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Surviving a Startup

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Think you’ve got what it takes to forge the next multi-billion dollar business? 

Get the upper hand from Steven 'Captain Hoff' Hoffman, CEO of Founders Space and veteran of the startup trenches as he guides you through the minefield of entrepreneurship and getting a startup off the ground by drawing from his breadth of expertise and stories from notable startups, all without the sugar coating.

This rare find provides you the foundations you need to get off on the right foot, and wastes no time getting to the point. With each section bite-sized you’re equipped with the know-how to adopt an entrepreneur's mindset, validate your idea, attract the right investors, hire the right team and market to your advantage. 

However, it's important to highlight it’s a snapshot overview of the ins and outs of a startup and to delve into each topic in depth in a single book would be madness so you'll find that things like marketing and customer acquisition are simply a list to point you in the right direction moving forward. Whilst this is frustrating at times, it sets you up for success in your on-going learning as it takes the guesswork out of what to learn next. 

Special shout out to Captain Hoff, Harper Collins Leadership and Netgalley for access to Surviving a Startup, equipped with pages of notes, this is an invaluable resource I'll continue to refer to.
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This book was not what I expected, but that is on me not reading much beyond the title before giving it a go. I thought this would be helpful information on how to survive being employed in a start-up and part of that world. Surviving IN a startup. However, it is about how to make a startup survive. The information was fine but not very applicable to many and would have been helpful if it was. broader.
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Surviving a Startup gives practical advice to those considering entrepreneurship with real-world examples. 

Steven S. Hoffman gives the reader a taste of his credentials so that we understand why we should listen to him. He very clearly states all of the reasons one should NOT start their own business, going on to explain the dedication and commitment needed to be successful. 

He then discusses the building blocks of a successful business, how to generate good ideas, financial concerns, how to quit, how to create demand and a customer base, and many other issues that arise when starting your own business. The advice is clear cut and seems easy enough to follow.

Overall this book is well-organized and would be useful to a potential startup.
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Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC copy. Having started a nonprofit with an additional cofounder I was eager to read this book, hoping to avoid pitfalls! We have a small nonprofit and certainly will never be at the level of big business, which a lot of this book is geared towards. However I found a lot of useful information that does pertain to many of the activities we are undergoing, such as developing our brand, pitch, presentation skills. It's always great when you can learn from the experiences of others and this book did provide me with useful advice.
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This book gave great insights on what the startup life is like, would recommend for a quick little read.
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Honest book about a startup life. I can confirm pretty much everything that I have experienced myself. The truth is looking like this and the reality can hit if you are not ready. I like that the author goes through all the aspects and provides advice as well. Definitely worth readuping!
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Perhaps the implied meaning of 'startup' is large business - involving a big idea and a team of people. This book is for that approach - with chapters on raising venture capital, recruitment, hiring, etc. I - on the other hand - picked up this book after reading the tagline - 'practical strategies for starting a business, overcoming obstacles, and coming out on top.' I have started a business, and want to do well with it. However, I don't imagine scaling it, needing capital, or managing a large team. Still, I found the book to be filled with great information. As always, I'm happy with a book if I find one useful nugget. Here, I found more than enough to make the book worthwhile. Crafting elevator pitches, creating a pitch deck, content development, guerrilla marketing, rules for selling, and customer acquisition were all excellent chapters and would help any business - big or small.
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