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I caught the love of kombucha a few years back, but rarely buy it at the store given the expense.

With a copy of Fizz in hand now, I may no longer have to deny myself these kinds of drinks on a regular basis.

Instructions for making your own fizzy, non-alcoholic (or should I say really LOW alcohol content) beverages appear simple enough for anyone to follow.

Fizzy beverages tackled in this title are kombucha, kefir (both kinds), ginger beer, kvass (both kinds), mead, and tepache. 

Along with the instructions for each, there are wonderful illustrations as well as some history of each drink. 

I'm now getting supplies to test a few of these out myself, including the ginger beer. I adore ginger in many things and am curious to have a more historical beverage.
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This book easily quenches all fears about fermentation! Before reading the only things I knew were that kefir was something to be kept alive like a sourdough yeast starter and that mead was made with honey. There is so little information about fermentation in the average person's life (or at least in mine) that many people are scared when they first hear of it. I started reading wondering if I could actually make my own fizzy drinks that were safe and healthy and I ended it searching for places I could get my own water kefir grains. I don't know yet if fermented drinks will change my life forever, but reading this book definitely has!
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The thing that really stands out about this book is the drawings which were engaging! This covers kombucha, kefir (both kinds), ginger beer, kvass (both kinds), mead, tepache, and some cocktails to use them up. I knew some of these before and have made them using much the same techniques in this book but tepache was new to me. I purposely didn't look up any other recipes and mine came out tasty. I also appreciated the tip for how to recover an over-fermented batch.
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It's time to get your fizz on! If you are a lover of fizzy fermented drinks then Fizz is a great book to introduce you into the wonderful world of fermentation at home. I have made my own kombucha, water kefir, and milk kefir...but I still consider myself a novice. I love the easy to follow recipes and enjoyed the historical aspect of these drinks. Plus loads to tid bits! Like I had no idea you can grow a scooby from store bought kombucha! Also, There were some drinks I have never heard of and am tempted to try. Great book!
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FIZZ is a tutorial and recipe guide to fermented non-alcoholic drinks. Released 7th April 2020 by BIS, it's 160 pages and available in paperback format.

This is a surprisingly comprehensive book and full of background information about the drinks covered. During the lockdown part of the current pandemic, it seemed as though everyone I knew was learning to make kombucha and fermented breads. This book fits right into the skill building - self sufficiency - home hobby genre. Kombucha is indeed contained here in a really solid tutorial chapter, along with several kefirs, ginger beer, a couple of different kvasses, mead, and tepache. An additional chapter at the end of the book includes a number of mixed cocktails utilizing the non-alcoholic brews in the book. 

The intro chapter includes a layman accessible explanation of fermentation, process, tools and ingredients, and hygiene and cleanliness. The following drink chapters include the necessary info to brew and enjoy non-alcoholic drinks at home. 

Recipes contain ingredients in a bullet point list in a sidebar. Measurements are given in standard metric (ml, grams, etc), followed by step by step instructions. Alternative brewing methods or ingredients are listed after the main/classic recipe along with serving suggestions. There are no photos, but the book is enhanced by the addition of whimsically colorful illustrations. 

Well written and presented, this would make a superlative gift choice, library selection, or a fine addition to the homebrewer's library. 

Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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I really liked reading this book! It's much more thorough than I was expecting, and very well researched as well! This book is about types of fizzy drinks that are healthier (and tastier!) alternatives to carbonated sugary sodas that are so popular. This book not only shares the different drinks, but the recipes, the process, and the cultures are all shared from the research that the creators have conducted, all alongside beautiful illustrations to add to the experience of learning about these amazing healthy and medicinal drinks from all over the world!
This book is educational, inspirational, and entertaining; since the stories that form the history of each drink are shared as well.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like an alternative to sodas, be it a change of flavor, a new adventure in the kitchen, trying to lose weight, or if you're just tired of water and don't want to spend money on sugary drinks. This book is short and sweet, but packed with well-written information and lots of details that adds a lot of spark and fizz to the reading! The illustrations as well are so beautiful, detailed, and pair very nicely with the information provided!
I will definitely be looking into trying these recipes at home for myself and the fam!

<i>*Thank you to the publishers; BIS Publishers, the authors; Elise van Iterson and Barbara Serulus, and Netgalley for my free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.</i>
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This was a great introduction to fermented drinks. I loved how simple the recipes are and how variations are provided. The book encourages experimentation and following your tastes. The graphics didn't always seem to fit the recipes, and I wasn't super keen on the caricatures; I would have appreciated real photos of actual fermenting processes. Overall, would recommend this book to anyone want to get into fermenting drinks. It inspired me to purchase a water kefir kit!
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A great introduction to fermented drinks! Easy to follow instructions, and helpful tips make it a breeze to  ferment your own fabulous drinks at home. I have made kombucha at home for some time, but now it’s time to try out water kefir with this fantastic recipe. But, before that I will make one of my favourite drinks ever, ginger beer. I have never tried it before, but after checking out the recipe I’m sure I’ll be mastering the art in no time.

Making fermented drinks is not hard, but there are some things you need to take into consideration to get it right. There are also some things that can go wrong even if you are careful. These things are also covered in this book. The great thing is that some of the recipes are really easy, affordable, and you’ll get results in no time. There is no better time than now to start fizzing it up!
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I thought this book would be interesting but honestly, some of the recipes are hard to follow. The directions are not extremely clear and sometimes had me asking questions about missing steps. My calling may not be in making fermented drinks.
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