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For as much as I say that I am tired of the dual timeline being IN EVERY BOOK it seems, I have to say that in this one, I loved it!! The WW2 Historical Fiction stories have had me losing interest of late as well, but again, this story had me captivated from the first page!

The women in this book were amazing. So strong in the face of adversity, taking so many risks to help others. Knowing that these mirror the actions of real people in our history, it brings such an easy emotional connection for the reader.

I loved Bowen’s writing style and was frustrated that I had to ‘Life’ when all I wanted to do was pick up this book and keep reading. I also listened to the audiobook and loved all of the narrators. Such a great story and they brought it to life. I could see every character perfectly in my mind

5 well-deserved stars! To all my Historical Fiction peeps- add this one to your list!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Honestly? I will probably request any book having to do with Paris as long as it is not strictly a textbook or something. I love reading about WW2, in particular the books that take place in Paris. I'm not sure why...maybe because of all of the women who helped and became spies...This book I really loved as it all started with an inheritance and a life that nobody in the family knew about...I would LOVE it if that happened to me...I think it is amazing. This book bops around from past to present and has a few different points of view. Normally, I don't really like that because it can become too confusing but I really liked hearing everybody's side of the story and how they became interwoven to each other's...I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who also likes stories about WW2, Paris, strong women, a little bit of get the idea.
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The year is 2017 and Lia's grandmother, Estelle, has passed away.  Lia is surprised to find out that she has inherited a Paris apartment from her.  Once there, Lia realizes something isn't right. The apartment has been untouched since WWII. Walking into the apartment is like stepping back in time to 1942. Lia had no idea her grandmother had an apartment in Paris and the fact that it has been abandoned by her for all of these years raises some questions.  To top it off, the apartment has amazing paintings in it. Could they be valuable? Also, within the apartment, Lia finds a postcard to her grandmother from a man named Hermann Goring, who Lia thinks could be a Nazi.  Was Lia's grandmother working with the Nazis? Did she lead some secret life? In order to figure this out, Lia hires an art appraiser, Gabriel.  Slowly Lia and Gabriel uncover the truth surrounding Lia's grandmother and her role during WWII.  Meanwhile, there are flashbacks to Estelle's life in Paris during the war and readers slowly unfold the truth surrounding Estelle. Kelly Bowen's The Paris Apartment is a captivating tale inspired by real-life women whose courage and heroics during the war often are forgotten.

Right away the fact that Lia was left this beautiful apartment in Paris really intrigued me. Could you imagine? Then she discovers all these hidden gems within the apartment as well as the possibility that Estelle, her grandmother lived a life that Lia doesn't know about.  At first, Lia suspects she was a Nazi sympathizer, but there's more to Estelle's story than that.  Was Estelle just a Paris socialite or part of the resistance?  Lia finds out the secrets surrounding Estelle's role during the war and I was really invested in the tale.  

To further pique my interest, Bowen provides readers with flashbacks to Paris and Estelle's life just as Lia is trying to figure things out during 2017 in The Paris Apartment.  The dual timeline worked well for me and definitely added to the mystery surrounding Estelle.  Also, occupied Paris in and of itself is a very compelling setting and Bowen brought it to life very well.  What Estelle did during the war was inspired by the real-life events of Josephine Baker.  It should be said I am loving all of the attention women are getting in historical fiction lately and how authors are highlighting women's valiant deeds that are often overlooked. The Paris Apartment is no different.

If you love WWII stories as well as stories about strong women during extraordinary times, give The Paris Apartment a try this fall. It's one of my favorite WWII stories of the year. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy novels about WWII and if you plan to read The Paris Apartment.
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"The Paris Apartment" is a two timeline book that tells us the story of Lia, who recently lost her grandmother, and inherited a Paris apartment that no one in the family knew about. We follow Lia in her quest to get answers and fulfill her grandma's wishes, know about her and her past. We also follow Estelle during the WWII while she was living in Paris. She was a collaborator that helped as many people as she could during the Nazi invasion to Italy, and kept that part of her life a secret. I loved everything about this book, especially the art component. It took me longer than expected to finish reading because I stopped to research and learn about Munch, Van Gough, Pissarro, Morisot and many more.
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"You asked me to think my answer through?" she interrupted. "Then here it is. If I am not fighting - if I am not doing everything that I am capable of - then I am complicit in every atrocity that has happened and will continue to happen. This I know with every fiber of my being."

Whenever I read a WWII novel, I'm astounded by the strength, courage, and valor that so many people displayed, and I often question whether I'd be able to do the same. THE PARIS APARTMENT follows two brave women, Estelle and Sophie, whose lives collide via their mutual desire to do whatever they can to stop the Nazis. In the present, Lia, Estelle's granddaughter, grapples with the shocking discovery of an apartment that was the center of it all, leading her to Gabriel, one of Sophie's relatives.

I enjoyed the Estelle and Sophie's chapters, but I found that the those told from Lia and Gabriel's perspectives slowed me down, as I wasn't nearly as interested in their story. Furthermore, while I usually enjoy romance in the novels I read, I didn't feel that it was necessary or enhanced the reading experience, and I wish it would have been omitted (along with the narrative regarding Gabriel's paintings). Estelle and Sophie's experiences were so powerful and evoked so many emotions. Therefore, perhaps unfairly so, I felt that those of Lia and Gabriel were trivial.

Overall, I'm glad I read THE PARIS APARTMENT, as it definitely reminded me a bit of THE NIGHTINGALE, and I enjoyed learning more about the women that inspired the novel. 3.5 stars. Thank you to Forever and NetGalley for the complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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one of the most amazing books I've ever read, I wasn't expecting this, I really thought this book was going to be another heartbreaking story but I love how The Paris Apartment surprised me, with romance, love, hope, faith, and also a breaking heart as I got to know the story behind Estelle's apartment.

Lia travels to Paris to put some order into her grandmother's apartment, she is the new heir of it, she doesn't know what she will find there she just wants to save and secure the things her grandmother loved. what a shock to find what she found, it wasn't anything she could ever have imagined, so much stuff that "incriminated" her grandmother at least that's what everything looked like but time and circumstances will reveal the trust and once everything comes out Estelle will finally rest in peace.

Estella's life was A roller coaster of emotions, I really cried so much with the things she had to do to help others especially her beloved neighbors. I was constantly in a panic that something will ever go wrong but I was also happy to see how she helped a lot.

One of the parts that I really love about this story is the whole art involvement, the description, the peace everything made this story even more intriguing and fascinating to show all those hiding pieces at the Ritz as we have read over and over again in different WWll books, the danger Estella went through in order to help in some way or another to end the terrible war.

A very important character and also one that I really liked a lot was Gabriel, I really think he gave so much to the story and even gave so much to Lias life. I enjoyed that part of the story something good out of all the atrocities we were reading on Estelle's life.

Without giving too much away, I really enjoyed this book so much, the story will keep you hooked from the very first pages and you will definitely love all the secrets and hidden pieces that slowly will see the light as you keep reading the story of Estelle and Lia.
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Beautifully told time slip novel.
WWII historical fiction with the contemporary side taking place in 2017.
Very strong and courageous women just doing what they thought was their part and doing what is right while working undercover with the French Resistance.
The book is very well plotted and kept me reading as I admired these women standing up for what they believed in.
The stories are expertly woven between modern and wwii times with fascinating characters that you could easily visualize the story as you read it.
The book is heartbreaking yet uplifting and inspiring all at once.
Definitely kept my attention and one of my favorite reads this year.

Pub Date: 20 Apr 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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4.5 - This was another REALLY great dual timeline WWII historical fiction with strong women characters working undercover for the French Resistance in Paris and I LOVED it! Lia inherits her grandmother's Paris apartment in the present (2017) and discovers it is full of priceless paintings and other valuable items but was she a Nazi collaborator or was there some other explanation?? Then of course we learn more about Lia's grandmother Elise and her activities during the war, as well as a Polish expat, Sophie (whose story was honestly my favorite). Sophie loses her husband early in the war and vows to make his death count. Filled with romance and heartbreak and women doing amazingly courageous work, this book is a must read for fans of the genre. Highly recommended for fans of The Black Swan of Paris, The Paris secret or The lost girls of Paris. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my advance review copy.
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A MUST READ!! I just couldn't put it down! I don't normally read anything that is later than 1900, but I love Kelly's other historicals and when I read the synopsis on this it intrigued me. I started it during my lunch break and couldn't wait to get back to it that night. Then I stayed up way too late to finish it. OMG! My emotions were all over the place. Plenty of 😭 going on and well as 🥰 . You NEED to pick this one up!!
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Loved the empowered women this book portrays. It was a beautiful and compelling story that examined the lives and legacies of women saboteurs in WWII Paris.
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I really enjoyed this book - I am a big fan of multi time line WWII stores, and this book had just that! The characters were entertaining and the story line definitely kept me reading. I would highly recommend this book to fans of WWII fiction.
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Perfect for fans of Natasha Lester. Bowen deftly weaves back and forth between the present and WWII timelines. This book is one of my 2021 favorites.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Paris Apartment, a dual timeline historical fiction. In the novel, Bowen has Aurelia in 2017, inherit her grandmother's Paris apartment. that has been vacant since 1945. Aurelia's first impression looking around, it appeared to her that her grandmother Estelle was a nazi collaborator, especially because the apartment was filled with art work. Aurelia gets a hold of an art evaluator, Gabriel, to look into the history behind these paintings. The story then flashes back to 1942, with the occupation of Paris by the Nazis. In this storyline,  Estelle, Aurelia's grandemére is involved in the resistance. The stories alternate, and gradually a connection between Gabriel's family and Aurelia's family is uncovered. 

Bowen bases the novel on the heroic women who worked for the SOE in Britain. These women were intricately involved in the rescue of downed allied forces airmen, helping them to return to England. In addition, any little crumbs they could obtain from the Bosch (behind the enemy lines in Paris) and transmitted by code through radio operators was extremely helpful in turning the tide of the war. 

I always enjoy reading historical fiction WW2 novels, (there are many out there it is always difficult to choose which to read). Kelly Bowen's The Paris Apartment kept me turning the pages. I was also surprised to discover that Kelly Bowen is #Canadian. I love discovering Canadian authors! 

Thank you #netgalley and @grandcentralpublishing for the e-ARC of #theparisapartment by @kellybowen. It was a pleasure to read. #5stars
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The Paris Apartment by Kelly Bowen
In 2017, Aurelia is cleaning out her recently deceased grandmothers apartment.  She finds a dramatic portrait of an angry woman which is as disturbing as it is confusing.  While trying to discover the identity of the woman, Aurelia uncovers the well kept secret of her grandmother's participation during World War II.
A dual story taking place in both 2017 and 1943, this book is rich in historical fact, told from a woman's point of view.  
A very compelling book, which I found hard to put down.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

I love historical fiction, and I really enjoyed reading this story. I was hooked from the very beginning. So heart wrenching and uplifting at the same time.
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The Paris Apartment is a split-timeline narrative, alternating between 2017 and the 1940s. In 2017, Aurelia inherits her grandmother’s apartment in Paris and discovers a bevy of beautiful paintings. She hires Gabriel, and art restorer, to help her try to identify the art and figure out if it was stolen during World War II, as she fears. Aurelia grapples with everything she didn’t know about her grandmother’s life as the past slowly comes into focus through artifacts scattered through the apartment.
	The World War II excerpts tell the story of Estelle and Sophie, two daring and intelligent women doing their part to spy on members of the Nazi party. Their friendship and experiences of loss and bravery were beautifully crafted, intriguing, and heartbreaking. I found these sections of the book far more captivating than the modern storyline. The details of what they went through to try to make a difference in the war effort were thrilling and painfully believable in their detail.
	The burgeoning romance between Aurelia and Gabriel seemed largely unnecessary and there wasn’t enough detail given to them to make it seem realistic. If the book was meant to be a romance, this needed to be fleshed out more fully, instead of rushed, however, I think the narrative would have been just as powerful stripped entirely of their romance.
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Thank you to Grand Central, Forever, NetGalley, and Kelly Bowen for the gifted copy of this book! All opinions in this review are my own.

In The Paris Apartment, three women's lives are woven together.  In 2017, Lia is left a small painting of a house and an abandoned apartment when her grandmother passes away.  When Lia first steps inside, she finds a stack of Nazi magazines and piles of famous artwork.  Lia doesn't want to believe that her grandmother was a Nazi sympathizer, but she needs to uncover the truth behind this apartment and the artwork inside.

The other two women's stories are set in the 1940s.  Estelle and Sophie are motivated to do anything they can to fight back against the Nazis when they takeover their homes.

I loved this book!  I know there are so many historical fiction books set during World War II, but this one is phenomenal!  The Paris Apartment beautifully weaves these three women's stories together which culminates in a heart-wrenching scene at the end.  The modern day storyline added mystery to a historical fiction novel and I loved how they were able to all connect in the end.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, I highly encourage you to pick this one up!
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Kelly Bowen is one of my favorite historical romance authors. This was a departure from the books she has written in the past.  This story, about a woman who inherits a Parisian apartment undisturbed since WWII is told in two different timelines as Lia looks looks into the mysteries surrounding her great-grandmother. I dont want to give too much away but this book hooked me from the beginning and wouldn't let me go. I highly recommend and cant wait for more people to enjoy this beautifully written book.
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I'm always attracted to books set during WW2. I think it's because it was such a terrible period for humanity but despite it all, there were always people fighting for freedom and justice. So much courage!

As soon as I saw The Paris Apartment, I knew I wanted to read it.

Lia's grandmother has passed away and she has left her an apartment in Paris. An apartment no one knew she had!

When Lia opens the door to the apartment, the only way to describe it would be a time capsule from the 1940s. The walls are filled with paintings that probably cost a fortune. The closet is filled with couture garments but the most shocking thing is the nazi propaganda left behind. Lia wonders if her grandmother was a nazi collaborator.

Lia is determined to find out more. She will go in search of true ownership of the paintings and she will enlist the help of Gabriel, an art appraiser.

Estelle is Lia's grandmother. Her story will be told in the 1940s. During those chapters, we learned what Estelle was really doing during the Nazi occupation of France, her visits to the Ritz, and her relationship with Sophie, a woman who looks like an ice princess and whose sole purpose left in life is to help bring the nazis down.

The Paris Apartment is a satisfying story of determination and strength. The dual timelines worked very well in this novel. Both were engaging although, Estelle's was way more unnerving for me despite knowing she lived a long life.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by Forever via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Netgalley and Forever Publishing for the chance to read The Paris apartment by Kelly Bowen.
When a woman inherits a Parisian apartment undisturbed since WWII, she discovers that it may hold the key to unraveling her cold and distant great-grandmother's secret life -- a past of sacrifice during a mission to protect those she loved.  This wonderful story is told through two timelines; Lia as she delves into the mystery of her grandmother through the apartment in Paris she inherited and from Estelle and Sophie in 1943. These two women both strong and courageous, fought to save as many people as they could no matter the consequences. I also enjoyed Lia's relationship with Gabriel, who she meets, when she tries to find out more about the paintings hidden in her grandmother's apartment,  I highly recommend this book!
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