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In "U-Turns," Tony Evans explores the pathway towards reversing the negative consequences in our lives. Evans states that no matter how dire the situation, we can find grace and mercy in God who is always faithful despite our faithlessness. The author analyzes different areas such as financial, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives in which our sinful actions and decisions lead to hopelessness and despair. Evans begins the book by stressing that every day we need to reckon with the choice of choosing between God’s ways and our own ways. When we find that chasing our selfish ambitions result in failure and fruitlessness, we often reap the fruit of pain and suffering. The author states that the key to reversal is by returning to God’s ways through His Word and Spirit which enable us to truly repent of our sins. The first area that the author tackles is the issue of idolatry as being any person or thing that robs our loyalty to God. When we allow any object to take the place of God, we are travelling down the way of destruction as nothing can satisfy our heart’s desires except God alone. Next, Evans focuses on addictions as strongholds of lies that we cherish instead of the unchangeable truths found in Scripture. We need to be set free from the shackles of falsehoods that perpetuate through our addictions by having God’s truth penetrate and permeate our hearts and minds. Furthermore, Evans addresses anxiety as another avenue by which we attempt to take control of our own lives. Instead of increasing our fears through anxious thoughts, we ought to shift our minds to focus on God and His kingdom by asking God for daily strength as opposed to fretting over earthly things. Next, the author speaks to emotional strongholds that imprison us such as guilty feelings, addictions, and codependency. Rather than finding our self-worth and identity in external things, our identity ought to be in Christ alone through whom we have died to sin and now live resurrected lives in the Spirit’s power. Another area that we can experience turmoil is demonic influences as Satan is always looking to deceive and lead God’s people astray. To prevent the work of the devil, we need to avoid being entangled in sin no matter how trivial as Satan can use any weakness to lure us away from God’s ways. In addition, Evans points out generational consequences can become a blame game that robs us of the joy and freedom we receive as children of God. To combat this, we ought to walk in the Spirit and allow His indwelling power to permeate our hearts and minds with the resolve to cast aside sinful patterns and endeavour to produce spiritual fruit. Next, the author examines financial consequences that we reap when we do not wisely steward God’s material gifts to us. Instead of amassing vast amounts of debt, we ought to use our material possessions to further God’s kingdom while also prudently saving and spending within our means. Another aspect of negative consequences comes from sexual sin which damages our very souls and the relationships we have with God and others. Although we cannot go back to undo the damage that we have inflicted, we can find comfort knowing that all who come to Christ face no shame, guilt, or condemnation. The final chapter is a reminder that no matter how irreversible consequences may seem, we can take action today to repent and realign our lives to be in sync with God and His truth. 

I recommend this book as a hopeful reminder that when we repent and turn back to God, we find our loving Father with His arms ready to embrace us. Although we may feel unworthy of mercy and grace, God’s love for us as demonstrated by His Son shows that no sin is too great that God cannot forgive. The author emphasizes that sin is at the root of all the brokenness and suffering that we experience when we choose to follow the ways of the flesh. Repentance is the first crucial step that we need to take to begin the reversal of the negative consequences that we reap as a result of our sinful desires. Besides confessing our sins before our gracious and merciful Father, we also need to align ourselves to God’s will and rule instead of being controlled by the chaos and conflict of our circumstances. The key step is to immerse ourselves daily in Scripture by meditating and studying God’s Word fervently so that we know what God requires of us. Furthermore, we ought to do whatever it takes to delineate our lives from any person, place, or thing that may tempt us to fall back into sin. We are not alone in our journey as God provides His Spirit to empower and indwell us as we grow in holiness and obedience with the encouragement and companionship of fellow believers. Moreover, Jesus intercedes for us with the Father despite our backsliding and weaknesses assuring us that we can find grace and mercy when we return to Him.  

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I have always loved Dr. Tony Evans, and I was excited to get my hands on this one. It was a really good study, and taught me a lot!
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Evans newest book, U-Turns, is all about the dirty “s” word, that’s right: SIN. This is one topic that makes people cringe, shy away from, and deflect. Evans bluntly, and lovingly, demonstrates that we need to align ourselves with God in order to come into the covenant relationship God wants to have with us. It’s going to be tough, and sometimes, it might be painful, but Jesus promises us in John 8:31-32 that “If you continue in my word, you really are my disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Evans points out that sin isn’t simply a mistake, or a “whoops, my bad”, it’s sin. It separates us from God and “calling it sin makes the issue spiritual and much more serious”.

This book is organized in a way where the reader can skip around from chapter to chapter, or can read straight through (which is what I did). Reading the titles of each chapter one might think, “Oh, that’s not for me. I don’t do those sins.” However, I guarantee that you will glean wisdom from each section even if you think the chapter doesn’t has anything to do with you. There are 12 chapters—the first two lay the groundwork of defining sin and how to go about repenting of it. The following chapters cover idolatry, addiction, anxiety, emotional consequences, demonic consequences, generational consequences, discrimination consequences, financial consequences, sexual consequences, and irreversible consequences. Evans effectively uses Biblical references left and right to support his writing, as well as anecdotes and stories to highlight his points. His writing is clear and easy to understand.

This book was a beautiful reminder of what Jesus did for us. He died so that we might have life, and a wonderful one at that.  We need to humble ourselves before the cross and repent of our sins.  There’s a lot of talk about sin in this book, but Evans points out that repentance is the key to our U-Turns because “[i]t is a process that transforms your heart”.  We can execute a u-turn from our sins once we let go of our agenda, obey God’s words, and invite Him in to transform us. Evans ends the book with a simple way to remember what we need to do as Christians: “Repent. Receive. Believe.” 

I highly recommend this book for all Christians. Be prepared for some uncomfortable moments where you have to reflect on your own behaviors and humbly come before God. Thank you to NetGalley and B&H Books for providing me with an ARC.
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I believe this is the last book of the series and the only one I read. I sorta struggled through it because the information wasn't anything new for me. I could tell what message Pastor Evans wanted to share but it felt a little forced. Almost like what he REALLY wanted to say he didn't. 
But what he did share was definitely a blessing, no matter how far we have gone it is never too far for God. Or decisions we have made those consequences leave us wanting to U-Turn. Pastor Evans reminds us what the Word says about finding your way back or turning around. 

This book is so timeless I feel it will always be a resource for all, Bible study students, laypersons and Ministers. 

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my thoughtful & honest review.
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In U Turns: Reversing the Consequences of Your Life, author Tony Evans discusses 12 areas of life in which we often make poor choices and then experience the damaging results. These areas include Idolatry, Addiction, Emotional Consequences as well as areas not often covered such as Generational Consequences.  Even after making poor choices, we are still free to choose our direction, Evans states. This book provides the key to our reversal and practical steps we can take to achieve it.
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We all sin. We all face the consequences. Tony Evans’ book, U-turns, discusses, in an organized manner, how to reverse consequences of specific categories of these sins through repentance and understanding the Word of God. Although not easy, there is always hope for a turnaround. 
This is my first book by  the well known Mr. Evans, who is clearly knowledgeable of the Scripture, and a gifted spiritual teacher. This book would make a great Bible study supplement. 
~Thank you to NetGalley and Publisher~
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U-Turns is a book that gives readers a renewed hope in the power of repentance. 

The topics of “sin” and “repentance” are often glossed over in our culture and instead replaced with shame or a desire to chase happiness no matter the cost. But through his book, Tony Evans breaks down several different areas in our lives that may be in need of a “u-turn” to show us that we are never too far gone for God. Through Biblical stories and lessons, Evans walks alongside readers to encourage them that change is always possible and that the power of forgiveness is real and accessible no matter what we’ve done or what’s been done to us. 

I really appreciated the overall aim of the book to recalibrate our hearts as we seek to love God and love others. On this journey, we may take a few wrong turns. But the overarching theme of Evans’ words are that, with God, we can repent, return, and restore our hearts to our Lord and Savior, no matter where we’ve traveled or how far off course we think we are. 

This book doesn’t shy away from discussing our sin patterns, but it also doesn’t leave us in a place of shame. Evans helps give us a roadmap to experience redemption offered to us by a loving Father who knows the way out of even our most treacherous detours. 

*I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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Another exceptionally excellent book by Dr. Evans.  

Our lives are full of regrets.  Some of those poor decisions led to more destructive consequences than others.  This book clearly points the way to reverse those consequences, but the way isn't easy.  It requires understanding that you are free to choose your direction at any time.  Stay in the consequences, or work your way out with God's help.  Dr. Evans addresses the consequences of idolatry (many kinds!), addiction, anxiety, emotional consequences, demonic consequences, generational consequences, discrimination consequences, financial consequences, and sexual consequences.  That's quite a laundry list, and I felt conviction and hope in every chapter.  I appreciate Dr. Evans's consistent commitment to Scripture.  I highly recommend this book.

I gratefully received a free ARC digital copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest and voluntary opinion.
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