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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   

The cover is simple and gets the job done. 

I love Lang Leav's work.   Her poetry is raw and emotional.    

I'll definitely be looking out for other work by this author.
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Eu sou fã dos trabalhos iniciais da Lang Leav - Love & Misadventures e Lullabies, por exemplo - e September Love me passa uma vibe um pouco diferente dos trabalhos anteriores da autora. Gostei de alguns textos mais do que outros, de fato, e essa não se tornou uma das minhas obras favoritas.
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I'll just come out and say it. I'm a bit of a poetry snob, but in a weird way. Some poetry, like Emily Bronte and Sylvia Plath's, is simply beautiful. And then I try to read Wordsworth and it just doesn't click. Coleridge is otherworldly, but I can't connect to Keats. I'm usually hesitant to try out new poetry, but I'm happy to have explored a little with Lang Leav. Thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest 

Various topics are at play in September Love. Love, of course, permeates the pages. Whether it is love found, lost, regained, you will find it in these pages. Similarly Leav addresses her writing process, the passage and cruelties of time, and all the small tragedies and triumphs that make up a life. This wide net means that almost all readers will find something to connect with. Leav aims for a hopeful message, arguing that no matter how often life knocks you down, there is that glimmer of hope. This is a great message, especially considering the year we have all gone through and the year we're facing. There is beauty in the small things and every victory should be celebrated. 

What I like about September Love is how accessible it is. Leav's style is minimalist and direct, which means that her poetry feels like something you could imagine yourself saying or thinking. I also found the combination between poetry and prose refreshing. It meant that for readers like myself there was no way to glaze over, or skip from one poem to the next without really taking any in. And yet, September Love didn't entirely resonate with me. Although this is possibly trite, Leav reminds me very much of Rupi Kaur, who I absolutely adored when milk and honey first came out in 2014. I was 19 going on 20 and the deeply personal nature of this type of poetry went some way to soothe that hurt and insecurity unique to new adults. Now that, alas, I am a bit older I find it doesn't quite hit the spot in the same way. This could be down to my own, acknowledged, poetry snobbishness, or perhaps this poetry mainly works when you really are in the midst of working these things out. However, for anyone looking for that reminder to look up and look in, September Love can be valuable.

Although Leav's writing didn't entirely work for me, I can see the great good a collection like September Love can be capable of. Anything that nudges you towards hope, understanding and, who knows, happiness, is a good thing in my book.
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Lang Leav does it again. Her newest collection of poetry is so heartbreaking and beautiful it will bring tears to your eyes. I highly recommend reading these poems aloud - it just feels different and might make your heart skip a beat.
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"They accuse me of never putting myself on a page, that I distance myself from my poetry like an old lover I have lived to regret. They say I'm dishonest, inauthentic, that I don't know heartbreak the way I write it. But there are other ways to tell my secrets, and I have many. Like apple seeds buried deep in my bones. Cinnamon and cyanide. Blood pacts and promises. There are so many versions of me splashed onto a page, like a carnival of mirrors. I wanted you to know my poetry, but I never meant for you to know me.
- My poetry"

Thank you NetGalley & Andrews McMeel for providing me with a temporary e-arc.

September Love is a poetry collection by the international bestselling author Lang Leav exploring love, relationships, heartbreak, self-empowerment: breaking the rules, challenging perceptions, and exploring the secret desires we keep hidden from the world.

I have read Lang Leav poetry at every corner I turn on social media and I have loved the one's that I came across. Even if I never explored her works, I have always wanted to. And when I saw September Love on NetGalley, I was quick to think that this could be something that I can start with. But sadly, it wasn't quite what it made out to be.

When I began reading the raw stirring foreword by Lili Reinhart, I was thinking how this may just turn out to be the read I was waiting for but as I read my way through the poems, something felt bland. Something felt missing. And as I read on, I saw how the words just felt like words. They lacked a certain elegance that I have observed in Leav's work. Only a few of the poems were the way that I always saw them be and for that, this collection proved to be worth it. It is surely not something I will go back to, considering it has been months since I read the collection and I remember nothing about the book except for a thought I had while I was reading the collection: how true are the poems relating to poets and writing poetry. Apart from that, it is the foreword. As I am aware of the fact that Lili recently published a poetry collection, I am more interested in checking that out now.

This was not for me but I hope that this may be just the one you are looking for. I will be checking out other works by Lang Leav but not any time soon. I am fine with the daily dose I get on social media.

Rating: 2.25/5
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Lang Leav has the most beautiful way with the most simple of text. Few words turn to big emotions, and this collection is another masterpiece she should be proud of
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September Love by Lang Leav is a deep and emotive prose and poetry collection that seized my heart and refused to let it go.
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Enjoyed this book, it was very evocative and full of feeling. I recommend it if you're into sentimental writing.
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Poetry can be hit or a miss and a collection with themes like grief, love, relationships, loneliness, the boundaries can get limited. With September Love, that's what happens. Though thematically the poems are expected to be similar, the emotions they evoke are wet and sometimes non-existent. Its unfortunate because Leav's earlier collections have been gorgeous but this one seems to be missing few standouts.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

"I learned that when you confront your fear, it will no longer have power over you. and when you are no longer afraid, the possibilities are endless."

Lang Leav brings us another emotional collection of poems, full of heartbreaking verses, and moving messages. I have been reading her books for some years and the way she gets to the reader is amazing. Unfortunately, I had some issues with this book. Some poems didn't fit the collection and felt underdeveloped, almost like drafts. However, even as I think this isn't Leav's best work, she did an excellent job with some poems in here and managed to touch me with a few words. Overall, I enjoyed this volume but wasn't my favorite from the author. Still, I am very glad I got to read a work of hers after a few years.
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I almost always don't know what to say when it comes to Leav's poetry, because there are some that I genuinely love, and some that are so overdone and overwrought, it leaves a distasteful memory on my tongue, and acts more to ruin the feelings that the ones before it had invoked.

There are some poems in this book that I found myself going back for, but rest of the pages filling this book was filled with filler mediocre nonsense that I wished were not added for the sake of increasing the page count.

What else is left to say?
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Another book by Lang Leav! When I was in university, I loved her every collection of poems. Unfortunately, this one, I did not love so much. The themes are a bit vague and repetitive, but I enjoyed the general messages. One thing I didn't enjoy personally are the poems that sound more like a one-liner advice than poetry. 
That being said, I'll continue to read her works in the future!
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This is the second poetry collection I've read from Lang Leav, and I very much enjoyed it. I actually underlined a lot of poems and quotes with which I felt identified and will probably visit in the future.

Great discovery. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me read this before publication date.
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I enjoyed this collection of poetry, although I don't think it fits the demographic of my library. I'll be recommending it to specific students who may enjoy it.
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Leav continues to be a frenemy of mine. I go from absolutely loving her books or thinking they are just subpar. This didn’t stand out whatsoever. It didn’t seem to have any overall themes, it just felt like it bounced all over the place but didn’t really say much in the process. I’ve talked before about the flow of poetry and this one had me bored and just waiting for it to end. I know that I wouldn’t reread this and will probably forget I even read it. I will continue to read her works in the future though because like I said, I run hot and cold with her work. But this didn’t NOT feel like a Lang leav book if that makes sense? It still felt like her writing style but I just didn’t feel like much was said I guess.
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Lang Leav does not disappoint with her new book. Her words seem to come natural but, at the same time, are filled with such emotion that can only happen when someone works hard on what they do. And a poet not only understands words, but understands human emotions, their own emotions. And it is not easy to face one's feelings. But the author does it beautifully and across a variety of subjects, all intertwined by love. I didn't connect with every poem or text, but that is just because the human experience is unique to each person. But the poems that I connected with, those are saved in my heart and in my mind for the days I need words of understanding and hope.
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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Once again. Lang Leav made me fall in love with poetry all over again. Everytime she releases a new collection, I swear it's an auto read for me. It just amazes me how her mind works. How her words are like therapy and how they also hold power. You know modern poetry wouldn't be the same if not for her, so please pick this book up.
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I have read all of Lang’s books. I believe some of her best work is in this collection. 

What I thought was lacking in the book was a through line. The title of the book suggests that the book is about someone’s lover, but the book has poems about writing (which I loved!) but seemed kind of out of place with the talk of love and self-love.

I enjoyed reading this book and if you like Instagram poetry (think Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace) then I think you will enjoy this book too.
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Each time i read Lang Leave's work i'm astounded by the emotional impact achieved with just a few words. Each book is wonderful and i always treasure the experience of reading it for the first time. So beautiful.
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I’m not sure if I could have enjoyed this collection any more than I did. Lang Leav is brilliant - the atmosphere in entries like “Being an Artist” the comparisons used like in “The Path of a Writer”, the importance of the words like in “A Woman”, the shifting between heartbreak and hope...was just all so utterly beautiful. I’m so glad I received this ARC, and I look forward to purchasing it for my collection.
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