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A powerful story of child abuse and the effects of living with a mentally ill parent. Because the story goes back and forth in time, the reader is aware that the primary character does eventually survive the abuse. But that does not mean that the gradual telling of what happened is any less harrowing. This is a well written book dealing with a very difficult subject. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing this ARC for review.
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Lexie, otherwise known as Girl A, is a survivor.  After all, she is the one who managed to escape her family's house of horrors and get help to rescue her other siblings.  Now her mother, who was in prison, has died and left her the family home.  Now she must contact her siblings who have been scattered all over since their rescue.  This brings back all kinds of memories, ones Lexie has tried hard to forget.
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Compelling story, leaves you wanting to know more about Lex but at the same time afraid to find out what lurks in the shadows of her memories. By the end of the book you are cheering her on and amazed at her resilient strength and determination to survive against all odds. Great Book-highly recommend!!
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Girl A is a heartbreaking novel that follows Lex Gracie in both past and present, as she navigates back to London, following the death of her mother. 

Lex is the one that got away, that escaped from the chains that kept her locked to her bed. That broke the window, ran from the “House of Horrors” and found help for herself (at 15) and her siblings. In the aftermath, those siblings were all placed in separate adoptive families. 

Now back in London, Lex has to find her siblings once again to settle her mother’s estate. And with each visit Dean weaves in more childhood memories, more history of the Gracie family and the horrific things that went on in their household. 

Girl A contains many triggers for readers - sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Child endangerment, death, cruelty. Dean writes about these subjects carefully, and with thought to the reader. There are subjects that are alluded to but never clearly identified, which also makes it easier to get through. 

I found this novel to be somewhat slow at points and myself skimming through some sections (mostly dealing with Father’s background). But Lex’s interactions with her siblings interested me - I just wish some had more “meat” than others. Gabriel’s story was fantastic, while I found Delilah’s to be somewhat dreary. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I could not put this down and it scared me to death.  Twisted, well written, and terrifying.  Girl A will have you begging for the next book  by Abigail Dean!
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Where to start....I was so eager to read this that I reserved it at the library in case I did not receive the ARC.  And it did not disappoint!  
What started out as a house of horrors ended in a bittersweet truth, leaving you to contemplate how people evolve, or devolve, from their life experiences.  I don’t want to give too much away, but Girl A was a wonderfully written story about how children can, and can’t, heal from horrible childhood experiences.
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Breathtaking, remarkably intense, dark story of survivor girl who accomplished to escape from House of Horrors! Yes, he storyline already hooked me from the first chapter! 

Get ready to read something shake you so hard! Your emotions will be everywhere as you witness the six children’s provocative, disturbing, extremely sad abuse, neglect story! This is one of the effective books will haunt you down and leave a permanent scar at your soul! 

I have to admit this is not gripping mystery book. It’s about soul crushing survival story and aftermaths of traumatic experiences. 

Those children have to face their pasts to heal their wounds, having a proper future ahead of them. But of course it will be something more profound, compelling and challenging struggle they have been expecting. 

So I can define this book as a family drama/ a psychological, realistic fiction, a brave survival  and complex settlement with the traumatic past story with well crafted, deeply layered characterization. 

It’s pure, realistic, harsh, blood freezing, bleak and heartbreaking. 

Lex Gracie is a fighter who finally escaped from her abusing family life, nicknames as Girl A, whose monstrous mom died in prison and left her children that creepy place she never wants to return back and twenty thousand pounds. 

Now she and her sister Evie try to gather their four siblings to go back to house for the last time as a good will gesture which eventually bring out the ugly flashbacks of their past hit their faces harsher than they imagine. 

I mostly keen on thrillers more than psychological fiction but it was still intriguing and heart wrenching novel which is beautifully written. 

So I’m giving my well earned four, effective, poignant, shaking you to core stars! 

Special thanks to NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Viking for sharing incredible arc with me in exchange for my honest opinions.
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