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Unfortunately, this book was not for me. You really have to want to delve into the machinations of memory, and I could just not get myself to finish this book. DNF
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I am a fan of Lisa Genova's novels, especially her first, 'Still Alice'. I am also a clinical neuropsychologist, so am always interested in books for the lay person on neuropsychological disorders and understanding them as well as living with them.  Given her story-telling skills and her passion and expertise in the areas of memory and disorders that damage our ability to remember, it is of no surprise that Genova succeeds in explaining complex memory mechanisms and what we can do to minimalize forgetting and enhance recall. Her every day examples also serve to calm our sometimes exaggerated fears that we have a memory disorder, when in fact, what we are experiencing is  normal aging.
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I am a huge fan of Lisa's novels. This non-fiction did not disappoint. Her other books always left me wanting to learn more. Remember satisfies that itch for knowledge. I recommend this book to everyone that steps in our store.
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This is a general book on memory, looking at general brain function in that area. It covers how your memory tends to work, and why it doesn’t, such as when you don’t pay close attention to something, you aren’t likely going to remember it. 

The book also goes over a few ways to keep your brain healthy, and how to optimize memory, using tricks such as a “memory palace” which is a word association with images. Genova also covers Alzheimer’s, very briefly, as well as ways to help prevent the effects as we age. Although research is still ongoing, following these actions such as: getting enough sleep (7-9 hour per night), eating healthy and getting aerobic exercise will always be good advice.
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DNF at 20%. Couldn’t keep my interest. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Enjoyable, relatable, and interesting book about memory and Alzheimer's. I loved Genova's Still Alice, so wanted to try this out. As someone who took college psychology courses and read similar books, some of the basic content was just that...basic. What made this different was how relatable she made it using instances from her life and her family and friends. As someone who generally forgets names, she gave some tips to improve, explained the different areas of the brain, and set my mind at ease.
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5 Unforgettable stars, rounded up
Lisa Genova explains the science of memory in clear, easy to understand terms. Remember is organized, conversational and personal. Readers from teens to eighties can relate and find something personal and helpful in it. Genova makes excellent analogies to enable remembering and make the well-researched information digestible. Each section is summed up to consolidate memories, as well as an outstanding appendix summation at the end. 

As an educator and someone interested in how the brain learns, I knew quite a bit of this information. But I am glad I read it in this book. It consolidated information in a usable/ retrievable format. Genova is very reassuring about things we can do to prevent Alzheimer’s and to be kind to ourselves with memory slip-ups. 

Highly recommended for worriers, educators, students, and anyone who want to understand memories and retrieval better. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Lisa Genova has a unique gift for weaving complex— and fascinating— neurological information into a readable and relatable narrative, and her latest book is no different. Although her previous books that I’ve enjoyed (Still Alive and Left Neglected) were fiction based in reality, this nonfiction work is still a very readable (and memorable) format.

My Mom is currently living with a neurodegenerative disease so I was anxious this book could be triggering— instead it was oddly comforting, and a needed reminder that that anxiety could do as much harm as any genetic inheritance might. I also learned quite a few things: emotion, surprise, attention, removing distractions and creating meaning are better memory boosters than crosswords and wine; each time we retrieve a memory, we also alter it; and having a highly superior autobiographical memory might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Oh, and those tip of the tongue moments we experience every day are completely normal and using your smartphone to augment your own devices is totally fine, too. Now stop scrolling Goodreads and get 7-9 hours of sleep.

My thanks to Netgalley, Lisa Genova and Harmony Books for the digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Lisa Genova's novels.  I have read all of them. She has a degree in Biopsychology and a PhD in Neuroscience.  Her novels portray people living with neurological diseases and disorders - such as Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, autism, Huntington's disease, and ALS. They are are extensively researched and beautifully written. With intense accuracy, she takes us into the minds and realities of people living with these afflictions and conditions.  All are excellent reads.  Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting is her first non fiction book.  She explains in lay terms the mysteries of human memory. It is a fascinating, reader-friendly journey into brain science.  She explains the different types of memory and the different parts of the brain that is involved in memory.  She clarifies the difference between "normal" forgetfulness and memory lost that could be problematic.    She opens our eyes on just how flawed our memories can be - allowing us to learn not to always defend our memories as the only truth but to be more open to others memories and points of views.  She also gives hints on ways that could help one improve your memory.  It is an amazing book to help us understand how our memory works.  She adds an appendix with all those helpful hints complied to improve our memories.  
The author herself, Lisa Genova, narrates the audio version.  She has a lyrical voice and does an excellent job in the narration.  Recommended to anyone who is interested in "The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting"
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Many years ago I read the book 'Being Alice' and was spellbound by the story and ber masterful writing. It has stayed in my heart all this time. So it was a no-brainer for me to request this book and I am thankful to NetGalley and the publisher for granting my wish! 

Lisa Genova delves into how memories are made and how we retrieve them. You'll learn whether forgotten memories are temporarily inaccessible or erased forever and why some memories are built to exist for only a few seconds, while others can last a lifetime. A fascinating exploration of the intricacies of why we remember, how we forget and how we develop memories. 

I found it very important to learn about Alzheimers through this book and share it with people around me. Her message was very clear and beautiful - forgetting is not a disease, it is just being human. Highly recommend!!
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I read and enjoyed Still Alice by Genova, but did not realize that she is a neuroscientist by training.  This is a non-fiction book with a lot of fascinating information about how we form memories, why we forget things, and how we change memories by taking them out and examining them.  She starts by reassuring us that many of our fears about impending dementia are unfounded, so that was great!  Then she goes into detail about the way our brain works in the formation of memories, both short-term and long-term.  However, never fear, this is not a book written in technicalities, but a very accessible and easy to understand exposition.  She gives a few tips about how to move short term memories into long term, and what does and doesn’t work in preventing memory loss.  Overall, a very interesting and worthwhile read.
Thanks to Harmony and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What a wonderful and thought-provoking book about memory! Obviously, Lisa Genova is no stranger to writing about memory--and loosing it--but this was a popular non-fiction look at memory overall, and I particularly found the sections about what you can and can't do to help your memory very helpful! It had a lor of interesting things to say about the very nature of memory itself.

Obviously, the world is in the middle of a pandemic, and our perception of time and our memory (short term and possibly long term) has definitely been affected just from stress alone! Remember is a fantastic and very in demand title,and I suspect that demand will last a long time. Very highly recommended for all nonfiction secfions, as general reader demand is and will remain very high.
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"Remember" is a much more enjoyable read than one may imagine because of the personal anecdotes and the way the author brings the readers in by basically addressing us as if we are in her presence.  Genova found ways to make me even more curious about how memory works, when it works, and why it doesn't work at other times.  Now when I forgot a detail, I don't fret, or at least as much.  I also mumble more coherently when I'm out and about, deliberately trying to focus on small details so I have a better chance of recall.  Interesting book!
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Super fascinating!! I love the science of our brains and how little we truly know about how they function. Loved this book!
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You may know Lisa Genova from one of my favorite books, Still Alice. This year Lisa Genova takes a break from fiction to get into the science of memory and help to ease fears for those of us who tend to be forgetful. 

When you reach a certain age, you can't help but be terrified about the lapses in memories that happen. Like forgetting where you parked your car or your spouse's birthday. In Remember, Lisa Genova reassures us that these examples are a perfectly normal part of aging.  In fact, most of the things you don't remember are because you weren't paying attention, or it is so routine there was nothing memorable about it. It takes 30 seconds for something to store in your hippocampus. If you don't take that 30 seconds to look at the row number where you parked your car, you will never remember it. 

As a neuroscientist, Lisa Genova uses some big words, but as a layperson, it is easy to follow along. She offers great, practical advice to help you with not only improving your memory but preventing Alzheimer's. For example, she is a proponent of using a to-do list. She equates it with wearing glasses. If you need help to see the print in a newspaper or reading a street sign, don't you get glasses? So why wouldn't you use a to-do list to help you remember to pick up the dry cleaning? I am a HUGE fan of to-do lists and would be a flaky employee and wife without them. Other tips include, pay attention, get enough sleep, get enough Vitamin D, and get enough exercise. It all seems simple, but it adds up. 

Bottom Line - My husband and I took a road trip for the long Easter weekend and were hanging onto every word that Lisa Genova uttered in her audiobook. We would often pause the book to discuss points, talking about our own thoughts and fears. It made for a delightful reading experience and helped to ease our concerns about our own aging memories. 

Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting by Lisa Genova
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Publication Date: 3/23/2021
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When’s the last time you struggled to retrieve someone’s name in a conversation? You know it, but can't recall it...

If you experience this kind of thing from time to time, relax. The “tip of the tongue” experience is perfectly normal.


Lisa Genova is a neuroscientist, as well as a skilled storyteller and fantastic explainer. She combines those skills beautifully in Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting.

She clearly explains how memories are formed, and the different types of long-term memories (what we remember happening, facts and knowledge, plans, and muscle memory). She also offers practical suggestions for improving memory.

The book describes the differences between the normal effects of aging and Alzheimer’s disease—information that is both comforting and enlightening.

I’ve read plenty of books about learning, memory, and Alzheimer’s, but none that explain it as simply and clearly as this one. Oh, and it’s well written and engaging.

It’s earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf, to refer back to … in case I forget the details.
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This book teaches us the science of memory and for people middle-aged that are stressed and overwhelmed and somehow thinking that they are losing their minds- it's great to learn that memory is affected by many outside factors like emotions, sleeping habits, stress, and the world around us.
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Lisa Genova's REMEMBER is an engrossing book that made me feel like I'd had a multi-appointment, deep-dive conversation with my medical specialist about memory. I found it fitting that I read the final pages while sitting my doctor's waiting room. 

I don't know if anyone goes through life without knowing and loving someone who gets Alzheimer's or dementia. Or who worries about navigating those potential realities themselves. I highly recommend this book for everyone. I only just finished it yesterday, and I've already told several people that they need to read it. In this book, Genova combines practical tips with examples, studies, and personal stories that make for the kind of read that's both academically enriching while also being enjoyable and interesting. 

She address the normal "forgetting" that occurs with our memories, at what point we should be worried, and provides lists (I love lists of actionable items!) of things we can do NOW to help our brains thrive. She also gives practical tips on how to strengthen your memory-keeping skills and potentially stave off the effects of Alzheimer's as long as possible. That said, I loved, most of all, her compassionate and hopeful insight for what it DOES and DOESN'T mean to have Alzheimer's--this idea that memory is both a big deal, and not a big deal at all.

My favorite thing is that at the end, acknowledging that our memories are faulty, she repeats the main ideas of every chapter in a paragraph, and she was right... there were already things I'd forgotten! There were so many things I high-lighted to come back to.

Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book!
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I have loved all of Lisa Genova’s books and was very excited to read this non fiction book about memory. I learned so many things from her easy going style and found myself sharing tidbits with friends in casual conversation. I especially love to reference TOT now. I find that happening more and more. A great read for those who like accessible scientific non fiction. 

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Remember is a nonfiction book about the science of memory and why we forget. If you are like me and you wonder if you are losing it or just getting older, this book may put your mind at ease. It is short and to the point but with the humour and clear concise writing I love in Lisa Genova’s novels as well. She has some funny and relatable examples of how her memory fails her at times too.

Available in bookstores on March 23/21.
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