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I was provided an ARC copy of this title through NetGalley - very, very much appreciated!

This is the third installment in the Brown Sister Trilogy by Talia Hibbert (and I hope it keeps going in some capacity) and I think it is my favorite of the three. I related to Eve and her drive to find out who she is. The communication between her and Jacob is healthy and honest and straight forward - though they do still have some rough patches of doubt and trust to deal with. I absolutely loved it and feel I will be rereading the trilogy in the future. If you liked the first two, this one is sure to please.
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A beautiful end to the Brown Sisters Trilogy! Eve is the baby, spoiled, sweet, and used to giving up when she meets resistance or faces failure. Jacob is blunt, a perfectionist, and so unexpectedly sweet. Watching them fall for each other, dealing with their own insecurities, was such a delight! Can't wait to add this book to my collection next year. Thank you netgalley for an early review copy!
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I love Talia Hibbert's spin on romance! There's always more to her books than you might expect there to be & it's wonderful! This book is no exception, definitely read about all of the Brown sisters!!
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Continuing from the first two really great books about the Brown Sisters, this final installation did not disappoint, gently introducing some contemporary issues (what is autism, how is it identified, etc.) while wooing readers with some hot sexy times and fairytale country living.
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- 5 stars
- Content warnings: fatphobia, autistic characters, discovery of neurodivergence
- Absolutely LOVED this one. Eve is my favorite Brown sister (but don't tell the others). She's so real in her vulnerabilities and I love the way she discovers herself and her passions and LOVE over the course of this novel.

- Eve has long been the best sister in my eyes. The breezy but loving way she came across in both Chloe and Dani's novels was like a breath of fresh air (or sunshine, if you ask Jacob). I don't know if I have some kind of synesthesia (I'm fully aware this sounds pretentious, I'm sorry), or what, but her story came across like splashes of lavender and sunshine yellow in my mind while I was reading (which is fitting, given some of the details of the novel). It was so delightful to read her story and feel like it so perfectly encapsulated who she was. Anyway. Talia Hibbert is an amazing writer and I thank whatever higher powers that she wrote Eve, because I love her.
- Jacob is also wonderful, but I think more than that, their relationship was so well written. Both Jacob and Eve had various reasons not to believe in their relationships or passions, respectively, but they showed each other such compassion and love. They were like, quite literally, meant for each other. And it's just really cute and wonderful to read that for 2 people who aren't beautiful bleach-blonde WASPs. Representation is AMAZING!
- I really really love that both leads find understanding in each others' neurodivergence. I really really love the way that Eve accepted herself. I also really really love the tiny detail about how she wants to share her newfound knowledge with her family, and how she wants it to be casual. That was special.
- Finally, as with the other two sisters, the conflict is not overdrawn. It is the perfect length. I was so scared it was going to hurt so much (like I have been by really toxic or violent conflicts in other romances), but this was very realistic! It still hurt. But it was surmountable.

Less into:
- I will be unable to read any other romances without comparing them to this trilogy. So that sucks. In the best way.

Overall amazing. I won't continue to blather about how much I loved it. Worth picking up if you like realistic diverse leads, lovely sunny people in love, love in general, love in specific, etc. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley (THANK YOU SO MUCH). All opinions are my own.
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I enjoyed reading Hibbert's first two novels in the Brown romance series through NetGalley, and it's no exception with the third.
As always, Hibbert's charming if slightly unhinged female leads caused me to laugh out loud. Surprisingly though, it was the male romantic interest that tugged my heart strings more in ACT YOUR AGE, EVE BROWN, which was not the case with its predecessors. 

Eve is definitely a relatable character to the many millenials and Gen Z readers still at home with parents-at least now they have Covid-19 to blame-and although the B&B trope seems tired, the well-developed characters and humor make this a special read.

Thank you Avon and Harper Voyager and NetGalley for the ARC!
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The character's of this book learning to accept themselves while actively supporting one another was heartwarming. It was a nice love story full of self discovery and acceptance. The characters were a lot of fun. I am hoping to see the twins in a future book. I am hoping this author publishes more books.
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I knew from the start that I was going to adore this book. I instantly clicked with Eve’s personality and I instantly fell for Jacob. I loved that we first met Jacob while he was talking with his best friend because I’m a firm believer that the best way to get to know a character is having them interact with their friends. 

Talia Hibbert manages to maker her contemporary romances feel so utterly magical, and it all comes down to her brilliant writing style. Though we are in the real world, she makes everything seem brighter, more colourful and wonderful. This shows through in her characters, settings, and the relationships she creates. 

I genuinely feel like this is my favourite out of the entire Brown sister trilogy and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I loved Chloe’s story so much that I was shocked when I managed to love Dani’s story even more. But colour me surprised when the same thing happened here with Eve’s story! Though my personality is very different than Eve’s, I just clicked with her right off of the bat.

Jacob and Eve’s chemistry is sizzling! From the very beginning, Eve gets under Jacob’s skin and it was absolutely brilliant to watch play out. Their banter was amazing and their oppositeness attracted like crazy. Eve is outgoing and colourful and fun where as Jacob is reserved and uptight and careful. They were so perfect for each other and it was obvious to me from the very start. 

Though I cannot speak for it, there is autism rep in this book. I do not personally have autism, but I do have quite a few extended family members who do have it and I feel like, from what I know, it was brilliantly done. It was added in such an incredibly heartfelt way and you can tell how important it was to Talia to add it into her book and to get it right. 

Another thing Talia Hibbert does wonderfully is her third act conflicts. I know it can be annoying in romance novels when we get to that third act conflict, but Hibbert creates them in such a way that is so beautifully genuine to the story and it’s characters. They never come out of left field. And she never lets them linger too long, her characters are always quick to solve them. 

This was truly brilliant. I am so excited for everyone to be able to read this when it publishes and I cannot wait to buy my own copy! 

 thank you to netgalley and harpercollins for provided me with a digital advanced readers copy!
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I absolutely loved this book! I feel like every book in this series got even better. It had such great character development of Eve & Jacob, I also loved how their autism was represented.  There was a wonderful banter between them & the romance was very believable. Even though there was conflict it made sense in relation to their character traits.
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Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve loved every book of a series, but Hibbert got me with The Brown Sisters. *heart eyes forever*

This woman – he kept waiting for her to hate him more, but she appeared to be hating him less. They were moving backward, firmly away from safe, spiky interactions and closer to something dangerously like friendship.

After several failed starts and being nudged out of the comfortable nest of her family’s estate, Eve Brown is on a quest. It’s finally time for her to figure out who she is and more importantly, who she wants to be. She heads out for a drive, sees a help wanted sign, and let’s fate starting guiding her to where she was meant to be – right into the kitchen of Jacob Wayne’s country Bed & Breakfast. One miserable interview later, Eve is feeling lost when she throws her car into reverse and slams right into Jacob. While he’s on the mend, Eve agrees to run the B&B where she unlocks her true calling and falls in love with the grumpy innkeeper.

“I take care of people,” Eve replied. Nothing had ever sounded so right.

Book three is the absolute SCORCHER of the series. I’m a little glad I can’t read in public at the moment because the thought of my old routine of reading smut in the breakroom of work over lunch for this one…let’s just say I would have proven the existence of spontaneous human combustion with how hot and bothered I was. Congratulations on your hot fictional sex Eve. God dayum.

On the other hand, the momentary swell of love wasn’t actually momentary, because as soon as she thought about him, she felt it again: a flood of tenderness and affection, gentle yet powerful enough to swallow entire cities whole. Familiar, but magnified. Known, but intense. The sort of love you read about in books.

What I like most about Hibbert’s MCs is that they represent a wide range of physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, religions and races. These heroes and heroines are diverse AF and have such good heft to their characterization – without the tokenism I see in so many other books where I feel like the author is just trying to hit Inclusion Bingo instead of honoring the rich tapestry that is being a modern human. Her characters are written so well and with such authenticity that you can’t help but think, oh, I know a Chloe, or a Dani, or an Eve.

That the things she did – feeding people, helping people, making them feel good – were just as important as counting money or writing contracts. That she respected her own skills enough to use them, fear of failure be damned.

I am sincerely hoping in the time between me writing this and it posting, there is some announcement from Hibbert that there will be more books with this lovely family. I need more – an origin story for the badass force that is Gigi, a spin-off series for Mont and his sisters, something. Pretty please!
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Everything Talia Hibbert touches is gold. I love every one of the Brown sisters, but Eve is my favorite. This is a lovely sunbeam/grumpface romance, and the way Jacob and Eve's relationship evolves as they find their way around each other is just lovely.
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This was a wonderful conclusion to The Brown Sisters series. The way Eve's character was portrayed was amazing and complimentary to how great of an author Talia Hibbert has become. 

Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC.
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This was fine. It didn't do anything special for me, but I didn't dislike it - I just can't fathom thinking about it again now that I've finished it. However, I hadn't read the earlier books in the series so I wasn't already invested, which usually helps. I liked that the book acknowledged the power differentials in the relationship (employee/employer) but didn't make it a THING - yes, I know it's obviously an issue in the real world but it's romantic fiction, I don't want to read chapter after chapter of boring justification. I think I would've liked more about the actual B&B? The setting is so cute in theory, I would've liked more of Eve and Jacob interacting with the patrons. I also would've liked the actual festival to matter more.
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I didn't know how Talia Hibbert could top the first two books in the series, but Act Your Age, Eve Brown is her best yet! A Laugh out loud funny romance with main characters you are rooting for from start to finish, you can't go wrong with this book!
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The bad news: Act Your Age, Eve Brown marks the end of the Brown Sisters trilogy.

The good news: Talia Hibbert ended things on a HIGH AF note because she continues to bless us every single damn day.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown, the second book in this series, was always going to be a tough act to follow, but I think Eve Brown's story somehow did it. Hibbert is truly a queen, legend, and icon when it comes to snappy dialogue and crisp banter, and the agitation and long-simmering tension between Eve and Jacob truly lets that shine. Plus, the fact that she created multifaceted characters on the spectrum (who have honest-to-God PERSONALITIES) with so much tender love and care makes me adore her even more.

Ugh, I've 100% got a hardcore book hangover from this one.

Content warning: Discussions of neglectful parents, discussions of ableism
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Eve is the third and last sister in this series, and I am sad to let go of these funny and heartwarming books! But Eve and Jacob's story is a fitting conclusion, with both having issues to work through so that they can grow together their future. Jacob being on the autism spectrum and also having had a difficult childhood only adds to the narrative. Eve is such a beautifully complicated character that it is a pleasure to finally get her story. I cannot wait for what Talia Hibbert has in store for readers next!
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Oh i love these books so much! Hibbert is talented. This series encapsulates so much of modern life, and not just the sexy, romantic parts of it. I want to read each of the three books in this series again and again, and especially when I'm down about something and need to remember that people have faults, but that they're also individuals who care and feel and love
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Talia Hibbert has created a lovely world with the Brown sisters. The characters are a delight and the story is wonderful.
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Just delightful - I devoured this book and will recommend it widely. I loved the dynamics between Jacob and Eve, and I could read dozens more pages about the baked goods and breakfast foods Eve cooks up!
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A highly satisfying final installment to the Brown Sisters series. Eve and Jacob were charming and compelling, both separately and together. Hibbert once again addresses big topics (autism, child neglect, finding your way in the world) in the wrappings of a fluffy, sexy romance. Accident and chaos prone Eve made this story particularly hilarious, and Eve and Jacob's differences were handled beautifully and gently.
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