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I struggled with the beginning of this book and ended up DNF'ing! It was slow to start and I just couldn't get into the characters, even though I found Chloe's family super engaging.
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The beginning of a family series with a family that is not what you expect. From all sorts of different backgrounds, the Wynchesters are a mottled group of orphans adopted by a baron and saved from lives in danger or crime. And they take over the story as their 'leader' Chloe tried to steal back an important painting but kidnaps a duke instead. 
And it's a duke who needs to marry a wealthy woman to save his lands and undo the mistakes his father made. 

There's a lot of wit/humorous bits in this story, Actually it's a light-hearted humorous romance that will make you smile!
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I was excited when I saw this was going to be a heist, but perhaps the heist component was slightly oversold. Nevertheless, I absolutely fell in love with the Wynchester family and I'm so excited to see each of the siblings get there wacky love stories in this series. I enjoyed the romance between Lawrence and Chloe, but feel like there could have been a bit more groveling from Lawrence towards the end. All in all, this book was both sweet and funny and definitely has me looking forward to the coming books! I'm extra excited that the next book is a F/F romance between Philippa and Tommy!!!
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I am a  big fan of Romance books and I found this one to be a very enjoyable read.  I will be looking for more books from this author.
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Unfortunately, I ended up dnf'ing this one.  The premise was just not one I could buy into and it ended up not working for me.
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I love trying out new-to-me historical romance authors more than any other genre.  Maybe that’s because I somehow generally end up liking what I read.  And that was the case with THE DUKE HEIST.

I admit I’ve had my eye on Erica Ridley’s books for some time but never took the plunge until I saw this beautiful cover. I just couldn’t resist it. Even though the writing style is goos, this book does have a bit of a slow start. But I was intrigued by the premise.

The heroine comes from a family that is not seen kindly by society. She’s decided to cozy up to our hero, a duke with no money looking to marry someone and trade title for fortune, because his family stole a painting from her family and she wants to steal it back.

As you can see, both of them have their issues and their relationship shouldn’t work on paper.  But as they get to know each other and let their guards and façade down, I thought they were just perfect for each other.

The romance certainly has more of a slow burn quality and for me the pacing was a little affected by that.

In the end, THE DUKE HEIST is a light hearted and fun romance. It’s also left me incredibly intrigued to see the books about the rest of the Wynchester siblings because I just know they’ll be a lot of fun.
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I am a big fan of Erica's books and this new series, The Wild Wynchesters, looks to be a wonderful addition.`  I enjoyed reading Chloe's story and can't wait for the other siblings' stories. 
Thank you Erica Ridley, Forever (Grand Central Publishing) and NetGalley for allowing me an advance copy for my honest feedback.
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Many thanks to the publisher Forever and Netgalley for an e-arc of the book. Even though this book was kindly gifted all thoughts and opinions are my own. This was a fun and fabulous tale. The romance was swoon-worthy and adorable. But what made this so enjoyable was the entire family of the Wynchesters. They were an adorable unit of mismatched siblings. All adopted by a Baron many years before this story take place. They truly are the heart and soul of the novel. I enjoyed the heist part of the story. Cannot wait for the 2nd book later in the year.

If you enjoyed the Bridgertons by Julia Quinn, then I highly recommend this series.
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The Duke Heist is a wonderful start to a new series. The book moved slow at times, but that felt necessary in order to set up background and establish world building for the series. I loved the plot and characters.
. This was a new spin on opposites attract that included a con that ended up ensnaring both the Duke and Miss Wynchester. Looking forward to the next book in the series!
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This is by far my favorite Erica Ridley book! I love the Wynchesters and cannot to read more of the siblings. This was a really sweet Cinderella story and very believable from mischievous siblings to a duke who cannot forsake his duty. 
Dislikes -At times I will admit that I found Lawrence to be a bit too stuffy with his nose too high and lofty and after he slights Chloe over and over, I really did not think she would give him the time of day. Another part I found disturbing was his fixation on money, especially when he finds out about Chloe and her inheritance. 
Likes- The great aunt character was a hoot! Strong female lead, sibling love, sweet romance. Strong writing, great story line, memorable characters. 
Cannot wait for more from the Wynchesters! I highly recommend this novel. 
I received an advance copy in exchange for a review.
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Chloe Wynchester is an orphan adopted into a family of orphans. Their "father" Bean gathered each orphan and created a family taking care of them even after his death. The only thing missing was a portrait that the whole family considered as their own. The only problem was that the last Duke of Faircliffe had taken their portrait and refused to return it. Now that he is dead, the new Duke is looking for a bride to save him from losing everything.
Chloe manages to be an invisible person. She's so unnoticeable that people don't even remember her. Until she meets the Duke, he actually sees her. The only problem is that she is trying to get the family painting back
These two are not the usual historical romance characters and so they add a nice change of pace to the story.
I received an advanced copy of this book.
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I really loved the interactions between the Wynchester siblings.  Their madcap adventures were a joy to read.   But given their background of being orphans, I was surprised they didn’t have more to do with orphanages once they came into their inheritance. I liked Chloe’s strength of character although her lack of self worth got a little trying.  Lawrence was your typical stuck up elitist who had a secret longing for love and family.  While I liked his character, he did say some things to Chloe that, for me, were quite hurtful.  Chloe did forgive him but too quickly in my opinion.  I always like a torturous suspense to the HEA.
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I've loved Erica's stories for a while now, but I think this one definitely is one of her best ever (if not the best)! It had witty banter, sweet romance, great characters, and a bit of adventure. The characters especially Chloe were great and I enjoyed their story a lot! They were entertaining and the banter was great. Chloe and Lawrence's romance was steamy but sweet and swoon-worthy. They were both interesting characters and they both improved as the story went on. The overall premise and plot had romance but also adventure. Chloe's family added some adventure, as they tried to get their stolen painting back. I loved how Erica combined romance and humor and adventure to make a great story! This is a must-read HR and I can't wait for more! 

*Reading the prequel "The Governess Gambit" helped me understand a bit more of the story, but this book is a stand-alone.
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*4.5 stars*

I've been reading Erica Ridley for years, but The Duke Heist is next-level. I'm THRILLED to see what this series has to offer.

Erica Ridley usually writes sweet, low-steam romances, so it was exciting for me to find out that The Duke Heist was a longer, fast-pace whirlwind with plenty of steam. First of all, can we talk about Chloe's family?? I adored the motley band of multi-racial, talented adopted former orphans who are upending high society. They kept me on my toes and made me want to read everything and anything about them (and we are getting a F/F book next in the series- I CAN HARDLY BREATHE).

Lawrence was very interesting too, and I connected with him and his struggles immediately. I think he made a number of missteps, especially towards the end, but I liked his sweet and romantic relationship with Chloe and his love of children and pets. He was cool on the outside and melty on the inside, just how I like them.

I think the book's only flaws are in the way that Erica Ridley resolves conflicts too easily. This is something I've noticed in a lot of her books in the past, and it made everything feel a bit rushed in the end as well in this book. However, it still didn't dampen my enthusiasm for this lively, exciting story.

The Duke Heist is an exciting start to what is shaping up to be an excellent historical romance series. Book two can't come fast enough.
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I was immediately drawn to this Regency romance thanks to its fun synopsis - a fun band of siblings, scheming to get a piece of art back and it goes wrong. And I did end up enjoying those elements of the story, particularly the focus on a found family in the Wynchesters - they were all so unique and entertaining in their own ways. However, it ended up falling a bit flat for me. I found the beginning to be a bit slow and some things felt a bit muddled, like there was too much I was trying to keep up with; that got a bit better as it went on and fell into more of a groove. Another element that I really enjoyed was that both Chloe and Lawrence were wanting to be more than what people judged them as, but also wanted to be free to be themselves, and they helped each other accomplish that. Overall, I thought it was a quick fun story, but it was just okay for me in the end.

Thanks to the publisher for the gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I Loved It! The Wynchester family is a group of six orphans adopted by Baron Vanderbean (aka Bean) and they help those in need. In the prequel, The Governess Gambit, a painting is stolen and a promise is made to retrieve the painting. Chloe and her siblings, The Wild Wynchesters, decide to steal back the painting and so starts this lighthearted romp. "Great-Aunt Wynchester" said the most hilarious and outlandish things that you can't help but laugh over her grumblings. The Duke Heist is well-written and heartwarming with each and every character well developed, you feel every emotion that they are feeling throughout their story and each and everyone of them are head-strong individuals who become embedded in your heart, with witty banter and one zany plot. The Wild Wynchesters will bring laughter, tears, secrets to be told, twist and turns, intense emotions from despair and grief to love and sweet ecstasy but most importantly...the meaning of what family love means and the strength to face overwhelming odds together. Erica Ridley has a way of making you fall in love with her characters and she leaves you waiting for the next in the series!
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This was my first ER read and now I am delightedly planning to dive into her blacklist. This was a fantastic read. It gave me Ocean's movie meets Umbrella Academy feelings, minus the terrible father and the super powers. An eccentric group of adopted siblings ruffling feathers throughout the ton with inappropriateness and disreputable hijinks. Goooood times.

Chloe was a girl after my own heart in her longing to be seen but forcing people to come to her (she's almost certainly an Enneagram 4, by the way) and then I am a puddle for any uptight hero trying to be proper and failing because LOVE. Highly recommend!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I surprisingly have never read an Erica Ridley and wow what a regret! This book was awesome and I really enjoyed the whole Wynchester dynamic! Can't wait to read the next one!

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review.
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I really think the reason why I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to is because I ended up having so much hope for this book.

Honestly, the start didn't catch me. It was pretty much talking and planning- although that's the point of the story is to plan on something- but the plot really bored me to the point I just wished this was shorter.

The pacing wasn't really that fast and at the same time the writing on this book isn't to my liking.

Like I said above, I felt that the plot was being stretch far too much just for the sake of making it longer and the same time to work on the romance of the leads which isn't working for me.


The only good thing this book had is the Wynchester siblings. I love them all. I was pretty much attach to each one of them and really want to be part of there loving, smart and talented family.

As for the leads, Chloe and Lawrence, I was able to see their chemistry, however, I really was not fond of it.


This was pretty much a good read. I'm looking forward for Tommy and Philippa's book. 3.5 ⭐
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Chloe is determined to get back the painting that was stolen from her family. The person who currently has it, has plans to give it away. The family comes up with a plan to get it back, but they didn't count on Chloe abducting a duke in the process.

Lawrence can't believe that his carriage has been hijacked by a woman. Could she be trying to compromise him into marriage? She claims that she isn't and he gives her a promise of helping her become noticed amongst the ton so she can marry someone other than him.

But the more time they spend together, the harder each of them is falling. Lawrence needs money to save his estate and Chloe has no dowry. Chloe never had plans to marry. Are they willing to sacrifice to find an everlasting love?

I adored Chloe and Lawrence's story!! I really enjoyed meeting Chloe in The Governess Gambit and couldn't wait to see her get the HEA she deserved. Ridley did not disappoint! I just loved watching these two together!

The Wynchester clan is wonderful and I'm excited for this series! I can't wait for the next book, The Perks of Loving a Wallflower, which stars Chloe's sister Thomasia!
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