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I love this series...but there was just something missing here.  . I enjoyed the fact that the heroine was bad-ass like Cyn.  For the first half of the story Layla acted like a child with a broken heart which she blamed on Xavier, she started as an idiot who kept the grudge for something that for me was very honorable, but she got better during the story...
However, they were hardly together since most of the story was happening in the daylight hours but he second half definitely picks up but there was just something missing in the relationship for me. Xavier, for all his macho-vampire-lord attitude, was stupid sometimes which we don't usually find too much in DBR's other heros.  Yes, it makes him more human but ummm...I want a vamp...As you can see very mixed feelings about this novel...with that said a 3.5 stars is what I will give book and look forward to the next one.
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Xavier is the head vampire in Spain, and when his fortress is attacked by a sorcerer his head human commander brings in his daughter Layla to help, as he has health issues. Another great read, but a fun author in a wonderful series. Highly recommend this one and others in the series, although can be read alone. If you like paranormal romance, check this one out.
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The synopsis drew me in but the actual story itself lacked attention span. I believe there is WAY too much detail in this novel and could have used less. Caught myself skimming a bunch to get to the dialogue and plot between Layla and Xander.

Layla is a powerhouse of a woman. She’s feisty and never backs down... which I did love! Her and Xander, once the story showcased their chemistry was off the hook intense and blazing.

The concept of this story was good and held the climax, story together... but again... too much fluff between the lines.
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Having never read a book by D.D. Reynolds', but hearing wonderful things about this Author,I  was excited to read this. 
I enjoyed the book and the authors writing style.
The characters were well developed and the story kept me turning the pages. I look forward to reading the rest of this Author's books.

"I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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I usually adore these books, but this one kinda annoyed me from the beginning.

It's slightly squicky that the female love interest is someone that grew up in Xavier's Fortalesa and that he rejected in her teenage years. Just makes him out to be the creepy uncle later. So, for the first time, I pretty much skipped the sexy times in the book.

I stuck with this just to see if there's anything necessary for the story arc, which there doesn't really seem to be. I just can't see Xavier being Raphael's equal to hold/unite those countries.

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I  had mixed feelings on this one. It had some good moments and at other times it seemed pretty slow.
It had good main characters and great world building. At times, it felt like things got caught up too much in the history/past.
There definitely is a strong emotional, and sexual connection between Layla and Xavier.
Layla also has a strong group of team members that she has led after she left Spain. They have been through war in many different places. It developed over time until she became their leader in their own specialized force. They definitely have been their for each other through thick and thin.
However, there were times that it seems like it was slow before there is any action. It did have the quality that you never knew when or how the attacks would happen, so there was that.
Things do get taken care of, along with some sexual scenes, a bit of a twist about the bad guy and a H.E.A.

"I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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The novel "Xavier" was the first book of the "Vampires in Europe" I read although I know some of the "Vampires in America" and "Stone Warriors" series. I really like D.D. Reynolds' writing style. The vivid desciptions and colorful characters make every novel enjoyable and exciting. Furthermore, you don't have to know previous novels in order to understand the books. Therefore I can really recommend reading "Xavier".
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Xavier is the latest in the “Vampires in America” series and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book as I have seen quite a few mixed reviews with this one and even though I have so much love for this author especially in her portrayal of the ‘myths’ of vampire lore and really adds the perfect touch of spooky that I love to look for in my vampire romances. And to be real, the first few chapters are SLOW going so even though I received this book as an ARC, I was highly tempted to DNF it and I hardly if ever have to do that with ARC’s as I am picky with what I grab up when offered. But surprise …..surprise, this book ended up being a page turner and really grabbing my attention and I am normally not a fan of this level of angst between a pairing but it WORKED??!! LOL And I loved the wonderful thrilling ride this pair takes me on and if you love vampires than you definitely need to grab this one up here.

Our story of Xavier …well starts with our hero named Xavier and we see his beginnings in becoming the lord over Spain. And the amounts of power that he holds and the way in which he was able to secure it and in much the same way we have seen previous vampires and I found him most similar to Rafael to be honest. He had very similar power vibes at least in my feel of it. And then we are taken to current time where Xavier is having problems within his territory, there are attacks happening to his people and he needs to bring someone in that can take care of the situation and start an investigation ….there is one person he would trust this delicate situation to….his mate and the woman he has yet to claim and hurt years previous. Layla fell in love with Xavier when she was only nineteen and when she made her move on him, he rejected her in a most painful way and ever since she has stayed as far from his and his ‘territory’ as possible despite the fact that her parents work for him and are his faithful servants even though human. She has dedicated her life to the military and private sector until now. She is drawn into Xavier’s life when her father has medical issues, and Layla is going to have to face her feelings for Xavier, which she has kept deeply hidden until ….now.

Xavier is a never ending thrilling romance that kept me on my toes from the suspense plot points to the actual romance….I found this story to give me the “curl my toes” from head to feet and I wanted to just be in this book forever because there is a tone by which D.B. Reynolds sets her books and you just crave more and more of it. And you end up falling so hard and fast for her stories as they are slightly addictive in many respects and I found this to hold true within Xavier. First off lets talk the suspense plot points…I really was intrigued by this because this is the first time I have seen magic elements. Our villain is an evil sorcerer and from my memory from the series this is the FIRST time I have witnessed this and I have a feeling we are going to see a shift within the series to mix up magic with vampires and I am all down for it.

Now onto the actual romance between Xavier and Layla. Boy these two and their sexual tension is OFF THE CHARTS in all the best of ways. We do get to see a flashback to when Layla was rejected and this “rejection” was the only thing I was disappointed by in that this wasn’t really delved into further except the beginning, I felt like it wasn’t fully resolved. But maybe that is just my personal perspective or I missed it ?? somehow? Not sure but I never felt these two really never focused much on that when that is the reason they had been separated for so long. Now other than that particular aspect I truly fell in love these two and seeing them learning to overcome the past and see how good they were together. They have both such strong personalities and really fit so well together.

Overall I found Xavier to be a stimulating and action packed thrilling romance that keeps one on their toes and unsuspecting plot twists to keep one on a delicious edge from beginning to end…..SUPERB
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I received this book via Net Galley and have agreed to leave an honest opinion.

Lord Xavier is the Lord Vampire of Spain Although he was devastated by the death of his Sire, the former Lord, he knew this title was meant for him. Xavier wanted all, vampires and humans, to live in peace and over several centuries he did just that at the Fortelisa, his and their home.

Layla grew up at the Fortelisa and was always in love with Xavier. One night, when she was 19, she actually staged a come on with Xavier and he turned her away. Humiliated, she soon went off the college and then joined the military. After the military she formed an elite team, highly trained and worked all over the world. What she doesn't know is that Xavier always knew she was his mate but needed to wait until she was ready, matured.

Bad things are happening at the Fortelisa now. They are being attacked during the day, when the vampires sleep. Layla's father is Commander and this battling is wearing their soldiers down. Layla's father is also having very serious heart issues also but he won't seek out treatment with what is going on. The only person who he knows can help is Layla and he reaches out to her.

Can Layla keep the Fortelisa and it's occupants safe? What will she feel when seeing Xavier again, and he her?

I have read several of the books from this series and really enjoyed this story! I love this author's Vampire characters! They are super alpha, very dangerous and treasure their women. Of course the women are strong, they would have to be to deal with an alpha vampire!

I would recommend this book if you like vampires!
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Xavier is an exhilarating whirlwind that is sure to leave you breathless and happy. This story will quickly enthrall and compell you to savor every second of it. There is more then enough excitement, anticipation, and heat to keep you coming back until the end. Nothing grips my attention as completely as a fantastic story about the paranormal.

Layla left her home after a brutal rejection. She needed to prove that she was and could be more then she was perceived. When the unthinkable happened and her father asked for her help at home, she had no choice but to return. Xavier couldn't be more pleased to have Layla home, but he knows he will have to work hard to overcome their past. Working with Layla is both exhilarating and brutal because he wants her more then ever. As they work to uncover an evil force that is threatening to tear her community apart, can she learn to trust Xavier again, or will their past continue to haunt and threaten their future?

Layla and Xavier were such a beautifully complex couple. I very much enjoyed watching them work through the pain of their past in order to save their present and rewrite their future. Xavier's choice in the past was devastating, but it helped to shape Layle into the woman she became. The woman he always wanted, and the one who would forever stand by his side.

D. B. Reynolds is a fabulous author who elegantly destroyed my heart and then meticulously put it back together. What a wonderful journey that tore at my heart and made it stronger on the other side! I can't wait to read more from this fantastic series!!
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D.B. Reynolds continues her seductive Vampires in America series with Xavier, lord of Spain, and the woman who captured his heart long before she became a woman.

Layla Casales, daughter of Lord Xavier’s daylight military commander, fell in love with Xavier long before she knew what love truly meant. After his rejection though, left Spain to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue her own military career. A decade later though, her father needs her help. Thinking she’s over her teenage infatuation, she returns only to find out that her desire for him has grown.

Centuries ago Xavier Prospero Flores battled to become the vampire ruler of Spain. Since then, he’s worked to create a true community where humans and vampires not just coexist but protect each other. He’s proud of what he’s accomplished and has only regretted the too young and innocent Layla. But having his family threatened has brought her back and given him the opportunity to make her his once and for all. They need to survive first though.

Having Lord Rapahel ruling the American vampires, D. B. Reynolds has now moved her riveting vampire series to Europe. With an exquisite Mediterranean backdrop, Barcelona is her next stop where we get to meet the self-assured and assertive Lord Xavier who recognized Layla’s soul as his mate long before she was ready to be his.

In his wisdom Xavier pushes her to leave, to explore the world and perhaps even to find a human mate. But when it’s humans who start threatening his community’s safety and she returns to help, he’ll do anything to keep her. Layla was perfect for him, now that she’s older she’s become tough with a no nonsense attitude. My only comment on her character development isthat even though she spent some time living in the U.S. I felt her character came off a too American though.

I loved getting to know new characters and liked that Xavier is following Raphael’s plans for vampire lords to help one another which opens the door to more European hotties. But mostly I enjoyed the love between Xavier and Layla.

Xavier is book #14 in the Vampires in America series by D.B. Reynolds. This is a standalone full length paranormal romance novel, told from several points of view.
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book

xavier is under attack but the felones keep disappearing and cant be traced...and for a vampire that is bad...he has some suspicions but not a lot to go on with evidence....

layla is the c.o of her company, mercenaries, a band of men and women she has put together to go into places and sort out what needed...but first 

her parents they work for xavier and long ago she left his compound and hadnt been back but her parents needed her as her fathers health was failing 

not a bad storyline....i do like how this authors writes and her flow of characters cant wait for the next book
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There was good and bad with this one. The good was that FINALLY the story wasn't the same thing with different characters again. Xavier is already a Lord and doesn't have to fight for it. Instead he has a completely different enemy to deal with. And just as good was the fact that the female lead, Layla, was not some beautiful rich idiot taking on the world in goddamn high heel shoes. She could not care less about what shoes she had on or even what she was wearing. How refreshing for this series!! The bad though, was that I just couldn't really get into the story. Despite how very happy I was to finally be reading something new here, it all just wasn't terribly exciting to me.

While we do start off with a brief few chapters of how Xavier became a lord, it was nice to not have that be the focus of a book for once. He rules Spain and has pretty much created a walled city to protect his people. Both human and vampire. Layla grew up in this city and was around Xavier for much of her life because her father leads his human army. Since she was a small child she knew that her and Xavier were meant to be together, so when she officially became an adult, she tried to seduce him. Let's just say that was an epic failure. A failure that sent Layla fleeing. Xavier refused her advances because he didn't want to tie her down without her even having a chance to see more of the world, but he also felt that the two of them were meant to be. So when Layla leaves, he keeps tabs on her and what's she up to. Just waiting for her to come home.

It's her father's health that finally does it. She's come to take over for him while he goes for some procedures. Her time away she has mostly spent doing some sort of military work, which makes her a good fit to lead these people in her father's stead. It's actually quite tame work compared to what she's used to. She's determined to do her job and as soon as her father is better, get the hell away from there. She refuses to let Xavier break her heart again. Too bad he's not going to let her go this time.

Xavier's enemy is a sorcerer that his sire had turned. Unfortunately, when he was turned he not only lost all of his power as a sorcerer, but was such a weak vampire that he was hardly able to be detected or even do anything really. Shocking that the guy became suuuuuper angry over that fact. Now he's practically brainwashed a whole bunch of people into thinking he's some sort of savior out to cleanse the world of evil. IE: vampires. It's bad enough when they continuously attack the fort, but then they go and kidnap the children on their way to school. Fortunately, but this time Layla is already there and her team has also just showed up. And they know exactly what to do to save the children. Xavier knows who his enemy is and after doing some recon, he decided to attack first. Too bad it was a trap. Layla and her team definitely are coming in handy now. I really did like how Layla wasn't just some pretty face playing at being a badass. She was a believably good fighter/leader who knew what had to be done and did it.

The ending of this didn't really seem to be a conclusion to me with the bad guy just running away. Is this a thing for evil sorcerers? But Xavier and Layla get their happy ending, and these two worked together for me.
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Xavier, the 14th book in the Vampires in America series was a good and enjoyable read, but I really missed Raphael and Cyn in this book. I enjoyed the fact that the heroine was bad-ass like Cyn. As much as I enjoyed this book I felt like something was missing. I'm not sure what, but it was a bit off for me. Maybe it was because it didn't tie into the other American vampire lords working on a world alliance plot that has been going on for many books now or maybe it was that I didn't totally love Xavier. Whatever it was it made this book a good read but not a 5 star one.

Xavier was a hard one for me to warm up to. He was powerful, and loyal to those he cared for, but he was a bit too cocky for me. He came off pompous at times. I did like him and I liked how good he was to Layla, her family, and the little community he created but his arrogance was a turn off.

Layla was great. She was smart, tough, and was a no nonsense kind of woman. I like that she could not only take care of herself but Xavier as well. They made a cute couple I just wished they would of had a bit more time together for relationship building.

This book had all new characters. Which is good and bad. It's good that it can be read as a standalone. But it's bad because it feels out of sync with the series. I would have liked at least a phone call to Raphael to tie it into the series. I did really like Brian and Kerry from Layla's team. I liked that Brian loved Layla, but wasn't in love with her. He didn't step over the line and disrespect Xavier and Layla's relationship at all, and he was brave. I liked Chuy and Layla's parents too. I wish we would have got to see Layla's parents finding out that Layla and Xavier got mated. I was dying to know how her dad would have taken the news. The bad guy in this book was a bit of a wimp. The plot moved nicely and I was never bored. Overall a good book in the series but not one of my favorites.
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I really enjoyed this story. I have not read the previous books in this series but I did not feel that I missed anything important; this book can be read as a standalone. This book had a good introduction of characters, with the backstory you can understand Layla and Xavier better, especially their shared history. The progression of Layla and Xavier's relationship felt natural until a certain point in the book where its like Layla's feelings for Xavier switch and and she's over all her issues with him and their past.

One of my biggest pet peeves in novel is conflicting facts, and this book has a couple. There are a few instances where Layla's dreams as a child are brought up, normally this is great as it gives us further insight into a character, but in this instance there are conflicting stories. The question is: did she want to be a history professor as a child or a soldier? Also, Layla mentions how her parents are old fashioned and wouldn't approve of her sleeping with Xavier before marriage and how they would want to know about them being together, so to not offend her father,  But as soon as Layla's parents left it was if they were forgotten and their opinion didn't matter anymore. This bothered me.

Overall this was a great read and I particularly enjoyed the authors take on vampire society.
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Although Lynsay Sands has ruined me for most vampire stories (her stories are just too awesome), I really liked D.B. Reynolds Stone Warriors series (Gabriel and Dragan). So, I also tried some of her Vampires in America (Lucifer) and Vampires in Europe (Lachlan) books, because the characters also feature in the Stone Warriors books. When I saw the next one in the Vampires in Europe series, I requested the arc, because D.B. Reynolds keeps me intrigued. 
In this book we go to Spain, where Xavier is the Vampire Lord. He has been suffering some attacks at his Fortalesa for some time now. Since his day guard mortal captain, senor Casales, is not getting any younger, he asks his daughter Leyla to come back from her mission in France to help him. Leyla has lived her whole life in the Fortalesa. But when she fell in love with Lord Xavier and he broke her heart at nineteen, she has left Spain foregood. Until her father asks her to come home, because he is ill and he can't defend the Fortalesa any longer on his own. 
Leyla agrees to come home to help her father with the attacks. But after that, she is determined to leave again. But Xavier isn't going to let Leyla walk away for a second time. At nineteen, she was too young to be bound to him for eternity. But now, he will not let her slip away. However, first they have to find out who is behind the attacks and why. Because even the children in the Fortalesa are a target now and that is not something that Xavier will tolerate. To find the culprit will mean that Xavier and Leyla must agree on the way to operate. But Leyla is as stubborn as Xavier. How can they find a modus operandi when sparks are flying and hot tempers are clashing. Find out for yourself in this spirited read. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Xavier is Book 14 in D.B Reynolds Vampires in America. I've read the earlier books and I enjoyed them tremendously, so when I received the ARC from NetGalley, I was very much looking forward to read this. First off, the cover is really horrible. There's just something wrong with the symmetry of the model's face to the body, like it was a bad copy & paste work.

Unfortunately, I don't think this book is as good as the earlier ones. I did enjoy reading it but I just don't feel as invested. I think the relationship between Xavier and Layla was too simplified, if I can use that term. I feel that Layla's issue of how she felt Xavier treated her when she was younger was just glossed over. It felt just swept under the carpet.

Having written all the above, I still am looking forward to the next book in this series. Thanks NetGalley for the copy.
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Layla's heart was broken by Xavier years before but now she's come home because of her father and wants to keep things all business with Xavier. 

Xavier had thought Layla was too young and innocent for him when he broke her heart and turned her away years ago. Things have changed now and he wants her but she isn't willing to let him hurt her again. 

I didn't like Xavier at all at first because of the way he treated Layla but I thought he would become a little better as the book went on. Frankly, I was wrong, he's not a likable person at all and makes no excuses for the way he initially treated her which I really thought was wrong of him. 

Xavier finds himself the new lord of Spain when his sire is killed by an old enemy they had thought was no danger to them. Layla comes back because her father, Xavier's military commander is really sick and she feels like she needs to be there for him. While she's been gone she has made a name for herself and trained to be a fighter and has an elite mercenary unit that Xavier needs to help keep his enemies away. The enemies are human led by the same person that killed his sire so he might well be in some real danger. The fact that Xavier is in real danger is the only reason that Layla agree's to help find and kill his enemies. 

There was a betrayal that happened while Xavier and Layla were trying to bring down the bad guys and while I understood why Xavier was mad, I thought that his punishment of the person who betrayed him was extreme. I mean the person had a good reason and he tried to make it right in the end. It was just one more reason that I couldn't like Xavier throughout this book. I tried to like Layla and Xavier as a couple but for me they just never clicked at all. Sure they ended up getting close and she forgave the way he treated her when she was younger and the sex was hot, but I couldn't see them as a couple. I really didn't think that they belonged together. Maybe it's because I didn't like Xavier at all and thought she could do better, I'm not sure. It's hard to enjoy a book when you don't like all of the characters. 

Disclosure: I was given an eARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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An enjoyable read, Xavier has a strong heroine and a formidable Vampire male in Layla and Xavier. I liked this story; however, I was surprised to find a contradiction in the story as the author is normally very consistent with the rues she has created for her world. In saying that will I read more most definitely will I recommend yes as overall although not one of my favourites and lacking the Raphael touch it was still a good overall read and addition to this series
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Well well well, I honestly didn’t think D.B. could top Cyn and Rafael, This story was amazing, her heartache at an age where we are just becoming a woman, was something I felt in my soul. I loved her humor and badassness and Xavier was much more captivating then I anticipated. Super sexy HOT! Loved every page!
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