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How to Marry a Cowboy

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Complementary copy given for honest review and opinion.  Copy provided by NetGalley.  

What a cute romance!  I loved this book and the story around it.
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I always love a good story about a gruff cowboy whose heart is softened by the love of a good woman.  This story didn't disappoint.  

Alex was traveling from Alabama to San Francisco to study under a world renowned chef so she could be ready to open her own restaurant.  Unfortunately, she hit a snag when her car broke down in Wyoming.  She decided to take a temporary job as a ranch cook for a month to earn enough money to pay for her car repairs.  She landed at the Garden of Eden Ranch.  Hank Eden was the handsome ranch owner who made her heart skip a beat.  But, she was laser-focused on her plan to be a short-timer at the ranch.  The problem was that the more time she spent at the Garden, the more she wanted to stay.  She began to feel like a part of the family, which is something she had wanted all her life.

Hank had sacrificed his career as a Professional Rodeo man when both his parents died and he had to come home to raise his younger brother and sister.  It is now eight years late, the ranch is in debt and he is determined to sell the ranch, return to the rodeo and not look back.  But, when Alex shows up at his ranch as his new temporary cook, his priorities begin to shift.  Was it possible for his dreams to change and to still find the happiness he longed for?

I liked this story very much.  This was a new author to me but I liked how she developed the characters and took the reader along.  There was no sex in this story but there was one petting scene and lots of swoony kisses.  

I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.
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Nice classic trope 
Cowboy ranch owner needs a cook and he hire this beatiful 22yrs old gal
Some nice banter and bickering and remember this is supposed to be a pause before reaching California 
Nice homework well done 
3 well deserved stars 

 How to Marry a Cowboy by Elaine Crockett. #HowtoMarryaCowboy #NetGalley 
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A very well written romance.  Good plot and character dynamics.  I recommend this book.  I received an advance ebook from the publisher and Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.
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A well-written story, with crazy good banter,  and great chemistry between Alex and Hank.
It's easy to get lost in the scenery, the depth of the story, and its realism. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book received from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A sweet and charming romance. Rancher, rodeo cowboy, cook/orphan, high school student, and a cat. A fun ride through the ups and downs of a new romance. I look forward to reading more of this new series.
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A charming story about a young woman on her way to San Francisco as a chef’s apprentice and a young man who can’t wait to get out from under the yoke of his family and ranch obligations. Vivid imaginary and strong characters.  There is lots of angst as these two have to re-adjust their thinking of their life goals. Palpable sexual tension but no sex scenes makes this a chaste read.  A great start to a new series.
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How to Marry a Cowboy by Elaine Crockett is the first book in the Lassoes & Lace series.  It is well written and has lovely characters.  The scenery is fully developed and puts you in the story setting easily.  It is a terrific story that has depth and realism, that was hard to put down.  The story flows effortlessly and draws you in.  This was Hank's and Alex's story.  Alex is hired as a temporary cook on Hank's ranch.  She has dreams that she wants to follow but needs a little extra money to get there.  She is full of sass and keeps Hank on his toes.  Hank also has dreams of his own and has waited eight years to accomplish them.  But dreams change and a relationship becomes more important to both of them.  I enjoyed this author's writing style and the easy flow of the book.  I recommend this story to all.  Looking forward to the next book in this series.

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book for my honest opinion.
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Alex Miller or Alexander has always wanted a home and wanted to apart of something and someone. Being orphaned and raised mainly by the sisters of the orphanage she was at she spent most of her time there in the kitchen cooking for that is what she loved. Now on her way to California to train under a top chief she is stuck in Dubois Wyoming and when Hank Eden goes into the diner asking for help, he does not make a good first impression or second, but by the third time he talks to her he does much better and offers her a job and will fix her car. She excepts. 
   Once on the ranch, it does not take her very long to figure out that the way she cooks needs to change which she does after the first meal, as does he not putting out the china. She gets everything worked out to where she even gets the hands to wash up before coming in to eat and eventually Hank even showers before coming in. she and Hank still have moments of arguing mainly over her cleaning the house which he loses and over Hank’s sister and how was she to learn things when there was no woman around to teach her since Hank’s parents died while he was on the rodeo circuit and he came home to raise his younger brother and sister.
   Everything changes when his brother comes home from the rodeo hurt and tells Hank he will take care of the ranch he can go on the rodeo. Hank wants to be with Alex by then but she tells him no and leaves for California. Hank is miserable and hurting physically and emotionally and Alex is not doing any better for the chief is not what she thought he would be. When Hank finds out that she has been calling the ranch to find out about him he now knows she cares about him what will he do though? Read this book and find out. A very good story.
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How to Marry a Cowboy is the first book in Lassoes & Lace series by Elaine Crockett.
This is a wonderful book that got me into the lives of Alexandra Miller and Hank Eden. I could feel the sparks between them from the very beginning. The interactions were soft and subtle yet very heart tugging. 
Alex had a plan to head to California to work with a famous Chef so she could learn all she needs to  perfect her skills, but her life was about to take a different path. Her car breaks down and becomes stranded in Dubois.
She needs a job and with the help of the Hank who needs a new cook on his ranch they come to an agreement she will work for a short time to earn some money.
This path they are on is one that neither of them wanted to admit they should be on. 
I look forward to reading more in this series. 
Thank you NetGalley, Elaine Crockett and BelleBooks, Inc. for the copy of How to Marry a Cowboy. This is my personal review.
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Nowadays it's hard to find a good romance book that isn't completely full of sex scenes!  This one has exactly zero.  And yet, it still somehow manages to be endearing, heart-pounding, and sexy. I did feel like the story moved a little fast, but it didn't bother me.  I could see where the author was setting up for the sequels and I'm excited to read those as well, especially Claire's story!
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this was a fun western novel, I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and watch their romance grow. The plot was fun and I look forward to more from the author.
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Elaine Crockett’s first book, How to Marry a Cowboy, in her new series Lassoes & Lace has set the bar quite high for the rest of the books in the series to follow. The characters are genuine, with distinct personalities, and through the author’s gift of creating realistic imagery, I found that often times the story created a three dimensional picture in my mind’s eye. 

The banter is effortless, the quips rapid fire and perfectly timed for maximum effect, and the romance...drawn out in very subtle ways throughout the book, was as heartwarming as it was breath stealing. The sexual tension that enveloped Hank and Alex was palpable, driving the rapid page turning throughout the book...that the entire story was a clean romance made it that much sweeter and more enjoyable. 

After reading  the excerpt that was provided at the end of the book, I’m definitely looking forward to Travis and Becca’s story. 

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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I enjoyed this story. The book cover doesn't match the story but it was fun to see the characters realize how their lives had changed.
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Alexandra Miller was on her way to California after accepting an internship. Orphaned young, she had no family, but yearned for one.
 Hank Eden left in charge of his siblings at a young age, he’s still putting one foot in front of the other, just pushing though the days.
Coming to town and stopping at the cafe was the best move he’d ever made. After a shaky start Alex turned his ranch into a home.
 Sweet Western romance. If you like strong compassionate cowboys and stronger women, this one’s for you. Great characters and descriptions
I requested and received a NetGalley  ARC to peruse and offer my opinion gratis.
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How to Marry a Cowboy is the first book in Elaine Crockett’s Lassoes & Lace series and I was smitten with these characters from the very beginning. Readers are provided with a beautiful visual of the landscape and scenery, a little sass, some hard-headedness and cute critters to reel you in. How to Marry a Cowboy has a well-written storyline and charming and likeable characters to round out an engaging and captivating read. I’m excited to read more of Ms Crockett’s entertaining and feel tales.
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Wonderful story, wonderful characters. A real feel good romance. Looking forward to the next book in the Series.
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The cover pulled me in.  Once I opened the book, I could not put it down and finished it in one evening. Loved the humor, scenery, and characters, beautifully written and developed. 
As we open in the local diner, we meet Hen the owner, and Hank our leading man.  I hope we get more of Henrietta/Hen in future stories.  Hen tells Hank “You tryin’ to muck up the good Lord’s plans” we need more than one chapter of this sass.   Hen is responsible for introducing Alex and Hank, he needs a cook, she needs a temporary job.  Both have dreams and the plans to achieve them, little did they know they needed each other more.  It is only communication, family, regrets and each being stubborn that is in their way.  

Highly recommend and will be waiting for the next in the series.

Thanks to NetGalley and BelleBooks Inc. for the advanced copy for my honest review.
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