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A quick-paced read that kept me intrigued to keep on going! The writing was interesting, and the characters were dynamic. The one thing I would say about this book is the ending. I was not a big fan of the finale, but I am glad that our main lead is realizing what has happened. Overall, it was an average read!
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I liked the premises of this story and I enjoyed the mix of mystery and more general contemporary story we saw here.

I also liked seeing a character who has finished high school and is just really unsure what to do with their life next - highly relatable content :D

Overall my feelings on this were quite mixed - it really felt like the author was trying something different here with the way she told this story, which I really appreciate. I also really enjoyed the sister relationship we see portrayed. The main issue that I had with this book was honestly just the ending, I found it incredibly unsatisfying and honestly it pissed me off a little - I had so many unanswered questions.

If you enjoy your mysteries with a quite contemporary edge and don't mind being left with questions at the end of the story then this one is worth checking out.
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I would like to extend my gratitude to NetGalley for giving me this advanced readers’ copy in exchange for an honest and frank review.

I have never read a book like this before. It took me a while to get into this book, but I am so happy that I continued with it. I was not a fan of Ana at the beginning but further on in the book I started to connect with her. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking. It was beautifully written, and I hope to read some more by the author.
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Don't let the pretty cover fool you, this book is one breathtaking mess of pain and beauty, but mostly pain. In a heartbreaking way, not a bad way. A book that hits right in the feels - not to mention how artistically the social media influence in this book is placed; I mean, it's not like I needed any more reasons to be an emotional mess, thank you very much! 

I received a free ARC by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Fine was an interesting story about a girl trying to figure what happened to her sister, who disappeared years ago and is told in a unique way by letters, police records, etc. While the synopsis was interesting to get into at first, I just couldn't find myself engaging in the story as I would've liked. I would've liked to see how connected the main character was to her sister instead of just being how determined she was to find her. Overall it was a nice and light read and perfect for people who love unique mystery stories.
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This book was sent to me as an ARC on NetGalley. However all opinions are of my own.
Katie’s Older sister Anna went missing. The disappearance of Eleanor was unsolved. Katie made it her mission to read through all of the interviews and information from the police to try and piece together what happened to her. I feel like this but could’ve offered a lot more, I was expecting to find out what had actually happened to Anna however I felt like the ending was really flat. The book did explore some difficult situations such as drugs sex alcohol and I think it was necessary to learn about the situation that was happening.
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This book begins with Katie getting fired from her job at a smoothie bar on what would have been her sister's birthday. Anna, her sister, went missing 6 years ago and Katie just hasn't been the same since, not only did she lose her best friend, she lost her motivation and fell off the wagon and had a dysfunctional relationship with her family. Katie's parents act as if she doesn't exist, opting to just not talk about things but this is stifling Katie. When she contacts the detective who investigated her sister's case, she is allowed to read the case notes hoping to find out what happened truly. She discovers more about her sister than she ever knew and finds out more about her family than she ever wanted to. Can Katie find herself while she's trying to find the truth?

This book sounded so up my street originally. I love unsolved mysteries and I love YA thrillers. The way this book was formatted went between the modern-day, interviews, diary entries from Anna and so on. The format I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters, however, I did not. Katie was tolerable at most, having moments of being extremely likeable and other moments being completely detestable. I found Jack to be a very weird character too, he apparently knew Anna better than anyone, her lifelong best friend and there he is immediately flirting with her kid sister who was 4-6 years younger than him? Weird seeing as she wasn't long 18 and had just finished school but alas. There were no stand out characters in this book. Not even Anna seemed overly likeable, wrapped up in her own undiagnosed mental health conditions.

But the sticking point with this book and one I will not recover from is that you get no answers. The mystery remains a mystery. The book is written as if Anna could still be alive almost, except for the fact her parents and family have given up hope but I don't feel like it's properly discussed that they had found her body. But you never find out what happened to her in the 10 days she was missing. Was everyone involved? Were all the suspects actually guilty? Who knows, not me, and that annoys me more than the unlikeable characters. If the conclusion was even breathtaking, I could forgive it but it just ended with Katie having closure and patching things up with her mum.
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This book was recommended for fans such as Sadie and was the whole reason I picked up this book; I adored Sadie, the narrative and the split format of podcast and Sadie's perspective, and I understand why Fine is likened to Sadie due to there being excerpt from a case file throughout the story. 

This whole narrative hinges on Katie whose sister, Anna, disappeared six years earlier. and her case was never sold. We follow Katie as she begins 'investigating' her sisters disappearance. However, everything kind of falls into Katie's lap and she is just reading from the casefile and we get to see snippets of her reactions to the file. 

Katie isn't a very fleshed out character at all and the mystery of what happened to Anna was more compelling than Katie's storyline in my opinion. We get more content from Anna's file than we do from Katie's current perspective and for half of the book the only excerpts from Katie are her short reactions to things she (and the reader) have just read. The romance felt very forced and there wasn't enough time dedicated to the build up of their relationship nor many interactions between the two characters to make the reader care if they got together or not in the end. Finally, the ending felt rushed and the ending is very anticlimactic. There is no big reveal about what happened to Katie's sister and its like the author forgot that no-one knows what happened to Anna, even Katie and her parents. So when the novel comes to a close and Anna's story is given an ending, it is strange that none of the characters have ANY kind of reaction to the revelation as if they already knew. 

I really wanted to like this book, and I think that with a few tweaks it could be a 3/4 star read but with its preachy characters, plot holes and lack of focus on our actual protagonist, I would just recommend that people read Sadie.
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This book was quite unlike anything I have ever read before, and it really pulled at my heartstrings. It was well written, and I enjoyed it.
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’m going to be completely honest with you – according to my log on Goodreads I finished this book in November. I was certain I had posted my review of this book (I too was certain that I had actually written one!), but as it turns out, I hadn’t posted a review nor could I find the one I was sure I had written…so, here we are, some three months later. I decided to attempt to write this review now anyway because this book definitely deserves a review; just be aware that my memory might be a little bit hazy with how much time has passed. Naturally this review will probably also be a bit shorter than most of mine are.

First, let me start off by saying what I remember liking about this book. The premise of this book was super interesting, and also what even made me pick it up in the first place. I think the delivery was okay and it did roughly what it set out to do, I think. Parts of this story was very touching, and I enjoyed getting to know Anna, the real Anna. The things Anna was dealing with is probably true for a lot of teens everywhere, which made her problems feel realistic. Sometimes, less is more, and I think the ‘subtlety’ of her story totally made sense. Also, I did not really see that ending coming…well done!

Now, as for the things I remember not really liking…first of all is Katie. Even with all her emotional turmoil I felt her to be kind of…flat? Two dimensional? As a character. I would have loved to see more depth to her character. From what I remember, what bothered me the most about this story was how clear it was that this book was written by an adult. There was something about the characters that I couldn’t really pinpoint that didn’t make them feel like authentic teenagers. Also, the book definitely came across as a bit ‘preachy’ regarding some subjects.

Lastly, I remember reacting to some sexist things being said in the book on multiple occasions. The girls’ mother in particular often displayed very outdated views of gender roles. This quote highlights what I’m talking about quite well, but from what I remember there were more instances than just this:

“I’ve always told her that it’s better to be a woman of substance than a ditsy girl cheering for the boys. I mean, what did all those feminists fight for? Then again, I was a cheerleader, so who am I to say anything?”.

All in all, this just wasn’t a book for me. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this book being read in high schools, though!
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This had an interesting premise, but the execution left a lot to be desired. The synopsis makes it seem like this would be more like a mystery thriller, with Katie finding the answers to Anna's disappearance, but that is definitely not the case here. There is little to no plot, and the mystery rather quickly makes way for a character study of Katie and Anna and their experiences as teenagers. Unfortunately, neither Anna nor Katie comes across as a realistic teenager. Not enough time is spent with Katie to care about her. The choice to show Anna through police files and other characters' impressions of her means that there's a certain distance between her and the reader, making it difficult to be invested in her fate.
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This book gave me mixed feelings. I really enjoyed the read and absolutely loved the format of the book (which included interviews, police files and diary entries), but I was a bit disappointed by the mystery. The story follows Katie, an 18-year-old who is trying to find answers about her sister's disappearance which happened six years ago. I thought the character development in the book was well done. Katie definitely learned a lot about, not only her sister, but her self too. I really liked discovering what happened to Katie's sister and, in combination with the fun format, this made me flew through the book. However, when it came to the grand reveal, I was left feeling disappointed. I think the ending definitely had more potential. Still, I really enjoyed this read and would recommend it to fans of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson because Fine gave me similar vibes in terms of the format.
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2.5 stars

This book was interesting and entertaining enough I just didn't really like the main character Katie. Katie's story is sad and I honestly felt bad for her at times but she was always taking out her emotions on the wrong people. She would sometimes apologize but for the most part she would  justify her actions by telling herself that since her sister is missing she deserved to treat people however she wanted to. I will say that I found Anna's story intriguing so if Katie had been a better character I probably would have enjoyed it more. I also found the ending a bit unrealistic but that's just my opinion.
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** spoiler alert **
Thank you to the author and NetGalley for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I definitely am not a member of the target demographic for this book. Hell, I wouldn’t even consider this a YA novel. The story was super intriguing to start, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hold my attention. Told in the voice of teen Katie Williams, Murphy takes us through the actual case files and recordings from when Katie’s sister, Anna, went missing. Katie is desperate for answers as to where Anna went and whether she is still alive.

Where the plot falls off is the book’s ending. It turns out that Anna was found dead due to drowning, and suicide is suspected. I find it incredibly hard to believe that 12-year-old Katie could have avoided all newspaper articles, television news reports, social media postings, and murmurs from classmates surrounding Anna’s disappearance. You’re telling me that Katie’s parents purposely kept this piece of information from her for years? She is a grown ass adult now... why make her go through the entire case file? Maybe I would have appreciated this is middle school or something. I just didn’t buy that crap “discovery.”
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Fine by AmyLea Murphy is a very slow burn. While a mystery as it is depicted, it doesn't really flesh out the story nor the narrative of the mystery. I had more questions than answers, but the book was decent in narrative and voice/tone. I did not dislike the way the book was constructed or written, but the story was a bit hard to follow/feel resolved.
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This one just didn't do it for me, unfortunately. The summary makes it sound like a mystery and although there definitely is a mystery in here, it's not explored nor resolved. It's more of a character reflection. 

It does touch on some important topics. I think this book will be a hit with the younger crowd. 

Thanks for providing a copy for my review.
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When Katie was young her older sister disappeared and now that she’s 18 she connects with the investigating officer to read the police file.  I can totally believe at 12 she wouldn’t have known what questions to ask or even to understand everything going on.  I really liked the unique format of telling the story of Anna’s disappearance through police interviews, emails, texts, diary entries etc.  I just wanted some more depth than the cliches all the characters appeared to be.  I also felt let down by the end of the police investigation and I wanted to know more,  It wasn’t so much a mystery as there wasn’t any real resolution.
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A brave, important book but unfortunately the format of the book didn't really work for me. Probably just personal preference though.
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I'm fine. Everything is fine. You're fine!

I can not think of a more fitting title for a Young Adult novel.

Katie lost her older sister Anna 5 years ago. She vanished out of thin air after school one Friday afternoon. In this true-crime meets YA drama, Katie searches for the truth about her sister's disappearance. The past unfolds through Katie's sudden urge to go through the missing person files from 2012. The ones that were not available to her when she was 12. Through Anna's diary, interviews with friends and family, and notes from the lead investigator Katie learns more about her sister than she bargained for. 

Dealing with teenage issues can be difficult, and I think Murphy handles tough subjects such as depression, internet bullying, college pressure, drugs and alcohol, and more with grace and nuance. If you're hoping for a crime thriller or the story to be wrapped up in a bow, this one is not for you. If you'd like to open the lines of communication with your teen, this might be a great buddy read to start things off. 

"No one wants to open their eyes to the fact that sometimes hope runs dangerously low... and sometimes the balloon pops. But maybe if they did, hopelessness wouldn't win."

Reading this gave me a great reminder. Kindness goes a long way. Hope goes a long way. Check-in on your friends and family... and maybe hopelessness won't win.
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Katie sister Anna Williams vanished six years ago. All the families life has never been the same. Katie has just drifted through life. Katie decides to look into the disappearance of her sister herself. 

The story is mainly told through Anna's diary entries, the police reports, the police interviews and text messages. 

I did find it believeable Katie was only approaching looking into to her sister's disapperance now as she was only young when it happened and people react and grieve differently to situations.  As the story develops it we discover Anna appeared to be happy to others but wasn't really. 

It was interesting way of telling the story the way author did through the diary entries etc. 

There is a romance in the book but it didn't overtake the main story. 

My only complaint was the over suspense regarding Anna at the end was a bit of a let down and I felt it could of been concluded better. 

Overall a slow story through the eyes of the two sister's. 

I received a ARC from Netgalley and AmyLea Murphy.
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