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This is the third book in the Aspen Adams series.  This series is a bit different from the other books that Daryl Wood Gerber writes.  It is a bit more realistic or harsher.  But it is still enjoyable.  It actually does draw you into the story.  We finally see an investigation into the murders of Aspen's parents.  The effects of that long ago event are deftly woven into the story and round out the telling of a terrible occurance. Although most of the story takes place in the Bay Area instead of Lake Tahoe, it gives us a chance to meet new people.  We have some reflections and human emotions of regret.  The plot moves along well and keeps you involved.  The ending will be a surprise accompanying by sadness.  I look forward to the next one.
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Aspen has to face her most difficult task. She needs to help her sister and her niece, by investigating the murder of her parents. They were killed 14 years ago. The police were never able to find who murdered them. This stopped Aspen and her sister from accepting their loss and moving forward. Watching them struggle was heartbreaking. I was pulled into this story. Aspen puts herself in danger to get to the truth. I admired her strength and courage. I knew that the killer would go to any length to stop her but Aspen won't be stopped. The desire to get closure is overpowering. Aspen Adams is a character that I admired. The tragedy didn't break her. It made her stronger. Her boyfriend, Nick Shaper, is there to support her and love her. We all need someone who believes in us. They make a great couple. Daryl Wood Gerber wrote a powerful and emotional mystery. It was a wild ride to find the truth. The ending was a shock. It was so unexpected. I loved Cold Conviction. The story is powerful and the characters with their secrets and lies add drama. This book is a keeper! 
I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
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This is the third book in the Aspen Adams series and this time, it’s really personal. After all these years, Aspen’s sister, Rosie, has finally remembered a new detail about their parent’s deaths. She begs Aspen to investigate these murders, promising that with the resolution of this cold case, she will have the impetus to finally get and stay clean. Aspen initially rejects her plea, but when she discovers a gun hidden in one of her grandmother’s puzzle box, she decides she needs to delve into the case. This story is a journey not only into the murders, but also into the people and places of Aspen’s past...and by investigating the past, she may also affect her future! I enjoyed the interactions between the main characters, especially her relationships with her aunt and niece. There were lots of clues, motives and even red herrings until the final reveal. I hope there are further stories with Aspen...she is a strong female character with good intuitions and capable of watching her own back. Disclosure: I am voluntarily reviewing this book through Net Galley and all opinions are strictly my own.
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Cold Conviction by Daryl Wood Gerber is the 3rd An Aspen Adams Novel of Suspense.  It can be read as a standalone, but I believe you will understand Aspen (and the other characters) better if you read the books in order.  Aspen Adams is a complex woman with a big heart.  Aspen is a private investigator working for her Aunt Max and raising her niece, Candace.  Candace is doing much better now that she has a stable home life, but she does not give up hope that her mother will change.  The author has created realistic, developed characters.  I thought Cold Conviction was well-written with steady pacing.  The mystery is multifaceted with the suspense ramping up as Aspen gets closer to the solution.  Aspen went about the investigation in a methodical manner.  The details are revealed a little at a time.  I enjoyed following Aspen as she worked to resolve the case making sure to leave no stone unturned. The reveal scene was action packed and I liked how everything came together.  I was, though, left with an unanswered question or two.  I was able to arrive at the resolution for this whodunit early in the book because the evidence pointed in one direction.  As more details were revealed, it confirmed what I had deduced.  I would have liked for the mystery to be more of a challenge for the reader to solve.  As Aspen was away from Lake Tahoe for most of the book, I missed the interactions between her and the other characters.  They appear now and then plus there are phone calls, but it is not quite the same.  I am a fan of Aunt Max and Candace.  Aspen’s relationship with Nick is progressing nicely.  Nick is so different from Aspen’s ex-husband, Damien who makes an appearance.  He is sleaze with a capital S.  I loved the descriptions of Grandma Patrice’s artwork especially her puzzle boxes.  Cold Conviction is my favorite book in this series.  I look forward to Aspen Adams next adventure.  Cold Conviction is a dynamic tale with a strident sister, a nasty neighbor, melancholy memories, a benign beau, storage shed mementoes, a controlled killer, and a determined daughter.
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I am addicted to this series. Finding a new book in the series is like finding a Christmas present you forgot to open.

In book three we get to learn more about the night Aspen's parents were killed and how it affected Aspen and her sister. I never expected the killer to be who it was. My mouth dropped to the floor when revealed.

I am very ready for the next book and cannot wait.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Beyond the Page Publishing through NetGalley. Any opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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This is the third in the Aspen Adams series by Gerber and it did not disappoint! This was a real rollercoaster of a read! It was hard to put down! Aspen is finally opening up the case to find out who discovered her parents.. the characters are believable,; some are ruthless, others sinister so it keeps you guessing as to whodunit! Awesome twist and perfect ending! Very enjoyable! Highly recommend this suspenseful read! Daryl Wood Gerber once again proves she is not only a master storyteller, but also a great suspense writer!
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Love this series and 1 of my favorite authors.  If you haven't read this series. I suggest you read it. I really enjoyed it
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Daryl Wood Gerber is skilled at building the setting for his mysteries.  This is the 3rd book in the Aspen Adams series but this is the one where we find out the truth behind Aspen's mysterious background.  She knew this day would come but she's not sure if she's ready.  When her parents were killed 14yrs ago and no one was ever arrested for the murder, Aspen knew someday she would have to investigate and bring to justice her parents killer.  Her sister has asked her to solve this cold case.  Their lives may depend on it now.  

If you have never read any Daryl Wood Gerber titles, you are in for a treat.  You'd swear you had seen these on the nightly news or read them in the local newspaper, they just can't be fiction, they are too good.  Suspenseful with multiple story threads that must be woven together before Aspen figures out the truth, Cold Conviction is an excellent read.
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I really, really enjoy this series. Aspen Adams, the main character, is reasonable, realistic, and relatable. The idyllic setting of Lake Tahoe is the general setting of the series, but most of this book takes place in the California town where Aspen grew up and where her parents were murdered 14 years prior. She returns to her hometown to try to solve her parents' murder, which has gone cold. She meets with old friends and acquaintances, along with police detectives and murder suspects. There's no shortage of potential killers that kept me guessing, and some new, dangerous situations making an already challenging investigation even more difficult. Although I suspected nearly everyone in the story, I was still pretty surprised by the ending.

Although I'm typically a cozy mystery reader, this series has me in its grasp for being grittier and more realistic than most cozies. The Aspen Adams series is highly engaging, well written, and always kept my interest. I highly recommend this book - and the whole series - to any fans of mystery!

I received an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.
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This is the third book in the Aspen Adams suspense series by Daryl Wood Gerber.  It’s not a cozy mystery but definitely not a blood bath of horrors.  It is more middle of the road in this genre.  I enjoyed the mystery. 

After hinting to Aspen’s family tragedy in the previous two books, we are thrown head first into solving this cold case with Aspen.

Did her sister have anything to do with the tragedy? She tells Aspen things she didn’t tell the police.  Both sisters want this resolved to gain closure and healing. We follow the clues and twists until the reveal.

The use of the “murder board” helped to keep Aspen and the reader focused.

I was given an advanced reader’s copy. I am not required to leave a positive review.
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14 years ago Aspen Adams parents were murdered and now Aspen is taking on their cold case. Everything about this book is sensational. The story is well plotted and the characters seem real. I've read all the books in this series and this is the best to date. Can Aspen solve the cold case? How involved is her sister Rosie, the addict?! Do yourself a favor and delve into this great series.
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In this third book of the series Aspen is thrust back into the hardest time of her life.  Her sister has called and brought up questions about when their parents were murdered.  Her sister has issues with drugs and these new memories might send her back into a spiral so Aspen agrees to check things out.  She knew one day she would end up looking into her parents unsolved murders but she doesn't feel ready.  With her sister on the edge she knows she must deal with her own unresolved feelings and steps back in time to figure out just what happened all those years ago.  Along the way she asks questions of the detectives who worked on her parents case, she talks to neighbors who around during that time, and looks into the original suspects.  She ends up coming across things about her parents lives that she never knew but has to figure out just where they fit into her puzzle.  Things start to get dangerous as she delves deeper into her parents lives.  Follow along and take this journey with Aspen, will she find out who killed her parents or will she herself become a victim in the end?  This was an exciting read and I've been looking forward to Aspen investigating her parents death and seeing what outcome it would bring.
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Cold Conviction by Daryl Wood Gerber is the third in her Aspen Adams series. Not a cozy, no hard-core mystery, Aspen is a thirty-something private investigator living in Lake Tahoe. Her parents had been murdered 14 years earlier and that day flitted in and out of her mind. One night, well 2 a.m., her sister Rosie called begging Aspen to find the killer. She though knowing might help her go clean. She also gave Aspen two items of information that no one but Rosie had known. 1) Her mother owned a gun, which was in the hope chest now at the foot of Aspen's bed. 2) Her mother had spoken before she died: "You'll never get it." Neither Rosie or Aspen knew what that meant but it spurred Aspen into action, not that she believed Rosie would ever be free of her drug habit. She and he niece Candace searched the hope chest and at the very bottom found a carved wooden box, made by her grandmother. It was a puzzle box, as were most of the ones her grandmother made. Aspen found the secret and opened it. Yep, a gun. 

Aspen and her sheriff boyfriend, Nick, made the journey to "home." It was four hours by car. She had called ahead and her mother's partner, Tammie, had arranged a short-term rental for them. Her first call was the police where they directed her to the retired detective who had investigated the case. He had a copy of the case file, which he went over with Aspen and Nick, and let Aspen take photos of all the pages. Now to begin investigating. Nick was called back to Tahoe so she was on her own. Investigate she did, but not without ruffling some feathers. It was an excellent mystery, with good detective skills and some luck leading her to the murderer. Aspen is a good character, as are most of them in this series. Her aunt Max and foster daughter/niece, Candace, are always right there. Candace is such a teenager, and Gerber writes the character well. This is a compelling, dangerous, and heart-breaking mystery. I recommend it.

I was invited to read a free ARC of Cold Conviction by Netgalley. All opinions and interpretations contained herein are solely my own. #netgalley #coldconviction
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This book should come with the warning that it will suck you in and make you loose time! Correction, the entire series should come with that warning, but in particular the plot in this book of the series was so compelling that I just couldn't stop reading. Realistic characters drive the storylines and make the plots more intriguing. In this book we follow along as Aspen, the main character, is taking on the cold case of her parents murders and things get complicated in a hurry with old emotions brought to the surface and not knowing who from her parents past that she can trust. Excellent twists and turns to keep you up and turning pages late into the night! You could read the book as a stand alone, but you would be missing out on some great storylines and build up by skipping the first books in the series. I really do recommend that you read the whole series for maximum enjoyment!
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5 stars

This is the third book in the Aspen Adams series by Daryl Wood Gerber,

I am glad this book took on the uber monster in Aspen’s background that we all were wondering about… who killed her parents? I kind of missed seeing Candace and Nick in this book. They were there but not enough cameos for me. Those two really help make this series awesome! Aspen started off her investigation with Nick but he is quickly called away on first a family emergency and then later a case that cannot wait.

Her druggie sister asks Aspen to look into the mystery and she reveals that the gun in their mother’s hope chest is probably the murder weapon. This story is extremely personal and leads to an amazing conclusion that I am sure Aspen and us never saw coming!  There is also a great heartwarming aspect to the story you won’t want to miss so keep on reading all the way to the end!

I loved it so much! Great series worth digging into! I need to read more ASAP!

If you like police procedural/detective fiction, mystery, cozy or thriller, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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Cold Conviction is the third book in the Aspen Adams series, and it was a wonderful addition. In this book we will finally find out what happened to Aspens parents as we works to solve their cold case. I would certainly recommend this book to others.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and Beyond the Page Publishing and am under no obligation to leave a favorable review, all opinions expressed here are my own.
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PI Aspen Adams gets a call from her drug-addicted sister Rosie who wants her to take on the biggest cold case of her career.  Their parents were murdered in their Bay Area home 14 years ago after returning from an aborted vacation, and their deaths have haunted them for years.  

Aspen meets with the retired homicide detective and plows through the extensive case notes and evidence.  She also tracks down and contacts the original suspects, as well as family friends and business acquaintances.  Did her parents surprise a burglar in their home or did someone with a grudge come to kill?  As Aspen follows various leads, she finds that the killer is trying to silence anyone who can potentially help her.  

This was a gripping, thrilling read and another great entry in the Aspen Adams series.

I received a digital ARC from Netgalley and Beyond The Page Publishing with no requirements for a review.  I voluntarily read this book and provided this review.
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Cold Conviction is the third book in the Aspen Adams suspense / thriller series written by Daryl Wood Gerber. Published in October of 2020, this one takes us back to a cold case involving the murder of the protagonist's parents. Aspen's mother and father surprised a burglar who shot and killed them both; or did they? Clearly there is more to the story, and when Aspen's sister begs her to investigate the ~15-year-old crime, a chain of events is kicked off by starting a new round of murders.

I've read a couple of the author's lighter mystery series and the two previous books in this series; all are great. I'm very fond of Gerber's writing style, character development, and plots. There were only two items in this book that gave me a moment of concern, both minor. (1) I'm not sure I truly understood why Rosie, Aspen's sister, had the urgent desire to suddenly investigate now. Ultimately, it's just what kicks off the mystery, so it is hardly an issue but I would've liked a little more strength there. (2) Aspen was a little colder than usual in this one. She's not the lovey/dovey type generally, but in a few scenes I felt we needed more warmth from her. Again, quite minor.

That said, the story is incredibly rich with details. Gerber must've spent a significant amount of time mapping out all the pieces and integrating them seamlessly into the chapters. Each scene builds upon the last one, offering some hints but not enough to grasp the full background... until she wants us to. It connects a lot of conversations from early on and presents an exceptionally strong and compelling murder case. I didn't guess the killer, and part of me didn't totally try to do that because the story was just so well written, I sat back and enjoyed it this time.

I find this to be a great alternative to the intense thrillers and cozy mysteries I read... as it provides that perfect middle ground of reality and drama without massive questions and concentration. A wonderful read on a lazy afternoon where you want to feel invested but also don't want to finish it all in one setting... let it stick around for a few days so you can enjoy all the energy that went into building a brilliant setting.
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Aspen Adams and her sister lost their parents at a young age. It took both girls in separate directions. One becomes a private investigator and the other a drug addict on the verge on losing everything. Aspen gets a call from her sister Rosie, who has been drinking, and urges her to come back home. Aspen puts aside he fears and returns to figure out what happened that night when her parents were tragically killed. This is a great mystery that contains quite a few twists and turns that is sure to peak your interests enough to not want to put this one down. I have never read anything from this author before but really want to now. The story is compelling and the suspicions are everywhere. Who can you trust and what do those you can’t trust want? Just when you think you have it solved, because let’s face it, we all think we are sleuths after reading a few mysteries, you are wrong. Turns out it is someone else......

Thank you to netgalley as well as the author/publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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For the past 14 years, Aspen and her sister Rosie have wondered what really happened the night of their parent's murder. Was it robbery gone wrong or intended murder? After a drunken call from Rosie, Aspen decides to return to their home town and put her budding investigative skills to work. I liked getting to go back to learn more about Aspen before the series started and the people and events who helped form her character. It was good to get some closure on the past so that Aspen, Rosie, and Candace can move forward. I liked the multiple suspects and no easy answers. But I, like Aspen, didn't like being away from Tahoe for most of the book. The setting is one of my main draws to the series and somehow Silicon Valley doesn't have the same appeal. But that is a mark of good writing: the reader feels the same comfort the characters feel about being home!
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