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I have read all the other books in the DI Adam Fawley series and enjoyed them all and I wasn't disappointed by this latest book .The story is gripping and had me hooked from the beginning. This thriller that kept me guessing all the way through. I cant wait to see the TV series and see these characters on the big screen. Another cracker from Hunter
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This book keeps you guessing until the very end. It is well thought out and a real page turner. Certainly worth a read!
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I absolutely love Cara Hunter's books. I was so excited to receive this copy! 

The plot is somewhat different from the others in that it's more about university and sexual politics. It's an interesting area to look in to, particularly in the manner Hunter chooses to do so. It certainly gave me some things to consider about sexual harrassment and abuse. I appreciate its honesty in how this part of the plot worked out. 

I loved coming back to familiar characters. The update on the characters at the beginning is a very useful tool, even if you've read the other books. I still wouldn't recommend anyone reading this book without having read the others though. There's too much about Fawley and his wife's past that would be lost without knowing the background. Although the ending to this part of their lives was satisfactory it felt a little rushed and too convenient for me. 

There's no denying Hunter has a talent for characterisation. She conjures up various personalities with great skill. I love the colleagues and how they interact with each other. I feel this novel had too many characters in it though, along with too many plot threads. I sometimes found it difficult to keep up with the plots, particularly as various formats were used: narrative, messaging, newspaper articles... It made my head spin a bit, wondering which characters and which plot we had switched too. I also found keeping up with all the minor characters who entered and then left sometimes tricky.

Overall this book is pleasing and fans of Hunter will hopefully enjoy it. I'm looking forward to reading more of her work.

Thanks to Netgalley and the author for my early copy of the novel.
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A good looking female professor is accused of a sexual assault on one of her students , D.I Adam Fawley and his team start to investigate but the stories told by both sides seem at odds with each other , with only one witness , the accused's young son . The victim and perpetrator of this crime seem to swing from one to the other , but is there more to this than appears on the surface ? Meanwhile a girl is abducted and found dead on a railway line , it appears D.I Fawley had been the last to see her the evening before and he is accused and arrested for the murder . The investigating team includes a D.S King who has had issues with DI Fawley previously and is convinced of his guilt . DI Fawley believes he is being framed by somebody who he had got convicted of a number of assaults and murders who had been released . DI Fawley's wife Alex , a lawyer ,is heavily pregnant with their first child but she is convinced of her husbands innocence and with the help of DI Fawley's team sets out to prove it . An exciting story with many twists in both cases and unexpected outcomes for both.cases.
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Somehow I felt that The Whole Truth felt rather disjointed. I was delighted to receive a copy to review and the first half of the book did not disappoint. The second section felt rather rushed and unrealistic. I love the characters and watching them grow throughout the series, but somehow this book felt as though it was trying to include to many unrelated issues.
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Compelling Suspense.....
Who exactly is lying in this compelling suspense featuring DI Adam Fawley and team. A male Oxford student accuses a female Professor of sexual assault. The scenario is not as predictable as the team first assume. With a well written and engaging narrative and sharp twists this is fast ride to a, perhaps, unexpected denouement. Although part of the Fawley series there is no reason why this could not be read as a standalone.
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Really enjoyed this story as it’s not the typical relationship! I like the fact the author had made the victim male. A good pace story.
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This was a great read, enjoyed it thoroughly, great storyline and loads of twists and turns , highly recommend this book x
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The fifth installment of Cara Hunter's Oxford crime series with DI Adam Fawley, but my first - it will certainly not be my last. I really enjoyed this - it is written from multiple perspectives with the main obviously being from our protagonist Adam's but it regularly jumps from person to person with even voicemails, podcasts and pictures of text messages. There was no chance of monotony, it really breaks up the story. It kept me captivated until the end where the story wraps up really well and there are a few twists and turns to keep you wondering.

Definitely for fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter and the like.
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When DI Fawley & team went to investigate a sexual assault report on a university professor, the team thought they've got it more or less figured out. They are wrong. This time, the predator is a woman and the student is a brainy, shining rugby star.

Concurrently, a local woman is reported missing. When a body was found on the railway, it is confirmed that Emma Smith is dead with signs of rape. In a shocking turn of event, one of DI Fawleys' team member is the murder suspect.

In the race to find out the truth on both cases, the team faces hurdle after hurdle. Someone is watching. And they plan to get rid of DI Fawley for good.

* * *
Oh. My. God.
It's no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Hunter's work and I want to stress this again: she is GOOD! I think the DI Fawley series is among the best in crime fiction- it's current, it's fresh and talks about issues that we commonly face today. I especially love the excerpts of online articles, netizen comments, twitter posts, and detailed figures related to the case (med report/house blueprints, etc) included in the books.

Okay, enough gushing.

To those who asked if the DI Fawley series can be read as a standalone, the answer is HELL YES! The cases in each books are independent of each other. However, there are some back stories of the team members that would be nice to know if you read from the beginning (which I did not and I'm okay).

In The Whole Truth, the backstories of DI Fawley's team members are nicely summarised at the start of the book, new readers would be glad to know that.
The professor vs. student case is a classic tale of he said/she said. I thought I know where I stand but as new info comes to light, I don't know what to think anymore. For me, the real highlight of this book is the Emma Smith case. For this one character of this book, the case opened up a past that was buried so deep and threatened to destroy the family and career lives that he loves so dearly (Yes, that's a hint)

Thank you Netgalley and Penguin UK for the eARC of this book. I'm a sucker for DI Fawley series so I'm definitely gonna get the physical copy (or you know, i'll be thrilled to be gifted one now😬)
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Fawley and his team are presented with an interesting case when a 6ft rugby player accuses his female university tutor of sexual assault. A tightly woven web leads them down a few dead ends in their search for the truth. Meanwhile Fawleys past is after him. He finds himself in a pile of trouble when a past case comes back to haunt him. I enjoyed this one. Two "crimes" are ongoing throughout and it left me searching for clues along the way to work out who the perpetrators were. The twists are enough to throw the reader of the scent and are cleverly done. The writing style is easy to read and the plot is good. Recommended. Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin for allowing me to preview this title. I will be reading more from this author
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A clever suspense crime novel with two ‘who did it’ stories entwining. It kept me hooked and the ending wasn’t predicted. 

At times I found myself a little confused as there were quite a few detectives and the chapters were fast paced. Jumping between characters and the different crimes but nevertheless i enjoyed it. 

I like how it was written and I liked how throughout there would be visual snippets like a letter written or a news article. It made the story feel ‘real’ 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read the whole truth! An enjoyable read.
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I've read previous DI Fawley books but I really like the summary of characters at the beginning. 
 This book was fast paced, with a great storyline and the twists in it were so surprising, I didn't see them coming.
This is the fifth book in the series, I haven't read every one of the previous books and didn't spoil the book for me, I think this could be read without reading the others, it just makes you want to read them now!
Thank you netgalley.
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I was so excited to receive this copy of The Whole Truth as I am a huge fan of the Fawley series and Cara Hunter’s unique style of writing. The book starts off with a brilliant recap of the main characters which would prove a great reminder to readers but also means you could pick the book up as a standalone, I loved this! This book is a brilliant addition to the series, it’s not my favourite however if you knew how much I loved the others this is no mean feat. It pulls other woven stories together well from the rest of the series. I can’t wait to read number 6!
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I didn't realise this book was part of a series; if I had, I likely wouldn't have picked it up because I don’t like starting a series with a book that isn’t the first. However, this was phenomenal, even as a 'stand alone' novel - it stood firmly on its own feel. The story was engaging, the pace was excellent and I enjoyed the way  this book was written, oscillating as it did between characters, voices, and viewpoints. I am going to pick up the rest of the books in this series now!
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Another Adam Fawley cracker !
This was my favourite to date actually .
There are 3 storylines going on here -an alleged assault on a student -a murder investigation and keeping the thread of Adam Fawley's personal issues -it's a page turning triumph !
Loved it !
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I have read all of the books in this series and was both delighted and excited to read and review this book. Having read the others in the series it was good to be able to find out about what the characters that are in the series are up to.

This latest book in the series did not disappoint :)

Again set in oxford, DI Adam Fawley and his team are this time faced with a male student accusing a female professor of sexual assault. What I liked about this is that it broke from convention ,with the victim being a six foot rugby player and the professor is a successful female.  

During the course of the latest investigation one of DI Fawley's  past cases and convicted rapists is released on parole then coincidently one of his  heavily pregnant wife's friends is found dead.  

Without giving too much away, a deep twist in the story sees DI Fawley implicated and what follows is a battle to prove (or not) his innocence.

Once again a fast paced thriller
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Excellent continuation of the Adam Fawley series and a return to form after the average All the Rage novel.
This novel continues the backstory of Gavin Parrie as well as an interesting plot around he said/she said abuse.
Cara Hunter takes the detective concept and makes it a cut above some of the other series on the market with strong plot lines, good characterisation and a good setting around Oxford.  Recommended continuation of a strong series.
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The Whole Truth  by Cara Hunter, is the 5th book in the DI Adam Fawley series and it’s one of my favourite police procedure/crime thriller series. The author has a unique way of presenting her story (more about that in a while) which makes her books such a heart pounding read. Although this book could be read as a stand-alone, I would urge you to start at the beginning because this is undoubtedly a cracking crime series, and you will have a better understanding of the history of the characters. Although the  author has thoughtfully added a summary of the key characters which I think is a fabulous ideal. 

The book description doesn’t give much away, so I will not spend time rehashing or expanding on the plot details. One of the strengths of this series is that as the series evolves, so have the characters. Fawley and his team are a diverse bunch, each member brings different strengths to the team, and weaknesses. We are privy to their personal lives which make them more credible as individuals, especially as the reader learns more about their personal and professional dilemmas they face in this book.

Like every book in the series so far, the plot is packed full of twists, which made it impossible to predict what will happen next. Cara Hunter does a marvellous job in keeping the reader engrossed until the last chapter. Red herrings are perfectly placed, tension increases tenfold, and remains that way, right up to the jaw dropping conclusion. Cara Hunter has away of writing that immediately draws you in, plus her books always feel unique with a modern twist due to the skillfully placed media snippets such as podcasts, tweets, texts and emails. Another fantastic read and a worthy addition to the series highly recommended.
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Cara Hunter does not disappoint!! A well written story with a plot that will stay with me for a while . Highly recommend this for my fellow thriller lovers
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