10 is always fun for the littles. I absolutely loved all of the different dancers illustrated in this book, and I very much appreciated the glossary of ballet terms at the end of the book to help me pronounce the words. We read this several times together!
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This is a book for young kids, mostly who are into ballet dancing, and just start to read. A good book to initiate how interesting reading a book is to this generation of electronics amusements.
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10 Ballet Dancers is a fun, rhyme based picture book. It is perfect for any little dancer that loves stories like 5 Little Monkies Jumping on the bed. The ballet terminology and illustrations are both just spot on. If you are looking for a story for your littlest ballerina then this one is for you. I loved how this book features both boy and girl dancers of all different colors. It shows that any one can dance!
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. First time reading this author. This is a children's book.  This is a beautiful book.   Gorgeous graphics. I am not sure what age group this is intended for. It is a counting book, but how many 4 year olds know ballet terms?  (They are in French). They may be difficult to explain and pronounce.  This is probably for a very select market.  Pretty tender specific for girls. I did enjoy it though. Loved the surprise ending!  3.5 stars
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A cute counting book for any littluns interested in dance.
I am certainly going to get it for some of the tiny humans in my life.
There is a glossary in the back to explain any ballet terms you may be unfamiliar with.
Some of the pronunciations are incorrect in the glossary, so I took a star off for that.
Thank you NetGalley & The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group for my DRC.
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The illustrations in this are softly colourful, appealing to parent and child, alike, and this story begins with a class of ten ballet dancers warming up at the barre as this rhyming story begins, their reflections shining in the floor beneath them. The class includes a variety of ages, sizes, boys and girls of a variety of ethnicities, which adds a nice balance.

There is a rhyme and rhythm to this as a dancer exits the page with a demonstration of a ballet movement with an accompanying rhyme reminiscent of Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, making this one a favourite for even the youngest dancer, or want-to-be dancer. Over the course of the story, ten ballet dancers exit the story one at a time, until there are two left, who pique turn away leaving the dance teacher asking where did all her dancers go? There is a ‘surprise’ for her at the end.

Following the story is an illustrated Glossary of Ballet Terms showing the various positions and dance terms, along with a pronunciation guide.

This is a must for young ballerinas and danseurs.

Pub Date: 13 Oct 2020

Many thanks for the ARC provided by The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group
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the illustrations were really good. it's perfect for kids and parents interested in ballet.
it's good to learn nos.
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If you are not familiar with ballet terms it would be difficult to get the rhythm right although the glossary helps with a pronunciation guide.  Lovely images, gender and race balanced with an unexpected ending.  Great introduction to ballet.
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This sweet little book grand jetéd straight into my cold, bitter heart and warmed it up.

Perfect for any littles interested in dance and I loved that the overarching message was one of thinking about and doing for others!

Thank you to Small-Tooth-Dog for gifting me a copy. It was my pleasure to write an honest review!
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This was a more interesting children's book than I first expected. My daughter is still a bit young to fully understand the ballet-specific concepts, but she thoroughly enjoyed counting down as the dancers went away one by one, and the artwork definitely grabbed her.

When I started reading, I struggled almost immediately with the ballet terms since I never took ballet and am only familiar with a few of the more popular moves. I thought to myself, it would be awesome if there were a pronunciation guide/glossary at the back so I can do better than this next time - and there was! I loved that it turned out to be educational on more than one level.
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Lovely take on the familiar counting rhyme. I really appreciated the diversity in the dancers--gender, race,, and also size! Truly wonderful to see a book that looks more like actual people than dolls. The ending was also unexpected and fun, and I appreciated the pronunciation guide at the end.
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This delightfully illustrated picture book showcases diversity whilst teaching ballet terms. The glossary is helpful for those who would like to further understand this terminology. 

Teachers and parents may utilise the story to teach the concept of counting down from ten to one. 

The narrative also has some rhyming words embedded within it, which could be drawn upon if learning about rhyme and poetry. 

This picture book is suitable for lower to middle primary school students.
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The book is very pretty, the backgrounds are light and airy, the ballet dancers are very expressive, and I love it that it's a diverse bunch of people.

The text follows the common counting book pattern in which the crowd starts from ten but keeps thinning as people go away one at a time. It would be difficult to read this book aloud to the kids if you don't know French, unless you keep checking back at the pronunciation guide at the end of the book. If I was editing this book I would have changed some of the punctuation. At one point there is a dangling participle that makes it sound like the teacher stumbled, but according to the illustration the stumbling person was a student.

The Netgalley description of this book promises that it teaches the vocabulary of ballet, and that it "Includes a fun-to-read glossary of terms". Whether it is fun-to-read is debatable but it didn't really teach me that much about ballet terminology as the movements are not really explained anywhere in the book. It is rather hard to illustrate the movements in freeze frame shots, and the glossary is mostly just a translation from the French. This book would make a wonderful cartoon video which would be more educational as you could see the movement.

My rating is three stars for the text and five stars for the illustrator, Kathrine Gutkovskiy!

I read a free copy that I got from Netgalley, and expressed my honest opinion.
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