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I mostly enjoyed this book, BUT i felt in some places there was a lot of unnecessary fluff and in other places I thought it was very vague and wanted more expansion on certain points. For example, I don't know why the exact same snippet - word for word - about celebrating at the end of every single chapter including the list of ways the author celebrates. All that info in there once would have been plenty.

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC.
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I enjoyed reading Plot A Course by Marchesa Schroeder. I liked the author's writing style, and I believe this book will be one I refer to often.

I like having visuals when reading self-help books. I wish there were more, though, but the book had good examples to solidify the information. Even though some of the concepts were simple, it was good to read information and remind myself that it's okay to take time off and relax and regroup when needed.

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Many of the recommendations of this book are useful, practical and genuinely helpful. It rings true about the importance of having a plan and of not being too harsh on ourselves when that plan goes awry.
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I enjoyed this book, really gave me food for thought. I think this is another book that I will keep coming back to as I found it really useful. 

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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“You have two choices in life: To lead your life or let life’s circumstances lead you.”
-Marchesa Schroeder

The opening quote set the tone for this eight-step goal attainment playbook.  Marchesa presents seven commandments for her program.

Each chapter is written in a conversational style and has thought-provoking questions.  Moreover, the “essential points” for each step accurately capture the highlights, which is critical for those speed readers who are looking for  a unique and actionable self-help book.

Highly recommended to anyone who currently feels stuck and desires to work their way out.
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If you feel stuck-- paralyzed by indecision, unorganized about your life plan, or just sense that something's missing-- this book is for you.

The Plot-A-Course method helps you clarify the things you'd like to accomplish, and then break down how you can actually achieve them. The book is full of insightful strategies, stories, and exercises that help with both staying positive and staying accountable. On top of it all, Marchesa's writing style is full of humor and personality; this makes the book incredibly fun to read and hard to put down!

I gained so much from this book, and I know I'll be re
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