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Forever in My Veins

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What an amazing read! I didn’t really know what to expect from this book, and I had no clue about Lionel Friedberg’s life before this. I’m so happy I read this book! His life and awesome documentary work are fascinating, but I absolutely loved his stories and reflections about South Africa.

I am fascinated about Southern Africa, it’s people, history, and wildlife, and so is Lionel. He tells so many great, and mostly heartbreaking stories, but they are very important so that we can understand what has happened in the past, and what is going on now. The book feels very honest, and I’m sure it was not easy to write emotionally.

You can see that he knows what he is talking about, the dark past of South Africa, and I believe living abroad for years really makes you see it. If you’re living within the system you must shield yourself from seeing it all in its full brutality.

I am a vegan as well, and I loved reading about Lionel’s love and compassion for wildlife. I believe we would have so much fun if we would meet. I could endlessly listen to his experiences and stories. His health problems have only made him stronger as he has connected with the earth in a wholesome way. Such a fascinating read! Highly recommended!
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So many stories to tell!  An amazing account of the Author’s upbringing in Africa, the introduction and abandonment of Apartheid and his constant desire to return to his homeland even after he emigrated to the U.S.A.

He grew up in Africa when slavery was prevalent and the whites thought they were the superior race.  An only child, lacking friends his own age, he would often visit the homes of the slaves and discover for himself the disparity between the blacks and whites.   

As a child his parents took him to see many drive in movies and shows at the cinema and he became so fascinated with the movie industry he started making 8mm movies at the age of 11.  His delight in film making led him to a life long career producing motion pictures.  His love and experience in Africa provided him with many opportunities to film there in so many regions and various situations.   His stories keep you turning page after page, unforgettable adventures that involve so many mysteries of the African culture.  A must read.
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The ancestors are part of our lives. Today even. I have heard that before but didnt understand the importance that many people place on how we treat those who have passed on. Those we loved and loved us. I found this book to be so very fascinating because I love reading about tribal peoples and their unbroken customs. Africa has many groups that have survived the colonial period of apparteid and its horrors. Mr Freidberg starts his story off with an accurate portrayal of life for those who lived in the heart of Tribal lands. when he became ill his doctors asked him about what could have been the cause of his sickness. THen it came to him. it had been predicted to him before when he lived in Africa that this would happe, From that point on this tremendous story tells the tale of going back to Africa and making peace with what he needed to do to become well again. Interesting and revealing stories of the healers and Sangomas he encountered add to this remarkable journey. I felt like I was there as he tells about his youth and the many people he loved that have passed on. I enjoyed and learned a lot from this story.
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