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A great start to what looks to be a fantastic series. The world building was top-notch and Solin was an intriguing protagonist and I really enjoyed following along with him on his redemption journey. I'm already looking forward to reading more if this series.
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I spent a lot of this book confused, but I think that may be the point. There were times I thought there must have been a previous book that I missed with the allusions to events that happened before. It could be interesting, but I never really got a full handle on what had happened. Maybe in the next book, but there wasn't enough resolution to any of my questions to earn this book a higher rating.
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This was a great start to the series.
I fell in love with the world building and the characters were likeable and interesting.
The author's writing style appealed to me and the world building was unique and engaging.
The overall storyline was compelling and I can't wait for the other characters to get their own books.
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I LOVED this book so much! The writing style, the characters, the story - it was awesome. I was so surprised when it ended, because I was not ready to part with Solin just yet. I hoping and wishing to be able to read the second book soon, since I won't be able to wait. I want to continue this awesome story. 
Thanks for the ARC, Netgalley!
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The writing was very good and the storyline also compelling. I was expecting more of a romance though, which is why I thought the story of the book would be complete but it isn't. This is a fantasy series that I expect will continue to be centered around Solin. I hoped to have this book about Solin and whoever he ended up with and then the other books about other couples. 
This should probably be made clearer in the blurb, which is a little short and could be more accurate. 
Overall good first book in a fantasy series.
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