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Releasing #6 of Knights of the Castle, J.L. Campbell gives us suspenseful romance that deals with a sensitive issue, whether you are aware or not, is a real issue for us all.

Aziza Hampton and Dorian “Ryan” Bostwick has just spent quality time on Paradise Island, where they rekindled their love for each other.  Aziza is feeling positive as she takes a temporary assignment aboard.  While out with friends, she finds herself abducted as part of a trafficking scheme.

Pass training makes Ryan one of the best protectors.  When he gets a call from the Castle with an assignment, he finds this one hits too close to home and might be his most dangerous of all.  He is racing against time to find Aziza before it too late.

As the story unfolds, you see how powerful and strategic the Kings and Knights are and how well they seamlessly operate between the two countries.  That is what I like most about this entire series.  I also like how this author always manages to share a part of her home with us through her words and stories.

If suspense, action, and romance are what you like, this is one you will enjoy.
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3.75 stars--KNIGHT OF PARADISE ISLAND by JL Campbell is the sixth instalment in the contemporary, adult,  multi-authored, multi-racial KNIGHTS OF THE CASTLE  romance series This is businessman Dorian ‘Ryan’ Bostwick, and Aziza Hampton’s story line. KNIGHTS OF THE CASTLE is a spin off from the multi-authored Kings of the Castle series but you do not have to have read the previous series to follow or understand the current timeline. Several characters cross-over for cohesion and familiarity. The Knights of the Castle series focuses on the Middle East, fictional principality of Durabia, and the misogynistic, racist and ethnocentric attitudes and beliefs.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the story line premise including but not limited to women and children sexual slavery, and organ trafficking, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Ryan and Aziza) KNIGHT OF PARADISE ISLAND follows American Aziza Hampton as she is contracted to work in the principality of Durabia, a country whose new Sheikh and Sheikha leadership is desperately struggling to change the centuries ingrained misogynistic, racist and ethnocentric attitudes and beliefs . A single woman in a country controlled by men makes Aziza a target of some powerful people, and our heroine finds herself a prisoner, about to be sold into sexual slavery, along with dozens of other women and young girls from around the world. Desperate to rescue to woman he loves, Dorian ‘Ryan’ Bostwick calls in the Kings of the Castle, in an effort to take down a ring of pedophiles who use and abuse young women and children. 

KNIGHT OF PARADISE ISLAND is a haunting look at,  and cautionary tale focusing on the abduction, sexual abuse and mutilation of women and children in the Middle East. Although fictional in nature, the story line could be ripped from the headlines of today’s news outlets and magazines. A startling and thought-provoking story, KNIGHT OF PARADISE ISLAND is a dramatic and intense story of rescue and love.  




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Knight of Paradise Island is Book 6 of the Knights of the Castle series. Though it’s slated as a series read, it is a standalone with no cliffhangers; as are all of the books in the series written by various authors. 

Knight of Paradise Island follows the story of Aziza Hampton and Ryan Bostwick. These two lovers explore the depths of their relationship in a blissful vacation where they internally realize their true heart’s desire for one another. Once the vacation ends, they depart to the normalcy of their lives failing to fully seize their moment. Unfortunately, a sinister ploy in the city of Durabia lands Aziza as a captive in the city’s seedy underworld. When Ryan learns of Aziza’s disappearance, he and the other knights must team up in a race against time to save his one true love. 

Knight of Paradise Island is a solid 4 out of 5 rated read. The author gives a bird’s eye view into the dangerous and crafty underworld of missing and exploited women and children, and the horrid conditions and circumstances they encounter. The author masterfully brought to light the harsh realities behind the headlines as the story confronts these realistic exploitations. The suspense is the significant draw as emotions run rampant with fear of the unknown and hope for escape. Ryan’s relentless tenacity drives the chase which highlights the inner workings of the protectiveness of the knights. Although the knights operate under a code of conduct, it would have been thrilling to explore more engagement with their action. At the forefront of the plot is Ryan’s and Aziza’s love which fuels their fight to be reunited again. Overall, the story was exquisitely written and left us enthralled in the experience.
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Dorian AKA Ryan is running his business with his brother when he hears some distressing news.  His girlfriend Aziza has been kidnapped while working in Duarbia.  Aziza normally keeps to herself, until one night she goes out with co workers and ends up getting kidnapped.  Ryan get's a call from Aziza's mother inquiring as to why she hasn't heard from her daughter.  It's up to the Kings, The Knights, Ryan and the Sheikh to find Aziza as well as the other women and girls who have been kidnapped.

A suspenseful story that will keep you guessing into the very end.  this story packs a variety of tough and sensitive topics and I highly recommend this book, as well as the others in this series.
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Knights of the Castle Book 6
Would i read more of this series ? Yes , in fact I've already read books 1-6 and can't wait to read the last 3 books.
Would i recommend it? Yes , been doing that and enabling my friends to pick this series up to read.
Would i read more by this author? Yes 
First off like I do each and every time I want to say thank you to the publishers as well as the authors for inviting me to read and review this book as well as NetGalley for letting me post my reviews there. Now on to my thoughts of the book , once again its a win with me not only because of the cover but because these authors aren't afraid to talk about hard topics that need to to be talked about, they have a way of bring the story to live as well as their characters, and reaching out and having you hooked and in love with the characters before the story is over. And this one  you will make you feel things like never before, because its a on a topic that we see in movies, on the news as well as on tv shows  and that's about the  underworld  of organ trafficking and the dangerous of it. Like I said this series is win because it makes you feel human, have amazing characters that you can't help feeling for, the story line its  masterful writing and the action is non stop from start to finish. So if you haven't picked up this series yet what are you waiting for,
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The Kings and Knights work so well together in keeping Durabia save.  I am so loving this series and hate to see it come to end.  Only 3 more books to go.  I truly hope that there are more books to come.  Naleighna Kai and her tribe of authors work well together like a well-oiled machine.  Love how each author picks up where the other left off and do an excellent job and leave you wanting more.

This is book # 6 in the Knight series.  I truly enjoyed it.  I usually don’t like reading about kidnapping and raping of women and children.  J.L. Campbell did a wonderful job in her writing and not making it an enjoyable to read.

Dorian “Ryan” Bostwick, is living in the Bahamas and once worked for the Royal Bahama Police Force in the criminal investigation department and is the cousin of the King Of Evanston Shatz Bostwick who is an attorney and the King of Evanston.  

Ryan’s girlfriend Aziza is visiting him in the Bahamas before she takes a job working in Durabia.    
Aziza arrives in Durabia and her days are usually filled with working and returning to her apartment but she decides to join her friend at a prominent night club after work.  She’s sitting at the bar having a drink and goes to the bathroom and is kidnapped.  No one at the company where Aziza works seems to be interested in her disappearance.  Aziza’s mom calls Shatz and asks for his help in locating her daughter.   Shatz calls in his cousin Ryan who informs Shatz that he and Aziza are more than just friends and he has to find her because he loves and wants to marry her.

Ryan arrives in Durabia and Sheikh Kamran gives him the help needed to find Aziza and other woman and children that have gone missing. Ryan will move heaven and earth to find Aziza.

Will Ryan and his team find Aziza and under cover who has kidnapped the love of his life.  I highly recommend that you pick up your copy today and see whether or not Ryan and Aziza get their HEA.

I Received an ARC from the author via Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Knight of Paradise Island by J.L. Campbell was included in a roundup of new releases across all of my social media platforms and on my blog, Black Fiction Addiction.
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Knight of Paradise Island by J.L. Campbell is book six of the nine-book series of Knights of the Castle. J.L. is an expert at writing suspense and mystery novels. This book is no exception and showcases her skills in handling a controversial subject. Prepare to be taken on a Paradise Island journey as you read through these pages and are transported to the islands.
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Knight of Paradise Island is about a man who is searching to find the woman he loves when she goes missing in Durabia. The story is engaging and well written. I love that the characters were realistic. Aziza‘s strength, softness, and resilience was believable. Ryan’s focus, determination and emotional growth on his journey to prevent Aziza from becoming another statistic is relatable. This book will have you on the edge of your seat wondering will he make it to her in time. I recommend Knight of Paradise Island to readers who enjoyed romantic suspense.
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J. L. Campbell is known for writing edgy romantic suspense, but this one has to be her best yet. In Knight of Paradise Island, she tackles the tough subject of organ trafficking that collides with an underworld of even more sordid criminal activity. This is an edge of your seat, nail bitter that had my heart thumping and prayers going up for fictional characters. I felt like I was right there with them in the story, and part of it was happening to me. Very well done and a perfect installment to this standalone series.
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Love at First Read!
Ryan and Aziza captured my heart and my interest from the very first page, but
the mystery and suspense carried me through. I was in my own paradise as I read the book in one day, on the comfort of my oversized couch. Ms. Campbell's storytelling is riveting
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This book was a non-stop read from start to finish! Brava, Ms. Campbell, your offering to the Knights of the Castle has made it even more difficult to choose among my favorites in the series thus far! Highly recommended for those who enjoy romantic suspense novels with fully-developed characters set in exotic locales. 

Shakir Rashaan 
Author of Love, Lust & Beautiful Liars
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J.L. Campbell has delivered another amazing literary treat. The characters and plot definitely gripped me. Bravo! The Knights of the Castle series is brilliant.
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Knight of Paradise Island by J.L. Campbell is book six of the nine book Knights of the Castle series. This series is a spinoff of the Kings of the Castle series. The books in both series are standalones penned by various authors and can be read in any order.

Female expatriates are being brutally murdered and mutilated in the East Indian country of Durabia. These murders are more than they appear to be. Something terribly sinister is lurking in plain sight. Now Aziza Hampton, an American contract worker, is missing. Her childhood friend and current boyfriend, Dorian “Ryan” Bostwick, is a security specialist in the Bahamas, and he is immediately called to Durabia to investigate her disappearance. Will Ryan find her before it’s too late for them to take their relationship to the next level, or will Aziza face the same fate as the murdered women? 

J. L. Campbell tackles a controversial topic that’s ripped from the headlines and adds another winning novel to a series of winners. All the components of a successful novel are present. The characters are likable and relatable. The leading lady, Aziza, is strong, vibrant and beautiful. Ryan, the leading man, is an upstanding, take-charge kind of guy, and, of course, he’s “fine”. The plot is masterful and the action plentiful. This novel will grab your emotions and hold them till the finish. Knight of Paradise Island is a solid 4 out of 5 star read that I recommend to all readers of romantic suspense and multicultural romance. 

My thanks to Independent Publishers Group and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.
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