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A Prison Without Locks

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The description of this book lured me in. I wasn't sure at first if it was about zombies, ghouls or something else. I must say this book did not disappoint! A masterfully crafted tale of horror, it is filled with intrigue and suspense. Every flip of the page pulls you deeper into the mystery unfolding in this quaint little hamlet. 

I enjoyed A Prison Without Locks. It is perfect for those who like horror and suspense. The characters keep you guessing and the setting is absolutely perfect. An enchanting read that makes me want to read more books by David Ruggerio.
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In the Appalachian foothills lies the small town of Wawarsing.  Wawarsing is one of those little villages where everyone know everyone.  Well, they think they know each other anyway.  When the town is finally fortunate enough to have a physician move in and open a practice they can't believe their luck. Dr. Pretorious charms the locals with his silver tongue and slow drawl.    He understands the grief we feel when a loved one dies and he understands that feeling when you'd do anything to have them back again.
A Prison Without Locks was promising.  I loved the setting of the small, close-knit town, quirky town people and the wicked storm.  However, there were so very many town people doing this and that and I was unable to find one character to focus on enough to care about.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just had a hard to "being there" and "knowing" any of these characters.   I found David Ruggerio's previous work, "A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters" to be a better read.#netgalley #APrisonWithoutLocks
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This is the perfect book to get in the mood for Halloween! It was truly a nail biter and I had to plug in a nightlight after finishing. I've read the authors previous horror novel, A Wistful Tale, and which was great as well, can't wait for more titles!
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