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Love Annie Downs and loved hearing her delightful voice narrate this book! Such a great read and very timely to be reminded of simply finding fun during a difficult few years.
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Thank you Netgalley and publishers for an ARC.
All opinions are my own.

I've followed Annie Downs for years. Although I haven't listened to her podcast prior to reading, I've already added her to my Must-Listen-To list. She does a great job sharing her reflections on life and how to approach life with spontaneity. Although some ideas would be hard for me to grasp, overall I appreciated her look on life.

I encourage you to read this slowly and enjoy each chapter and begin to implement some of her ideas. Not every idea is for everyone, but everyone can find something in this gem of a book to help them navigate life with more smiles and less frowns.
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That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs

Annie was a new to me author and speaker, but it sounds like she has developed quite a following with her down-to-earth conversations with readers and podcast listeners.

I had imagined that her book would tell me to get out there and have some fun, and she did.  She also wrote about a lot of the fun that she has experienced in her life, too. 
She impressed me with the thought that our desire for fun is a longing for Eden.  I pondered that thought for a while.  I came to the conclusion that she is right.  When we lost Eden, we lost more than we imagined.  Having fun in itself won’t return us to Eden, but will make our time on earth more enjoyable. 
Annie also covers the joys of being an amateur, the power of falling in love, and why you need a hobby.  Her writing style reminded me a bit of Anne Lamott, another author I enjoy.

If you enjoy a lengthy, meandering but meaningful conversation with a friend, you will enjoy this book.  I am grateful to the publisher for the free copy in exchange for this, my honest review.
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Prior to reading That Sounds Fun, I wasn't familiar with Annie F. Downs.  Once I learned that she is a well-known podcast host, the book's format made complete sense.  That Sounds Fun is organized into vignettes of Annie's life woven with research.  This makes for a very approachable, conversational style reminiscent of a chat between friends.

Annie's down-to-earth approach to exploring why we long for fun, how to discover fun, and why we actually NEED fun in our lives is a breath of fresh air.  In a world overflowing with busyness, it's certainly refreshing to hear someone talk about the importance of FUN!  I also appreciate the Christian perspective of the book, making the connection between fun and a longing for Eden.

While I enjoyed reading the digital version, this is a book that I definitely want in physical form.  I want to read, annotate, and think about it bit by bit.

Thanks go to NetGalley and Revell for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions.
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I'd never heard of Annie F. Downs before, but who could pass up a book titled That Sounds Fun? The book, a series of essays, talks about our search for Eden, learning to love ourselves, and slowing down enough to actually have fun. 

Downs talks frankly about her PCOS (it's about time someone brought this topic up), her struggles as an aging single woman, and the dreams she's learning to let go, She reminds readers of our worth to a God who loves us and the necessity of really getting to know ourselves. Without self-knowledge, we end up unhappy shells of the person God wants us to be. 

I'll be looking for other books by Annie F. Downs for more humor, encouragement, and examples of how to live out the one beautiful life God has given me.
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I think this would be a good recommendation for someone who is an Annie Down's fan and listens to her podcast. There are a lot of references to her life (which is why the start sounds like a memoir) but the book reads like a transcript to a podcast. This isn't a bad thing (her voice, tone and speech patterns are clearly hers), but it didn't draw me in as much as I thought it would.
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That Sounds Fun
by Annie F. Downs 

We know what is truly essential in life... food, shelter, etc.. 
But sometimes we just want to have fun.  This book encourages us to find what is fun for us and do it!!  

Great book!  Thanks to NetGalley for providing the digital ARC for me.  I am considering using it for our library book club. 

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I love all things Annie F. Downs!! Speaking events, podcasts, Instagram and books! Annie is down to earth, transparent and vulnerable in her writing.  She writes with heart and humor.  This book caused me to take a look at my life and really examine what sounds fun to me. Made me think about how many things do sound fun to me, but I am afraid to step out and try them  I am thankful for Annie's voice in the world. 4 stars!
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The fun, feel good book you can’t wait to pick back up. I loved the light read, the personal stories and the hard hitting truths. I related so much to Annie as a 30-something single in the ministry space. Do you know what sounds fun to me? This book!
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That Sounds Fun: The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby – the title and cover drew me in. I was interested in an inspirational read, and I was not disappointed. Who doesn’t need more fun in their lives? Each chapter is like having a therapy session with your best friend. In her authentic, transparent style, Annie Downs shares slices of her life that will challenge you to seek out experiences and live life in a way that feeds your soul and grows your faith. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Easily the best Annie Downs book I have read. Her style is so different than a lot of the Christian woman’s market. I love her story telling aspect but then how it connects to a deeper truth. It reminds me of the teaching style of the parables of Jesus. I am a huge fan of her podcasts and have read almost all of her other books. I enjoyed those, but they didn’t have the same impact that this book had. This one was more introspective than I imagined and deeper than I originally expected. This isn’t a book about having fun, but more of a theology of fun and working through why we need fun, especially in grief and growing up. 

Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review! Already my favorite book of the year!
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Seven years ago, my family experienced a deep and lasting trauma. It took me years to recover and begin to emerge from the fog of grief and PTSD. One of the best things I did for myself during the healing process was to start listening to podcasts, one of which was THAT SOUNDS FUN with Annie F. Downs. Her consistent good cheer and attention to care, honesty, and fun were so refreshing to me after spending so much time in deep sadness. When I was able to grab an egalley of her newest book from NetGalley, I jumped at the chance! I so enjoyed her stories and seeing the thread of joy in each one. Also, my husband's family has been a Lost Valley family for decades, so it is always delightful to see the Ranch mentioned with love by someone else.
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That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs is a book that shares a vitality for life and enjoying life, supporting readers in the pursuit of fun daily activities and enjoying the process. The first two chapters share little slices of Annie's life and are a quick interesting read. The next section shares the positives of being a beginner and how it helps us learn and grow. One important point is the author highlights that currently she is still a beginner on understanding intersections of race, disability, and privilege but that she believes it is more important to acknowledge and grow from that rather than ignore it because it is uncomfortable. I could not agree more with this sentiment and believe everyone could benefit with this mindset when it comes to both huge issues like those mentioned, or just being bad at something inconsequential. 

The tone throughout this book is easy and controversial. The author writes the book as if she is talking to you through a podcast, her typical form of communication. It is important to note for non-Christians that the author comes from a Christian perspective and shares some stories on her faith, but is not overt or evangelical. The format of this book is more a collection of anecdotes rather than clear-cut chapters but is an interesting read!

Many thanks to the publisher Revell and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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Annie F Downs is a favorite. I listen to her podcast on the regular, check in on Instagram a couple of times a week, and always pick up her newest book without hesitation. This time she’s looking for fun, for Eden. She’s looking for the things that make us whole and that lead us toward the life God has blessed us with living. She shares hope and hurt and promise in her stories and gives the reader the chance to ask what sounds fun to us.
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I adore Annie Downs! Her writing style makes her feel like a friend you've known your whole life. It's very conservational. 

This was so different than any other book I've read from Annie before. Typically, her books are very faith-centered as she shares about her journey with God. That Sounds Fun was much more focused on simply living. There are tidbits that nod to Annie's relationship with Christ but I wouldn't label this as a Christian focused book.

Annie speaks to the idea that we were created for fun but as we move through the everyday of life, we sometimes lose the fun. She encourages the reader to slow down and remind yourself how you have fun. The one thought that will stay with me from this read is to SAVOR THIS. Don't rush through the easy or the difficult but find the fun in the journey. 

Annie wrote this over 2020 while we were all dealing with the confining effects of this pandemic season. It's a really timely reminder that fun is an important part of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Truly a book for anyone! 

Fun is in the going together.
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Author and Speaker, Annie F. Downs crafts a delightful and engaging companion to her wildly successful podcast of the same name, That Sounds Fun. Filled with anecdotes and practical advice within them, Downs breaks down why having interests, just for the joy of them, matter. She guides readers/listeners on that journey and in seeking the value of what fun brings into our lives. Being "an expert on fun" may have been happenstance, but it's a role Downs takes on with gusto. A must read!
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Annie F. Downs is a Christian speaker, podcaster, and influencer who is well known for her transparency and likability. In "That Sounds Fun" (also her podcast's name), Downs shares real-life experiences and what she's learned from them. Whether it's cooking, quarantining, dating, or traveling, she has a story for each and finds a way to make it enjoyable to read. This was a quick read and an enjoyable one. 

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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