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It's always so hard to read a book about neglect and abuse. However, it can be inspiring too. The children in this book suffered unspeakable atrocities but were able to confront their past and become strong and resilient. I kept having to remind myself that this was a work of fiction, so I wouldn't get too upset. But this is still a hard read. With that being said, I also couldn't put it down. This story will haunt you but it is also quite gripping. I'm awarding this book 4 stars.
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Lex Gracie is a fighter. She escaped from her family’s House of Horrors and helped save her siblings from horrific abuse.

  Telling the story from one sibling’s perspective, so we really know her
   Insight into trauma
   Not overly and gratuitously graphic 

  Billed as a thriller, when it is literary fiction 
  Ambiguous ending (although I kind of like those)

I really enjoyed reading this book.
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This book started out with a virtual dive off the high board: a mother in prison, children scattered and assigned aliases, a mysterious narrator. The pace is stilted, sometimes slow sometimes fast. But the suspense builds reliably...until about page 100. That's when I figured out the"big secret", and then finished reading the book simply to find out if I was right. I was. 

Reading just to prove your theory is an exercise in agony, just trying to get to the end. That's no way to spend precious reading time.

I give it three stars for a good start and an interesting premise.
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This book is an unputdownable thriller. Kept me reading late late late into the night because I just needed to know what would happen next. It’s a thriller!
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Abigail Dean provides an unflinching glimpse of the enduring wreckage caused by child abuse in her novel, Girl A. The title refers to Alex, one of seven siblings rescued from a “House of Horrors,” where they suffered years of horrific abuse and neglect. Girl A is the name assigned to Alex, the oldest girl and the one who escaped her bindings, exposed their circumstances, and enabled their rescue. As the novel opens, Alex is now a successful lawyer with a new family and strong friendships. She has been informed that her birth mother has died in prison and she has been named executrix of her will. She needs to obtain signatures from her far-flung and estranged siblings to be convert the ramshackle house into a community center. She hopes that such a gesture would overwrite the story and serve as a type of repentance. The community is not exactly welcoming of a renewed association with their family name, and Alex has not spoken with some siblings since those days of captivity. As Alex deals with the estate, the novel jumps back and forth in time, slowly revealing the sordid story of the family’s descent into madness. Alex recalls new details the closer she gets to the house, and she comes to grips with some difficult memories that she had been repressing. Dean uses Alex’s investigations to explore the viewpoints of the surviving children-both during those years and following their emancipation. The medical and psychological scars, bad blood, shame and blame all work against Alex’s efforts but provide evidence of trauma’s lasting effects. Girl A might be a bit too graphic for more sensitive readers, but the author does an admirable job exploring themes of loyalty, created families, re-invention and self-deceit. 

Thanks to the author, Viking, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
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Great read.  Was drawn to it after listening to coworkers discussing. 

Disturbing subject matter and you definitely need to pay attention because it an get confusing. 

Well written and engrossing. Have already recommended to numerous customers.
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This was a well written, character-driven novel loosely based on the Turpin family circumstances. The main character Lex was able to escape her "house of horrors" as a teen and in turn, her siblings become freed. 

The story jumps between past and present to tell the story. It is a slow reveal of the story and it works to reveal characters and the changes in Lex. This is for those who appreciate more character driven books and can handle reading about abusive situations.
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An intricately plotted thriller. The characters are engrossing. It was a realistic exploration of the possible repercussions of living through childhood trauma and the mental gymnastics we employ to keep going without losing our minds.
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This book did not give me any positive associations. No characters were interesting. But it wasn't poorly written. It was ok enough for me to finish. But I just didn't connect with it.
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Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

Girl A, also known as Lex, escaped from the infamous “house of horrors” years ago, but she is still haunted by the abuse and neglect her parents put her and her siblings through. This book is about her coming to terms with what happened to her and exploring the relationships with her siblings. This was so twisted and tough to read at times, but very very good.
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This one was not for me. The premise sounded promising, but it was too confusing and boring for me to enjoy.
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A captivating rad. While it is somewhaT drawn from sensational news stories that one doesn’t want to believe, this really proved to be a story of family love and the damage that a family can do to you.
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Girl A came onto my reading radar when I saw it was a Book of The Month selection for February 2021. I have always been drawn to stories featuring family dysfunction and characters that persevere through trauma and so I knew I need to read this one. 

While I appreciate any book that takes on challenging situations and the exploration of resilience and survival, this was a challenging read for me. This was not so much because of the heavier content, but because I struggled with the shifting timelines and the wordy chapters that still felt totally vague.

I felt like the characters all alluded to things that I never felt I quite understood. I understand this is a personal reaction but it made the story less powerful to me as a reader, mostly because I just didn't feel connected. I have seen this one described as more of a character study than plot-driven, and in this instance, it just didn't work for me. 

As always, I appreciate having the opportunity to read and review this book and the ability to share my honest review. Thank you to Viking for my gifted copy.
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I belong to a certain group on social media and everyone kept saying they completely loved this book and man did they do me right!! What a ride this book was! Fans of psychological suspense will devour this novel in no time. Thankful to NetGalley for allowing me a copy of this title to read and review.
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I loved the premise of this book which is what drew me to it in the first place. I’m a big true crime fan, so I always find fiction books about crime to be interesting. I loved that this book is told from the perspective of one narrator, and it is only her thoughts. Overall I really enjoyed this book, however I did find it to be a bit hard to follow in some spots. I would recommend this to patrons who love gritty, crime related books.
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I went into Girl A not fully remembering what the book was about. All I knew that I wanted to read it. And I’m so happy I did. This book really kept me guessing. I wasn’t expecting the twist, despite having thought more books should have that sort of twist to it. 
Lex is one of seven children. She is Girl A, the one that escaped her father and the house of horrors where she and her siblings were being held captive, tied down and starved. We see current Lex and past Lex, living through her memories of that life with the death of her mother and her mother’s final wishes for Lex to carry out her will. Within it we meet Lex’s siblings and the lives they are now trying to live despite the horrors they experienced, some worse than others. There’s Ethan who has profited off his past who is about to be happily married. There’s Delilah, who has seemingly moved forward with her life, she’s married and has found her faith once again. There’s Gabriel who has been dealing with his trauma and the fact he wasn’t set up to succeed due to the family that took him in after. There’s Noah who was a baby when it all happened and has no memory of it. He’s a happy teenager completely unaware of what had happened. And then there’s Evie, the younger sister that Lex loved the most. They had shared a room together during all of this and they forged a bond. It’s Evie who convinces Lex that they should turn the house of their pain into something good, a community center. She just has to get her siblings to sign off on it.
This book is full of twists and horrifying details including a lot of abuse, trauma, PTSD, alcoholism, drug use, and so much more. Despite that, I somehow ate up this book. It went by so quickly, and as I mentioned, I didn’t see the twist coming, which I normally try to keep an eye out for in books like this. I think I enjoyed it because Lex is morally gray. You can’t say she’s fully a good person, but that she does try to be for the most part. She isn’t trying to be anyone’s friend. But she does slowly come back to her family, to look past the horrors and how her siblings had managed to survive after it all. She finds her own happiness in the fact she has amazing foster parents and a good job and slowly, her family, even if she has to face a hard truth that she’d been avoiding since the day she got free.
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As disturbing as the subject matter was, I couldn't put this down. It grabbed me from the first page and never let go. Through one narrator and multiple timelines the story unfolds at an even pace with a surprise twist that I didn't see coming. This book will stick with me for a long time. Highly recommended
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Thank you to NetGalley and Viking Penguin Books for the ARC of Girl A by Abigail Dean. This book was both heartbreaking and difficult to read. 

A dark, upsetting novel of a young girl and the horrific abuse that she and her siblings suffered at the hands of their parents. The author writes about damaging loss of trust between sisters and brothers and how each of them survived in their own way. But this book is not for everyone. 

The chapters are long with timeframes shifting by paragraph making it confusing. The writing style often threw me off and also made the pacing a bit slow and disjointed. Characters lacked development. Throughout the novel I wanted more from each of them. I kept hoping the author would flesh out more of the family's experience in the house and the motivations of the parents. The pay off for this story comes at the very end but it barely registered.
It is being marketed as a thriller and crime fiction but it is really more of a drama. If you like drama and heart wrenching stories of child abuse, I would recommend it.
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Girl A is a gripping, horrifying story of survival. Lexi, aka Girl A,  is made executor of her Mom 's will, when her mother died in jail. Lexi and her siblings endured years of abuse and neglect at the hands of their father and mother, until Lexi escaped. This story tells of the horrors of the past and how Lexi and her siblings have dealt with healing and survival. There is a shocking twist I didn't see coming. 

This is a book I will not soon forget. The intertwining timelines did confuse me at times, but I got used to it the further I got into the book. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Group Vicking  for this ARC in exchange for  my honest feedback.
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This was much hyped for me but fell flat. It was very much like a real life story that I knew a lot about and I felt like bits were too similar to get into it. I felt like the twist was easy to guess. Would have almost been better just being a true crime story about the Turpin family if that was the inspiration.
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