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Richards, an accomplished thriller writer, first introduced her "hit woman" in a short story titled "Hitting Back" (2011). The themes of 'good and evil' and redemption stayed with Richards. Ten years later, she published Endings, the first of a series that will feature the female assassin.
This compelling novel, told in first person present tense dumps the reader into the killers world. Bit by bit her mindset emerges. The protagonist, a living example of complicated grief, reveals her pain to the reader by not allowing pain to be part of her current life.

Then a twist. A serial killer of children becomes a media sensation. How will this evil compare to the evil found in contact killing? How does suffering motivate both news outlets --if it bleeds it leads --
and those who are compelled by inner demons. Readers are challenged to find the answers along with our protagonist.

This was a novel that I could not put down. Happily the author is continuing assassin's story.
Exit Strategy is scheduled to be released in May 2022

Very highly recommended.
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A female assassin?!

I wanted to read that. 

I usually don’t read books about assassins but this one caught my eye!
I thought to myself why not?

It was quite a fun ride. It did have moral questions which could make us think about what we would do in these situations as humans mostly as females. 

I enjoyed it and would highly recommend
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3. 4

A normal day-to-day woman suddenly becomes a hired woman killer. The description immediately got my attention. I was entertained most of the time because reading a woman in that industry is not common in stories. There was also a lot of reflection about society, For example, how media use fear, police brutality, and more. Which are all relevant subjects but you are not expecting that in a thriller. I think people that don't know that information might get into the book expecting something different. Like a story where the protagonist is truly evil which is not the case. As much as I was surprised by the society critiques in this novel., I did think it brought humanity to the protagonist. 

I wouldn't personally label this book as a mystery or thriller. I think it's far more a darker adventure story since some of the clues are found by using spiritual methods. For me, the minute that supernatural elements are in a story it's not a mystery. It's the easy way out that authors usually use when they are struggling with moving the plot. In addition, there is a discovery journey so I would label this book as more adventurous than mysterious. 

Overall, it's a story with an intriguing female lead, society critiques, and a story that I found more adventurous than suspenseful. 

Thank you, NetGalley, Oceanview Publishing, and Linda L Richards for the arc.
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I adored this book! Yes, it's about a female assassin paid to kill (and she's un-named so it's harder to get into her psyche. But that's the point. But when she discovers a serial killer has been kidnapping and killing young children, she is determined to help; and after all, who but a killer could track down another? That's all the plot you get, but know that it's not just about killing or vengeance; it's also about redemption that might bring a tear or two to your eye. I was riveted and can't wait to read more by Richards!
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I really enjoyed reading this book, this was my first read from Ms. Richards and it won't be the last. The characters were great and I enjoyed the mystery that was set up in this book.
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Our protagonist, who is never named, is at her husband’s hospital bedside when she overhears a conversation where a couple is looking for a hitman. After suffering devastating personal loses, our protagonist takes the job, and a female assassin is born. Endings is an unusual, engrossing story, less about the acts than about the emotions and moral implications of the assassin, especially when she gets involved in the hunt for a serial killer. Definitely a different type of thriller, and I loved how the story was told. If you look past the implausibility of it all, there’s quite a story here, and worth a look. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A young woman has a wonderful life; wonderful house, job, young son and husband but a house fire robs her of everything.  In the hospital as her husband is dying of his injuries she overhears a couple talking about how a crooked agent has taken all their money and perhaps their only recourse is to have him murdered.  Our tragic heroine thinks she has nothing to lose by volunteering to do this for them and finds that not only can she do it but she's quite good at it.  Whilst living a nomadic life on the road she decides to become a contract killer full time.  Is there any way back to reality and normality from here?
Its a most unusual plot idea.  Its well written and will keep you  engaged -   a good read.
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Really enjoyed the woman for hire aspect of the novel.  Stayed engaged with the cat and mouse chase throughout the novel.  The somewhat reluctant. human emotions of the killer for hire kept me rooting for her. 

Thank you NetGalley for this arc
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This was such a unique and interesting premise. I went into this story thinking of one way, when it actually turned out to go in a totally different direction. I really enjoyed the way this story was formatted and detailed. It was very well written.
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.Definitely an unusual premise for a book - - a woman hired killer!  We never know her name or much about her except that she describes herself as looking 'average'.  It's interesting that with no more information than this about her appearance, she comes across as very real and 'normal'.  Except for the hired killer part!!  As preposterous as that sounds, it seems perfectly normal while reading the book.

the first part of the book was compelling but then I actually lost a bit of interest in the middle - only to get the interest back in the last 1/3 of the book.  The puppy humanized her and I have to admit I worried more about the puppy's fate than the woman's.

I love mysteries of any kind and this one is different enough to be really enjoyable.
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What does it take for a nice person to kill for money?
“Endings” by Linda L. Richards is unique because of its structure in the first person-present tense. Descriptions set the tone of the narrative and pull readers into the midst of the action. What does it take for a nice person, like the narrator, to kill a person, multiple people even? Readers soon find out. Step by step events unfold; no warning is given.  “Not much, anyway. Just before I plug three silenced shots into his chest.” 
She once was someone’s wife and someone’s mother, but now things are different. She is different. Now she is someone “nice” people contact when they need someone killed.  As soon as she first killed for money, everything fell into place like dominoes tumbling into each other in an orderly fashion. Then things change dramatically; there is a job that is not a job. Jobs come and go; jobs are completed, over, finished. This is an obsession, and once she commits to something, she follows it through to the end.
There are no spoilers in this review, which is a difficult task. The narrative is compelling, addictive, gut wrenching and teeth grinding.  Her life once was orderly, organized and focused; then suddenly it is not. I will just say that she keeps the puppy. Plan your time wisely when you start reading, because once you start you will not be able to put this book down.  I received a review copy of “Endings” from Linda L. Richards, and Oceanview Publishing. I read it in one day.
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one area of concern is this must have a violence disclaimer in the front of the book .
This is one of the best thrillers I have every read. It a strong protagnist that is unlike any other and embarks on a life path that is unique to her skills she builds over time. You will both loath and understand her. This is a page turner that kept me reading into the night as she uses her personal skills to stop a killer and redeem herself . 

Needs to  have a disclaimer about violence in the front. 3 stars due to graphic unnecessary violence ..
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3.5 rounded up
Interesting storyline and great protagonist.  I liked the mysterioudness. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book
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Endings, was both a great character study and thriller. A middle aged wife and mother loses her family in a horrific fire. Unbelievably, she becomes a killer for hire for a shady dark web company. Some how, this once ordinary wife and mother teaches herself to be an effective gun for hire. She discovers that a twisted psychopathic kidnapper and pedophile has killed thirteen young children and makes it her mission to use her special skills to track him down and kill him. Although much of her success in capturing the killer seemed improbable, the story held my attention and kept me swiping to the last page.
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I tried to read this, but gave up about 1/4 of the way through.  It was definitely a DNF for me.  I would still read more by the author.  However, I just didn't connect with this story.

2/5 Stars
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Endings is a book about a woman whose life was upended due to the death of her child and eventually her husband . An accidentally overheard conversation in the hospital leads our protagonist down the road of becoming a hitwoman (farfetched, I know). But willing to go along with the idea of how this starts, the reader has expectations of where it will go. And unfortunately, it went no where. The writing is so sparse with character development being almost nonexistent which I suppose as a hitwoman you'd want to live on the edge of existence. But it doesn't work for this reader. I can't empathize with her loss due to her life choices. She eventually hears about a serial killer that sounds worse than she is and determines to bring him to justice. Like all good thrillers the bad guy never just dies the first time around. Which was a shame as it just prolonged the book. Eventually, the hunt for the serial killer that was of lesser value than our hitwoman, leads her to self-discovery of forgiveness. 
Thank you to Oceanview Publishing and NetGalley for offering an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book is about love , loss and murder. 
The story is about a women who loses her son and husband . She has to work out what she going to next which leads to her being a hit lady and than she stumble across a serial killer who kills children. Who she goes to try hunt down. You may find it upsetting in places. The story was easy to reading and it was good read.
Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.
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Thank you Netgalley and Oceanview Publishing for the eARC.
I enjoyed this read, I finished it in one day and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wasn't too keen on the middle part when she's hunting the serial killer.  I'm tired of the serial killer angle.  That said, the protagonist is a hit woman...I guess she's a serial killer too.  But I liked her, I even empathized with her.  After her young son was killed in a fire and her husband eventually died of his injuries, she's dead inside with grief and broke.  She stumbles into a deal with a couple where for $10,000 she has to kill a man who owes the couple  a lot of money. She ends up being a paid assassin for a shadowy group who pays her in Bitcoin.  This took a lot of research on her part; she has never used a gun, doesn't know how to get one, let alone shoot one and it takes a long time for her to learn everything involved in her new career, among others - how to open a Bitcoin account.
We never know her name or how she looks, but that doesn't matter, because we live in her head and get to know her very well...and I really liked and admired her.  After taking the puppy after another hit I decided I wanted this to be a series - her going after cruel and nasty characters to make the world a safer place appeals to me: an female avenging angel and her trusty dog what's not to like!?
Well written and a good plot; a book I definitely recommend
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Not so long ago a discovered Oceanview Publishers on NetGalley and this is the third book from them that I have read. Well, all I can say is that Oceanview Publishing appears to be my ideal. All three books I have read have simply been fantastic! Endings is no exception.
At the beginning of the book, there is a letter to the reader from Oceanview Publishers CEO – Bob Gussin - in his letter he says that he would love to meet the protagonist in this book – I am right there with you! This leading lady is a woman I would love to share some time with.
What would drive you to kill someone for money? Endings explores that question. But more than that, the book looks at the various endings we face during life. The author digs deep into the emotions caused by the loss of family and brings us a character that reflects a little piece of all of us.
The author created a protagonist who is never named, a woman who we never really see while at the same time managing to share her feelings and emotions so clearly that you find yourself deeply invested in this character. Endings is a creative, realistic work of fiction that will leave you looking inside yourself.
She had a perfect life, a husband, a son she adored, a job and a lovely home – when all that is suddenly taken away life seems to lose all meaning. She accidentally overhears a conversation and soon she finds herself drawn into a world where she is a professional hitman. Her life becomes a series of missions, with few questions asked. Until a news story touches her heart and she decides to take on a serial killer….. can she find this monster and if she does can she kill him. Can she kill someone of her choosing? Can she be judge and executioner?
This book simply wowed me. While to story is harsh, dealing with murder for hire, the author added a deeply emotional side to the tale. Humanising a killer and showing you the inside of her mind. The protagonist is a normal, middle-aged woman – someone very much like myself.  While reading this book I constantly wondered what I would do if I found myself in her situation. Scary!
The is no doubt I simply fell in love with this protagonist despite never really seeing her. All the author gives you about her leading lady is that she is a middle-aged woman. She doesn’t have a name and you are never given any kind of a description of what she looks like. At the same time, you are inside her head and left experiencing her emotions and feelings. The author did an absolutely marvellous job with the character. 
I did not expect to end up loving a murderer for hire, however, this woman turned out to be someone I could relate to. I simply loved this book and think the author did a truly fantastic job creating a “bad guy” who was actually a “good guy”. 
Endings is not your typical thriller story, it looks at murder very differently. This book will have thriller fans raving!
If you enjoy a thriller – please get your hands on a copy of this book. It is a fantastic read that will leave your head spinning! I guarantee this book will have you missing out on some sleep.
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Her child died in the fire that destroyed their home. Her husband finally succumbed to his injuries and now she was alone. She overhears a couple who are in need of a contract killer and decides to help them. She’s never killed anyone, but takes the steps to purchase a weapon and learn how to kill. She becomes quite good at it until she meets her next target. He is a charming man and she can’t understand who would want to kill him. They become lovers and I was hoping for a different outcome at this point, but… When she learns about a man who has been abducting and killing young children, he is now her unpaid target. Will she find him before he can kill again? The summary sounded interesting, but I found it sad and rather depressing and was glad to make it to the end. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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