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Life’s Too Short is an emotional and humorous romance raising awareness for ALS. Vanessa is a popular travel YouTube vlogger raising awareness for ALS. She is now raising her niece, so she is adjusting to parenting and staying at home. Adrian is a lawyer that is always working. One night when the baby won’t stop crying, Adrian goes over to complain which starts their friendship. I loved watching their friendship progress. Neither of them wants anything more than friendship. I learned about hereditary ALS and how terrifying it is for the family to always worry. Life’s Too Short is a cute romance with a great story and many funny moments. There are many serious issues though throughout the book like addiction, ALS, and unwanted pregnancy. Life’s Too Short is the third book in The Friend Zone series but can be read as a standalone. There is one scene with the main characters from the previous novels and a few mentions throughout the book. I highly recommend reading the whole series starting with The Friend Zone. I loved Life’s Too Short and love The Friend Zone series. Life’s Too Short is a story of friendship, family, love, and overcoming fears.

Thank you Forever and NetGalley for Life’s Too Short.

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I can’t give enough praise to this book. It is swoon worthy and full of so much heart. This book lives up to the hype that is centered around Abby’s previous books.

Vanessa is down to earth and totally relatable, even while being YouTube famous. Adrian is successful and book boyfriend worthy. I loved their chemistry and the friendship they created. The banter was flirtatious and steamy.

I cried several times while reading this book and loved every minute of it. I can’t recommend this book enough to romcom lovers.

Thank you to Netgalley, Forever Publishing, and Abby Jimenez for this e-book in exchange for my honest review.

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All the stars for this funny rom com that packs some serious emotion too! Vanessa and Adrian’s story will make you laugh, swoon, and cry and have you rooting for their happily ever after. Vanessa has familial ALS in her family and is living every day like it’s her last, while Adrian is a planner and workaholic. When these two neighbors meet, it’s the perfect combo of sparks and charm! Jimenez knocks this one out of the park! The characters, the banter, the plot twists, and the ending..... a true rom com masterpiece!

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I loved this book! Myself, as well as my son's girlfriend could not wait for this to be released. Abby's writing style keeps you hooked, I did not want book to end. So pleased with ending!

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If I had to have a book boyfriend, it would be Adrian. He drops everything to help his neighbor, Vanessa as she helps her newborn niece, What starts out as a friendship, obviously blossoms into something more, Vanessa tries to push him away as she is convinced she has ALS as it runs in the family. Adrian does not care and is there for her 100% and wants her to get tested, which she refuses. Abby has done it again. I have loved all her books, but this is by far my favorite!

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Life's Too Short was my first Abby Jimenez. Though I didn't read the first two books in the series, I did not feel lost as they seem to be interconnected. Adrian and Vanessa meet by chance and from then on, a friendship develops. As Adrian and Vanessa spend more time together, feelings start to deepen. However they both swore off relationships but what happens when feelings can not be denied? Both Adrian and Vanessa had their fair share of tragedies and respond differently. It was interesting to see how their relationship would progressed throughout the story. I liked Vanessa's attitude of life is too short and to live it to its fullest. That is a good mantra to have. I also liked how Vanessa brought out the fun in Adrian. And Adrian helped keep Vanessa in the now. Abby brought some hard issues in this story and it was fascinating to see how she would handle them. Overall, this was a satisfying read.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Forever Publishing, and Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book before it's publication date! This in no way affected my review, opinions are my own.


Let's get two things out of the way up front: One, I liked The Friend Zone, but I didn't get why it was hyped SO BIG. (I loved The Happy Ever After Playlist, if that redeems me?) Two, I do not remember Adrian Copeland from THEAP at all, in any way. But now I love him.

Ok, now that we've sorted that.

This was a book with some really heavy topics, and a lot of them hit hard - but it was all done so unbelievably well. I believed in every aspect of these characters lives, in every one of their interactions, and in every one of their motivations. There is a romance trope that is used (that's not always my favorite, the dreaded miscommunication), but it was done in a way that WORKED, that felt real and valid.

(Also, I'm old as all get out. Half of the time the blogging/celeb stuff came up I could feel myself start to zone out because I just have absolutely zero concept of this stuff! But not to worry if you're in the same boat - Abby writes it in a way that keeps you connected even if you start to zone or feel lost.)

Honestly, I just freaking loved it. I read the entire thing in less than 24 hours and I've been gabbing about it non-stop. I really think that Abby Jiminez just gets stronger with every book and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

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Abbey Jimenez is soooooo good at taking really hard topics and making them feel uncliched. She is not just writing this novel to check a box to say she has written a book about ALS. She makes you fall in love with the characters and just root for them, no matter what. And she is funny! The chapter titles had me giggling, with their click bait like feel. It was also interesting to read about an influencer, Vanessa, who is a travel vlogger. I would consider this book a stand alone. In fact, I did not realize it was part of the series until after I read the book. They just take place in the same world. No need to have them as a frame of reference! Read if you are looking for a slightly more substantive romance that is still very sweet. I was given an advanced reader's copy via NetGalley, thank you to them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I kind of fell in love with this book within the first page or two. Something about Jimenez's writing just clicks for me - it's natural, hilarious, and addicting to read. I generally liked her debut but had some lingering issues with it as time passed. I LOVED the second book in this companion series and my faith was fully restored and ready for book three. I'm happy to sat that my super high expectations were exceeded with this one.

I fell hard for Adrian and Vanessa right off the bat. I'm pretty sure if I started this first thing in the morning instead of late at night, I could have or would have finished this book in one sitting. Vanessa is a YouTuber with a popular channel highlighting her travels around the world. You find out from the synopsis and early in the book that she may have ALS like her mother and her sister. She wants to live it up during however long of a time she has on earth. Adrian, on the other hand, is her seemingly vanilla attorney next-door-neighbor who goes to his job with long hours and doesn't do much else. I loved him right away - they had so much chemistry. Vanessa's personality was luminous and hilarious - a different kind of funny from Kristen in book one, but similar in that she made me laugh out loud all the time. They balanced each other out and early "friends only" relationship made things effortless between them. Baby Grace brought them together too, and Adrian with that baby honestly made my ovaries cry. There was also a geriatric diaper-wearing Chihuahua that helped along their relationship.

There were definitely the classic romance novel moments where you wonder if they can pull the relationship off based on everything keeping them apart. This one had a couple of small ones and naturally a bigger issue toward the end. How do you cope with the possibility of having ALS, but not really knowing for sure? How does your partner deal with knowing any day could be their girlfriend's last? Clearly it's not an easy situation to understand or manage.

I don't have any major complaints with this one thought. I feel like, if anything, Vanessa's issues and hardships (believe me, the stuff with her family was so hard to read at times) took center stage in the story. Rightly so. However, Adrian had some issues with his family and other fears that he needed to overcome, and a lot of that was glossed over, comparatively. I like where things ended up for everyone - both of their families and for themselves - but I do wish there was just a little more about Adrian overcoming HIS fears and problems too.

As always, I smiled through some tears during the final chapters of this book. Clearly that's just what she does to me. I don't want to spoil anything about the ending but there's always a hopefulness and happy ending. I mean, it IS a romance novel, right?

This companion series as a whole has been great. Like her other books, there’s a perfect and delicate balance between heartwarming and heart wrenching, humor and sadness. She really pulls it off every time. I can't wait to read her next stories.

(PS - most of the book takes place around Christmas and New Years. It's not a major plot point by any means, but they do get a Christmas tree and have some holiday references throughout. Totally wish I knew this since I downloaded my review copy in late December. I would have read it way too early and loved it!)

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Vanessa, a famous vlogger, has always lived her life like it will end tomorrow because it just might. After losing her mother and sister to ALS before their 30th birthdays, she expects she will meet the same fate. So she spends her time jetting from one country to the next, filming her fabulous experiences. That is until her younger sister leaves her newborn baby on her doorstep. Her next-door neighbor, uptight lawyer Adrian has had enough of listening to a baby cry all night. But when he knocks on Vanessa’s door to complain, he never expects the two will become friends. As the two grow closer, they start to question if their relationship is capable of lasting long term, or if the mountain of differences will tear them apart.

Life’s Too Short is told in alternating first-person chapters. Vanessa is a great character. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she is determined to live life to the fullest. But at the same time, she’s taking care of her entire family, including temporarily having custody of her sisters newborn. Both characters have major issues. Vanessa is terrified that she will die young from ALS like her mother and sister. She uses this as a crutch to avoid relationships. Adrian is a workaholic lawyer who has no personal life once his girlfriend tells him she’s married and leaves him. What I loved about him is that he immediately steps in to help Vanessa with her niece. He’s all-around a good guy.

You do not need to read The Friend Zone or The Happy Ever After Playlist to enjoy Life’s Too Short. Some of the characters from the first two books make an appearance, but they are not a major part of the story.

I thought this book was perfect from beginning to end. I loved it from the first chapter. It’s absolutely hilarious. I loved the nearly instant chemistry between the two characters and their constant banter throughout. It’s such a quick read. I could have read it in one sitting if my schedule had allowed.

Thank you to Forever and Netgalley for the review copy! All opinions are my own.

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You know, I actually enjoyed Life's Too Short. I usually have a lot of problems with Abby Jimenez previous books but this one was good. It would have been a five star review but I got a bit pissed off with Vanessa's decision making that I took off a star. But let me explain from the beginning. Vanessa's life motto is take life to the fullest no matter what. She took this to the heart everywhere she went, and trust me, she went everywhere. And life is throwing her a loop through when she becomes primarily custody of her sister kid. Nothing ever prepares her for being a mother especially when she has terminal illness heredity in her family. No one is ever prepared to be a parent, but as long as you keep trying and being there, then you are one. That's what counts, Vanessa. And I know you are wondering why I'm mad at her when I admire her as a single parent. It's because she won't go to the doctors and get tested if she has the gene or what's going on with her hand. I understand that terminal illness is terrifying especially when it's hereditary but you can't just sit back and wait for it to come at you. You can't live in fear, you get to know if you do or don't. And her carelessness about going to the doctors pissed me off especially toward the end. It could have been avoided, especially hurt feelings between Vanessa and Adrian. That's all. I just wish she just went to the doctor and figured out if she does or not. And then live your life. You don't have to keep on going to the doctors if you don't want to. It's your life no matter what. Do what you want as long as you are safe and happy.

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Firstly, I’d like to thank Netgalley, and the publishers of The A Curse of Roses for giving us an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Plot: 5⭐️
I love how Abby is able to speak on important issues such as medical and mental health. This one holds a special place in my heart because my grandma passed away due to a similar disorder (MSA, Multiple System Atrophy) as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which is a progressive nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control. Which makes your life on earth shorter than expected. Having to see a loved one go through such a hard time, I really appreciated the way Abby was able to capture this cruel desis and speak to it. The twist and turns in the story also made it more interesting and heart wrenching.

Pacing: 5⭐️
The pacing of this book was amazing. I would not change anything about it.

Character Development: 5⭐️
Every character in this book had some kind of growth which is something I love to see in books. I loved how Abby was able to capture different family dynamics and how each one of us shows our love and support to each other in different ways even if the person does not see it. This made the characters feel more real and relatable. I enjoyed seeing every character being able to go through their struggles, learn from their mistakes and work on being a better version of themselves. One thing that did bother me was that I felt the way Adrien was able to forgive his father and mend his relationship with him was a bit unrealistic and rushed. However this is very minor in the book and this book touched me in so many ways that I am not going to deduct any points for that.

Writing Style: 5⭐️
I love Jimenez’s writing style. I always find myself captivated in her books from the very beginning. I also admire Abby for being able to touch on so many important topics of mental health and different medical issues that many have struggled with which hold so much emotional intensity while keeping the story witty and humorous. Having to see a loved one go through such a hard time, I really appreciated the way Abby was able to capture this cruel desis and speak to it. It also took me longer to finish the book as I had to put it down a couple of times as it reminded me of the hard times my grandmother went through. I also work as a Substance Use Counselor at a treatment center and the way Abby was able to capture substance use and it’s struggles was truly spot on. I appreciate Abby’s through research on the subjects she touches on in her books.

Would you recommend it? I recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary romance filled with wit, humor, and emotional intensity.

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Life’s Too Short was one of my most anticipated books for 2021 and it’s official. Abby Jimenez’s goal in life is to ensure I cry ugly tears at least once per book from her writing. This emotional rom com tackled several serious topics and yet there was still a lightness thanks to Vanessa’s outlook on life and the humor interspersed by the author. It was a beautiful tribute to the beauty of life and living one’s life to the fullest as well as a testament to the messiness and irrationality that grief and loss in our lives.

Some books have the magical ability of healing a small piece of us and Life’s Too Short found that piece needing healing in me.

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Happy Pub Day to Life’s too Short and Abby Jimenez!

I wanted to start by thanking #netgalley and #foreverpublishing for providing me an advanced copy for my honest review.

I have loved the Friend Zone series thus far and this book has lived up to my high expectations. There is so much to love about this book and I love that its part of the same world but not directly connected like the first two.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️💫/5
What I loved:
👨‍👩‍👧 The family unit. I love a good story about family and this covers a lot of different kind of families.
🐶 Harry Puppins. Any book with a rescue animal is the perfect book for me.
🧑🏽‍⚕️Dealing with issues. There are a lot of mental/health issues that are discussed within this story and for me it added to the strength of each character.
🎥 Portrayal of “influencers”. Vanessa being an influencer is a large part of the story and I love how she chose to use her platform.
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Adrian and Vanessa’s Relationship. Throughout the story their relationship develops and it never feels forced.

I have one small nitpick and that is just the stubbornness of both Adrian and Vanessa. I understand it helped build some tension but goodness I just wanted to shake them sometimes 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you liked the first two books of the Friend Zone series, then I would absolutely recommend this book! Even if you haven’t read the other books in the series, there is enough delineation that it would be easy to pick up and not feel lost.

If you want a cute romance with babies, puppies, and some real life struggle then you need to read this book as soon as possible.

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Life’s Too Short is the third book in Abby’s Friend Zone series but I’d say is the one book you can read as a stand-alone. (You have to read The Friend Zone first to be introduced and get better idea of the situation in The Happy Ever After Playlist).
Abby quickly became an autobuy author for me and this one did not disappoint! It has everything we’ve come to love from her books - a bold female lead, a swoony male lead, a dog, and a meet cute. It will make you laugh and cry. But it also has so many of its own qualities that makes it stand out in its own. It’s a little friends to lovers with a dash of surprise baby. There’s an illness and a lack of communication about said illness. It’s romantic, fun, heartfelt, and even heart wrenching at times.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
I can’t wait to read what Abby writes next.

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The day I picked up The Friend Zone was probably the day I was at my smartest. Abby Jimenez has become one of my favourite authors, even though she causes me oh so much pain in her books. I just sit here crying over everything like the mess that I am. Vanessa is convinced her days are numbered (not without reason, it runs in her family) and she lives every day like it could be the last. She's been fine - the brunt of her stress comes from her family, but she is happy and vibrant and now the proud caretaker of her sister's unplanned child. One night, while at her wit's end, her hot neighbour swoops in, in the dead of night and calms her wailing niece. Thus beginning a wonderful relationship between two people who desperately needed the other, even though they're convinced they're strong enough without.

Now, let me say this - Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating is quite possibly one of my top 10 favourite books (it definitely is. Actually, I'd argue top 5). I have found very little that is similar to it but HERE I AM. Adrian and Vanessa were just :'). I don't have an emotion for it, my choice of emoticon paints the picture enough. She really tried to brighten his life up and my god, I loved watching him unravel. It's like he finally took a breath and relaxed when he met her.

Vanessa.... what a character. I just wanted to give her a hug. She had the weight of her entire life on her shoulders in so many different ways and watching Adrian help her without her even asking just.... :')


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What is there to say .. Abby writes some pretty amazing books. I loved this one and will be sharing with all my book friends. She is a must read author! She will have you laughing one minute and holding back tears the next. This book gave me all the feels!

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This third book by Abby Jimenez is her best yet! Somehow, her novels keep getting better and better. Abby Jimenez has a way with words that’s unlike any other author. The way that she can depict such deep topics in a light way that in no way diminishes the message is quite refreshing. This book had me laughing and crying, and I think I even learned a few things about living life while reading this book. Not bad for a beach read.

I was rooting for Adrian and Vanessa right from the moment they first laid eyes on each other. They’re exactly what the doctor ordered for each other. Adrian needs adventure, and Vanessa needs stability. They’re two halves of the same coin, and despite all their differences, they fit in with each other perfectly.

I cannot express enough how much I loved this book. The pacing is perfect. The characters are so well fleshed out, but it never felt like I was getting too much information. There are humorous parts and heartbreaking parts. Even the side characters are well developed, quirky, and lovable.

The novel opens with the definition of “Clickbait”. It seems odd to open this book with that definition, but I later realized that this is a theme of the novel. Without revealing spoilers, there’s a moment near the end of the book where this theme reached out from the book and smacked me in the head, and I realized just how incredibly intelligent this book truly is. In addition to the overall theme, each chapter opens with a “clickbait” headline, which fits in with how Vanessa is a YouTube star documenting her life. These headlines are clever and funny and tease about what’s to come in the upcoming chapter. I rarely enjoy quotes or other types of excerpts at the beginning of chapters because I find that they tend to distract from the narrative. In this case, they were brief enough and added to the humorous outlook of the entire novel that I loved them.

This is the third book in the Friend Zone series, and we do get a cameo of the couples from the first two books, including the return of some inside jokes that made me feel nostalgic. The end of the book features discussion questions for book clubs, though I would have liked to have seen them dig a little deeper, given that this book is a complex and thought-provoking read.

I recommend this book to those who don’t mind a few tears with their laughs, and for those who want to read a more profound romantic comedy.

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I read Abby Jimenez first in early 2020 with the first novel in this series and have been hooked ever since. Once I found out there was another novel, I immediately had to get my hands on it. Her novels are just a joy to read and I found myself not even a tiny bit worried that I would be disappointed by this one. In fact, I loved this novel! Originally, I was confused about how this story related to the other two in the series. Once details were revealed, then I had a few moments of revelation. Adrian Copeland, the leading man in this novel is the cousin of Josh from The Friend Zone , who shared that novel with Kristin. Adrian went on a date with Sloane, Kristin’s best friend, and leading lady in The Happy Ever After Playlist . The characters from the previous novels are not front-and-center in Life’s Too Short , but it was a happy reunion moment when they made a brief appearance!

Vanessa Price is a 28-year-old, YouTube ultra-famous travel vlogger. As the synopsis states, out of the blue she gets saddled with an infant to take care of after her step-sister, who is battling a drug/pill addiction drops her off one day and does not want her back. Vanessa’s career stalls and she has been in a bubble as she tries to figure out how she can manage to make money if she can’t travel around. Before any super main events in the story began, for me, this created an interesting tangent of thought. There are millions of influencers, who make their money either by looks, travel, or whatever else, but it makes you wonder what they will do with their lives if it all comes crashing down for any reason (age, illness, family, etc.) This was not a main plot in the story, but it did make me stop to think about what a contingency plan for an influencer actually looks like (if it even exists at all).

Adrian Copeland is a criminal defense attorney and also happens to be Vanessa’s neighbor. Their first official meeting occurs in the early hours of the morning when Grace, Vanessa’s infant niece, is screaming non-stop and Adrian goes over there to talk to her. It is a cute meeting as it was adorable how Adrian pretty much instantly feel for Vanessa and her “relaxed” appearance complete with baby vomit in her hair. They agree to become friends and soon both of their eyes are open to living life opposite of their own. Adrian’s life is very work-centric and he likes to be in control of situations around him for fear of things going wrong. Vanessa, having a 50/50 chance of inheriting a rapid progressive form of ALS that claimed the lives of multiple women in her family, lives life to the fullest and looks at every moment as if it’s the last.

Normally, I do not include quotes in my reviews, but this one stuck out and stayed with me as it rings very true for many people, myself included sometimes:

“You suffer from One Day Syndrome.” He wrinkled his brows. “What?”
“One Day Syndrome. You live your life like there’ll always be one day to do all the things you put off. One day you’ll take the trip. One day you’ll have the family. One day you’ll try the thing. You’re all work and not enough play. Money can’t make you happy unless you know what you want, Adrian. So what do you want?”

There are a lot of obstacles that get in the way to prevent you from living your dreams, whether they are big or small. Vanessa gets Adrian out of his shell and Adrian helps Vanessa grow as well. They banter with each other and have disagreements without officially being a couple for most of the novel. I loved their friendship and how they got to know each other. Adrian pretty much loved Vanessa from the moment he saw her and would do anything she asked. He has his own issues that he is going through, so it was nice that Vanessa was there to support him just like he was there for hers.

Vanessa is a fantastic character and you hope you never have to be in her shoes with ALS on the brain at all times. From talking to other people about this novel, I realized I was in the minority for three issues I had with her. There is a misunderstanding at one point between Vanessa and Adrian that makes things awkward between them. Vanessa chooses to ignore talking about it as she assumes Adrian will move on. For me, it seemed very out of character for her seize every moment type attitude. She also is an advocate for seeking outside help (rehab, therapy, counseling, etc.), but it did not add up why she never went for any of her own demons (she has her health, her family, and her general well-being). My last one is not an actual issue with the character, but more I could not understand, no matter how much I thought about, her reasoning behind not wanting to go through testing to rule out other illnesses. I am in full support of not seeking experimental treatment, if that’s her choice, but, for me, the moment I know a disease is hereditary and I have the resources to take every test imaginable to rule it out, then I would take the short time to be poked and prodded. If my diagnosis comes back positive for another disease, then I have a course of action. If my diagnosis comes back negative inconclusive or negative, then I know I at least know and can life my life from there.

Even though I have some parts of Vanessa’s character I did not agree with, I still loved the way she was written and I fully understand how her and Adrian make a great couple. She goes through a ton of growth in this novel and it was heart-warming to be on the journey with her. The novel is told from both Vanessa and Adrian’s point of views, which was great to see what was going through their heads at any point in time. Usually with duel-point of view stories, the two characters are on equal footing with playing the main roles in the story. In this one, I felt that Vanessa was the star and Adrian was a very close second as a lot of the reader’s thoughts are centered on Vanessa’s journey compared to Adrian – at least that was how it was in my reading. Abby Jimenez has created another fantastic tale that completing captivates you from the first sentence. I felt compelled to continue reading it and felt bad for putting it down because it was so entertaining. I absolutely cannot wait for another addition to this series or anything else that Abby writes!

**I want to give a special thank you to Netgalley and the publisher, Forever, for a review copy of this enjoyable novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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Life's Too Short was my first book by Abby Jimenez and it certainly will NOT be my last! I really enjoyed this one. What I appreciated the most was the awareness Abby brought to ALS and how it affects family/individuals. At times it was hard reading Vanessa's way of thinking because everything she did each and every day was essentially in a way leading her to her endgame which she assumed was dying at a young age. Adrian was such a dream and my heart exploded at the end when he finds Vanessa on the beach and tells her what he did. The way that this couple supported each other through all the ups and downs in daily life all while one was living with ALS showed how strong they were as individuals and together. I highly recommend this book!

TW: Grief, Death, Mental Health

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