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Such a seedy, brilliant gangland thriller, 
  Marcus owns a gentleman's club called Angel silk alongside his brother Tommy who is his second in command. 
A lap-dancing club with some beautiful women but all is not what it seems, most of the women are not there of their own accord but have been sweet-talked and groomed by Marcus and are trapped there. 
Lizzy is at the front desk and is "Mother" to the girls. 
Marcus is evil, sinister, controlling, and a monster who cares nothing for the girls only how much money they can line his pockets with.

Each of the main characters Jade, Amber, and Lizzie are terrified and some of them have been injected with drugs to make them become reliant on them and comply with what the bosses want from them.  
As well as the pole dancing they are expected to service  depraved men and perform all number of gruesome vile actions against their will. 

What a corker of a book and so addictive, i couldn't read it fast enough and the end didn't let me down, it was thrilling right to the very last page.
Well worth 5 stars and more.
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this brilliant book.
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Talk about taking risky chances. 
Once again , Alex Kane has taken me on a ride with another gripping thriller where the heroines are not your usual female characters and the underground life of London comes up and front in this story.
if you like a suspenseful novel with an unusual setting, this book is for you.
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The Angels is the first book I’ve read by Alex Kane and I can guarantee it will not be my last.  This book was flipping fantastic,  I absolutely love this genre and this book certainly made me love this genre even more.  From the very first page I was hooked on this book.  This is a brilliant and gritty crime thriller that gets all the stars from me,
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Jackie Collins meets Kimberley Chambers in Alex Kane’s gritty and addictive new thriller, The Angels.

Ruthless gangster Marcus runs Angel’s Silk gentlemen club with a rod of iron. While every man’s whim and desire is catered for behind the doors of Angel’s Silk, the women working there have been forced to endure spine-chilling experiences nobody should ever experience and are forced to do things against their will every single day of the week. Angel’s Silk is a prison from which there is simply no escape, but three women working there have simply had enough of this degradation and humiliation. The time has come to take charge of their destiny and to become the mistresses of their own fate. This quest for freedom won’t be easy but with everything to lose and the world to play for, Amber, Jade and Lizzy will not surrender to anything or anyone – not even the man who is in control of all of their lives: Marcus.

At Angel’s Silk, Lizzy is the mother hen everyone turns to. The queen bee of the group, Lizzy is a strong, caring and feisty woman who has had her fair share of heartache in her life. But Lizzy is also a woman with plenty of dark secrets rattling in her closet. Lizzy keeps her cards very close to her chest and will do anything to protect her secrets. But what will she do if somebody threatens to expose her and to bring to light some harsh truths about who she really is?

Amber might be the top performer at Angel’s Silk, but she has grown tired of this life. She is desperate to escape this gilded cage and would love nothing more than to start afresh and begin again somewhere as far away from the seedy club she has worked in as it is possible to get. But is a new beginning possible for Amber? Or will this life always drag her back and keep her hostage in a world where she feels used and abused?

Jade has only just started working at Angel’s Silk. She is beautiful, talented and in way over her head. Can she break free from this gilded cage she is held captive in? Or is she already in far too deep?

Will Lizzy, Amber and Jade ever manage to leave Angel’s Silk behind once and for all? Or will Marcus always find them? No matter where they go…

Hard-hitting, powerfully written and twisted, Alex Kane’s The Angels is a shocking page-turner that takes readers deep into the violent underbelly of gentlemen’s clubs and into a world of chicanery, brutality and aggression where only the strong survive. A tale of resilience, survival and tenacity, The Angels is the mesmerizing story of three gutsy and spirited women desperately fighting for their freedom who refuse to be browbeaten or cowed – even when all the obstacles in the world are standing in their way.

A nail-biting chiller guaranteed to keep readers riveted to the page, with The Angels, Alex Kane continues to cement her standing as one of the genre’s fastest rising stars.
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Having never read anything by this author before. She is definately added to my list and i will seek out her other books i like the way each chapter is about 1 of the main characters and gives an insight into how they are where they are in their lives. It has lots of twists and turns and people helping each other in their times of need. BRILLIANT
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We hear the stories of Amber, Jade, Crystal and Yasmin, who work at the Angel Silk gentleman’s club, under the keen eyes of the brothers, Marcus and Tommy. Many of them have been wooed into working there, and once in – and they realise their relationships have been a big con –  and they can’t get out. On top of that the girls don’t remain ‘just dancers’ for long. It’s a terrible and frightening situation to find themselves in, especially when they were all very vulnerable to start with. Those that dare try to stand up to the men and punters, instantly regret it. 

When some of the girls start to disappear they realise what is happening and in an effort to stay alive they plan their escape. But the brothers would not take kindly to them if they catch them. Even the Madam, Lizzie who usually looks after her girls, turns on them. She has a secret of which she is being blackmailed about and has no other choice than to look after herself in order to survive. She’s just as much trapped as the girls with no way out. 

The Angels, blew me away! I read this fast and furiously eager to see the main protag get out alive. I thought it was well-written, very suspenseful and would make a fabulous film. In fact, not long after I read this, I watched  Oloture (also about human trafficking) on Netflix. It’s a very similar story, and if you loved that, you’ll love this a lot too!  

My heart went out to these poor girls. I felt their fear and trepidation, and their ultimate race to get out alive made my heart race, too. What makes this story almost one of horror, is that women are living like this, and this is really happening around the world. One of the best psychological thrillers, with a gangster element, I’ve read this year!
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I have been a fan of Alex’s work for a while now.  To date, she has released four books with her most recent release being ‘The Angels’ which was released on 14th October 2020.  It’s another cracking read, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading but more about that in a bit.
I really felt for the female lead characters in this book.  For one reason and another, each lady became dependent on Marcus in different ways.  All seem to be desperate to escape him but they know what will happen if they are caught.  I got the impression that over the years all three ladies have suffered a traumatic incident or two, which has left them feeling vulnerable and Marcus has sensed that vulnerability and swooped in to exploit the situation for his own reasons.  All three ladies have been ground down by their experiences and on more that one occasion I just wanted to jump inside the pages of the book to give them a hug or to provide a shoulder for them to cry on.  I won’t go too far into what happens to them because I would hate to spoil the book for anybody.  What I will say is that I was keeping everything crossed that the three ladies would find the strength to break away and to get rid of Marcus once and for all.  What happens?  Well for the answer to that question and more you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out as I Am not going to tell you.
I was drawn into this book from the synopsis alone and the story within the covers sealed the deal as it were.  I made the fatal mistake of picking this book up only intending to dip a toe in the water and make a start on the book.  I ended up becoming that wrapped up in the story that previous plans were thrown out of the window because I just couldn’t put down this brilliant book.  To say that reading ‘The Angels’ became addictive is a massive understatement.  When I first checked to see how much I had read in one burst, I was staggered to realise that I had read almost a third of the book.  I became desperate to know how the story was going to pan out for the three ladies and I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.  I reached the end of the book in just under 24 hours which is good going for me.
‘The Angels’ is superbly written but then I think that to be true of all of Alex’s books.  She certainly knows how to write one hell of a gritty, fast paced, often scary and often brutal story.  She grabs your attention from the start and draws you into the story.  I have to say that if the criminal underworld is anything like the world that Alex writes about, then it scares the crap out of me.  The story started with a bang, hit the ground running and maintains one hell of a fast pace.  I was gripped by this story from start to finish and on the edge of my seat for most of the time.  There were several times where I almost had to read through my fingers as I feared what was going to happen next.
In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Angels’ even if it did scare the crap out of me at times.  I would definitely recommend this story to other readers.  I will certainly be reading more of Alex’s work in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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So you’ve met Charlie’s Angels, the sassy and sexy crime fitting trio managed by the mysterious and rich Charlie … now meet Marcus’ Angels: Jade, Lizzy and Amber. Each sassy and sexy in their own special way and Marcus is mysterious but he’s no Charlie, far from it. No, he’s a snake and each Angel has a very different relationship with this sleazy manipulative man.

Marcus is a businessman and like any successful businessman, he goes after the best products he can get his hands on. But his business is women and the way he treats women is downright disgusting, some might say abusive. He’s the man you have to hate in the way he behaves. He made my skin crawl and I feared for the girls he “employed” as I didn’t know how far he’d go with those I’d grown attached to over the course of this dark read.

As the story developed, so did my hatred for Marcus especially as his true nature and next business venture was revealed. I was gobsmacked at some of the revelations I read. As the chapters went on, my page clicking got faster so I could find out whether this awful specimen of a man who started so romantic and caring would get his just desserts.

Alex Kane’s writing has taken a darker and grittier twist with The Angels and I for one rather love it! I’ve read all of Kane’s books and this one has got to be her darkest yet. Alex, keep doing what you’re doing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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The Angels by Alex Kane

Evil, amoral, sociopathic, handsome, Marcus is a force to be reckoned with. He has taken over the McAdam gang empire with all the illegal businesses they run. His brother is second in command and though his father has turned things over to him he contines to keep an eye on what is happening. The three men are ruthless, depraved, and out to line their pockets with money not caring who they hurt in the process. 

Employees at one of the McAdam businesses include several women but this story focuses on five with three dominating the story. How they came to be involved with the gentleman’s club, what their jobs were, and what happened when they decided to move on are all part and parcel of this story…and what a story it is! 

What I liked: 
* Amber: strong, enduring, gutsy woman that never gave up. 
* Jade: naïve, lonely, easy pickings who found her backbone
* Lizzy: older, professional, taken in by someone she thought she could trust
* The plot, writing, and story
* The raw real feel 
* That I felt I was in the story and knew how the main characters must have felt
* The strength of the women
* The way things turned out in the end…at least for the most part
* Finishing the book and feeling that there was closure

What I did not like: 
* Marcus: no redeeming qualities at all and even knowing his backstory I found nothing about him that I could like
* Barry: evil that spawned evil and created little monsters that grew into big monsters
* Tommy: perhaps I liked him best of the McAdams but that isn’t saying much

Did I like this book? It intrigued me and held my interest from beginning to end
Would I read more by this author? Definitely

Thank you to NetGalley and Hera for the Books for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

5 Stars
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I have read all of Alex Kane books and can honestly say once you pick them up they are hard to put down again, loved them all. I was lucky to be given this book as an advance copy and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is based on a story of a strip joint in Glasgow with three women taking us behind the scenes of what goes on in such a seedy club. The owners of the club come across as loveable and charming when actually they are controlling and abusive by been involved in sex trafficking and drug use. It is a standalone thriller and I really hope there is a second book to be published following on from this. I really recommend this book,  you certainly won't be disappointed.
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The Angels is Alex Kane's latest standalone gangland thriller, based in and around Glasgow, Scotland, and boy does it pack a powerful punch. Three young women, Amber, Lizzie and Jade, take us behind the scenes of an exclusive gentleman's club in the heart of Glasgow, known as Angel Silk; much like all strip joints, it's seedy and tacky from the moment you enter until the moment you leave yet it has plenty of clients it provides entertainment for. But of course, what goes on out of view of the prying eyes of the public is far from legal. Marcus McAdam, part-owner of the club alongside his brother Tommy, are members of one of the most brutal criminal gangster families in Glasgow and are notorious for being involved in sex and drug trafficking with a penchant for extreme violence and are not averse to dabbling in murder. Like any pimps, Marcus initially comes across as a charming guy with nothing but good intentions; he promises the girls he meets the world but soon becomes controlling, abusive and to view them as merely a money maker and cash cow. The McAdam’s are ruthless, cold-hearted and with not an ounce of compassion or empathy between them, can the gaggle of girls escape this dangerous and unforgiving world?

This is a gritty, compulsive and exciting piece of gangland grit lit with Kane excelling at the characterisation; she succeeds in making you despise the McAdam family, who are believable antagonists, and depicts the authentic personalities of real-world gangsters with no mercy. On the other hand, you really feel for the girls involved who are, through no fault of their own, under the thumb and part of a criminal enterprise they wish to escape from. The McAdam brothers, unfortunately, know what they're doing by attempting, and usually succeeding, in alienating the girls they target from their friends and family meaning they feel they have no choice to keep working in the club and relying on them for cash and support. There is plenty of action, a plethora of twists and turns throughout and I was desperate to see the girls getting some sort of revenge or even redemption. It's a chilling and disturbing world and one many of us, luckily, have never experienced but one that very much exists. Filled with danger, emotion and memorable characters and location, this is one of the best dark, tense and sinister gangland thrillers I've read recently. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Hera Books for an ARC.
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Wow. This was an excellent read. I went to bed intent on reading a chapter or two. I read three quarters of it and as soon as I woke up the next day I finished it over a cup of coffee. 

Amber, Lizzy and Jade are pulled together by working at the Angel Silk gentleman’s club. Their boss Marcus is a real nasty piece of work. 

If your looking for a gritty well written yet uncomfortable kinda read then I highly recommend this story.
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This is a tale of 3 women controlled by the notorious gangster Marcus McAdam.  The Glaswegian McAdam family are notorious for sex and drug trafficking and have a reputation for extreme violence.

Girls are charmed by Marcus and his crew romantically then when they are alienated from family members and friends are forced into working at the family gentleman’s club, Angel Silk.  Lap dancing swiftly becomes prostitution with Marcus taking a huge cut of their earnings.  Any attempts to escape this life are met with a forced Heroin addiction which ensures total dependency on Marcus and a transfer to his hidden brothel in the countryside.

Whilst this storyline is dark I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The hopeless predicament these girls find themselves is heartbreaking.  The character Jade appeared weak and anxiety ridden after an street attack by a gang of girls left her with serious injuries necessitating hospitalisation.  However,  her strength of character shines eventually.

This story develops well and keeps the reader interested with twists you don’t see coming together with the strong sense of female solidarity I would highly recommend this book to others.

Many thanks to the publishers and netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a brilliant read . I couldn't put this book down it was so good can't wait for the next book .
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Amber is a woman who had seen it all 
And she tried to escape it
Lily is the strong one but she hides all the dark secrets 
Jade is innocent and she is trapped
All 3 have got Marcus and all 3 want to be free 
I had an ARC
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Absolutely loved this book. Well written,  fast paced and bursting with fabulous characters. A very gritty storyline that is gripping from the start. Excellent!
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Omg what can i say another brilliant book. Brilliantly written and gripping just want to keep reading to see what bappens
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What a page turner this is and one of those books that you want to get to the end to find out what happens but also you never want it to end. This is the first book I have read by Alex Kane but I will definitely be adding more of her books to my TBR mountain.

This is a very strong storyline that the author has to portray but the characters do come alive from the page and the author deals with things like agrophobia and forced labour very well and blends it all into the story. The book although fictional left me with many thoughts about some of the subject matters but I will not go into them here as I do not want to spoil the story.

The cover and some parts of the story are probably aimed at more of a female audience but do not let this put you off - buy your husband/boyfriend a copy too and see what they think and I am sure it will lead to some good debate.. I do love the cover by the way but hope it does not alienate some m=customers. Pity them though as they are missing out on a book that they will not be ale to put down.

A great gritty, UK gangland thriller

Many thanks to NetGalley, Hera Books and the author for providing me with an advanced copy of the book for the Kindle on provision that I write a review.

The book is out on the 14th October but you can pre-order it now.

#TheAngels #NetGalley
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This was an exciting crime thriller that started of as a literal rollercoaster and never slowed down. The characters were well drawn and the storyline flowed seamlessly. Highly recommended!
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The Angels is a story that mainly flicks between three women, Amber, Lizzy and Jade. The world they find themselves living in is a very dark and scary one and I was in constant fear for how everything was going to end.

I like how the author doesn’t sugar coat Marcus’ character. He is one nasty piece of work who lures young women into a lifestyle that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. A little bit of me in someways was wanting to see some sort of humanity to him but there wasn’t any forth coming. The more I read about this man the more angry I was at him.

Amber was probably my favourite character. I loved her strength although it saddened me seeing how she would use her mind to take her far away from the horrible things happening to her in the real world. Her and Jade are quite opposite in personalities and I enjoyed the bond that these two women start to form.

The Angels is a dark and sinister story that made for some uncomfortable reading. The author doesn’t go into any great detail in what these women have to endure which I was grateful for. From what we are given, it is more than enough to send your imagination into over drive. There are some shocking surprises in store as certain things come to light, of which a couple left me reeling. A powerful, hard hitting storyline that left me with goosebumps.
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