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Kelly Jamieson’s new hockey romance series adds another sweet and pleasant chapter to its fold with You Had Me at Hockey.

Josh – Hellsy - Heller gets the news dropped on him out of the blue; he’s being traded from the Dallas Stars to the New York Bears, replacing a recently-resigned member of the Bears’ team.  He struggles with the move - which clashes with his low-key, excitement-avoiding nature - and with his new environment, plus he has to deal with an old teammate, someone he he hasn’t spoken to since they were both involved with a bad accident as kids.  He’s booked on a new hot podcast to make himself visible to the Bears’ fans.  But doing the podcast brings a beautiful woman into his life, and things just might be changing for the better.

Sara Carrington  - host of the Cooking with Sara Youtube Channel – is a social media starlet with a finger in every proverbial pie, from Tik-Tok to Instagram, where she is a known influencer.  Goofy, spontaneous, cheerful and outgoing, she overshares with her fans about everything from her zits to her status as an adult virgin.  She’s launching a new podcast, and lands Josh as a guest.  She doesn’t expect to fall for his dry wit or sexy ways.

Sara becomes determined to bring a little joy into Josh’s life, and Josh - scarred by a near-death experience in a bus accident that claimed the lives of multiple friends when he was a teenager  – is drawn to her sunniness in spite of himself.  They become friends, then sex buddies when Sara decides to lose her virginity to him. But when Sara tries to reconcile  Josh with a teammate he hasn’t spoken to in years, conflict arises.  Can they salvage their romance from the ashes?

You Had me at Hockey is a pleasant affair with two decent people falling in love and dealing with their imperfections.

Sara is bouncy and bubbly and not ready to change for anyone, but she feels inadequate – too much, too strange, too weird.  This keeps the tension between her and Josh flowing properly.

Josh, meanwhile, is organized and resolute and comforted by routine after his accident, and he’s never really addressed why that is.  He’s not unlikable, and often he tends to make the reader smile with his gruffness and teasing nature.

The book handles the complexities of its plot well – Josh’s brutal PTSD in particular is excellently dealt with.  As always, Jamieson know her hockey and knows how to bring a game to perfect life, though this is a romance that is rather less focused on the game than some of her others.

I’m only downgrading this a bit for the insta-love between the leads.  They move in together at far too rapid a pace, and perhaps the book could have let their feelings percolate for a little longer.

Otherwise, You Had Me at Hockey is a sweet and simple – and simply enjoyable – romance.

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Sara is a famous blogger and YouTuber. She is spontaneous and vibrant and full of excitement. She isn’t exactly looking for love, but it walks in the door for a live interview. Josh Heller plans and controls everything in his life. Except being traded and having his life turned upside down. But he meets Sara. They hit it off and things get out of control for both of them really quickly. Despite obstacles and defense, can they see that often times opposites do attract. Even if a little healing and peace have to be acquired for it to happen.
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I loved Sara and Josh. I thought her career was so interesting. I wished we knew more of her background. She had such a cool job but lacked a bit of esteem. She's cool. I still enjoyed her personality.

I remember a hockey accident up in Canada awhile ago. So tragic. Kelly makes a story that explains how tragic events can effect people in so many ways.... especially the survivors. It is handled well and tied the hockey into it.
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Josh Heller was in a horrible accident when he was a teenager.  The bus carrying his Hockey team crashed, he was severely injured and many other players died or were injured.  While he recovered physically, emotionally, he still carries scars.  Since his injury, he has to have everything orderly and planned.  He is traded from the Dallas Hockey team to New York, which puts him in a state of anxiety.  As a new member of the team, he has to do the publicity rounds, which includes a podcast interview with a YouTube influencer, Sara.  Where Josh likes plans, Sara is spontaneous, yet they have an undeniable chemistry.  Their road to a happily ever after hits a few bumps, mainly due to Josh’s unresolved issues from his crash.  This was definitely a fun Hockey romance.  While this is a part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest opinion.
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Sara and Josh were great. I enjoyed this story and all that came with it. There was a sorted past with his old friend Easton. Interesting what not communicating and putting it all out there can do to your self confidence and how much it impacts your life. In this book, it ties to Must Love Dogs, but can be read as a stand alone, you just get a little back story on Josh if you have read this book too. Josh is traded to a new team in a new city and it comes with so much change so quickly. He does not like change, he is a planner..... how one interview with a up and coming YouTube influencer can change his life. He is not sure if this is a good thing or not, but can't stop going back for more. 

Sara, who is taking life one day at a time and trying to figure things out is a little more than Josh can handle, in all of the right ways. Will her live everyday to the fullest be too much for him? or is it exactly what he needs in his life?
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Schöner Liebesroman, der mir ein Lächeln auf die Lippen gezaubert hat

Ach das zweite Buch in der Bears Hockey - Reihe hat sich als sehr schöner Liebesroman herausgestellt. 

Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Josh, einem Eishockey-Spieler, und Sara, einer Influencerin, hat mich gleich von der ersten Begegnung an in den Bann ziehen können. Die Chemie zwischen den beiden stimmte sofort und es war schön zu sehen, wie die beiden ihre Gespräche und generell die Zeit miteinander genossen haben. 

Es war zudem schön zu sehen, wie beide das beste im anderen hervorgebracht haben. Sara hat etwas dringend benötigte Spontanität und Freude in Joshs Leben gebracht. Josh hat dafür Saras Glauben an sich selbst bestärkt. Die beiden mögen sehr unterschiedlich sein, haben sich aber perfekt ergänzt. 

Apropos Sara, wer generell nicht gerne etwas über Influencer lesen möchte, was ich gut verstehen kann, muss sich keine Sorgen machen, denn Sara ist eine von der guten Sorte. Ihr ist es wichtig, sich selbst treu zu bleiben und sich nicht zu einer bloßen Werbefläche zu machen. 

Natürlich gibt es auch ein paar Problemchen im Leben der beiden Hauptcharaktere und eines davon sorgt am Ende für einen Streit zwischen den beiden. Aber keine Angst, ihr könnt euch auf ein schönes Happy End freuen und der Zwist wird glücklicherweise recht schnell überwunden. 

Ein paar ernstere Themen werden im Buch angeschnitten, insgesamt ist die Stimmung aber heiter. Das hat bei mir zu einer sehr guten Stimmung beim Lesen gesorgt und ich habe mich öfter dabei ertappt, dass ich am Lächeln war. 

Von mir gibt es für dieses unterhaltsame Buch vier gute Sterne.
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This was such a cute, fun read. The romance was adorable and oh so steamy and I loved how authentic the relationship felt!
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This book was a very memorable read for me. The couple remind me so much of myself and my husband in the way that they are both so different but yet they fit perfectly together. It was like they grounded each other. I fell in love with their story. They started out as friends and became so much more. This book was a fun and heartfelt read.  I cannot wait to see where this series goes next. Thanks Net Galley. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I've never read a book with a character that is a Vlogger, and I really like it.  I don't follow any Vlogger's myself but now I want to find one just like Sara.  She was super fun, down to earth and wasn't afraid to come off weird.  She knew she was weird and she owned it.  Actually, I think she was harder on herself the she should have been.  Instead of weird, she really just seemed fun and popular.

Josh was a tougher character.  He was super rigid with planning everything and freaked when spontaneity happened.  When you learn about his background, you get why he is the way that he is, but he had another side to him that still made him a delicious hero.  He had no issues letting go when it came to the sexy times.

I'm really enjoying this series and I'm looking forward to the next one.
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This was an adorable and fun book! Sara’s personality was EVERYTHING! I mean, this girl is hilarious and so down to earth! How could Josh not open up to her and start to become himself again! 

Josh is so uptight and he needs someone like Sara in his life! I was happy when him and Easton finally talked it out! It’s sad what happened to them and I cried just as much in this book than I did in the first! Just like the first book, they talk about the bus crash which reminds me of the 2018 Humboldt Broncos bus crash. I’m not sure if that’s where the idea came from but I like that it’s in here. 

What I like most about both books in this series is there’s real shit in here. Like real life problems. Things you see on the news and things you witness or experience yourself. 

Again, the cover would have never attracted me to the book! I just saw this said hockey on it on NetGalley and decided to try it. So I read the 1st book and now this one. If this was not a hockey book, I would have scrolled right past the book. I am not sure what it is about the covers. They just make it look like this is going to be a “vanilla” book but they aren’t. I am glad I gave this book a shot because it was good!
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I enjoy Kelly Jamieson's books in general, so I was excited to get to review You Had Me At Hockey. 
Unfortunately, this one just didn't work for me. I just didn't like the characters, which is a must for me to enjoy a romance. 
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Kelly Jamieson can write hockey books, and I believe this is one of her best series yet! Must Love Hockey...and Dogs was by far one of the most fun reads of the summer. You Had Me at Hockey is next in that series. Kelly writes great characters with witty yet thoughtful dialogue. Josh and Sara charm you from the beginning with how fun they are together. What adds so much to this book though is you also get a few lessons about living life, caring for others and rising up when you're down. Lessons we all can take forward in life, written in a thoroughly enjoyable book!
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This book was a cute, light-hearted read. At first I had a little trouble connecting with the characters. The female love interest is an influencer which I find hard to relate to. Also, there was a little too much effort trying to make her quirky. However, the book smoothed out as it went along and I was rooting for the characters.  They were cute together and both characters had some decent development by the end of the book.
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I had to grab a box of tissues!  I was sobbing near the end!
I absolutely loved Sara and Josh!!  Sure, I wanted to smack Josh a couple of times but they both had the best chemistry and seemed to bring out the best in each other. 
I can’t imagine this being written any other way. 5 stars.
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This one was cute.  I liked how Sara and Josh met and how they seemed to have a spark of chemistry right from the start they went with.  I liked that Sara was chaos personified, while Josh was give me a routine to follow all the time.  Josh had to learn to deal with the chaos that followed around Sara and if he thought about it, most of the time it was fun.  You had to give the poetry reading a pass, one bad thing was bound to happen, but even then they found something to laugh about.

These two were low key about their relationship, both not wanting to hope for more, but secretly wanting more.  I was glad with how things progressed for them, it took the pressure off.  Things were going great until Sara did something good, something that needed to happen, but like all guys who are avoiding things, Josh lashed out and did so in a hurtful way.  I liked that Josh saw the error of his ways and the person that helped him, because he needed to do something big to fix things.  Josh picked the perfect way to grovel and get back into Sara's good graces, it fit them both and allowed them to find their HEA.
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Thank you to Net Galley, Kelly Jamieson and Random House for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This book made me swoon. Sara was one of the greatest characters I have seen in a book in a long time. She made me laugh and cry. Sometimes at the same time. It was insta-love for me. 

This entire book was adorable. Josh was sweet but stuck in his ways and needed routine in his life like he needed water and food. Sara made me laugh from her point of view every single time.  And together, they exploded. There was so much chemistry. There was a neat side story about two stubborn boys playing hockey together. I also loved the inside look at the life of an influencer and blogger. It was so interesting to learn what they actually do and how it bleeds into every aspect of her life. 

This is going to be one of my favorite sweet romances I have read this year. I just couldn't put it down. I loved both characters, even grumpy Josh.
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Whoa. This book was NOT what I expected. At. All. You Had Me At Hockey by Kelly Jamieson was unexpectedly and refreshingly deep, and had me up way past my bedtime (thank goodness for Kindle back-lighting, amiright?). 

Pro-hockey player Josh and Youtuber Sara both come to the story with a lot of baggage, and although a lot of that baggage is unpacked in the story, they don't rely on each other to fix their problems and actually not all their problems are fixed by the end of the book which makes this story real in a way that caught me by surprise. 

I liked a lot of things about this book but the thing that really stands out was how it normalizes mental health and does not try to say "hey, if you find the right person, you can cure your depression." Don't get me wrong, this book is definitely not a downer, it is funny, bright, and ultimately very satisfying.
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Josh's first impression of Sara is that she is kind of nuts. Cute, hot but nuts. Sara tries to get Josh to open up. She asked a lot of questions. Probably too many for Josh. You Had Me at Hockey is a funny, super sexy and an easy to read romance novel It flowed quickly.
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This second installment of Kelly Jamieson's new Bears Hockey series did not disappoint. Josh and Sara are a great couple and it was great to see Easton and Lily continue to play a big role in this book as well. Both Josh and Sara have very significant issues hat they need to work through individually and as a couple and Josh's holding back creates real strains on their relationship until it breaks. Of course, that break, and his relationship with a terminally ill little boy, drive him to start to repair his relationship with Easton as well as to win back Sara. It is great to see characters who on the outside look like they are at the top of their game dealing with very real world problems and insecurities that many of us face in life.  I do wish there was a little more detail on Josh's recovery from the accident to give more context to feeling abandoned by Easton and Hunter and I would love more of where his dad and uncles are (because oh that generation of Heller men!)
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Yes, ma'am!  Yes!  This is my second book in the Bears Hockey series and I adore these characters!  There were LOL moments and swoon-y moments.  Kelly Jamieson has such an incredible gift of writing contemporary romance.  I loved Sara's character and all of her quirks.  She kinda reminds me of me!  :)
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