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Full of mystery and suspense. The story was exciting and fast-paced. The romance was hot and there were quite a few steamy scenes.
This was a good story that entertained me from start to finish. This is the second in the series but is easily read as a standalone.
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Jacob Donovan is a former CIA agent whose last assignment was in Europe chasing a group of terrorists. He is a rancher in Deer Haven when he meets Sallie Hamblen. She is running for her life and recognizes Jacob as a man she loved and lost 6 years, but he doesn't remember her. She's heartbroken and doesn't acknowledge that she knows him either, not knowing that he has memory loss from that time.
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Lora Leigh is a first time author for me and I really enjoyed her style of writing, the story kept my interest from the beginning and the characters caught my attention,  I look forward to reading more.
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❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of 5
My word does Lora Leigh know how to burn up the pages! This book was hot with a capital H and had me blushing in public. I was expecting contemporary (because well cowboy) but got some doses of suspense thrown in and it was enough that I didn’t want to put it down.

Our heroine has been in hiding for 3 years in a small town. Our heroine had a one night (weekend?) stand years ago that stayed with her for years. When she moves to the small town she comes across him, however he has a different name and doesn’t remember her. Fast forward 3 years and their attraction is palpable and our hero can’t explain why, but one night together and he doesn’t want to let her go.

This book had me hooked with the perfect amount of suspense and so much heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥. The hero and heroine have incredible chemistry and the added tension of the past (that the hero can’t remember) didn’t annoy me in the slightest, if anything I just needed to know why. A great read and I definitely want to continue with this series.
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Sallie Hamblen has found first love, a true love when she was young.  In that glow, he left to get food and never came back. She fell into despair and her mother was not very nice. She married but never loved him. A year later, he life as she knew it, ended. Her step-father has helped her stay on the run from evil, not knowing where it was coming from or who. Jacob Donovan has lost part of his memory from an explosion. Now that he back in town and Sallie seems familiar but has no memory of knowing her. The heartache continues for Sallie till a night in the bar brings them together. It isn't till her life is in danger again, the past is confronted and some memories return.  The person that Jacob was searching for as a CIA agent and the one threatening Sallie were one and the same. First love, true love prevails.
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Fans of Lora Leigh will enjoy this book - Veronica Chadwick is new to me.  A suspense set in the cowboy world with a lot of interesting secondary characters that you look forward to reading about.  Jacob is a retired CIA agent living in a cowboy world.  Sallie is someone who has settled and seen Jacob and has a past of some sort.  You get teasers throughout that drive you nuts re: what actually happened and why is someone after Sallie.  A bit convoluted but interesting and you keep on reading!  The attraction between Sallie and Jacob is undeniable and continues to build .. not for the person who doesn't like steamy scenes but totally satisfying to fans of same.  Definitely going back to read the first book in the series and the next one.  Great world building with twists and turns.  Enjoy.
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4.4 stars

This is the second book in the Moving Violations series and it is another intriguing read from the authors.  It has all of the ingredients a reader wants from drama to secrets to mystery to steamy scenes that keep the pages turning as one meets Jacob and Sallie.  Jacob is a man with a past who seems to have forgotten some details.  Sallie is a woman who is running from some unknown assailant.  The two connect in the small town of Deer Haven.  While Sallie recognizes Jacob from their meeting a few years ago, he has no idea who she is.  Overall, this is one storyline that will melt your heart one second and have it going a mile a minute in the next.  It can be read as a standalone.  If you enjoy sexy cowboys with an edge then this is one for you.  I volunteered to read an advance copy of this book provided by Netgalley.
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Gripping story line, with characters and a storyline that will hold your attention throughout.  There is suspense, chemistry, wit and intrigue.
When Sallie Hamblen came to town she realized it was the home town of someone from her past going by a different name and no recognition of her.
There was something Jacob Donovan couldn't put his finger on when he first met Sallie Hamben but he coundn't quite put his finger on it.
This book will keep you guessing at every turn Kudos to Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick.
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What lovely and heartfelt dedications for a brilliant author that was lost too soon. You will definitely be missed.  Rest In Peace Veronica Chadwick!

This is book 2 in the Moving Violations series and it features Jacob and Sallie.  Six years ago these two had what it takes to survive a lifetime together.  That is until he walked out the door saying he’d be back and he never did. Sallie has been through a lifetimes worth of pain.  She strong most of the time but sometimes seems like she’s on the verge of a silent breakdown.  Jacob is ALPHA to the max!  He is a perfect example of how hard an alpha man can fall for his woman.  Let me just say that this man most definitely knows his way around the bedroom.  SUPER SEXY!!!

This story line is fantastic with all the twists and turns.  The mystery and suspense is brilliant and had me on the edge of my seat.  The characters are awesome!  I’m not sure if this series will continue but I hope those Culpepper boys get their stories told.
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After his last mission Jacob has left his CIA career in the past and has found contentment on his ranch in Deer Haven.    When he meets Sallie at the local pub he is drawn to her in a way he never expected  and the chemistry between them ignites.    The only things standing in their way is the past he doesn’t remember with her and the past she is trying to escape.

All Sallie wants is to create a new life for herself far away from the threats she is facing in her past.    Winding up in the same town as the man who broke her heart six years earlier was a complication she wasn’t expecting especially since the chemistry and connection between them hadn’t diminished over time even if he doesn’t remember her.

A woman who can’t forget what they shared and a man whose heart remembers even if his head doesn’t lead us on quite the adventure filled with intrigue, hot chemistry and surprises that will entertain you from beginning to end.
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I liked this book. The story offers up a entertaining blend of suspense, steam, mystery, emotion and drama. For me the characters of Jacob and Sallie were just OK. They were likable enough but I didn't feel a strong connection with either of them. Altogether, I thought it was a pretty good read.
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Strong, Silent Cowboy by Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick was a terrific story that I loved.  It is the second book in the Moving Violations series but it can very easily be read as a standalone story.  This is Jacob and Sallie's romance suspense story.  Both the storyline and characters were well developed.  This book hit all the check marks for me: Romance, Suspense, Sexy male alpha, action packed, and very hot sex scenes.  It was a hard book to put down so I read it in two days.  Another great book from this author! 
I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
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This book was so entertaining. I was drawn into the story from the beginning and was involved until the end. The characters were complex and interesting. I found the story to be well paced and engrossing throughout the whole book. I was invested in the couple throughout the book and felt all the emotions through both the highs and lows of the story.The side characters were such an integral part of this story as well. This is the love story i needed to read at this time. If you want an entertaining and well written book this is it for you
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Smoking hot! This sexy second chance romance is off the charts steamy. Jacob is a bit of an alphahole and Sallie is a bit of a pushover when it comes to him but when the two get together the chemistry is palpable.  Cowboy loving and romantic suspense what’s not to love?
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3.5 stars

Strong, Silent Cowboy is a romance with lots of heat and suspense.

Sallie and Jacob shared three days together and have come back into each other's lives years later. She is on the run and he is determined to keep her safe. They have a really strong connection and attraction that quickly grows to more.

The plot was interesting and I thought the two authors blended their writing styles together well. However the story did end a bit abruptly without a nice wrap up at the end. I think there were one or two things it left me wondering about as well. It did keep my interest as I read, though, and I do want to go back and read book one.
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3.5 stars
A story of betrayal, passion, mystery and second chances. Sallie Hamblin escapes to the small community of Deer Haven where she once again starts life over. But her re-introduction to Jacob Donovan causes her to withdraw even further when he shows no signs of recognition. 3 years of avoidance comes to a stop when one night he approaches her and passion explodes. But secrets have a way of revealing themselves, even if only through dreams, and trouble comes barrelling back into Sallie's life. Will her new life be destroyed by what happened in the past? Will her chance for a happy future be derailed by those who seek to harm?

note: hot passionate encounters but a few continuity errors (was it three nights or just one in Switzerland?) the ending was a bit rushed with no epilogue to tie the loose threads up. very entertaining read and looking forward to seeing some of the side character's (Culpeppers) have their story told
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This is really 3.5 stars. I gave it 4 because 3 seems too little and this site doesn't allow for half stars.

Lora Leigh is an author that I enjoy and it's nice to see a new book from her after a long while. I was entertained by "Strong, Silent Cowboy" in that I like the main characters and the supporting characters. I also thought the main characters had good chemistry and their prior history gave their connection some depth. The only hang up for me really was the mystery aspect in that it ties Sallie and Jacob together but seems half-hearted in execution especially in the end. 

That said, Ms. Leigh hasn't lost her touch with either love scenes and alpha males as heroes. I also really like Sallie in that she had her life ripped away from her on top of heartbreak but she is both resilient and smart. Sallie and Jacob are intriguing characters who found their second chance at love with each other. On the strength on their love story this book is worth reading. I also look forward to additional stories to be written about the supporting characters whose pairings I think are hinted at in this novel.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the second book in the series and whilst Jacob appears in the previous book, and the leads in that book are mentioned, there is really little other overlap of the couples or the storyline. I have to admit I was a little disappointed and I had assumed that Hunter and Samantha would have featured more.

We get the story from both viewpoints, so we soon know that there is history between the two leads, but that only Sallie has memories of it. She has been on the run for many years, and although confused by Jacob ignoring her for the last three years, she has settled down more than she had expected. If I had been her, I would have avoided a few of the lonelier places she found herself, but I am a bit of a worrier! There are some great side characters – such as Jacob's Gran, and the twins at the ranch, as well as the Culpeppers and Tara. They add to the levels of comfortable that Sallie has achieved at Deer Haven and increase her reasons to stay – even if Jacob seems to have no idea that they once spent a weekend together.

As they finally spend some time together, Jacob starts to try and understand who exactly Sallie is and, through his CIA contacts, the mystery starts to unravel. It is full of twists and turns, as well as some hot passionate encounters between them. Some of the plot is wildly complicated. but it is a fun read for sure – and these two definitely deserve to have a more peaceful future.

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆
Both authors are on my "go to" list when it comes to comfort reads and when they teamed up, it was an automatic buy for me.

This book quickly became one of the "classics" for me in that the characters are so real and the reader has a vested interest in the lives of Sallie and Jacob. The chemistry is palpable and the reader is fighting for the couple as much as the couple is on the page.

I strongly recommend picking up this book (and book one) and spending an afternoon reading about a cowboy and his love.

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆
M/F Second-Chance Romance
Triggers: Miscarriage

Sallie Hamblen isn’t really her name, but it’s who she is now. Years ago, she fell fast and hard for Jacob and she never was able to get her heart to recover after he left her.

Jacob has always been a protector and always will, but after a near death accident, he knows that he’ll have to do his protecting in a different way. Meeting Sallie has niggled something in his lost memories, but it’s always just out of reach.

Sallie and Jacob dance around each other for years. When they do finally come together, memories will resurface, hearts will heal, and heads will roll. Someone is out to get Sallie and Jacob, but unless they can figure out who, neither of them will be safe.

As the danger draws ever closer, Sallie and Jacob will search out clues.

This was a somewhat jumbled story for me. Jacob was domineering, but not in a sexy way, for me. He was simply domineering. I thought that his character was somewhat flat, I wanted more dimension from him. Sallie was more dynamic, but still closed off, in terms of relatability. I liked the mystery within the story, but it seemed almost rushed.

Overall, it was entertaining, but lacked depth and felt rushed.
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After reading the first installment of the Moving Violations series, I was a bit hesitant to dice into this one but Jacob's presence in the first book caught my attention and the blurb was intriguing enough for me to give it a chance. Although I had a hard time connecting to Sallie, I have to say that Jacob made up for it in spades. He was sexy and brooding and all kinds of alpha male. I loved him. 

As with the first book, I enjoyed the twist and turn related to the plot and its resolution. I found myself engaged and invested in the story if only because Jacob was a fantastic character to get to know and this story revolved around events of his past and how they have affected his life one way or another ever since. 

My main problem with Sallie, which is probably something particular to my tastes, is that she kept on repeating herself over and over and over again. I understood her situation but not everything about her story added up to me. Her unforgettable weekend with a stranger and her unrelenting yearning for this man she spent a total of 3 days with. What? Why? Being on the run, but staying in the same place for 3 years knowing the man you're infatuated with lives there? Again, why? These were just some of the things that didn't mesh for me. 

As for the romance, I wish I could have gotten a fully developed connection between Sallie and Jacob than what was provided. I understand they shared a past connection but in the present it just read like a week-long one night stand. I can't explain it. I'd like to say that I enjoyed them together, but really I just enjoyed Jacob's dirty talk and his alpha-male attitude. That man was F.I.N.E. 👌

All in all, a much more enjoyable read than expected with an sexy protective cowboy and an intriguing plot line to keep you engaged between steamy scenes.
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Strong, Silent Cowboy is the first book in the Moving Violations series but it stands perfectly fine on its own as I have not yet read Book One.  While I have read a small handful of stories by Lora Leigh before, Veronica Chadwick is new to me.  I was saddened to learn of her passing.  If this story was any indication, she was an amazingly talented author taken way too soon. 

This story between Sallie and Jacob was smoking hot with a bit a suspense and intrigue mixed throughout.  Very enjoyable story that kept me engaged throughout and I finished it one day.  This is one of those stories that has not only great main characters but secondary characters that leave you wanting their stories as well.  I look forward to Book 3.
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