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The Cave Dwellers

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I couldn't get interested in the beginning. I liked the cover. There was a lot going on. I couldn't get interested in the descriptions and characters.
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I started out loving this book until the author hurried the story under endless names and characters.  The author clearly has a purpose of uncovering the extreme white privilege that surround those who live in Washington DC.  The inspiration was the story of a home invasion in posh, posh DC which became unspeakably brutal, killing the inhabitants, and the reaction of the people around it. 

I am aware that I have a problem with books that are crowded, too many names, too many extraneous characters. McDowell brought this to new heights. One character, Elizabeth, called Bunny, but Lizbet by another friend. In one scene she brought in a virtual wagonload of students at their expensive private school. My head was spinning, trying to figure out who was who and who belonged to which family (many of them described in the book). 

So, what starts as a great idea winds up muddled in a morass of characters. Sorry it was too much for me to untangle. 

Thank you Netgalley for this ARC.
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I absolutely love this author’s first attempt and I love this one as well. A book that gets inside the head of the very rich and explores the depths.  I highly recommend it
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