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Eu estou completamente apaixonada por esse livro, por esse casal, pela família da Daisy e por seu cachorrinho Max. A história é divertida, romântica, tem seus momentos emocionantes e tudo encaixa de forma tão perfeita. A família de Daisy é indiana, e a autora colocou detalhes interessantes sobre casamento e culinária, que eu em vários momentos parei a leitura e pesquisei no Google para visualizar aquilo.

O romance é lindo e tem seus obstáculos, já que ambos os personagens levam feridas deixadas por seus pais (o pai de Liam e a mãe de Daisy), e isso é uma barreira que dificulta que eles acreditem em si mesmos quando se trata de sentimentos. Recomendo muito a leitura desse livro, principalmente para quem busca algo divertido.
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The Dating Plan has everything you need for a great read! Passion, heartbreak, tragedy, secrets and spreadsheets...what? Lol. Daisy is an extremely beautiful and overly intelligent woman. She plans every aspect of her life from what is a the dinner menu, what she is going to wear, her day to planning her dating method up to her wedding! Where Daisy has an agenda calculated for every event Liam is a fly by the seat of his pants kinda guy. He plans nothing. Since he walked away from the one girl he could remotely think of planning a future with...his lived his life one moment to the next with zero plans. Especially plans for his future wedding...until one chance meeting, one sweet innocent kiss, a malfunctioning personal care machine, a nosey aunt, and the girl who hates his guts...nah not even then does he stick to the plan...entirely, but for her he does just...but it may be too late to change her mind. I received a free advanced copy to read and review. All five stars were hard earned. Loved this cute second Chance angsty read. Wonderful characters, beautifully written and lots of laughs and tears.
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Thanks to the publisher, via Netgalley, for an advance e-galley for honest review.

This was very enjoyable! It hit a lot of great checkboxes- main character is an interesting woman in STEM, fake relationship (/second chance romance of sorts), great family relationships, etc. It was medium on the steam scale, and there was a lot of humor to it, but also some incredibly realistic emotional moments as the characters worked their way towards understanding each other and not letting their personal and joint pasts get in the way of love.
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Surprise surprise I went into this totally blind and have not read the first book. So that being said I loved this one. There were alot of people to get to know and figure out but this one grabbed me from the first chapter.

We start with Daisy in the bathroom trying to get some pads out of the dispenser for a presentation, in the stall is her ex boss doing whatever with her ex boyfriend. Daisy crashes out of the bathroom into the arms of the boy who broke her heart so badly he has become the one we do not speak of. Except now they are both in a situation where a fake relationship status is blurted out and could really help them both. What could possibly go wrong.

Liam never wanted to leave and break Daisy's heart and he is the product of a sad back story and messed up home life. Daisy's family was his safe place as a kid and immediately he feels that again, And its scary as hell. He doesn't want that he wants to save a legacy and prove himself. Daisy's dating plan will keep them from catching feelings and keep both their hearts safe- safe is totally overrated.

This one was full of laughs and funny antics with swords and pads. But it is also a story about these two becoming the wonderful grownup people they were meant to be. I just loved it and cant wait to read the first one because I loved Layla and Sam.
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The Dating Plan is a fake dating story full of great characters, interracial couples and Avengers references 😊. Daisy is a strong, logical, smart girl from an Indian family that shows the reader all their fun dances, delicious food and family dynamics. Liam (love interest) on the other hand comes from an Irish dysfunctional family. The fake dating trope is perfectly written and demonstrates how two completely different people can fall in love.
Great book!
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I ADORED this!

The female lead was relatable and nerdy, which I loved! Her family is amazing and supportive, although a bit pushy. The Indian culture, food, family dynamic were probably my favourite things in the book and why I also loved The Marriage Game so much.

I preferred Liam as a love interest. He was funny, flirty, sweet and selfless. I loved how spontaneous he is! Liam is definitely a much likeable and relatable love interest than Sam, imo, which is why I had to give this one a 5-star rating.

I really can't wait for Sara Desai's next book!
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This book was a charming fake fiancee book! Daisy is a logical person. She is good with numbers. Liam is determined but also laid back. There is history between Liam and Daisy, and it did not end well. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Liam and Daisy and how they got past their past and worked on their own issues to develop a real relationship. Although I have not read The Marriage Game, the supporting characters were a great bonus. If you are looking for a fake fiancee book that will have you laughing, has a couple with great chemistry, and will make your heart fill good, this is your book!
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So many great things going on in Sara Desai's The Dating plan: complex characters, a strong female lead (Daisy Patel) who works in computer programming and is a master scheduler, plus a fun second chance romance with a fake-dating trope pulled off to perfection. I really enjoy how Desai seamlessly weaves in different aspects of Desi culture (from food, dance, language and social customs). There are a couple open door scenes, some great bed-breaking chemistry, Marvel Universe/Avengers references and the male lead, Liam Murphy is a motorcycle-riding venture capitalist from a big dysfunctional Irish family - a perfect connection for reading this book on St. Patrick's day! This was one of my most anticipated reads for spring and it did NOT disappoint. For fans of other diverse or interracial romances like her earlier book, The marriage game, or authors, Alisha Rai, Sonali Dev, Sanji Patel or Talia Hibbert. Excellent on audio as well - I really enjoy Soneela Nankani as a narrator (she voices Accidentally Engaged and the Daevabad trilogy among many others). Desai's next book, The singles table, comes out in November and I can't wait!

CW: alcoholism, domestic abuse, car/motorcycle accidents
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The Dating Plan presents a slightly different take on the fake relationship with Daisy and Liam already having some history and them being somewhat familiar with each other's families. 

Daisy just wants her family to back off and stop all attempts to marry her off. She's content with her life at the moment and has no interest in shaking things up. At one of her conferences, she runs in to Liam and it goes off with a bang! Liam, the teenage heartbreaker and enemy number one since he was a no-show as her prom date years ago. Seeing him again at that very moment is seriously awkward on so many levels but also good timing. Their fortuitous encounter not only reunites them but also allows them to call in a favor: appear to be in a serious relationship with each other in order to appease their families. It's so wacky and honestly, there's no way it's going to work out as easily as they think. But it's fun them reconnect and handle Daisy's overbearing but well-meaning extensive family network. His family is just as wild, too.

Daisy is such a lively personality. She's a nerd, a stickler for organization and a MCU fanatic, and it all translates in to her own cute aesthetic that she owns completely and effortlessly. I liked that she broke some stereotypes. As for Liam? I dug him from the beginning. Sure, he has a bit of attitude but there's a super nice guy that comes forth and he's just so freaking charming. While the two have concocted this crazy idea to throw their families of their scent, so to speak, Daisy does have some reservations. Liam's unexplained absence from her life makes her explore her own issues with abandonment and how it affects her views of relationships and being reliant on someone else. Liam's own negative experiences have also colored his perspective though it's not so clear cut around Daisy. Having known her family from before and feeling the nostalgia of their closeness and hospitality, he falls back into her world so easily. Her family was his safe haven from his messed up one and Daisy was always so kind and accepting of him. Then he screwed it up and now he's working hard to earn her forgiveness. Let me tell you, he's hard to say no to, though Daisy does make him work to earn her trust again. 

As with most contemporary Desi romances I've been reading, family plays a hugely important part in everyday life. Daisy's is no exception. I will say for me, it tends to be a bit overwhelming as I didn't have a large family surrounding me when I was growing up, so to me all of Daisy's uncles and aunties coming at her from all directions was intense. But at the heart of it is love and togetherness, and some of the aunties, even with their melodramatic tendencies, are entertaining. 

I quite enjoyed reading The Dating Plan. I laughed out loud when Daisy and Liam had their run in - that was only the first chapter - and the amusement continued on from there. This second chance romance will sprinkle joy and laughter in your little reading corner so definitely check it out!

~ Bel
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This was a cute, feel good book that I really enjoyed, even if it was nothing new. 
It was a fun book with the premise of a fake engagement turning into real feelings. Desi was in love with Liam as a teen until he disappeared on Prom night. When he unexpectedly walks back into her life (or rather she runs into him with a handful of pads) their lives change. 

I appreciated that there was a good amount of detail with the family backgrounds and characters so that I felt more emotionally connected to them. I dont know if the whole idea of a fake engagement-to-get-an-inheritance worked for me but the author needed a reason to shove them unwillingly together.
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Thank you @berkleyromance for gifting me an e-ARC of THE DATING PLAN by Sara Desai. 

THE DATING PLAN is a fun romance between a software engineer and a venture capitalist who decide to fake an engagement despite being on ill terms because of past events.

I had to suspend my belief quite a bit and some of the events felt overly dramatic, but I still felt it was an enjoyable read. I’d recommend this book if you like

🌱 Second chance romance f/m
🌱 Slow burn
🌱 Representation 
🌱 Family dynamics 
🌱 Childhood friends to lovers
🌱 Unresolved angst from the past, childhood trauma
🌱 Moderate steam

TW: anxiety, child abandonment, domestic abuse, car accident
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✦Review: THE DATING PLAN by Sara Desai
Publication Date: March 16, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna 
Rated 4 Stars

I enjoyed this romantic comedy about second chances and a fake engagement. I thought Daisy was a fun, nerdy, intelligent woman. Yes, I got tired of hearing about how hurt she was over something that happened ten years before. Move on, girl. I also liked Liam right away and knew he would give Daisy a run for her money. There were holes in his backstory, but not enough for me to worry with it. I liked their banter once the “old hurt” stuff went away. I’m glad she moved on, so the sexy romance could blossom.

My complaints on this book would be: Too many characters actively involved in the story. Too long on the “you hurt me ten years ago, so I hate you now”. Some important moments were skipped or lightly passed over, leaving me feeling a bit cheated.

The first chapter had me cracking up and anticipating the rest of the story. It didn’t sustain the level of mishap, but the snarky humor and fake engagement kept it lighthearted. All said, it was a cheesy and sometimes corny romance that made me smile. I liked it.

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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A hilarious and sexy book, The Dating Plan is a must read! Daisy Patel is a software engineer at a start-up, Organicare. An expert in logically planning her life out and making lists Daisy is not interested in dating or getting married. But that doesn't stop her big family of many aunts and uncles from finding the perfect match for her. Until she meets Liam Murphy, a venture capitalist and an old friend of her brothers’, the same person who broke her heart at prom. When Liam learns that he must get married before his birthday to secure his inheritance, he must find someone who knows him well but has zero stake in his future. Who better than his friend’s little sister who hates his guts. A marriage of convenience that will solve both their problems is the only answer, but will they be able to complete their 8 -date plan to the end?

Sarah Desai’s writing and wit was fun to read and thoroughly enjoyable. The main characters are lovable and have cute quirks that are entertaining to read. Daisy’s big family is very reflective of many South Asian families including my own which made it relatable. I also loved the acceptance by Liam’s family and Daisy’s family regardless of race and class. I thought it a bit naïve, but also hopeful that there are families with an open mind and an open heart.
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I have to be honest, I had to push through to finish this one. One, it's cheesy and a little bit over the top. Okay, sometimes I would be fine with that if the story is really really enjoyable. But this one is predictable and nothing extraordinary. Though it is still entertaining no doubt. Daisy and Liam are likable and relatable characters. And their chemistry is undeniable. I loved both of their families.

Overall, it's still enjoyable but I would have loved it more if it's less cheesy and certain parts of the story to have gone differently.
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A fake engagement, with a past history? Sign me up, because I am here for it!
This was a real quick read that I absolutely adored from start to finish.
While this was a fun, and at times, laugh out loud romance. This story provided so much more and delved into other topics that I thought were very well done.
Definitely recommend this one! It released to today, so be sure to grab yourself a copy!
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3.5 Stars

This was a fun read about second chances, it had me giggling at the characters crazy antics, while wishing they could move beyond the past and find a happy future.

Both Daisy and Liam have faced a past with things you hope a child never has to. This has caused both of them to feel like they aren't worth of love and happiness. But when they are forced to push the past aside and try to make a future, they both see many things they have missed in pushing people away. Keeping people at arms length has it's advantages but sometimes it is much nicer to have those extra people in your court when needed.

I liked watching Daisy and Liam grow as individuals as they spent more time together and watching their once young crush love turn into something more.

Can they both have the HEA they deserve?

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***
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This was a very cute story with lots of humor and a hate to love or friendship becoming more, in addition big brothers best friend and also a sorta workplace romance and a fake marriage romance. 

Liam, is Irish and had a really tough home life growing up with an abusive father. His best friend was Daisy's brother  from a Desi-American family (meaning Indian American) and he spent 8 years of his life hanging out at their house. Daisy had the biggest crush on Liam that is until 10 years before on prom night he crushed her and she never saw him again until....

She sees him at a business conference and to show up an ex he says they are engaged. Meanwhile Liam's grandpa has died and he gets his family brewery if he gets married in the next two months. And he comes up with the idea of marrying Daisy...

But Daisy hates him for what he did on prom night but he agrees to help her try and save the company she works at if she agrees to help him and so starts  this fun, quirky and adorable romance.

I received a free ARC copy of this book from NETGALLERY prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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I love this sweet rom-com that had second chances, brother’s best friend, fake dating, and marriage of convenience at its heart. I haven’t read a ton of fake dating books, but I do enjoy them, and what really made me love this one was the characters’ past history. They had chemistry in high school, but then he broke her heart. When they meet 10 years later, she is not about to trust him again, even if by planning a marriage of convenience they can both get what they want.

I loved Daisy’s family dynamics, all her aunties that constantly barge into her life but want the best for her, and her dog Max. I loved Liam’s vulnerability and how he would (for the most part) stop at nothing to win her back.
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Daisy is focused on her career as a software engineer and isn’t looking for love or a relationship despite what her matchmaking family believes.   When she was a teenager, she gave her heart to her brother’s best friend who not only destroyed her prom night but disappeared from her life for a decade until fate reunited them.

Liam has forged his own career as a venture capitalist based on his own merits who wants to save his family’s business but for that to happen he needs a wife.    When he sees Daisy, he knows that an arranged marriage between them will solve both their problems and now he just needs to convince her.

Daisy and Liam take us on a fun journey as they realize that the only people they are fooling are themselves.    Witty banter, unique secondary characters and both Daisy and Liam are intriguing characters that draw you and have you invested in their pasts, present and future.
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