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The Final Wish of Mr. Murray McBride

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This sequel to The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride, is equally as moving and touching.  I loved catching up with Jason Cashman from the first Murray McBride book and discover what he has been up to through the years since receiving the heart transplant from his best friend, Tiegan.

The emotional trip with Jason as he faces a serious health issue and his interactions with people who need to receive a heart transplant has it keeping your interest and cheering on the various characters.  Alexandra is a wonderful addition to the story and I fell in love with her from the beginning.  She gives Jason a purpose and he needs to resolve his obligations with his hope for the future.

The beginning of each chapter features words of wisdom from Mr. Murray McBride’s journal.  If you have not had the pleasure of reading that book, it gives you a glimpse into the history of Murray and Jason’s relationship.  I strongly encourage you to read that book!

Thank you to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  This is one of those books that I enjoyed so much that I will purchase a paper copy once it is released so that I can share it with my bookloving friends!
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The memory of Murray McBride lives on in this heartwarming novel by Joe Siple as Father James pairs up another unlikely duo.
All the feels come back as Jason returns to Lemon Grove still grieving after 20 years. While seeking guidance from Father James, Jason meets an exuberant young illegal immigrant girl, Alexandra. Together they embark on series of thought provoking and challenging adventures.
This story is beautiful, suspenseful and relevant. It will fill your heart with both joy, and sadness. You will both cheer and be outraged. But ultimately, you will be uplifted and your faith in humanity restored. 
*Thank you Black Rose Writing, Joe Siple and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this wonderful ARC. It is my pleasure to give a review.
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I am sorry to say that I just could not relate to this book. I see that other readers enjoyed it, and I am glad they did, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I just didn't enjoy it.
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I read these two Murray McBride books back-to-back. Unfortunately, this is the third time in just a few months that I have read a sequel to a series that was not at all what the original was. I loved the first Five Wishes even though it had a few unbelievable coincidences but all and all it was a great story. 
This one went completely over the top, the timeframes of some of the events were unattainable, especially on the last day. I am not going to give away any spoilers but that was the longest hour in history to do all he did and have everyone show up so conveniently in less than an hour at the courthouse. I was overwhelmed with the melodramatics, but on a positive note, I certainly enjoyed the opening of each chapter with a brief journal from Mr. Murray McBride. What a character he was, I wish this sequel could have stayed more true to ole Murray. 
Other than that, it was an enjoyable read. Comes in with 3 ½ stars rounded up to 4. 
I was given the opportunity to read an ARC from Black Rose Writing and NetGalley for my honest unbiased review. I give this one 4 stars.
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I adored Murray McBride on our first meeting and this second book did not disappoint!! Joe Siple you have such a talent and its an absolute honor for me to read this. Thank you so much. A charming, beautiful and enchanting story.
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I received this book "The Final Wish of Mr Murray McBride" from NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own. I read the first book "Five Wishes of Mr Murray McBride" and loved it. I was happy to see another book that continues the story. This was also a good book. I enjoyed reading about the characters as they are older. I would definitely read the first book before this one as you can understand the story better. Heartfelt story that will show you how your life affects others.
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<i> The Final Wish of Mr. Murray McBride> is billed as sequel to the Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride, but is it really?   Jason Cashman has spent 20 years travelling the world as a magician trying to fulfill and finally achieving a wish for his friend Tiegan. <i> The Final Wish of Mr. Murray McBride </i> is the fourth novel written by the award-winning author Joe Siple.

Jason has finally achieved his friend Tiegan’s goal of raising 1 million for the poor.  He returns to his hometown of Lemon Grove hoping to find some peace.  He still feels unfulfilled so he approaches Murray McBride’s old friend Father James who suggests he should follow in Murray’s footsteps and help someone achieve their wishes.  He even has a candidate.  Jason meets the little girl Alexandra who has severe diabetes but is about to be deported to Guatemala where her illness will likely kill her.  He talks Alexandre into developing a list of 5 wishes which turn out to be nearly as impossible as the ones he proposed 20 years before.  Together they work towards achieving her wishes while the tight deadline of her deportation hearings rapidly approaches.  

I have most of the same comments about this book as I did for The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride.   Story is action packed and yet heart-felt and emotional.   It keeps your interest throughout.  The secondary characters play critical roles in moving the story along quickly.  My favourite character is Alexandra who makes the story and is someone I would like to meet.  The writing and storytelling style are excellent

On the contrary, in this case, the story borders on being too sappy.  It doesn’t have the unexpected twists that surprise the reader.  Jason appears to be very self-centred and almost unreasonable.  And most unfortunately, I don’t think this book stands alone.  It is not really a sequel.  It is really The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride, Part 2.  There are too many parts of this book that do not make sense unless you have read the first book. 

There is no doubt the two books together are an excellent choice for those who like emotional and heart-warming stories with substance and I would give them a 5 on 5 as a whole.  However, as a standalone novel this book is not nearly as appealing and I give it a 3 on 5.
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When Jason Cashman was a young boy aged ten he was introduced to lonely local widower and centenarian Mr. Murray McBride. Together they built a friendship that enriched both of their lives. Jason was in dire need of a new heart because, put simply, his heart was failing and without a new heart he would die. While Jason waited for a transplant organ that was compatible for him, Murray set his heart on giving Jason five wishes which he tried his utmost to make come true for the joyous and enthusiastic young lad. This story is told in the novel ‘The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride’
Our story is the sequel to this first novel and starts twenty years later when Jason finds Murray’s journal left behind after his death. He feels his heart lift as he reads the story left behind. For the last two decades he has toured the world with his Magic performed to thrilled audiences. He has enjoyed a level of fame and fortune and now he increasingly feels that once again his heart is failing. He has gone back to his hometown with the aim of paying forward what Murry McBride did for him and he knows just where to go, to the church where it almost feels as though he was expected. The same priest indeed introduces Jason to ten year old Alexandra Lopez, who is facing deportation with her father. This is the only home she has living memories of. Her father has steady a job. The problem is made worse by the fact that she is surviving only because she has access to two specific drugs that control her diabetes. Her homeland and the rural village she will return to does not have a hospital nearby that could monitor her and prescribe the drugs she desperately needs.
Jason is determined to help the family who are only months away from being able to apply for American citizenship under the ten year of residency rule. Like Murray McBride he wants to ‘pay it forward’ and grants Alexandra her five wishes in memory of the man who inspired him. This new novel is the twin story of Jason and Alexandra. It’s an absolute corker of a read, full of emotion, surprises, love and new beginnings. I read it as a standalone novel without any problems at all, but I would love to read the first one now.
I first came across this ‘new to me’ author Joe Siple when I read ‘The Last Dogs’ as an ARC, a complimentary e-copy received in return for an honest review. I loved that story too so I had no hesitation about requesting this sequel for review. I was more than happy when my request was granted through my membership with NetGalley. It is an excellent story, superbly and fluidly told and with an interesting and enjoyable storyboard. I loved Alexandra best of all. She was clever, full of empathy and compassion, and an extremely lateral thinker. She loved her life in America and was a patriot in every way. Jason was kind, intriguing and gentlemanly with complex life issues that I felt he needed to resolve. Murry McBride was a very fine character as he was the person who inspired everyone else, the original founding father. This is definitely a very fine novel, recommended for you to read with a 4.5* review.
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I would like to thank the author, the publisher and Netgalley for trusting me with an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Jason Cashman has reached the goal he spent the last 20 years seeking, but instead of feeling content, he feels empty. When he meets Alexandra Lopez, a ten-year-old America-loving girl facing deportation, he is inspired by his old friend Murray McBride, to give her five wishes before she must leave.  They set out to check off as many wishes as possible, but when Jason’s transplanted heart begins to fail, he must choose between his obligations to the past and his hope for a future.
I genuinely have no idea of how to write a review for this book as there are no words that can do it justice. Additionally, I need to keep my review very succinct as I would spoil it for others reading this magical book. I had no idea that it was the follow up to another book, but it did not make me put it down. I will invest in the first one soon.
I fell in love with Jason and Alexandra in equal measure. Jason was lost and had no reason to tie him to this earth despite having had a heart transplant years before. We do not see him this way in the book until he meets Alexandra. Alexandra brings a human side out in Jason that he did not know he had. He innocently tried to give as much happiness to her as he had from Murray McBride. The book does refer to the past and each chapter begins with words of wisdom from extracts of his Murray’s own journal.
As I said I really don’t want to put too much here to ruin it for others but I absolutely loved everything about this book and when it is published I will be one of the first to go and buy it.
Magical, inspiring, beautiful book.

5 ***
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Do yourself a favor, sit back and read this uplifting, tender novel by Joe Siple 
It will do your soul and your heart so much good!
This book takes us on a journey of love, friendship and heartbreak. 
Jason is now twenty years older than when we had previously knew him at age ten; and as the one hundred year old ,Mr. Murray McBride's best friend.
Jason desperately needs help  as well as hope. There is not much time!
He turns to his best friend's journal for some advice and begins following in his footsteps.
Will Jason make the proper life decision? 
Can wishes really come true?

 "When we love someone, what we can and can't do becomes irrelevant."

I absolutely love the writing of this book and its message as well as the first novel "The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride"
Read it!  Read them both!
You will be so glad you did! 
It is a perfectly perfect story!
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