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Here we are, searching for things we want but don’t yet know the depths of. In this collection of poetry, there’s an overwhelming yearning: the feeling of being isolated but reaching your hands out, grasping, into the dark - toward a sliver of light. Rife with words caught in an undercurrent of sadness, it feels like a love letter to the wrong timing that ends up being right. I read this as a reflection of the wisdom of looking back with awe and regret. It’s both fleeting (as the title suggests, a time limit: something seasonal) and steady at the same time: curled together inside for the upcoming hibernation. That dichotomy between being kept and being free. And, while it’s about love, it’s more than about love: it’s a love letter to the moments in life you realize you need to learn to know and love yourself. There’s a glimmer of hope, but it’s been hurt - and don’t worry, it’s stronger for it. Some wise thoughts on how to bravely be a woman in this heartbreaker of a world: words, my heart agrees, were just what I needed right now.
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September Love is definitely one of Leav's more strong collections. I found I was not bored while reading and was eager to continue, where as in some of her earlier works, I was getting tired of reading repetitive flowery prose. This collection focuses mostly on self-love and reflection of the self, as well as finding ways to heal after loss of love or connections. 

Fans of Leav's early work will find this is much more evocative and raw than her older poetry.
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I received an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Lang Leav is one of my all time favourite poets and so naturally I just had to have this book in my hands. 

Another beautiful edition to her collection of books, I was not disappointed by this one. It is just gorgeous, every part of it. She has a great knack of making her books enticing and the reader wanting to keep turning pages. Each poem is unique however fits together in the collection of the book perfectly.
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I love how honest the poet is with how she thinks and feels. I really enjoyed reading this, I gave it a three out of five stars.I want to read more of her other books of poems.
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Leave's novels are always very appealing and easy to read. As always I found the book plot wise very appealing at the same time the writing style was least impressive.

The book holds no merits other than the enjoying notion which makes it totally questionable of the worth. Anyways I overall loved the experience and strongly recommend it if you are looking for a fun cosy September escape
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[ thank you netgalley for providing me this arc ]

I wish I could sum up this required review with a crying meme but I can’t. I don’t even have a costructive review— just buy it, read it because Leav is always amazing and her words are subtle destructive and comforting at the same times. 
  F*ck it, leave me alone I’m going to cry for unknown reasons in my bathtub.
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If you have read Lang Leav's previous works and enjoyed them, then this book will definitely not disappoint!

The book titled "September Love" is a continuation of Lang Leav's signature poetry and prose delving into the subject matters of Love, Life, Age, Being a Woman and more. Through every poem you find a piece of yourself and sometimes more than one piece in one poem. 

The first few poems are a little slow going to be honest, but as you read you find the pace and the poems building up to end in a crescendo of magical musical writing. 

I especially loved her poems After Thirty, To Past Generations, Taking Time and Self Control. There are more but these four really stuck with me. 

If you haven't already gotten this book, it is out now and I recommend if you love her poetry to do so! 

Thank you Net Galley for the ARC.
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Lang Leav's poetry book September Love had a lyrical sort of writing about moments from everyday life. It felt like this book was, in a way, the author's love letter to life in that it covered the good but also the bad. Her poetry covered various subjects like romantic love, self-love, but also expanded to include topics on being a creator and writing poetry. 

I feel like with some poetry books, it's easy to go through, read it in one sitting, and have it adorn your bookshelves after. Leav's book did not feel that way — it was something that stayed with me as I read and moved from poem to poem. They all felt interconnected in some intangible way, which added to the dreamy way this book was written. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC!
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Beautiful, i really do adore Lang Leav’s poetry!!! Althought the heartbreaking poems I cannot relate too, I do connect really well with these poems. Really beautiful and easy to read!
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I always love Lang leav’s poetry. However this one was not her best. Honestly? I kind of feel like this was her worst in my point of view? The other collections all seemed very frank and legitimate to me but these read like she was just going in the motions of writing.
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I have always enjoyed reading Lang Leav's poetry. Though I can not relate to most of them because they are usually about love. She does have some poems that resonate with me. Another great collection. Looking forward to the next one!
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As an early lover of Lang Leav's bold and lyrical poetry style in her titles like Love & Misfortunes I'm disappointed to find those traits that I loved so much are lacking in this new book.

There wasn't any constancy to topics through the pages or a clear directive to themes. Each page adding to the jumbling nature of this collection and subsequently this year, which may in fact be the point?

A few read more like Leav just thinking out loud to her bedroom ceiling and later scraping together whatever else was leftover from previous works that she once rejected for later use. (Later being now with this book).

The poems themselves I found to be a total toss up a mix of being just okay to all together forgettable. Before, even if I didn't fully relate to a poem Leav's written I could still admire how beautifully it was put on paper. But at the end of this I felt no real connection or amour with it. Which makes me question if this was just a fluke or if I should start being wary of future releases too.
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Lang Leav just has one of the most beautiful writing styles and she also wrote one of my favorite poems ever and therefore I was really excited for her newest poetry collection. ‘September Love’ is just a love letter to poetry and you truly feel that her poetry comes from the heart and touches you as the reader. 
The poems are emotional and slightly feminist and that is exactly how I like it. Emotions such as love, grief, forgiveness and heartbreak as well as experiences are addressed and they are also reflected on and I really liked that. Furthermore, some poems are also about poetry itself and how those affect a reader and also generally from a writer’s perspective. The poem September Love was originally published in Sea of Strangers and I’m so happy that this poetry collection arose from it and I really liked it. My favorite poems in this one were A Life Unlived, Locked Boxes, Crystal Ball, Among the Stars and Facade.
Overall, this is a wonderful poetry collection and I can definitely recommend it. 4,5 stars.

(ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.)
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I have fallen in love with Lang Leav's words ever since I first came across her work a while back. This book was no different.

I found myself relating to quite a few poems and it made me feel less lonely, especially during a time like this, with everything going on in the world.

“September Love” was a well-written poetry book that had a way of making me feel seen and understood. It is a poetry book I would recommend to everyone.
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I love Lang's poetry so much, it just hits you right in the heart. Her words are truly beautiful and always make me think and feel love. So grateful to have good poetry in times like these. Thank you to Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the ARC.
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I have heard of Lang Leav's writings for a long time, some years ago I was intrigued by her books because of their pretty covers but didn't try them, and this is my first read for her.

It's a mix of prose with poetry, and I loved the prose more than the poetry, there were some repetitions in the writings, and the main theme is love, whether it was sad and depressing or happy and fulfilled. I got some quotes out of it that really stuck with me, but I think more variety in the themes and topics would've done this collection some good. Also I didn't understand some of the poems, as they felt more like random thoughts? 

But, that cover is so beautiful!
I thank Netgalley for the digital ARC.
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This was a painstakingly beautiful read. I was enraptured by every word. While I am not usually a poetry lover, I loved this read. Leav eloquently captured universal feelings. Her use of descriptive imagery and figurative language is divine. I highly recommend this book whether or not you usually gravitate toward poetry. In my eyes, these poems are for everybody—poetry lovers and haters alike. I recommend this book to everyone, truly. If you enjoy quick and thought provoking reads filled with heart, you will love this book.  I will undoubtedly be reading everything Lang Leav writes from this point forward
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No matter how many times I read/review a poetry collection I still find it a difficult task. Having read all of Lang Leav's poetry collections Love remains a constant theme that runs throughout her writing. 

This time around September Love feels, like the changing of the seasons, somewhat transitory. Dealing a lot with the movement of time. There's a feeling of contentment arising from a love that's either long gone (and finally coming to terms with the loss) or one that's long-lasting (and finding peace with someone you know so well). 

Beyond the themes of partner love. I felt like there was also self-love. Being, again, content with who you are and who you're growing into from season to season. 

I feel like this collection is a bit more soft-spoken, if that makes sense, than her previous releases. The poems are almost, I feel, meant to be savored not rushed through, but ruminated upon. I found myself only maybe reading through a couple of the poems in the collection at a time, putting the book aside, and later coming back instead of taking everything in at once, and I think that's pretty apt for how this book of poems flows. 

I like that this collection pairs perfectly with the feeling of hunkering down in a cozy blanket as the weather outside cools. Holding onto these poems and keeping those that you love close.
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I've been a big fan of Lang for a few years, and September Love is a continuation of her amazing use of words. I can read in this book the change in her surrounding and experiences. She could never disappoint.
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I really loved this collection. It was the perfect combination of melancholy and soft. It had poems that made me reminisce in a way that made me feel validated- it’s okay to miss those that left, you loved them once. It was beautifully put together and I never tire of Lang’s metaphors. Her soft spoken poetry always leaves me part heartbroken and part put back together. A wonderful new addition to Lang’s expanding poetry collection.
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