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Piper Green and the Fairy Tree

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This is a wonderful audio book. The narrator was fabulous and gave the story life with the different character voices. I listened to this with the 5 year old boy that I nanny. We split it into 3 parts and it kept his attention the entire time. He could identify with Piper missing her older brother because he misses his older sister when she goes to school each day while he stays home. This book helped us have a great conversation about how he feels when she leaves for school.
Piper is a enchanting character that I look forward to getting to know better throughout the series. 
I am grateful to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to listen to an ARC of this fun book in exchange for a honest review.
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Very cute children's book, it teaches the lessons of individuality, independence, and kindness. The narration was well done and I think this book would appeal very much to the intended age group.
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Piper Green and the Fairy Tree, written by Ellen Potter, Illustrated by Qin Leng, Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

Piper Green is a spunky & quirky girl who lives with her parents on Peek-a-Boo Island off the coast of Maine where school only goes up to 8th grade. Highschool is on the mainland and her brother has just recently left to boarding school. 

Piper is dealing with missing her brother in the only way she knows how. She wears his green earmuffs all day long, everyday,  even when she gets in trouble with her new 2nd grade teacher. After the 1st day, Piper decides she doesn't want to go to school anymore and discovers a fairy tree that provides a little magic in turn for a gift.

My 3rd grader and twin 1st graders absolutely loved the audiobook. This is the first time my twins were completely engrossed in the story and they all giggled the entire time. This is because narrator Tavia Gilbert is excellent! She gives voice to a funny, spunky little kid and all the supporting characters. After the audiobook finished, one of my kids said "I loved that story soooo much! I want to read the books!”

So that's what we did! We checked out all 4 books from the library. 

Thank you Netgalley, Live Oak Media, Publisher Spotlight Audio for the audiobook!
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My daughter is seven and enjoyed this audiobook. She returned to it a few times, it took her three chunks to finish it. 

So it was a good length for her, not so long that she lost interest or forgot parts of the story or who characters were, but not so short that it felt too "baby" to her (she is getting into longer and longer stories now).

She liked the narrator and said their voice was very nice for the story, and "fit Piper very well".
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I listened to this audiobook with my nine year old daughter. Together we wrote a mother- daughter review: 

We think  it is a funny book! It reminds me of Pipi Longstockings with similar funny names for people and places. 
Piper doesn’t want to go to second grade anymore! Her teacher will not let her wear her very special monkey earmuffs from her brother Eric. Piper doesn’t want to take off her monkey earmuffs for anyone or anything! So she decides to hide in a special tree, the fairy tree, where she finds a face peering back up at her... a fuzzy kitten! The fairy tree’s rule is you take a treasure you leave a treasure. That’s how the fairy tree works. So for the box of kittens Piper leaves her monkey earmuffs, her special treasure. In the end Piper get to see her brother again and names the kittens after her favorite monkey earmuffs. 

We enjoyed our time with Piper on Peek-a-Boo Island!
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Island Life & Missing a Family Member

Audiobook Review:
I was surprised at how enchanted I was by this book. First, I really enjoyed the narrator. She sounded very childlike herself but was able to give both the adult and child characters different and appropriate voices. Second, I thought the setting was great because it was so unusual. Piper lives on a remote island with her family—except her older brother who has newly had to go to the mainland for school—and the author does a superb job showing how life is very different in such a place. The book is just a sliver of life, the first days of the new school year. Piper is expecting it to go well, but she clashes with the new teacher on several fronts, the main one because she does not want to give up wearing her older brother's earmuffs, even at school. I found it sweet and touching that she wanted to keep that little piece of her brother with her always, even though it appeared they had the typical sibling squabbles. As an audiobook, this is a relatively quick listen, under an hour, but it feeds the imagination as it takes you to an unusual place, depicting a life that few live, but shows struggles relatable and understandable by kids anywhere.
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My five year daughter was able to give me 45 mins of quiet while she listened to this audiobook and played with slime!! I heard some laughter and saw lots of facial responses to what was going on in the story! She wanted to know if there was another one - highly recommend!!
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Thank you NetGalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review! 

This was really cute, I would have loved this as a child!
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Piper is a little girl who lives in Peek-a-boo island with her parents and two brothers and the story begins with her older brother leaving for the mainland, since he is now in middle school and their little island doesn't have that type of school.

However, before he leaves, he gives her his favourite pair of earmuffs to remember him by.
And from that day on, she wears them all the time, even in her sleep.

In school tho, her new teacher, isn't happy to see her wearing them in class, so she complains to her parents. That results to her disliking her teacher and not wanting to go back to school, which she does the very next day.

She skips school and hides up on a tall tree, where she watches her fellow islanders going on with their lives.
Suddenly she hears, what she believes to be, the tree crying.

An old lady that happened to walk by with her dog, helps her discover what was making all that noise, and to their surprise, they found two kittens trapped inside of it.

Piper, having instantly fallen in love with them and rightfully so, decides to adopt them. But the lady tell her that the tree they were found in, is a fairy tree. Meaning that, when it gives you a treasure (in this case, the kittens) you have to give it back another treasure.
And that's where Piper decides to part with her earmuffs.

The story ends with her at school, reminiscing about how much she loves her older brother and two new pets.

It is a fun and heartwarming story, I'll give it that.
And I'd like to read the sequels too. I feel kind of bad that I read this as an audiobook instead of an ebook or a physical book, because I feel like I've missed out on the pretty illustrations.

Now, on the things I didn't like, I feel like the plot was all over the place and maybe a little bit weak. Plus, I feel like it kicked near the end of the story.

Anyway, I think I will wrap up my review right here, because I think I don't have anything else to say.
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Piper Green and the Fairy Tree is a wonderful short chapter book perfect for mid-elementary age students.  It is funny and relatable.   This audiobook version presents the story well--the narrator is enjoyable to listen to and keeps the story moving right along!
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The narrator is delightful and Piper is a wonderfully developed character that has a great 2nd grade voice.
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I loved this really cute book. And I guess it took me just a day to finish it. It was such a sweet story and it was wonderfully narrated. Loved it. I guess, it is not just for kids, but I would recommend it for every age group and anyone could read this anytime.
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This was a cute chapter book for children, especially for elementary grades. The story was interesting to follow, but I somehow expected it to be more entertaining or to find lessons children could learn from it.
I listened to the audiobook, which was captivating!
Thank you, Netgalley and Ellen Potter, for providing me with a copy.
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Buy Piper Green and the Fairy Tree for all young readers with confidence

I admire children's book authors for their ability to climb into the mindset of a child and relate an important life-lesson to them with words and images that burn happy memories into their brains forever.
Piper Green and the Fairy Tree written by Ellen Potter and illustrated by Qin Leng is an early-readers chapter book released on audio by Live Oak Media in September 2020. It is narrated by Tavia Gilber, who does a charming job bringing the voice of young Piper to life.
Piper Green is starting second grade. She lives on an island, rides a ferryboat to school, has a special shield to ward off irritating boys, and thinks her new teacher has glorious wavy blonde princess hair.
Piper thinks second grade is going to be the best year ever, even though it's the first year her beloved big brother has moved away from home and into a boarding school dormitory.
But when Piper arrives on her first day of school and learns her princess teacher wants her to remove the monkey ear muffs her big brother just gave her, Piper realizes second grade is going to be the worst year of her life.
This darling early-reader chapter book is a fabulous find for school and home, libraries and even listening to on audio while riding in the car with mom or dad.
Potter does a wonderful job executing this touching story of a little girl, her big brother, and the lesson of relinquishing something very special.
My eight-year-old granddaughter and seven-year-old grandson would love this book, which they would blaze through during reading time or after school. Both young readers would have no trouble relating to Piper or her story in this touching tale.
Let me throw in one personal note, reader:
From the time our three girls could sit in our laps, my husband and I shared our love for imagination and story.  Our weekly visits to the public library's storytime were an invaluable contribution to their lives. Our girls grew to be well-spoken, well-read adults, blessed to offer the world an enhanced version of themselves.
Books like Piper Green and the Fairy Tree truly need to be in every child's hands, whether it is physical, digital,  or filling their young ears with love and wonder while listening to audio in the car. Children need to be exposed to story at their level in a way that they are enabled to enjoy the whimsey and melody of childhood and fall in love with a lifetime of reading.
My true and intense desire is to see stories by this author, and many others, form the backbone of happy memories for your children and grandchildren for many years to come. Piper Green, and her series of chapter books will most certainly contribute to my dream.
Happy are those who respect the Lord and obey him. You will enjoy what you work for, and you will be blessed with good things. Psalm 128: 1-2
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Piper Green and the Fairy Tree is book one of a wonderful new series for primary readers.  There is a hint of magic at the fairy tree and Piper Green is introduced to this magic in such a mysterious way. On day two of second grade, Piper fails to show up for school. She gets into a heap of trouble and is lucky to have the fairy tree to help her out! 

The audio version, storytold by Tavia Gilbert, is sheer delight!  Tavia's voice is enthusiastic and enticing - listeners will be rooting for Piper in every situation! Children will surely want to hear this story over and over again.

Three things you should know about Piper:
1. She just might tell you what she thinks of you.
2. She lives in a close knit community!
3. She is adventuresome.

All of this makes for a fun-loving series of chapter books!
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Well, this was a delightful book to listen to while working in the library at school!  
I'm excited to introduce my students to Piper Green! 
She lives on an island in Maine, rides a lobster boat to school, loves her monkey earmuffs, AND has a fairy tree in her front yard!  Oh, and did I mention she sometimes struggles with keeping her thoughts to herself?  Hello Junie B. meets Judy Moody, I can totally see both of those characters in Piper!  
I listened to the audio version of this book thanks to NetGalley! It was a quick book to listen to and would be great to use in grades 2-4.  I could also see some advanced first graders reading this book and really enjoying the story.  The only downfall was not being able to see the illustrations, as a librarian, I missed that part, but would highly recommend this book.  
I'm excited to see what happens in the next book, too!
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Super cute. My daughter and I really enjoyed spending time together listening to this. It was narrated very well, and the story and characters were captivating!
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Enjoy listening to this funny story. Piper the 2nd grader who is obsessed with her earmuffs and lives on Peek-a-boo Island.  It's a great early chapter book for lower elementary kids.
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This is a delightful beginning readers chapter book!

I loved Piper. She is a charming character and very open about her thoughts and feelings. She is dealing with a difficult change at home. No one seems to understand though. I thoroughly enjoyed how she learned to adjust to it.

The narrator did a wonderful job. The wide variety of voices she used really made the story come to life. I am amazed that she not only changed from men to women, but also from adults to children.

I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the publisher, through NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All of the opinions expressed are my own.
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This audiobook was truly delightful. We listened to it in the car as a family and we are overjoyed to know that there are other books to enjoy in this series!!!

This book is great for the younger middle-grade crowd, but my 9 year old did enjoy it too. I think it would be especially fitting for ages 5-7 though as a read aloud or audiobook. 

Piper Green is a spunky child who comes into school one day to discover a new teacher - and not a teacher she loves. She then finds out there is a fairy tree in her front yard and long story short, she comes to understand her new teacher and new life a bit better with the help of the tree. There is a cute message in this book and it was a quick read/listen.
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