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This story was okay. It was quick and simple. I read it pretty fast. The couple grew together well but it seemed to mostly focus on the sexual aspect of their relationship not much else.. It was fun but wasn’t overly exciting or plot driven. Just very simple. I wish it had touched more on Morgan’s ex threatening her and being a problem, adding a little intensity to the story line.
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Before you enter this series, there are some ground rules that you must follow:

1. Be open to anything
2. Understand that this is not classic literature
3. Suspend all logic

Are you there?  If so, you're ready to enter Club Silken.  As long as you know what you're getting into, you're going to have a great time!  Zack is hot.  Morgan is hot.  The drivers, club bouncers, and staff are all hot (are you getting the picture?).  Enter at your own risk...and enjoy the ride!
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Someone please crank up AC, bring me industrial size fan and get some ice. Pronto!!!! This book was hot, very very hot...but despite that, the characters still felt relatable and likeable. I really enjoyed reading this and can't wait to start the sequel.
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Book is one of the best book I have read in a long time. Would recommend anyone that likes erotica books. Just WOW.  Book grab my attention in the first chapter. Now on to book 2 of this series. Thank you for a Wow book.
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Erotic Romance and delicious. Great characters, great setting, great story that kept me turning the pages and greatful I had the next book in the series read to go. 
First time reading this author and fantastic writing. 
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Oh what an hilarious train wreck of a book. It was so bad 😂 The only reason I kept reading because I couldn't believe how bad it was and I just had to see how horrible the next chapter would and before I knew it the book was done. I'm I an idiot and will I still read book two? Yes, because I requested it on Netgalley and so I feel obliged to read it. 1,5 stars for this disaster.
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Another book in a lustful seductive sensual and sexually alluring erotic novel series that is truly intoxicating to the reader. I found both novels to be equally tantalising and captivating, the choice of vocabulary was also very enticing and encapsulates the narrative of the novels. allowing for the reader to get a feel and sense of the intensity of the story line and each accompanying scene with each explicit description. 

Again, congratulations on what is an very erotic and raunchy novel series with the ravishing content. 

It is to be commended and I highly recommend it if this is the genre in which you enjoy and seek to read as a past time.
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I found Coke Hard enjoyable as the author developed the characters in a way I could picture them.  I also felt that they were relatable. Yes he is rich, but he still goes to work and comes across as a loving dom.  

The story was hot, but on a tasteful scale.  I am excited to read the rest of the books!
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Awesome book the storyline is easy to follow and, keeps the pages turning. The author writes well from
Both angles
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This is #1 in the #Club Silken series by author # Jerrie Alexander. Warning!! This is the new novel #'Come Hard' listed under erotic. So you should be a "legal age" to etc. This is for all of us stay-at-home readers!! And will be under my #' Rachel's List's starting in December.🌟🐾🐾
Thank you,
#Netgalley and # Jerrie Alexander
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Holy hotness, with a side of serious Alpha, a mess of BDSM, and a dollop of Oh.My.God.  

Yup, it’s like that.  Nothing less but lots more.  

The story is about Morgan and Zack, but they each have two friends that you can see a definite set up for future stories.  (I can’t wait!!!)

Morgan loses her wallet and gets a call in the middle of the night that it has been found in a nightclub she was at earlier.  She heads there, braless, in her pajamas and slippers and (of course) meets hotter than sin Zack.  He is part owner of the club and decides instantly Morgan will be his.  

Well, he is also part owner of Club Silken, a members only high end BDSM fantasy sex club.  Morgan has never dabbled in this world but oh man she’s about too!

           “Why the name Club Silken.”
           “Because there’s nothing better than the silky, soft skin of a woman’s *&^%$>”

You can picture this right.  An alpha BDSM club owner and a newbie.  It’s hot and erotic…..and awesome.  

And Zack….. He’s just…..not what you would imagine.  While he’s a DOM, he’s also sweet and caring and protective.  I just found myself loving him and rooting for he and Morgan to fall for each other.  

Come Hard is a great, quick, super hot story for one day enjoyment, palette cleanser, book slump reversal, or just because you plain old need a hot read.
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*I received this book free from the author via NetGalley.*

Morgan had a bland sex life, her ex basically told her as much when they broke up. That all changed when she accidently left her wallet at a club and met Zack when she went to pick it up.

Zack has a dominating aura, but he's tender as a teddy bear. He's instantly drawn to Morgan and wants to open her up and push her limits. Of course, she's more than willing. He woos her with limos, club wear shopping trips, and utter dominance. He even shows a little jealousy when her ex shows up in his club.

Come Hard is all about exploring sexuality in a safe space. From the beginning, to the shopping trips, to the club adventures, all the way to the end this book is all erotica with very little storyline. It had moments where it began to delve a little more into the characters backgrounds and ultimately their personalities, however it would veer quickly back into the club. This may work for some, but as for me I enjoy a little more story with my sex. I like to feel connected to the characters and unfortunately I wasn't able to in this book.
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The cover of this Jerrie Alexander caught my eye.  And because every now and then I like to try new authors with just out of my comfortzone stories, I requested the arcs for Club Silken part 1 and 2. I would call myself a shade of vanilla, just like Morgan. And although I admire Morgan's faith to try some bdsm stuff and it really got my panties in a twist, I don't think it is really 'my thing'. I did enjoy the story though and the tension between Zack and Morgan. So, in all three out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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It was a fine read but does not enticing me to read the next book in the series.

This is instalust, don't buy that from one day to the next they are inseparable and feeling things they've never felt before. The conflict was nonexistent. The dialogue between between characters is either juvenile or overdone, understandably they are setting up and explaining the Silken world but it didn't flow naturally. 
There were a few spelling errors and glaringly Zach says he joined the Marines but Morgan calls him an Army Ranger later.
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This was super cute and super fun. It was a nice combination of cute and sweet as well as steamy! I can't wait to read the next one
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3.75 stars

The story was cute and I love a good BDSM book. I will say two things... I wish the characters had a bit more time to develop their relationship. It was a bit rushed and I wish we could have seen their engagement. The male main character goes from not wanting a permanent situation to falling in love on the second date. I feel like there could have been more getting to know one another for me to completely fall in love with them as a couple.  And then they end up engaged so I felt like I was left hanging on their journey.

I DO however want to read the next book to see how everything plays out.
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The story opens with Morgan returning to a club she was the night before when they have found her wallet. Arriving talking to a man Zach is taken with Morgan her beauty and just her simple self not realizing how beautiful she really is. As the talk, he later invites her back to the club at night as his guest to be with him. She agrees taken with Zach as well. 
 Morgan surprised that Zach is the owner of the BDSM club is surprising as is him wanting to take her as his guest. Being there with him and walking around seeing everything that is going on is really eye-opening for her. She has had a very vanilla sex life and lets him know that.
  The story goes with him bringing her out into her own sexuality, but at the same time, he finds himself wanting to be with her more and more. Now, will he make a full commitment to her? Read this good story to find out. A good book with good characters.
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***I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

This books reads fast. Everything is fast and instant. Goes from 1-100 in a second. 

Story overall sounds like a any other erotica BDSM story out there, only in 6th gear... Characters felt very random and quite superficial. 

This wasn't for me, but I can see it being a great pick for people who love instant attraction and fast pace setting.
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I totally dug this read. Morgan & Zack cross paths and Zack is immediately drawn to her. He introduces her to his world and while she’s new to it, she’s definitely intrigued. Totally looking forward to the next book!
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If you are looking for a book that is a slow burn character development relationship development before you get to the heat in the sheets this is not the book for you. This book is hot, flaming hot right out the gate. That being said, I love my erotic fiction with a plot. If it is pages upon pages of bedroom scene after bedroom scene with no story to connect it, I am not interested. This book is hot with a plot. It is book one in a series, but it is my favorite kind of series. It is a series of stand-alone stories that have different things that connect and interweave them but you do not have to read the books in order and you do not have to read every book to get an ending. Absolutely loved it and cannot wait to read more.
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