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While I couldn't put this book down, there were so many times I was frustrated with how the characters acted. That aside, I enjoyed the basic story and hope to read more in this series.
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I'm torn about this book. I liked Annie and Michael's relationship, they understand each other since they've both been through abusive parents and loss. They want to escape their lives and find somewhere to live peacefully with their brothers. I was rooting for them to get together and get out, run away from their pursuers. On the other hand, it was difficult watching Annie be beaten and mistreated and some things weren't explained well.

Michael lost his mother and grandfather and is separated from his four brothers. He's now on the run from a drug dealer whose money and car he stole. He lucks out when he finds Annie at a small town diner and she helps him get patched up and gives him a place to stay. Annie lost her mom, is abused by her stepfather, and is trying to get her ten year old brother out of town. Between the two characters, they have a ton of baggage. It was actually a bit too much for me and I would have liked more happy scenes.

We didn't ever find out why Michael was separated from his oldest brother Cooper or how Annie was allowed to just take her brother. The events surrounding Michael's grandfather's death are a bit unclear as well. I think some of these things will be explained in the following Barrett books, I just wanted more clarification now.

This is a quick read with plenty of drama and fighting. Be prepared for a dark book, but there is a happy ever after (for now) at the end.
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A big thank you to the author & Netgalley for providing me this E-arc. 

I was very excited for "The Runaway" as the cover looks just amazing and the blurb did just really sound like something I would enjoy! The book was super easy to get into and I was instantly sympathizing with the protagonist Annie, because she was just a ray of sunshine and I absolutley adored her work ethic, her way of thinking and her constantly trying to find something positive in her horrible life. I also really enjoyed Jordan Fords writing style from the beginning as it was super picturesque and I could imagine the setting very well through her words. It just seemed like as if I was sitting in the diner myself Annie, the protagonist, was working in, because I could just imagine it so well. Michael was also a very likeable character and it was just so cute to see how much he cared for Annie, although I didn't quite like it that they instantly fell in love with each other, without even really knowing each other. That just felt a bit too unrealistic to me and too much like a very stereotype kind of Netflix teen movie. The plot was at times also a bit unrealistic and too much for me, but I still enjoyed following Annies and Michaels story and I liked that it was never boring. The cliffhanger at the end of the book was a really intriguing one and now I can't wait to read part 2 one day and learn about the other Barret boys. 
I can recommend the book to everyone who is searching for a young adult book with important topics, a very flowy, amazing writing style and a book that overall just feels like a super cute teen Netflix movie.
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The Runaway is the first book in a new series, It certainly gets the series off to a strong start with a plot you get swept away in and characters that you connect with a multitude of different reasons. 
While not a read you will remember forever, The Runaway is that type of book when you have a bit of time for yourself and want to lose yourself in a book.
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I was but at all ready for how dark this book was, I was expecting this to be more of a contemporary romance with light undertones of complications but to my surprise the book started off with a very strong start and quite a lot of violence that really caught be by surprise. I was invested in both characters and how they were trying to escape different complex situations. 

I’m looking forward to reading some more book by the author
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Thanks to Jordan Ford and Netgalley for proving a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

((He’s on the hunt for a fresh start. She’s trapped in a nightmare she can’t escape. Can love help them make a break for freedom?))

This book had me intrigued and knowing there's another book to come, I cannot wait.  The struggle these two go through and need to escape, run away, like the name,  the characters were amazing and the plot line was so perfect and the ending keeps you hanging, cannot wait for the next book. 

My first read by this author and I really enjoyed it.
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3.5 stars
 Lovely romance story between two young adults that haven't had it easy in their life. 
One of them is on the run and on the way of redemption and the other is trying to make a better life for her and her brother.
 There are a lot of feelings and emotions here, many suspenseful moments and some heartbreaking ones as well. Decisions to take and willingness to follow those dreams. 
I am hesitant in how to rate this book because it has a few repetitions that weren't missed and it felt a bit too rushed in places.
Everything adds up for a love story that has happily ever after for now and there's so much more to see in the next books.
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Heavy book. It deals with quite a few difficult topics. They are handled well for the most part, but I think the resolution was very sudden. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t say details, but there are clear moments like “that’s too easy” toward the end. Yes, they make sense and most people will be thrilled. I guess I’m just a cruel reader that wants them to suffer just a tiny bit more.

The writing was really good and the pacing was really perfect. While there were ‘slow’ bits, there was tension on every page that push you to read ‘just one more chapter’.

I am really excited to see that this is book 1 of what I am guessing to be a five book series, but that’s not confirmed. (Although it is definitely set up to be perfect for 5 books).

If you’re up for a slow-burn save each other type of story, you should definitely grab this!
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This was an interesting read and an intriguing start to this series. Michael and Annie, I felt truly made this book. They are complex and complicated characters that inspire strong emotions in the reader and have you wishing and hoping for better things for them. The book and storyline have a lot going on. Besides the romance brewing between the main characters, there is also major baggage and drama to be dealt with from each of their individual histories and lots of groundwork too be laid for the series. I personally struggled a bit to get into this book at first but once things hit their stride my focus was kept and I was very engaged with it all. So all together a very good read that I found enjoyable and left me looking forward to book two.
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This was my first book from this author and it won't be the last. I liked her writing style. I really enjoyed this book and it was easy to like both main characters. They didn't have easy life but they did their best. Also I liked Annie's friend Franks. I'm glad that Annie had her and her mom in her life. Michael didn't plan to stay Annie's town but plans often change. I liked how Annie wanted to help Michael when others were againts of it. I liked how Michael and Annie were together because they were so good for each other. Can't wait to read next book.
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This was such an awesome story! It’s my first book by the author and I feel like I need to read more of her books sooner rather than later. I was hooked right from the start and it kept getting more interesting from there. It’s a quick read full of romance, action and some intense moments. I would highly recommend this book.

The Runaway is the first book in the Barrett Boys series.

I voluntarily received and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

Final Rating: 5 Stars
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I am so HAPPY I read this book. I absolutely loved it. I could not get Michael and Annie out of my heads. I read this entire book in one day. Every time I had to stop I keep thinking about the until I could pick it back up again. Michael and Annie have a story that keeps you on your toes. I was so emotionally invested from the first page. These two had my all up in my feels.  This book is so powerful. It took us on a journey. It is full of blushing moments, as well as scary moments and moments filled with fight and drive. It was incredible. Annie and Michael are just so unique and so special. They are so alike in ways they don't even realize at first. The connection between them is real and deep. I love their love so much. It was cute while being so intense. I don't want to give anything away so just know this book is powerful. It is dark while also being cute.  With characters that I would die for. I loved this book so much! It is my first 5 star read in a while!! I love Michael, Annie and her little brother Jackson so much.  I need everyone to read this book asap. Get caught up in all the feels with me. I will never be over this book!!
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I didn't think I was going to like this book at first, but it really surprised me.  It surprised me to the point of where I can't wait to find out what happens next. When will the other brothers finally come home?

It was a rough start because I really didn't know what I was getting into but then this story started to develop into something more. I started to root for the characters to bring some light into their dark worlds. Michael and Annie have been through a lot but together they can help each other get through everything and onto the right path. 

I have always enjoyed books that let you experience a story through two points of views. I really enjoyed hearing what they were both going through and feeling separately and together. You could feel the need for one another grow. It wasn't an instant love but it was an instant connection. There were a lot of things they were going through such as abuse, secrets, running from bad people, and most importantly their situations about their families. My heart felt for Annie and the people around her, the acceptance I wish she had.

I really can't wait to hear more about the Barrett boys. We got snippets through Michael but I feel like there is so much more to be explored. But with Michael you saw how he somehow got mixed in with the wrong crowd but he knew better and eventually got out of it. Maybe not the smartest way but he took that chance.

Annie on the other hand was dealing with a lot of family and abuse, whether it was from her stepfather or the town itself. It was hard for her but she truly was a strong person who did everything she could to save up and get out of dodge all while trying to keep her brother safe.

It was interesting reading through their struggles and even though there was a light at the end of the tunnel it was how they got there that will stay with them forever. I almost felt like I was watching a movie in my mind reading through this and it was quite the adventure.

This was a great read and start to a series that will keep me intrigued.
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***3.5 Stars***

I have to be honest and say that it was the cover that lured me in and after reading the blurb and doing a bit research on the author, since she is a new to me author, and stumbling upon the novella, I Dare You, and enjoying it, I decided to give this baby a go. And while this book didn’t fully hook me at the beginning and took me a bit to get into, but in the end, I can honestly say that I enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing where this series takes us.

I loved Annie. She is vibrant, sassy and determined. She’s been through more than anyone her age should, and though life hasn’t been kind, she still has hope and the belief that she can make her life better for herself and her brother. Michael has had it rough, whether by outside forces, or his own choices and it’s hardened him on the outside, but on the inside he’s a jumble of emotions and when the walls he’s had to erect around him, they come out to play. 

Their journey was a weird blend of insta and slow burn, which I didn’t hate because it meant that they had time to become friends, but it did drag for me at times. With that said, I really liked how they collided ~ definitely not your typical meet cute ~ and just how they found that the pull they had towards each other was more than they expected.

Even though it took me a bit to get into this book, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it in the end. There is a lot going on, not only with the characters, but getting things set up for the rest of the series, which I am totally here for. As for the secondary cast of characters, I loved Franks, Billy and Jackson. They were the light in a book that it is pretty grey. And as for that epilogue, what a way to have me making grabby hands at the next book!

~ Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley & voluntarily reviewed ~
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The Runaway is a story told in two point of views: Michael’s and Annie’s. Reading events fall apart and back into place in their povs was definitely an exciting experience—having read their individual thoughts on the same events. Both have had their shortcomings in certain parts but they make up for it in the end. It was hard liking them at first with all the stereotypes and love at first sight kinds of stuff but certain chapters explained these further. Annie was pitiful most of the time and at times got on my nerves but the moment her character arc happened; I couldn’t help but root for her. Michael, on the other hand, I liked him. Beginning to end. Annie and Michael’s dynamics are great. They contrasted each other but in a good way. 

I liked the pacing; it was just right for me. The delivery of the story is good, kept me hooked for most parts. The ending, on the other hand, no words other than what the fuck.
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A heart-wrenching story!

Michael wants out of the mob, so on a whim he steals a bag of money and runs. But he is shot before he gets away. He's headed towards his family's ranch in Montana, not knowing what he might find when he gets there. He only gets a few hours away before he realizes he needs food and to stop the bleeding, so he pulls into a small-town diner. Annie's mother died and now she feels responsible for her little brother, because her step dad is abusive and threatens to harm him to keep Annie in his grasp. When the handsome stranger faints right in front of Annie, she just feels, in her gut, that she has to help him and keep it secret. Michael and Annie are two people who have been broken by their own family and this bond between them cannot be broken.

My heart just broke for Michael and Annie and how they spent their childhoods. They had to fight to survive. I loved the way Michael just took Annie's little brother under his wing. Annie's step father was a piece of crap ... who treats their family like that? And what happens at the end of book just makes me want to read what happens next. A great start to this series about five brothers.

I received an early copy courtesy of Forever Love Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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*recieved a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

This book! This book follows Michael who is is running from some bad people and takes refuge inside a little town called Buckland Springs where he meets Annie who has lived in Buckland all her life and the town hasn't treated her great ever since her mom announced she was pregnant with Annie in high school by the golden boy of the town. Annie is trying to save up money to get her and her younger brother Jackson out of the town but when she meets Michael she starts to have second thoughts. 

This book I really enjoyed and gave it 5 stars because it felt real. It was very fast pace of a read and I stayed up till 1 am to finish it because I just needed to know how it ended and that ending was wow! Also I liked the fact that unlike other books I would potentially compare this to in terms of genre and themes this book didn't have any sex scenes which I really appreciated but also got the vibe that if the author had included any they would be sweet and non graphic just based off Jordan Ford's writing style. There is some cussing/cus words here and there but they are spread out and also felt natural when they were used compared to placing them in just because. I'm excited to read the next book following the Barrett Boys and check out some more of Jordan's books as well!
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Rating 4.5

I really enjoyed reading "The Runaway" by Jordan Ford because the romance felt real. Annie and Michael's love for one another grew over time and developed through talking. They were two damaged souls who both shared a hidden past and wanted a bright future. I would not say this book had insta-love because the reasons behind why Annie and Michael fell so hard for one another so fast made sense. When they were together they finally felt understood and were no longer alone. Annie had nothing of her own so when Michael walks into the diner and grabs her attention of course she doesn't want him to leave. One thing I really liked about their relationship was how their love was shown and it wasn't just the author telling us. For example, I could feel how Annie felt and I could see why Michael adored Annie and would give up everything for her. All of the characters in the book were written well and had their own personalities/depth. I liked that Annie's character could easily be relatable to people who are struggling to take care of their siblings. Dean's character was hate-able but also realistic. Unfortunately, there are evil stepparents in the world who take advantage of their stepchildren once that biological parent dies. Overall, this was a good romance story with a little bit of suspense thrown in. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series! 

Should you read "The Runaway"?
Yes! This book has such a cute romance, like-able characters, and an interesting plot. It will make you want to find out what happens to Annie and Michael and if they are able to have a future together or if they have to part ways. 

**Received an advanced copy through NetGalley in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **
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Thanks to Forever Love Publishing and Netgalley for this ARC. 

Ok so...where to start ?? I don't know but this book was SO good ! Like...I just loved it. 

The characters were amazing and the plot line, and...everything ! This was such a great story to read. 

I already can't wait for book 2 (and I really hope the wait is not gonna be long because...ugh. 

Am I crazy ? A little bit, but it's Michael's fault !
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This was such a unique story, and was really well written! The characters were developed so well, and there was the perfect amount of tension added to get you hooked into the story. Although the "meet cute" was very cliche, and the relationship between Micheal and Annie accelerated rather quickly, I'd say that it was overall still pretty well written. 
Plus, the ending was really interesting/satisfying, even though it was somewhat a cliffhanger. It definitely makes you interested in the next book!
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