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Black Ghost, Book 1

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I do not dislike this book, I just think it could have ended a lot sooner. Over 400 pages for what I felt could have been said and done in at least 100 less. I enjoyed the very short chapters. Jumping from one scene to another was fun and helped to keep those 400 pages moving. I am going to give this book a 3 star review, I would give 3.5, but that is not an option and I am not willing to round to 4. 
Again, it is a good book, but too wordy for me for the story.
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This is a book of action and it's pretty good, it's exciting, I love the pacement of the book and it's very interesting if you like the action
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Fast-paced action and adventure that's a thrill a minute. Short chapters move this along with dangerous intensity as a government plot has billionaires dying and several deadly assassins on the loose. Bic is an interesting character as the assassin known as the Black Ghost. He is torments him by his past but he does have a few redeeming qualities. As the bodies stack up, the rookie FBI agents, Mack and Caroline, are on the job and growing closer. A good pairing at work and with a budding romantic relationship. I must confess...I was enthralled by psycho assassin Gabriel. The deadly assassin was a marvel of efficiency when surrounded and that scene in his house was the bomb. Loads of dead bodies, tons of ammunition, treachery on several levels, and a crazy conspiracy makes this an exciting read. I didn't really like the supernatural element in the ending but the other wrap ups were fantastic. I liked the writing and the characters in this thriller and look forward to more from the talented author.
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Thrilling, fast paced and suspenseful, I was on the edge of my seat eager to discover what was going to happen next. Each chapter added another layer of complexity and mystery to this action driven story making it a real page turner.
A hired assassin finds himself in a quandary with a new case. 
I enjoyed this story so much and all the build up and suspense was just a tease to the grand finale.
I cannot wait to see what else is in store with this new author!
4.5 stars!
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What a fantastic debut.
I am completely blown away and so glad I took a chance on a new author. 
With characters and plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you'll be unable to lock away.
The plot especially will have your jaw drop with the audacity of some characters, and then later on twists thrown in that you won't see coming. 
Definitely recommend and I can't wait to read the next in series.
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This story is amazing! Bic Green is a hired assassin. We see glimpses into his past as we get to know him and see what makes him tick. This story has a very intricate plot and is loaded with action and suspense. Government conspiracy, assassinations, and even a little romance make up this complex story. Each new chapter throws you for a loop and it is fantastic! One thing is for sure, trust no one! I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen in this series. 

Dark Ghost is filled with high energy, lots of action and suspense, a great deal of twists, and keeps you on your toes until the last page!
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I loved this book with all its action. Bic Green is a high profile Assassin, surprisingly with a heart. He just wants to help his niece. I couldn’t stop reading.
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WOW, great start to the series. 
Can a hired killer actually have a conscious?  Bic Green is hired to assassinate the ten wealthiest citizens in America.  To help ease his guilt, he funnels money into his Goddaughter's cancer research.  He plans each kill precisely, as he always does.  And, everything goes smoothly, until two rookie cops are assigned a wire tap detail.  While listening in on boring conversations, they stumble across a clue.  Going against orders, they investigate and stumble into something larger than they expected.  
The story was full of action and suspense.  Looking forward to Book 2.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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