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Super Potato Gets Buff

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Super Potato Gets Buff is a very short story about the super potato that saves the day again to tumble down huge flies. There was an experiment that went wrong and he managed to save the day again by resizing it back to its original size. There were a few hurdles that came over the super potato's way but there's nothing to stop it from winning again.
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Long live Super Potato! This book was my introduction to Super Potato (I know, I know—shame on me for being so late) and I can see why so many  love the series! The action is fun and ridiculous and the dialogue and artwork come together in a fun and exciting way.
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ARC COPY...I was familiar with this series bit to some degree and after reading it for real, the kids are going the fast pace and jumpy-off the wall humor and bold-surrealist art style!
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I received an electronic ARC from Lerner Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Mid-elementary readers will love the ridiculous adventures of this unusual superhero. He's small and mighty and with help from Olivia, gets the job done.  Readers will appreciate the dialogue and the way the characters are presented. The art brings the absurdity to life. This time Super Potato tackles giant flies from the research lab. After a long battle, Super Potato wins and the flies are returned to their normal size. Laperla offers a preview of the next adventure at the end of the book. Readers will wait impatiently for the next story.
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A hilarious comic style book perfect for my 4th grader! It's easy to read, filled with colorful, funny illustrations that will keep kiddos engaged & entertained.
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Super Potato Gets Buff is as much fun as the title implies. It’s packed with humor and entertaining as a light read with clever illustrations.
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Large, bold & vibrant would be my first impressions of this colourful cartoon meets comic book style story. Meeting Super Potato for the first time or if you're already familiar with his previous adventures, a grinning potato in a cape is bound to make anyone smile. You just have to keep going to see what a flying potato can possibly do!

This text has been translated by Norwyn MacTire. The story & illustrations are by Artur Laperla are both fun & imaginative. 
There's a loud BUZZ to open this story & it doesn't seem to be going away. What can it be? We're introduced to two scientists working in sector 13 of the research building. Is 13 going to be a lucky number for them? We'll soon find out if we keep reading. 
Their 2 beam machines are very powerful but they each do their own job & their functions are the opposite of each other. The only real problem is that the machines look identical, so how does anyone know which one to use? 
Even though Super Potato is relatively tiny at the start, something happens to make him into SUPER Super Potato! He ALMOST gets crushed by a SUPER GIANT fly - does he escape? Does he get huge muscles somehow? Or does he shrink?
Adding to the interesting characters, we meet Olivia, a marine biologist & Gladys, a very intelligent dolphin. Whilst one of the scientists seems to panic the other is quite chilled because he thinks Super Potato always wins. But DOES he? 
One thing is for sure - Super Potato is rather pleased with his super buff new muscles!
The style of this book is a departure from most things I've ever read. I can imagine some children who might be a bit reluctant to attempt chapter books, even shorter ones, might enjoy this style. There's a lot to look at & the words are mostly in snazzy speech bubbles & some comic book style larger-scale 'zappy' words or sounds like 'ZZZZZZZZZ' add to the visual fun. The style might help readers enjoy the more visual journey to the end of the story & feel the achievement of reading through an entire book.  
A fast-moving, exciting story in a fun format.
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