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While a great concept, the writing wasn't focused. A difficult read at best. Needs a fair but good content editor. I honestly believe the story could be tightened into a good novella if the overflow of description was edited out and the plot was better directed.
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Set in the early 19th century, the book begins with Eliza being beaten by her step-father and locked away in the cellar when she finds out she's been sold for marriage. Though badly injured, Eliza manages to escape through the coal chute and make a run for it. She is soon spotted and rescued by a gentleman by the name of Henry.
Eliza is kept at Henry's home, cared for well by his staff. Her injuries begin to heal, and she spends a lot of time in the library. Henry also begins to take her out - though they are aware that Eliza may be spotted, so are mindful of being seen.

A enjoyable read all told, however there could have been less of a focus on description.
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This was certainly an interesting read. I want to state, first of all, that there are highly explicit sexual scenes, as well as references to violence, including extreme sexual violence and abuse. It is, therefore, not a suitable read for everyone.
Set in the early 19th century, the book begins with Eliza being beaten by her step-father and locked away in the cellar when she finds out she's been sold for marriage. Though badly injured, Eliza manages to escape through the coal chute and make a run for it. She is soon spotted and rescued by a gentleman by the name of Henry.
Eliza is kept at Henry's home, cared for well by his staff. Her injuries begin to heal, and she spends a lot of time in the library. Henry also begins to take her out - though they are aware that Eliza may be spotted, so are mindful of being seen.
Life is good for a while, and Eliza fits in to the household nicely. But she isn't entirely safe - as they find out the hard way. Eliza and Henry begin to grow close. Henry speaks of his daughter and the relationship with her mother that went so wrong. And Eliza talks about her childhood at the inn, and how her life changed so dramatically upon the death of her mother.
Throughout all this, Henry and his friends discuss the French spy known as 'De Sade Anglais' - dubbed so due to his habit for abusing women horrifically, leaving victims both alive and dead. When victims of this nature begin to appear in England, Henry knows it's the same man. And when Daisie, a maid who he rescued from prostitution, describes her experiences, it becomes clear that she also encountered De Sade.
So the 'spy' aspect of this novel revolves around the hunt for De Sade. He is believed to be a man of power, making his discovery and persecution that much harder. And on top of it all, they learn of a target, meaning they are now working against the clock.
Eliza plays her part in it all, too, and proves to be rather valuable. It's an intriguing thriller of a story, with many twists and discoveries. There are several interesting slide plots in more personal areas, including around Henry's past relationship. It's well written and definitely interesting, though I was not particularly comfortable with a lot of the sexual scenes, purely because they were so detailed and, honestly, unnecessary. The level of description was just too much, and I didn't think it added to the story in any way. It just isn't my thing and I would have been happy to read the book without such intimate scenes. Overall, I did enjoy it, but it's not entirely my cup of tea - so I'm giving it 3.5 stars!
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A historical romance mystery set in the streets of London. The story follows Henry March and Eliza Broad after he rescues her from an abusive environment as well as potentially being trafficked. 

The romance was okay, it happened quickly and I didn't really like it when Henry was looking at Eliza's injured body and thinking about how desirable she is. 

I couldn't get into the story too much, there was certainly some interesting details but it didn't keep my attention. 

Unfortunately, this wasn't the book for me.
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I was unable to finish reading this. I tried for 2 months and only managed to get through a few pages each day until I finally gave up today after making it halfway. The writing was weak and plot did not make much sense. The characters were not memorable either.
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I tried a few times to continue reading this book but unfortunately it became a DNF for me. This one just was not for me.
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This book was not like the books I usually read.  It had a lot of mystery and maybe a little more graphic than I would normally read but it was a good read and told a story from a different perspective than my normal proper romance or regency romance.  This story line has so much potential but I feel the romance didn't quite make it one of my favorites.  I am sure that men of this time had ministries and not many historic novels touch on that aspect or write about it this way and I will say that was interesting but I feel the romance between Eliza and Sir Henry could have been a little better in the beginning.  Thank you for the opportunity to read this novel but I am sorry I am not going to be able to put my review on my IG, however I will put it on Goodreads and Amazon.
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Eliza found a way to escape her abusive stepfather who has sold her to a man who was even more brutal. While escaping she is rescued by Sir Henry. It doesn't lake long to get to 'You're amazing, I love you', but following their adventures while they try to stop a human trafficking ring kept me turning pages! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will definitely read more from Bianca Schwarz!

I added this to my wishlist on Netgalley, and I managed to wait a week, but I couldn't wait anymore. So, impatient me bought the book, then a couple of weeks later I received my approval for it! Who doesn't like getting approved for a book though, it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.🤗

* I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review...something that happens quite often. But this book was different. I received direct emails from the publisher sharing their excitement at this books release. Genuinely amped up, I moved The Innkeeper's Daughter to the top of my pile.

The first in a historical romance mystery series set in Regency London, I wasn't particularly dazzled by the slow burning romance between Eliza...who is the innkeeper's daughter the title eludes too, and her saviour Henry. Call me cold hearted or not very soppy if you like. Many readers WILL love this book purely for the romantic windfall poor and beaten Eliza finds, as she desperately trys to escape her cruel stepfather. And how her life is transformed when she is literally picked up off the road by Sir Henry March, who is rich, charming and somewhat of a womaniser.

What I was excited by and kept picking up the book for, was the dark and dangerous world of the elite aristocratics of London who have a perverse need for the savage and sadistic thrill of sex trafficking. A fate Eliza narrowly evaded herself.

This side of the book is gritty and shocking.....maybe too descriptive for some. Far removed from the tender sex scenes of the two lovers.

I can promise, readers emotions are taken on a roller-coaster ride. I was hungry to see justice served, a young girl (her life and virginity literally hanging in the balance) rescued and the nasty pimp deviant at the centre of this anglo french ring caught.

There is something for everyone in this tale. Historical detail paints an accurate backdrop of regency London. An often raw read, we are treated to a glimpse at the end, of where this story unfolds in the second instalment.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Bianca M Schwarz and Central Avenue Publising for this ravishing read. (
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This was DNF for me. The writing was disjointed for me and I’m just not connecting with the characters.
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I really loved this and it’s not my usual choice of reading, but something drew me in to request this. Historical espionage, suspense & romance aren’t my usual read, but the synopsis just called to me and I was so glad I requested this. . The characters are well constructed and developed, even if their conversations aren’t always  something you’d  expects to hear from people at this time on history, but I let things like this go as overall, it was really entertaining. The romance is lovely but doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the story. A great a mix of romance and mystery. A story that can be quite dark and quite descriptive , but you won’t be able to stop reading. Fantastic 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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The Innkeeper’s Daughter by Bianca M. Schwarz

In the twilight of a November  evening, Sir Henry March comes across a badly beaten 
Eliza Broad, and takes her to his home.

This was a sizzling sexy book, Also included government spy’s and conspiracies.  I liked learning more about this period in history.  Well-plotted with good, strong characters.  I enjoyed this book.

Thank you Net Galley for sending me an advanced reader’s copy for review.
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This novel delivered much that I wasn't expecting!

On the surface, it's a typical historical novel of a woman escaping her evil stepfather, and finding her place in the world against the odds. But be warned, there are sexually explicit scenes, depictions of violence, and actually... some really graphic sexual violence too.

If you're OK with this, then it's a great read. Personally, I felt that some of the explicit details in some of the sexual scenes were unnecessary (they did nothing to advance the plot or help us understand the characters) and in some cases detracted from the believability of the characters. Eliza is possibly a little unconvincing as a genuinely Victorian girl (some of her behaviour is a bit too modern I think) but I brushed this aside enough to read to the end. 

I'll be interested to see where the author takes this in the next book as I believe this is the first of a series. I think I've got a fairly good idea what the "twist" will be, but how it's going to be delivered is something I'll watch for.
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This is a historical Regency London novel full of intrigue, spying, romance, and more.  This first in a series novel is well written with great characters.  It involves a naive girl’s rescue from a cruel home situation and her introduction to a new way of life in aristocratic London.  Besides learning culture, she is thrust into the cruel, stadistic underworld of traitors and sex traffickers.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting an interesting twist to the Regency era.  I was given a copy of this book from Net Galley for my honest review.
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Overall it's a quick and easy read that is like a blend of a romance and suspense following the story of Eliza, a young girl who was beaten by her stepfather and then escapes his captivity to avoid marriage he had sold her into, and is then rescued by a man called Henry.And this is where the cheesy romance begins. Despite being a steamy cheesy romance, it does showcase sex trade and abuse in the backdrop. It isn't something I usually read, but if you like romance novels this might be a good pick for you. 

Thank you Netgalley for this e-arc.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I'm so sad about this one. I think this is going to be a wonderful book, and I encourage you to pick it up and give this a try, enjoy the beautiful writing and be taken away by the adventure, but I'm so sorry this was hugely triggering for me so I couldn't finish it.

The premise here is really cool. I love a Historical novel, I love a mystery, and I was excited to see how this one blends my favourite genres, but fair warning: there is some very graphic and brutal scenes very early on, and I just couldn't get past those.... I had to step away, and I did come back and read a little further, but I just couldn't get beyond that violence. 

I do think the writing is exceptional, and I do think this will appeal to many. This book will definitely be enjoyed by lovers of HF and Mystery. I urge you to give this a go!

Sadly, a DNF.
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I liked the summary of this book and thought it would be like the spy thrillers I enjoy reading. While there was enough action in the beginning of the book to keep me interested, I was surprised by the vulgar language. I was willing to get past that and keep reading until I got to the point where Eliza and Sir Henry have sexual relations. I did not care for the detailed description of the sex and wondered if I was reading erotica. I also thought there would be more intrigue into Sir Henry and his spying (I assume for the Crown.) 

Unfortunately I won’t be finishing this book because I don’t read romance/erotica novels.
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This was a good “knight on a white horse” story. I enjoyed the plot and the characters, but there was a lot of “telling” happening here. The action of the story seemed to drag due to the lack of descriptive language. It’s rather difficult to explain, but I hope that some editing happened before publication.
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I really don't know where to start with this review, as I both enjoyed and disliked this book dependant of the chapter I was reading. The dislike was the in detail sexual scenes, they were not needed and did nothing to enrich the story, in fact it was almost like reading soft porn. I am not a prude no where near one but it all became slightly ridiculous and as I say have nothing to add to the story at all. On to the main story and the crime section, now this was good and a true reflection of how men treated women at the time the book is set. The story set a fast pace owards the end and left just enough intrigue to set up the following book in the series. 
I have deducted a star based on the content that was not needed, but this aside this is a good read for a set weekend
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really started off enjoying this book. But unfortunately, around half way through I did feel that the story had stagnated, though I still kept going, as I really wanted to give it a chance.

I couldn't finish it as I found it rather tedious.  But that's not to say that someone else may be enthralled.

Do not read if you are offended by intimate sexual writing but I felt it was nicely written 

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for ARC
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